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  • Title: Shtum
  • Author: Jem Lester
  • ISBN: 9781409166511
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Shtum By Jem Lester Powerful, darkly funny and heart breaking, Shtum is a story about fathers and sons, autism, and dysfunctional relationships.Ben Jewell has hit breaking point His ten year old son Jonah has severe autism and Ben and his wife, Emma, are struggling to cope.When Ben and Emma fake a separation a strategic decision to further Jonah s case in an upcoming tribunal Ben and JonPowerful, darkly funny and heart breaking, Shtum is a story about fathers and sons, autism, and dysfunctional relationships.Ben Jewell has hit breaking point His ten year old son Jonah has severe autism and Ben and his wife, Emma, are struggling to cope.When Ben and Emma fake a separation a strategic decision to further Jonah s case in an upcoming tribunal Ben and Jonah move in with Georg, Ben s elderly father In a small house in North London, three generations of men one who can t talk two who won t are thrown together.
    Jem Lester
    Jem Lester Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Shtum book, this is one of the most wanted Jem Lester author readers around the world.

    Shtum By Jem Lester


    Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    Oh wow Speechless Incredible book Especially as a mother to an autistic son Absolutely brilliant Please just read this before you die Some reviews are hard to do as you just can t find enough words to be expressed coherently I have a million jumbled things to say about this book and need to narrow it down to what is important to the potential reader This is one of the few books I have read featuring an autistic character that is very true to life Jem Lester really nailed the realism with this bo [...]

    Shtum is a story about family dynamics, relationships and the harrowing experience of raising a autistic child at the extreme end of the spectrum It is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and pull at your heartstrings You will be outraged at a system that is concerned about saving money, rather than meeting the needs of a vulnerable child It explores how communication problems do not afflict sufferers of autism alone, but infects a marriage, and Ben s relationship with his own father The author p [...]

    5 I remember the Yiddish word shtum as meaning to keep quiet about something, as in to keep it secret, to yourself, not just to be silent The U sounds like put , rather than like mum The author drops us smack in the middle of a family overwhelmed a severely autistic boy of 10, Jonah, lives with Ben, his alcoholic but not admitted to it yet father, and Emma, his over achieving lawyer mother Ben seems to be the primary carer now.They deal daily with cleaning poo off the walls or facing a kitchen t [...]

    Tracy Fenton
    SHTUM by Jem LesterBen Jewell has hit breaking point His ten year old son Jonah has severe autism and Ben and his wife, Emma, are struggling to cope.When Ben and Emma fake a separation a strategic decision to further Jonah s case in an upcoming tribunal Ben and Jonah move in with Georg, Ben s elderly father In a small house in North London, three generations of men one who can t talk two who won t are thrown together.As Ben battles single fatherhood, a string of well meaning social workers and h [...]

    Cheap liquor and soiled nappies I would say that this is an unvarnished fiction about life as a caretaker to a severely Autistic child, but that would be lacking on two fronts 1 unvarnished seems wholly insufficient perhaps gritty and chaffing and poo smeared gets the point across a bit better, 2 this isn t just about a man who is a caretaker, this father is an alcoholic, self loathing man child that is lost in life, the pressures of caring for an Autistic son just exacerbates his many problems. [...]

    This is an extremely moving novel about Ben and Emma Jewell and their ten year old son, Jonah When we meet the family they are, like so many parents, considering what secondary school would best meet Jonah s needs However, their search for an education is complicated than most parents, as Jonah is autistic My nephew is also, like Jonah, severely autistic and so much of this novel resonated with me Ben and Emma want Jonah to have a place at a residential school for children with autism and, when [...]

    This is a heart breaking tale about a family trying to cope with having a son with severe autism It covers the impact having a child with autism has on both parents, along with their struggle to get support from social services Shtum is told from the point of view of the father, Ben This story is definitely dominated by male characters, as the most prominent characters are Ben, his autistic ten year old son, Jonah, and Ben s father, Georg This made for a very interesting angle to the story Jonah [...]

    Shtum to keep quiet, dumb keep secrets inside not to tellWhat a lovely story These flawed characters all crept into my heart It s going to be awhile before I can let go of Jonah The author was masterful in taking a stressed family and showing the stories behind the people, what shaped them, what motivated them and, always, the inner selves that are kept shtum This story left me laughing, sad, worried for everyone, sad and sometimes frustrated But slowly, I moved closer to the characters and, in [...]

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book It has been recommended by so many people so when I got the opportunity to have a read, I grabbed it and was so pleasantly surprised.It s a heart warming story and very funny, but the heart breaking sadness of it all really grabbed me It s sad in a nice way if that makes sense but you could feel the emotions all the way through the book I felt as if I was walking next to Ben as I read The amazing writing style of Jem Lester really draws you in and made this story so [...]

    Interesanta, te ka, obiteljska pri a za koju sam imala osje aj da je napisana zato jer je netko rekao da bi trebalo Izostali su osje aji, suosje anje Jako hladno, suho Pred kraj kao da je pripovjeda otpusio ko nicu i dopustio sebi da se ipak neki osje aji, iskreni osje aji osjete ao mi je to se to nije desilo od po etka.

    Mandy Radley
    4.5 starsI finished this book a few days ago and couldn t decide whether to give it 4 or 5 stars Shtum is about JJ a 10 year old severely autistic boy, who doesn t speak, throws tantrums, is still in a nappy, needs to be dressed and bathed, and when not looking can trash a kitchen in minutes The book is also about relationships, the effect JJ has had on Ben his dad and Emma his mum and also Georg his grandfather It s funny, sad, annoying, at times you just want someone to shake JJ s parent, I en [...]

    David Reviews
    Shtum is a terrific book it s involving, very touching and an emotional story that is a delight to read Some of it can be pretty painful, difficult reading and it may occasionally leave a tear in your eye, but there is humour too and in the end it leaves you satisfied and pleased you discovered it A story touched with love, sacrifice and determination that is ultimately uplifting and thoroughly readable This is one of those books that is easy to recommend and memorable once you ve finished it.Be [...]

    I loved this book This book reminds you how you can t judge people You never really know what is going on I didn t understand the mom s way of dealing until the end I didn t understand the dad s way of drinking through everything until the end This book makes you laugh and cry and I thing it did that at different moments for each reader Definitely one of my favorite books this year

    In brief Gritty and emotional and funnyIn fullShtum is the story of Jonah, a severely autistic 10 year old, his father Ben, his mother Emma and Georg his grandfather Dealing with Jonah has taken a toll on Ben and Emma s relationship Trying to get Jonah into a suitable educational establishment is proving hard and his parents decide to separate to make him a priority case It is obvious from the start that Jonah is at the severe end of the autistic spectrum It is equally obvious that all is not we [...]

    Ben is the father of Jonah, a severely autistic 10 year old boy, and is struggling to cope with both this huge responsibility as a newly single parent to his son and pretty much every other responsibility in his life Above all this is a book about father son relationships Jonah is incapable of both communicating effectively or showing affection, while at the same time Ben has never felt truly loved by his own father, Georg.I was really moved to read as these three characters grew to understand e [...]

    This is a 4.5 book for me It is the first time I have read a book about the everyday life and struggles an Autistic child has, particularly getting the care and special needs such a child requires and this story stresses the enormous burden such a struggle has on the parents and their relationship The book is written from the point of view of the Father it lost a half star here, as the Father was just too self pitying and repetitive for my liking It is at times witty, depressing, serious, sad ye [...]

    As we meet Ben Jewell and his family, it seems that everything is conspiring against him His stroppy father hasn t spoken to him in months, his employee at the party service he runs appears to be obstinate and rude, and Ben s wife Emma is suggesting a pretend separation to get the Local Education Authority to sympathise with a difficult home situation and place their profoundly autistic son, Jonah, at an expensive, suitable school Soon enough, Ben realises that there isn t much pretend going on [...]

    Chihoe Ho
    Many fiction narratives involving autism tell it from the point of view of autistic characters Not many have been as successful in staying with me as much as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, with its wide eyed clarity and distinctive train of thought of an autistic child Since then, I always approach books with comparisons to Mark Haddon s with a little caution and trepidation Glad I am when such a comparison lives up to expectations, and in Shtum specifically, surprising me wi [...]

    Helen (TBC)
    I haven t been as emotionally involved in a book for a long time It is obvious when reading this gem of a book that the author knows about raising a child with profound autism the impact that this can have on relationships and friendships is captured perfectly as is the fight to get the best provision for your child.I guess the above makes the book sound serious and highbrow if so then my apologies it is a laugh through the tears book, one that twists your heart and leaves you bereft that it s f [...]

    I was already quite fed up with all of the movie of the week kinds of books about autistic children and their long suffering parents before I came to this book, but this one is nothing like anything you ve read before about the subject There are an autistic child here and long suffering parents, and the story revolves around the decision of these parents to fake breaking up in order to cut through bureaucracy, so that their son can get accepted to a school that specializes in his condition But t [...]

    OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING AND FUNNY AND HEARTBREAKING AND TOTALLY IN NEED OF CAPS LOCK Jeez, I laughed, I cried, I wanted to throw the book at the wall and then I wanted to scream I just can t put into words how much I loved this Jem Lester has written something that MUST be compulsory reading It is sublime and perfect and real My read of 2016 And I don t even care it s only the third 2016 book I ve read so far.

    I was so emotionally involved in this book and because of how accurate it was I thought I was reading a true story as I purposely didn t read the blurb It was a roller coaster of emotions and had secrets to be revealed Jonah Jewell had profound Autism and his parents wanted the very best care for him but were locked in a battle with the local authority who wanted the cheapest option The fight took its toll on the parents marriage and they even agreed to a temporary separation because they though [...]

    Reindert Van Zwaal
    WOW, this was a breathtaking read, an outstanding novel with such a depth.I would recommend this book to everyone, although people familiar with autism will recognize Jonah s behavior better While autism at first seems the central topic, in fact it isn t.As the author himself said How could I write a novel that was about autism yet, at the same time, dealt with so much Well this book perfectly shows how to do just that The book involves psychological problems, alcoholism, family relations, but [...]

    Sna no, nje no, glasno a u ti ini.

    Joanne Robertson
    What a wonderful book A true case of a book that is living up to the hype and that everyone should read as soon as they possibly can I laughed, I cried then I cried some Ben and Emma Jewell are parents on the edge Their 10 year old son Jonah has autism, their marriage is struggling to cope with the sheer exhaustion of Jonah and jobs andwell, life Jonah is approaching secondary school age and his parents want him to go to a fabulous boarding school but the local council aren t as keen the cost t [...]

    I received a copy of this through TBC in exchange for an honest review It is a story of a 30 year old man bringing up a severely autistic 10 yr old boy Ben and his wife are struggling to cope and feign a separation to help their son get through the system quicker.This is a very touching and emotional read It takes you through every emotion possible The story was actually entrancing and I could not put the book down I felt like I knew the characters so so well I was that invested in the story I f [...]

    shtum t m adjective Silent non communicative.Ben and Emma s son Jonah is severely autistic and silent Life evolves around Johan s care which is constant and messy and hard The family is at breaking point The local Council won t fund the residential care that Johan desperately needs In the hope of swinging the odds in an appeal of Council s decision, Ben and Johan move in with Ben s elderly Dad Single parents get better support, especially if you aren t coping.Ben s Dad is great with Johan while [...]

    Fiona (Titch) Hunt
    I would like to thank Netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to read and understand this book.I have an Autistic daughter who s been recently diagnosed on ASD It s opened my eyes to the wonders of my daughter and all her friends I loved how it shows that Autism can be inherited but years has gone by before anyone has realised.I found the book really eye opening and thought provoking as you see in the eyes of other parents and the struggles they go through daily Makes you realise to never j [...]

    Shahirah Loqman
    A wonderful book that opens your eyes to living and caring for autistics read my full review here booklovesreviews.wordpress

    An awesome read Absolutely loved it A must read for parents with an autistic child Very thought provoking A massive 5 stars

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