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  • Title: Wonder Woman (2016-) #3
  • Author: Greg Rucka Liam Sharp
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  • Page: 236
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Wonder Woman (2016-) #3 By Greg Rucka Liam Sharp THE LIES Chapter TwoWonder Woman must team up with one of her greatest enemies to solve a growing mystery about Themyscira as The Lies continues
    Greg Rucka Liam Sharp
    Greg Rucka, is an American comic book writer and novelist, known for his work on such comics as Action Comics, Batwoman Detective Comics, and the miniseries Superman World of New Krypton for DC Comics, and for novels such as his Queen Country series.

    Wonder Woman (2016-) #3 By Greg Rucka Liam Sharp


    Oh, this one I adored I am really intrigued about this take on Barbara Ann Minerva I liked the whole aspect of it and her curse, I think it s going to go down to Diana betraying her somehow and I m loving it.

    Brendan Nicholls
    Great art and a sympathic tone, this Wonder Woman series has grown on me I m interested in the two coin storytelling model they have adapted with Diana The character never really interested me but I m into this in a big way Cheetah is a flawed soul and Diana grows as a character here in such a big way.

    Dr Rashmit Mishra
    The Wonder Woman storyline in rebirth has still had me on the edge , while there s obvious potential to where this story is headed and how impactful it might become the fact that until this point nothing major has happened and the story still keeps going around in circle as Diana tries to find her way back home This issue similar to previous ones still hasn t revealed anything about the main plot going on here instead we had the Diana interaction with Cheetah which was riddled with awkward excha [...]

    Greg Rucka gets Wonder Woman, and he continues to show it Every single moment of hers is just beautifully written, and I love her equal strength and kindness Meanwhile, Sharp continues to deliver completely stunning art perhaps the biggest standout of the whole Rebirth line so far, in the way that Capullo was for N52 My only complaint is that this storyline only comes out once a month, and considering the Year One story is equally as amazing, a part of me wishes both could be twice monthly, thou [...]

    jenny van sunshine
    En este tomo volvemos a la zona temporal del primero, la parte actual frente al pasado y inicios de ww que se nos presentaba en el segundo tomo y que deduzco se ir salteando con este cosa que me gusta.Me ha gustado bastante este contacto con ww, creo que vemos un poco mejor como es ella, as como la aparici n de un nuevo personaje, una amiga de diana que ha sido convertida en una especie de tigre por medio de una maldici n, por lo que aprovecha la necesidad de ayuda de ww para pedirle que le ayud [...]

    Bambi Hyde
    The story is moving along and I m liking it I liked that it had a lot of Cheetah in it because I didn t know much about her I m excited to see where this goes I also like that Steve Trevor is in this too and his part of the story is pretty interesting Can t wait until their paths cross Mostly I want to see what their going do with Wonder Woman s timeline and backstory Like I have so many questions So many.

    When its The lies story arc, like this issue is, its very good

    mike andrews
    Diana makes a promise to a friend and Steve walks into a trap.

    Brandon St Mark
    A much better issue than the past couple have been.

    I enjoyed the story where it deals with relationship of Wonder Woman and Cheetah, the history between them and the potential of their future are really interesting and I want to read about them from this I didn t enjoy the parts with Steve Trevor, I guess I just don t want him in the book, he s taking space away from Diana and Barbara Ann

    Mauricio Portillo
    Cheetah AKA Barbara I love this it demostrated the friend and enemy connection of this characters and , in my point of view the story is well written and the illustrations are amazing just that in some part of the dialogues lack of information or detaills.

    Emily Dones
    I don t quite like this series It s a bit all over the place so I m going to read the new 52 which is the one that inspired the movie that I loved Because this is just confusing the hell out of me I may return to it in the future when my I know about Wonder Woman than I do now.

    Some of the stripes storylines were a little confusing in this one I hope they explain it in the next instalment.

    En este volumen a n no s como se llama en realidad vemos a una ww m s humana Al ver su amiga creo que es su amiga, al menos eso he deducido que quiere hacer algo que en realidad no quiere pero una fuerza mayor la obliga Ww ayuda a su amiga y no la deja de lado, vemos como lucha con ella porque quiere ayudarla y porque le importa Me ha gustado mucho ver esa parte m s humana de ww Lo digo porque normalmente a los superh roes se les ve muy perfectos y no parecen humanas, y cuando sacan su parte m s [...]

    I am loving the fantasy feel of these books.

    R.C. Rejino
    Another solid issue for Wonder Woman.This issue deals with Diana s relationship with Cheetah, aka Barbara Ann isn t that the name of a song that the horrible movie Surf Ninjas had in it I liked the dialogue and exchange we got between them, though I definitely think I may have appreciated it a bit if I had much knowledge on the relationship of Diana and Barbara Ann from before this point Even though Cheetah is known as Diana s Joker Lex Luthor to a mainstream audience, Cheetah is evidently a c [...]

    Owen Williams
    Review 8.5 10I really liked this issue because it dealt with character, specifically and almost exclusively Cheetah s I m not sure if her whole story is supposed to be an allegory for rape, but I love the way Wonder Woman consoles her and essentially says it is not her fault, it is all done in a beautiful 9 panel page showing Cheetah s slow break into acceptance The art in this issue is really nice The way it is drawn and colored both lend itself very well for this mysterious story, where not mu [...]

    Marisa Carpico
    Wow, this was really homoerotic and felt like really old school WW Still profoundly uninterested in the Steve Trevor subplot, but doubt it s going away anytime soon Will admit that he seems like an upstanding guy though so at least there s that Really intrigued to see what Rucka does with Cheetah.

    Ashley Christensen
    I think I enjoy the past than the present

    Danial Syah Reza
    Its getting really exciting Loving the actions

    Kevin A Bush
    Love itNever read much of Wonder Woman until rebirth but I am hooked on the story Wonder Woman is very bad ass

    Vincent Stoessel
    My only complaint is that is was so short, but it s like Wonder Woman in a Frazetta universe Liam s art is great.

    Mariana Fonseca

    wonder woman a 5 vermeyince kendimi mutsuz hissediyorum

    Phil Bova
    The art is incredible Wow This is gonna be a fantastic run.

    Great chapter 2 to Lies Here Rucka begins to explore the dynamic between Diana and Cheetah While much is stated in broad strokes, it his strategically Well written.

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