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  • Title: Animal Appetite
  • Author: Susan Conant
  • ISBN: 9780425202500
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback

  • Animal Appetite By Susan Conant When a canine lover is murdered, sleuth Holly Winter discovers his double life But who can explain the odd behavior of his family What was his strange connection to a local legend who died centuries ago and how can Holly muzzle the killer before he strikes again
    Susan Conant
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information 1 mysteriesMother of author Jessica Park aka Jessica Conant ParkThe photo is of Jessica Conant Park and Susan Conant, daughter and mother.

    Animal Appetite By Susan Conant


    Mary Small
    This book tracked two mysteries, one current and one historical The heroine s decision to pursue them both was believable, and so was the resolution, when they were found to be linked The plot was interesting, and I learned a good deal about history and dogs while reading the book Most of the characterizations were good, and the few exceptions were probably because I started this series in the middle characters that are part of the heroine s life but not really important to the plot were not as [...]

    I felt like this was really 2 books in one, with Holly Winter, the narrator of every Conat book I ve read, investigating 2 old murders 18 years ago, Jack Winter Andrews no relation was murdered in his office, but the discovery of his pet golden retreiver leashed to his desk leaves doubt as to whether the murderer was indeed the man s longtime business partner or a stranger whose presence would force Andrews to keep the dog at bay Concurrently, Winter is challenged by her neighbor to write a book [...]

    Dog writer Dog s Life columnist Holly Winter is challenged to write about people for a change and decides to research the story of a frontier woman who escaped her Indian captors to return home a heroine She finds a lot to the story than the heroic legend, and also gets interested in another mystery, the story of a man murdered eighteen years ago with his dog as witness Holly and her two malamutes, Rowdy and Kimi, are always fun to visit The mystery in this one is particularly interesting, thou [...]

    If you love great mysteries, you ll love the next installment in the Holly Winter Dog Lovers series In this one, Holly s researching Hannah Duston, a 40 year woman who have been an Indian captive and scalped 10 Indian children She learned about her family history and her captivity, while she s on a cold case of Jack Andrews, who have been murdered 18 years ago, and his dog, Chip From there, she learned about his family and the people who associated it, even with the murder of Shaun McGrath Prett [...]

    MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.Loved the combination of the main character s Holly Winter s day job dog trainer and writer of dog column , her personal love of Alaskan malamutes and her sleuthing which takes place on two levels.One level is her research into the historical figure Hannah Duston who goes fr being heroine to victimized member of abusive family and her research into several murders.Liked the descriptions of Holly s relationships with her boyfriend, her therapist tenant.Don t know if I liked t [...]

    Donna Jo Atwood
    Subtitled A Dog Lover s Mystery, our heroine Holly Winter, is a dog trainer and freelance writer about dogs She owns two Alaskan malamutes and dates a vet In this book she is entangled in two old murders, one eighteen years in the past and the other four hundred years old If you enjoy dogs especially large ones , genealogy, and or mysteries with the blood and gory at a distance, this might be the book for you

    My new favorite by Susan Okay, I don t remember if I ve had a favorite of her s before, but THIS is it for now I m reading 11 now, so that could change This was a good one with some history of the area Looked it up on the internet, and it s accurate in the book so far as I can tell Plus a good mystery for the dog lovers with a dog marking that fact that death was murder and not suicide God bless our intelligent doggie companions

    I was pleased when a friend informed me of Conant s dog detective series Growing up with a grandmother who devoured every The Cat Who story, which never interested me, I have long wanted dog themed books of same.The author does not disappoint The books are witty, informational, and quick reads, without being too predictable.

    A great read particularly if you enjoy dogs mixed into your murder mystery Good flow, excellent humor, I wish it was longer Some twists I totally did not expect which is a real change let me tell you.

    A great read particularly if you enjoy dogs mixed into your murder mystery Good flow, excellent humor, I wish it was longer Some twists I totally did not expect which is a real change let me tell you.

    I feared this would be a shoddy read with a dog somehow solving the mystery Not so The plot was decent with some true historical information thrown in as well I can relate to the dog pack issues in the book, not so much the dog breeding aspects.I would like to read in the series.

    Good read as it has a nice murder mystery with plenty of dog humor

    Not terribly gripping and subject of mystery was not particularly interesting to me either.Rats

    Susan Laine

    F 813.54 CONA

    Tara Choate
    Not enough dog stuff.

    One of the better of this series It concentrates on 2 mysteries, one that occurred in the 1600s, the other 18 years ago , and they both have ties to now, of course Good story, though.

    This is an engaging dog lover s mystery with interesting characters and plot, but I too easily guessed the culprit before the ending, although there was a quirky surprise left.

    okay story, inconclusive historic thread, disjoint, abrupt denoument

    Pam Bales
    Malamutes in Boston living with a PI Mystery cozies at their best There are new edition available Dog Lover s Mystery 10

    A cozy dog mystery Easy to read.

    Joe O"Connor
    Good continuing character Holly Winter author who writes about dogs solves mystery of poisonings of two people.

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