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  • Title: Blown Away
  • Author: Clover Tate
  • ISBN: 9780425283547
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback

  • Blown Away By Clover Tate In the all new Kite Shop Mystery series set in the beach side community of Rock Point, Oregon, kite shop owner Emmy Adler gets swept up in a murder investigation.Emmy is finally living her dream She s moved to the coastal town of Rock Point, Oregon, and is starting a kite business Strings Attached features her own unique designs, inspired by everything from Picasso to MaIn the all new Kite Shop Mystery series set in the beach side community of Rock Point, Oregon, kite shop owner Emmy Adler gets swept up in a murder investigation.Emmy is finally living her dream She s moved to the coastal town of Rock Point, Oregon, and is starting a kite business Strings Attached features her own unique designs, inspired by everything from Picasso to Matisse s colorful cutouts Her spirits are soaring sky high the morning of the grand opening until she stumbles upon a dead man washed up on the beach The body belongs to local chef Miles Logan, and the gash across his chest indicates he s been murdered The sheriff suspects Emmy s best friend, Avery, who used to date the chef Emmy is sure Avery would never hurt anyone, but her pal doesn t have an alibi for the night of the murder With Avery s freedom and the fate of her kite shop up in the air, Emmy takes it upon herself to follow the string of clues and solve the murder before the real killer takes flight.
    Clover Tate
    Clover Tate Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blown Away book, this is one of the most wanted Clover Tate author readers around the world.

    Blown Away By Clover Tate


    I loved it And I am already excited for the next book in the series.Emmy was a bit over the top now and then but nothing that would have been really annoying The coastal town setting in Oregon was beautiful if it is OK to call it that even though I could not actually see it And when have I ever rea a mystery with a kite shop setting Never Great characters and an interesting mystery without ever being slow at any time I highly recommend it.

    Dollycas s ThoughtsEmmy Adler is flying high She has moved to Rock Point and is living with her best friend Avery She is also excited about opening her new kite shop that will let her creativity soar But everything could get Blown Away after she finds the body of a local chef washed up on the beach A man Avery used to date A man who was murdered and somehow Avery doesn t have an alibi for the time of his death It doesn t look good Emmy decides it is up to her to string together every clue she ca [...]

    Mark Baker
    Emmy Adler is living her dream, opening a kite shop called Strings Attached in Rock Point, Oregon, and living with her best friend Avery right on the beach However, the morning her shop is due to open, Emmy discovers a dead body, that of Avery s ex on the beach With the police certain that Avery is the killer and the evidence mounting against her, Emmy jumps in to find the real killer Can she do it I fell in love with the setting in the first chapter even with the discovery of the dead body by t [...]

    Dawn Frazier
    I loved this book, great characters, beautiful setting, I can t wait for the next in the series

    I liked this book Blown Away is one of those cozies that is pleasant to read than suspenseful It does keep you guessing and the main character, Emmy and her room mate do appear to be in danger, but somehow it remains a lighthearted read Admittedly, you do have to suspend belief that there could be two successful kite shops in one town, but the need to suspend belief is a common theme in cozies, so it didn t bother me When in the mood for a lighthearted read with good character development, this [...]

    This is a first in series about a young kite designer who is in search of her Independence as much as work life balance I loved that this cozy was set on the West Coast, in Oregon and I loved the references to Portland, Tillamook and even Sea Side Main character Emmy is young, inspired and a handful With a great best friend, dog and protective parents Emmy is trying to find her own way In her new town, with her new business things look bright but a quick trip to the beach and a discovery of a de [...]

    Jessica Robbins
    For complete review check out my blog at booksaplentybookreviewss

    Blown Away is the first book in the A Kite Shop Mystery series and a wonderful debut it is The next time somebody tells you to go fly a kite, your first stop should be Strings Attached to talk with Emmy and purchase one of her handmade kites.Emmy Adler has moved to Rock Point to live her dream and open a kite shop specializing in her own design handmade kites The morning of the Grand Opening, Emmy and her dog Bear are taking their early morning walk on the beach, when Bear runs off to a collecti [...]

    Lisa Ks Book Review
    Readers are going to be flying high while they read BLOWN AWAY Author Clover Tate wasted no time getting down to business in this first book in the Kite Shop Mysteries By the last word of chapter one, readers are introduced to six characters, and the murder victim is found I ve never really been into flying kites, but I do love watching them and seeing the beautiful designs and colors After reading this story I now have a bit of a fascination with them Ms Tate s descriptions really pulled me int [...]

    2.5 starsI am a bit conflicted about BLOWN AWAY The west coast beach setting is nice, and a kite shop is a new theme for a cozy series, but I just not blown away no pun intended by this debut I never warmed up to protagonist Emmy, finding her a bit too self righteous Her nonchalant disregard for the law and her lack of thinking things through, all with an easily tripped anger trigger, make her difficult to like The resolution of the mystery is what saves this book for me.I received a copy of thi [...]
    openbooksociety article blBlown AwayA Kite Shop Mystery, Book 1By Clover TateISBN 9780425283547Author Website penguinrandomhouse autBrought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleSynopsis In the all new Kite Shop Mystery series set in the beach side community of Rock Point, Oregon, kite shop owner Emmy Adler gets swept up in a murder investigation.Emmy is finally living her dream She s moved to the coastal town of Rock Point, Oregon, and is starting a kite business Strings Attached features her own uniqu [...]

    New author, new series totally fun premise I flew kites growing up and the series is making me want to do it again The mystery had some nice twists to it and I particularly enjoyed the references to Watergate.

    Joanna Pataki
    I chose this book expecting to find a wonderful little mystery set in coastal Oregon Instead, it was an OK, somewhat constructed, awkward run of the mill amateur detective story with bits of Oregon tacked on here and there, possibly from research the author did and not because she lived there I wanted the flavor of Oregon, and instead I was hit with something that felt East Coast The protagonist calls a gas station a filling station, a character is described as Latina which refers colloquially [...]

    Rosa Cline
    I received this as a First Reads Good Reads Book Giveaway Book Giveaway Winner Book I LOVED this book Every night when I had to put it down because I got to sleepy to continue I couldn t wait to pick it back up again the next night There weren t any slow places within the story or any places I got lost within characters etc The author kept me guessing as to who did it right up almost to the end and usually I can figure out who did it about half way through most of the books I read so that was ni [...]

    This book was a bit of a mixed bag for me Ultimately, I gave it 4 stars because as a light hearted, diverting read it did what I needed it to It s not great literature but it doesn t pretend to be it s just fun and sometimes smart in its own way The one aspect of this story that I really struggled with was Emmy herself In the first half of the book she drove me crazy with her anger and hostility towards other people I mostly kept reading to solve the mystery Somewhere around halfway though, the [...]

    Emmy just moved to Rock Point, Oregon and is starting a new kite business She is ready for the grand opening until she finds a dead body washed up on the beach in front of her house Emmy comes off a little bitchy in this series debut She wants to help her friend, but she is stubborn and difficult when dealing with the local law I m pretty sure all evidence she finds would be thrown out of court due to her breaking the law to get it She seems to have no regard for how justice seems to work The ch [...]

    Nancy H
    A good cozy mystery, this story takes place in a coastal town in Oregon, to which Emily has just moved and opened a kite shop When she finds a dead man on the beach below her friend s house, where she is staying, things go bad very quickly when her friend is arrested for the murder, since the man was none other than her friend s ex boyfriend The plot is complicated with a lot violent mushroom growers, several other suspicious town residents, arson, and much This is a good read and a good serie [...]

    I enjoyed this story which is the first in a series Emmy is opening a kit shop and living with her friend Avery Emmy walks on the beach with her dog and discovers a body Soon Avery is locked up on suspicion of murder, and the story evolves around Emmy s attempts to find the real culprit so her friend will be set free There is a hint of romance and lot of people and events to keep track of I liked it because of the fast pace and the lack of focus on sex and violence I expect to read the rest of t [...]

    The setting of a kite shop and Oregon coast, other characters, and the resolution of the murder allows me to give this first in a series 2 stars instead of 1 Sometimes the first book is a little rough I did not like like the protagonist, Emmy, because she was impulsive, rude, and rather self centered Her character made this difficult reading for me I kept reading, because I did want to know who committed the murder.

    Spook Harrison
    Actually, I liked this one a lot I thought the pushy mom character was great, that the protagonist didn t think the pushiness had to do with the mom s issues a very human thing, and found the culprit to be a surprise I didn t suspect the obvious suspect, figured it was a red herring The denouement wasn t typical either, but maybe realistic Never having captured a murder I wouldn t know But I would read Tate again, I think.

    I received this book free from.I am a big fan of cozies and this is a great start for a new series I m also a sucker for beach books so this was a good match for my interests Being an eastcoast girl, I enjoyed a west coast setting and a kite shop is a fresh location to base this cozy Throw in a dead body, a dog and a big beach house and it was a fun ride I wasn t sure who did it until the end.I m going to be looking forward to book 2 in the kite shopPlease hurry.

    I liked the setting and the use of a kite shop but honestly the heroine was just too dumb at putting herself in situations dangerous to her and others I know these type of books are always putting the amateur detective as intrepid and intelligent than the police but she was not I kept putting it down to read something else but kept coming back hoping it would get better.

    I received this charming mystery read as a giveaway The author does a nice job setting the tone and background of the characters, their interactions and motives to a surprising conclusion.

    As a mystery novel, it was nothing special What Blown Away does well is describe the life in a small touristy town like Rock Point The mix of urgency and the need to press on with Emmy s new life made this an enjoyable read.

    This was a quick easy read and good mystery I enjoyed the characters and the action and mystery.May look for of this author s books next time.

    Brenda Schneider
    The plot was good Found the protagonist to be somewhat irritating.

    Kristin Cochran Schadler
    Loved this book Different subject material, and it was very interesting Very excited for the next book.

    This is the first in a new series about Emmy who is opening a store selling kites Interesting idea, since you wouldn t think that a store selling kites would have enough business The local chef is found dead and Emmy s best friend and roommate is suspected Emmy goes to prove that her friend didn t do it, despite being told to stay out of it She constantly bugs the sheriff and deputy, causes a local man s reputation to be ruined, ruins evidence and puts herself in danger While she does figure out [...]

    Had me guessing who the killer was up until the end but ending felt rushed Lacked good imagery and had a hard time keeping the secondary characters straight.

    With spring, hopefully just around the corner in many parts of the country, author Clover Tate has created the perfect new series to captured that excitement.BLOWN AWAY, the first installment in Tate s whimsical new Kite Shop Mystery series is an exciting start The seaside setting of Rock Point, Oregon, comes to life through the author s vivid descriptions Through the author s eye for details, readers can easily visualize colorful kites zigzagging in the sky.Emmy Adler is an intriguing protagoni [...]

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