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  • Title: Theo Mallier: Round Number Ten (Theo Mallier, #7)
  • Author: Andrew Culyer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Theo Mallier: Round Number Ten (Theo Mallier, #7) By Andrew Culyer The country has fought backThe Community Manifesto has been released, purely to oust the most erratic leader the country has ever had Mixed with events in his personal life, Theo descends into a new madness, and after realising what he has become, and what his name means, he appears on TV again in one final fling This book Parts Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen
    Andrew Culyer
    InspirationI take inspiration from many sources, high and low, from the famous people that have the courage to change the world, to the greater inspiration from those that try to change a small part of it around them those that give a kindness to others when they most need it.Those that smile at a stranger that leave a poppy on the gravestone of someone they ve never met that bring up five children on their own on a rundown council estate that have a whole body burned yet run a marathon for charity in shorts and vest that take a long walk to get some salt that take up jobs in welfare just because it s what they want to do that join the forces and die to help others that help when they see an accident that see something in a shop and buy it because they know somebody else would like it that pick up rubbish and put it in a bin even when it s not theirs, and nobody sees them do it.That write movies about an ageing boxer, or make a movie that changes movies forever that are five years old and anonymously send 2 to a shop because they broke one of the shop s Christmas baubles that spend their own money and time to help pupils to learn that find humour in the most dire situations that stay the course even in the darkest of circumstances that write a story about three ghosts in the night, or about an eight feet high creation that say things like I have a dream , and follow it that call you Dad, or Daddy that help other people just because they can that step forward first to a task that nobody wants to do, or has been done before that just are, rather than being what other people want them to be.That see everybody else as equal, no matter who they are that find out what caused the Challenger disaster because the bereaved families just needed to know that produce art without any fear of disapproval or controversy that go shopping for their elderly neighbours in the winter that get up in the middle of the night to tend a crying baby when they know full well it s their partner s turn and they re pretending to be asleep that had skin which fell off that give their seat up on the bus for others that send a text to let others know they are thought of that give to the homeless on the street that help to push a car when they see someone else pushing it that wear a sports top which represents their oppressive jailers that chase someone when they ve dropped something that write a song called Imagine, or Someone Like You, or Born to Die that step in when they see someone being bullied, but most of all Those that have the capacity to listen without judgment.Sometimes, all it takes is a moment of kindness and you can change someone s life forever

    Theo Mallier: Round Number Ten (Theo Mallier, #7) By Andrew Culyer


    • BEST AZW "î Theo Mallier: Round Number Ten (Theo Mallier, #7)" || DOWNLOAD (PDF) ↠
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