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  • Title: Released
  • Author: Amber Polo
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  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback

  • Released By Amber Polo When Librarian Liberty Cutter s library goes up in flames, the town relocates the library to an abandoned academy Liberty feels eyes watching her from the derelict structure s gothic windows, but never imagines the truth is stranger than fiction until she meets a talking dog.The dog tells her a pack of book burning werewolves cursed the building Plus, beneath the libraWhen Librarian Liberty Cutter s library goes up in flames, the town relocates the library to an abandoned academy Liberty feels eyes watching her from the derelict structure s gothic windows, but never imagines the truth is stranger than fiction until she meets a talking dog.The dog tells her a pack of book burning werewolves cursed the building Plus, beneath the library an ancient race of dog shifters work to protect the world s knowledge Funded by internet giant Zoogle, these dog shifting scholars enjoy their Starbarks coffeehouse as they research their way to freedom Until the public library s zany librarians move in and things begin to shift.Werewolf restauranteur Sybilla itches to become pack alpha and stoops to adding wolfsbane to her husband s tea and using werewolf genre readers to infiltrate Liberty s library Chronus, the Old English Sheepdog headmaster, must persuade Liberty to believe in him and his world because Liberty holds the key to the dog shifters freedom and his heart.
    Amber Polo
    Amber Polo s lifelong love of libraries and dogs led to a fascination with lost ancient libraries and curiosity about why werewolves outnumbered dog shifters in literature and inspired her urban fantasy series The Shapeshifters Library.The mystical side of Sedona became the comic paranormal setting for Hearts in the Vortex One day a plane flew past her office window and she turned her pen to her own airpark backyard and Heads in the Clouds was the result.Author of award winning fantasy and Arizona romances, Amber relaxes stressed writers and readers Relaxing the Writer offers a catalog of suggestions and simple exercises while her calming CDs help almost anyone relax and find restful sleep.After living in seven states, she s settled in a small Arizona town.I love to read and review books and my secret guilty pleasure is Never Ending Book QuizFind me at amberpolo and

    Released By Amber Polo


    Kate Robinson
    Liberty Cutter had been born in Shipsfeather Ohio and had lived here until her mother disappeared when she was five years old Her four law librarian aunts had swooped into town and taken her home with them, eventually adopting her They refused to talk to her either about her parents or Shipsfeather She d taken the job of Library Director because she wanted to run her own small town library and make a difference to the townspeople and hopefully uncover the secrets of her own history She should ha [...]

    I don t have the words to express how much I adored this book Almost everything I read is hard, grim and gritty, and as a rule, I love it that way A sweet story with wholesome characters is generally something I d skip right over But I was truly lucky enough to win RELEASED in a contest, and I am now officially an Amber Polo fan.Ms Polo has built a fascinating world of books, libraries, werewolves and shapeshifters so unique and off the beaten path, I can hardly WAIT for the next entry to come o [...]

    Deborah Riley-Magnus
    Always looking for the new and interesting twists to how we look at the fictitious world of supernatural creatures, I was pleased to see that the author had done what I most love about Urban Fantasy Ms Polo has taken the old, tired mythology of shapeshifters and created a wonderful new concept based on the intelligence of dogs and the brutal pack nature of wolves.Our lovely heroine, Liberty Cutter, is a librarian in a small Ohio town After seeing her humble community library burned to the ground [...]

    This book was great If you like dogs at all, you ll probably like this book I loved the quirky names, the many dog breeds, the werewolf vs dog thing, the library speak, the love story, the relatable characters, everything The book was descriptive enough to create a good picture in my head, but not too much to where it gets boring I m always looking for books that involve dogs and when I heard about this one, I wanted to read it right away and I was not disappointed There are too many dog wolf sh [...]

    This is a fun book about shapeshifters, werewolves, and librarians It s an unusual mix of characters but it seems to work in this book The shapeshifters come from a long line of librarians while the werewolves come from a line of book burners The human librarians get caught in the middle of an ancient feud in this novel I had some difficulty getting into the book initially There were a lot of characters and I didn t quite understand what the connection was between the characters After about the [...]

    Two words talking dogs.

    Kathy Martin
    I often found myself chuckling at all of the library in jokes that filled the story of dog shapeshifter librarians and book burning werewolves Liberty is the Head Librarian at the Shipsfeather Public Library She loves her job but has to deal with a book hating former head librarian and a mayor who denies all of her requests for funding The frustrations of her job have made her consider submitting her resignation But when her beautiful old Carnegie library burns down, she gets the chance to move [...]

    Danielle Smiley
    Genre Urban Fantasy Sweet PNRPublisher Type Small Print IndieMy Review This was such a fun adventure and I loved every minute of it It s light hearted, action packed and filled with unanswered questions that keep you reading late into the night Released reminds me of an old favorite series, Lillian Jackson Braun s The Cat Who, with it s whit and intelligent whimsy I loved the librarian speak Thank Dewey and the well developed world and characters of The Shapeshifters Library and am eager to read [...]

    Little is what it appears in Shipsfeather, Librarian Liberty Cutter s hometown The day she plans to resign from her job because she can t take the interference from the former head librarian, her library burns The crisis energizes Liberty She can t leave now The town needs a library, and the plan is to move the salvaged materials into an abandoned estate home nearby.Come to find out, the folks who ve been harassing Liberty and blocking her requests at the library are shapeshifting werewolves At [...]

    I received this book from.I was leery when I first got Released I wasn t sure I d be able to overcome my phobia of Libraries enough to enjoy the book Let s just say all my childhood Librarians were werewolves, and even now I still try to avoid Libraries whenever possible.But Released had dogs, and books, and werewolves, and I loved it It was sweet, thoughtful, charming, funny, and all around lovable It was filled with bibliophile word play and likable characters lots of them I could tell by the [...]

    Kari Thomas
    WOW, what a book As an author of paranormal romances involving all types of shapeshifters, I am always on the look out for books that are similar Ms Polo s newest, RELEASED, The Shapeshifters Library is one of the most unique and FUN books I ve read in a long time I have to admit I wish I d thought of such a fantastic idea and wrote it first From page one, you re drawn into a fantasy world that overlaps into the real world and makes this a page turner

    this was a wonderful read I have always loved librariesd dogs, so this was just right up my alley Oh to have fairy tale fantasies come to life D

    Well Its differentThis was any incredibly silly book Well written, with likeable characters, but with such a ridiculous premise I had trouble getting into it About halfway thru the book I started thinking of it as an animated series aimed towards young adults and it became much enjoyable I can t say I ll be continuing with the series, but I ll give credit where credit is due it s original.

    You have shape shifting dogs librarians , shape shifting werewolves book burners and humans This is a fun light hearted fantasy that revolves around libraries and books I think working at that l

    Katie Michaels
    If you really love libraries or if you really love dogs you may enjoy this book than I did Or maybe not I am not a dog person and I am not intimately part of the library world, but those were not my only issues with the story Far off putting were constant dog puns, the simplistic and too easy acceptance of the supernatural among regular people, the cookie cutter villains, and the nagging feeling like I was reading an episode of Scooby Doo All that was missing was for someone to blame their tro [...]

    Romancing the Book
    Reviewed by AllisonBook provided for a contest judging Review originally posted at Romancing the BookReview Released is the first in a fun, quirky new Paranormal Romance Series Take a dedicated librarian having to rebuild her beloved library in a fantastic old academic building, add in an English Sheepdog who shifts into a gorgeous man, a nasty pack of werewolves, and an even nastier curse, and you ve got the makings for a good time.Liberty Cutter is the heroine of this book, and Gregory Chronus [...]

    Jennifer Rayment
    Review A delightfully sweet simple urban fantasy story perfect for the those in the library field This is one that will appeal to the mature reader who doesn t enjoy too much sex or violence which is something you don t see to much in the urban fantasy genre There is definitely a market for this type of story There is nothing wrong with the story it just wasn t my particular cup of tea, guess I am just too jaded The story moves quickly and the characters are quirky My big complaint with the sto [...]

    This was a light and fun to read contemporary fantasy about a long running shape shifter war between library loving dog shifters and book burning wolf shifters werewolves It doesn t take itself too seriously and easily maintains a humorous feel without getting too over the top with library humor, although I loved the play on words with Shipsfeather and shapeshifter The history and long standing mythology support the plot but isn t overwhelming and enhances the storyline There are a few typos, sp [...]

    Liberty Cutter has returned to her hometown in Ohio to take over as director of the local library Soon after, the library mysteriously burns down and is relocated to the nearby abandoned academy building While supervising necessary renovations to the long abandoned building and replacing books lost in the fire, Liberty discovers some strange, hidden secrets about the town When she meets a talking dog amid the stacks in the library, Liberty realizes her life will never be the same.This was such a [...]

    Denae Christine
    Dogs and librariansThis book, with its high vocabulary and its librarian terms and its knowledge of dog breeds, is perfect for any dog lover or librarian For the rest of us, the book is a light tale.The romance is sweet but unreal The climax, er, there was no climax The end was WAY too easy and felt accidental The big reveal at the end was known by the reader at the beginning of the book, and several characters acted dumbly Trusting a random note Abandoning loved ones for no given reason Letting [...]

    Lita Acevedo
    I liked this story much I wanted I started it while waiting for my laundry and finished it by the early evening because I couldn t stop reading until I found out what happens to everyone.This was a rich, somewhat complicated story set in modern times The characters were well developed and the violence was minimal There were a few typos, but not too many The characters were likeable and I found myself very involved This was a clean read There was a romance but no sex, just some hugging and a cou [...]

    The second book in this series popped up on on of my daily Kindle lists, I was interested in it than this one But I wanted to read them in order Luckily this was free, too bad I didn t like it There are some good points to the book, since there is a strong emphasis on librarians and preserving books But the threads that hold a story were tenuous It s really hard to get a grasp of what happening, I did a lot of flipping, and lots of Huh moments ruined my experience That, along with poor narratio [...]

    Amber Polo s Released, the First Volume in the Shapeshifters Library series, drew me in with its premise of shapeshifting dogs as the true librarians of the world and kept me there as the yarn was spun with book burning werewolves as their nemesis Fantasy Check Romance Check Magic Check Elements of reality Of course What a fun romp this was The heroine and hero were likable, credible characters with a noble cause to unite them They had to deal with nasty people who were in power and negatively i [...]

    Mike Bove
    Not a Fantasy or Paranormal reader, I was intrigued by this, and Polo had me believing I would not ordinarily begin a book with werewolves, and certainly not finish it Having read other books from Ms Polo, and learning of her love of libraries and dogs, and that she was a talented writer in several genres, I went for it And as my first experience with shapeshifters, Released was quite enjoyable I found myself smiling many times due to the clever use of character names, library terms and Dewey hu [...]

    I won this novel in a drawing.An odd, but uncomplicated paranormal romance After the library in a small Ohio town is burned, it is moved to another location, guarded by dogs who can turn into people These dogs guard books from book burning werewolves, all of whom are completely evil, but pretty much hold the positions of authority in the town.The dogs are cursed, unable to leave the building until they break the curse With the help of the hot librarian, they work on this Naturally, the librarian [...]

    Kim Power
    An Ode to Libraries Libraries and librarians are not the first thing you associate with shape shifting Yet this book, after a slowish start, manages to combine both in a maximal mashup that pits vicious werewolves against human loving dog shifters And I loved Gregory and Liberty together.

    The author seemed to be trying too hard with the library references and even though I am a huge fan of this genre, the story didn t draw me deep enough into it that I was willing to suspend my belief during some of the fantastical parts I found myself rolling my eyes and exclaiming Really a lot Nice concept, but the execution could have been much better.

    Shifter historyI loved this novel love, dogs and books all combined It was a lovely read I was engrossed from the first page and read it effortlessly The descriptions were enough to keep my imagination entertained , but not so much that it slowed or bogged down the story Great read I d love to read in this series

    Tammy Sowards-Sanchez
    This story was different We meet a librarian who was getting help for her library from an unlikely source The shifters who live in the basement The story behind the library is fascinating and I cant wait to see what happens in the next part We learn a lot of history about the town and the significances of the library building.

    This started out being a light, sweet, funny and fast read, but it just couldn t hold my interest There s nothing inherently wrong with it, it just wasn t my cup of tea It would be a great book for teens.

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