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  • Title: Our Library
  • Author: Eve Bunting Maggie Smith
  • ISBN: 9780618494583
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Our Library By Eve Bunting Maggie Smith When Miss Goose announces that the library is going to close forever, Raccoon and his friends spring into action Where will they get the help they need to save their beloved library In books, of course This cheery tale from ever popular author Eve Bunting shows how important libraries are to every community Facing a dilemma that is all too common in our human world todaWhen Miss Goose announces that the library is going to close forever, Raccoon and his friends spring into action Where will they get the help they need to save their beloved library In books, of course This cheery tale from ever popular author Eve Bunting shows how important libraries are to every community Facing a dilemma that is all too common in our human world today, the adorable animal denizens of Buttercup Meadow confront it with an inspiring blend of ingenuity, teamwork, and imagination.Bright, playful illustrations enhance the light treatment of this serious subject, in a story that celebrates the value of books in everyone s lives.
    Eve Bunting Maggie Smith
    Also known as Evelyn Bolton and A.E Bunting.Anne Evelyn Bunting, better known as Eve Bunting, is an author with than 250 books Her books are diverse in age groups, from picture books to chapter books, and topic, ranging from Thanksgiving to riots in Los Angeles Eve Bunting has won several awards for her works.Bunting went to school in Ireland and grew up with storytelling In Ireland, There used to be Shanachies the shanachie was a storyteller who went from house to house telling his tales of ghosts and fairies, of old Irish heroes and battles still to be won Maybe I m a bit of a Shanchie myself, telling stories to anyone who will listen This storytelling began as an inspiration for Bunting and continues with her work.In 1958, Bunting moved to the United States with her husband and three children A few years later, Bunting enrolled in a community college writing course She felt the desire to write about her heritage Bunting has taught writing classes at UCLA She now lives in Pasadena, California.

    Our Library By Eve Bunting Maggie Smith


    Eva Leger
    2.5 I don t know what it is about Eve Bunting s books but I either love them or hate them Julia usually feels just about the same way with each one but for some reason this one fell in the middle for us I love the idea and I could tell it made Julia imagine just what if what if she had no library to go to It probably didn t hit home the way it would an older kid, especially since she knows Mommy has what amounts to a small library here in the house and that we d never go without books no matter [...]

    I give this book major credit for the idea Raccoon and friends help save their local library using information they read in that library s books A great quote There s nothing you can t learn to do when you have books I just felt that the story wasn t rhythmic enough for the target age group of the book Still, it s a nice story and the illustrations are fun.

    I like a lot of Eve Bunting s books, but this one just didn t work for me Big preachy topic of saving the library is for older readers, but the cute illustrations made me think it was for younger audience when I picked it up Oversimplification of the topic.

    My daughter is very sensitive to the emotions and behaviors of the main characters in books She will imitate bad behavior even if the book clearly speaks against it I was so pleased to see the only bad behavior in the book was a grumpy badger who learned how to be nice This book is adorable Also, I liked how they were reading instructional books on how to accomplish tasks, because I do this all the time

    Text to Teaching Connection This book could be used to enhance the functionality of a library and promote reading in general Taking a trip to a local library or even the school s library would be a great response activity for this book More specifically, children can visit a library and read books that are of interest to them, just like the animals did in the story Also, in the spirit of teamwork, just like the animals, students can pair up and find books on a particular subject they both like.

    Megan Franks
    The kids of the meadow solve all of the library s problems by reading books and learning how to do all sorts of things from fixing a roof to handling public relations with a grouchy beaver The premise There s nothing you can t do when you have a good book Geared toward the public librarian, but a great message for school librarians to use as well.

    1 Our Library by Eve Bunting is about a community that comes together to save their library When word that their library is closing, friends come together to research how to save a library, host a fundraiser, and ask Beaver for land to transplant their library Books and reading them literally help this community save their beloved library 2 Another excellent book by Eve Bunting This time the community in the story comes together for one great cause, saving their library This book made me fall in [...]

    I have a habit of reading books and thinking What can I do with this book with my students I think it is obvious I could read this book with my students and point out conflict resolution, discuss community involvement, and reflect on importance of libraries But, I also want to find books that when I read I think I enjoyed that book I want to share it with my students This book isn t necessarily one of those books that made me want to share because I enjoyed it I would share this book because I m [...]

    Even as a librarian, I found nothing to connect to emotionally from this book The kids obviously love their library and want to save it, but why They talk about learning and growing up to be smart, but that is a very cerebral response that won t move many real kids There are better picture books out there that show kids what a wonderful place a library can be.

    Jessica Leake
    This wasn t one of the best books i have read The idea they wanted to convey was good, but i really didn t enjoy the reading I feel the book could be realist towards the younger age group The picture were great throughout the story, but i did not enjoy this book.

    This was a great book It encourages children s love of libraries.

    cooperation sweet book about the power of reading and working together to relocate a library at risk of shutting down.

    Danielle Mootz
    We very much feel this way about our library Now my kids are trying to figure out what our library needs Is the author a librarian Well played, if so

    Booklist November 1, 2008 Vol 105, No 5 Preschool Grade 2 Miss Goose, the librarian, tells her young patrons that the library is going to close forever because it s old The animals, however, refuse to take that news without a fight An old roof and shabby weatherboards The animals find books that give them the know how and proceed to lay a perfect roof and paint the outside Although Miss Goose is thrilled, she now worries that it takes money to run a library After reading about how to make money [...]

    Suzanne Kunz Williams
    I loved this book To me it is a book about the value of books I love how the children in this book ask about problems and then find ways to find them through books I love how the children in this book never give up even in the face of major problems I love how the children in this book learn to influence people who are gruff or grumpy Such a valuable book I do believe that the answers are out there if we keep looking The success is there if we keep trying I also love that the book teaches that s [...]

    Suzanne Moore
    I read this to a couple of first grade classes who visited our library The message behind the library s endangered future was that answers could be found in books Although the animals characters search for the books they need to solve problems I thought it was ironic that the books saved the library.A good book to promote reading, and the importance of libraries

    Another spin on a picture book about libraries Eve Bunting s story with Maggie Smith s illustrations add up to a cute but simple story about how to save a library All of the animal children love the library and work hard to save it As Miss Goose tells the children about the library s problem, they find the perfect book to solve each problem They paint the library, hold a bake sale, and find a new location for the library While I believe that the solutions are too simple and unrealistic, I do app [...]

    This delightful picture book captures the essence of libraries and their important role in children s and adult s lives When Miss Goose confides to the adorable animal children that their library is in danger of closure, the information they find in the library itself empowers them to remedy the problem The solutions may be a little too straightforward, but they are both logical and cute, and the amazingly detailed and humorous illustrations really complement the text perfectly Children are ofte [...]

    The Brothers
    I thought this book had sinister and slightly passive aggressive undertones The librarian goose laments to some of her kid patrons that the library will have to close because of insert reason So the kids, being resourceful, check out some books on the problem and work together to solve it But once that problem is solved, the librarian whines about another problem, then another And then finally admits that the land the library is on will be sold by Mr Goat after the kids did all that work to help [...]

    The children who go to the community library find out that the library will have to close They all work together to make sure that they library can stay open They all share what they like best about the library and why they think it is important.The artwork is bright and colorful and creates a happy feeling The story has a predictable act that occurs throughout the story The readers will be able to predict that the kids will get two books from their library to solve each problem This book is ver [...]

    Sarah Best
    This book was about animals who saved their library, which was about to close I like this book for children because they can see how the animals worked together as a team to overcome the obstacles and make necessary changes to keep their library open The story also shows that the animals were choosing different books to read, to help them learn how to move the library, raise money, etc I really enjoyed that the animals in this story loved to read and were willing to help other animals learn how [...]

    Mike Romesburg
    Final Project Author Study Eve BuntingThis was not my favorite book It is fairly lengthy and in my opinion would be a little hard for a primary child to follow for the duration of the reading However, it contains repetition and some easily identifiable sight words, which would help assist the child in reading Also, the overall message of the story is how important a library truly is, which is a wonderful lesson that each child needs to hear Reading is the gateway to learning and if students love [...]

    A good story with anthropomorphic animals who work together to save their local library, illustrating how essential libraries are and what you can learn reading books from the library The illustrations are bright and cute My son almost 4 was really drawn into this story about the fate of the library That was a good story, mommy I liked it PS Just noticed the book was written by an octagenarian Well done

    A cute story that shows young children using the library to solve all sorts of problems When they hear that the library needs repairs and will be closed, they use the books to fix it up and find a new location The book shows really empowered children solving the problems of their communities using books from the library The illustrations are beautifully detailed, bright watercolors that portray the children as various animals.

    This is an entertaining story about our love for our libraries and the extent to which we will go to protect them The narrative is quite humorous and we loved the improbable book titles The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish and really complement the narrative nicely We enjoyed reading this book together interesting quote We ll be ignorant, Skunk said And an ignorant skunk is a very sad skunk indeed p 13

    A very good story about children characters who tries to save their library by being resourceful The preschool storytime kids enjoyed the story and especially the library setting I wish this book was larger in size so this could be better enjoyed for larger storytime audiences I recommend this book for smaller groups.

    When the old library is going to close because of a lack of funding sound familiar to some out there , some raccoon and assorted animals children figure out a way to get a new library up and running How By reading books of course To quote the gopher There s nothing you can t learn to do when you have books Indeed A love song to books, reading, and libraries.

    Ruth Ann
    Eve Bunting, a prolific author, produced another winner about a group of animal friends that help save their library by finding the help they need in books Good book to spark a discussion about problem solving and using books as resources Plus, kids always enjoy seeing children as the heroes, rather than adults It s empowering and encouraging for them.

    With all the cutbacks to libraries and library programs these days this picture book is a good reminder of how citizens in this case animal citizens can come together and rally to keep their public library open It just takes the resilient and unwavering spirits of those who value the materials and services the library provides.

    Oh, Eve Bunting, you totally missed a chance to give kids a real lesson in politics and economics Grouchy old men not wanting a library on their land simplifies the issue of library closures to a solution that plucky kids can solve by having a yard sale It s a cute book, as hers usually are, but highly disappointing in the simplistic handling of a sensitive issue.

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