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  • Title: Rumpelstilzchen
  • Author: Jacob Grimm
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  • Rumpelstilzchen By Jacob Grimm Eine arme M llerstochter soll dem K nig Stroh zu Gold spinnen Ein seltsames M nnchen bittet ihr Hilfe bei der unm glichen Aufgabe an Als Lohn will es das erste Kind Aus Verzweiflung verspricht sie es ihm Aber als die Zeit zur bergabe da ist, will die M llerstochter ihr Wort nicht halten Das M nnchen schl gt einen Handel vor Wenn sie seinen Namen err t, k nne sie ihrEine arme M llerstochter soll dem K nig Stroh zu Gold spinnen Ein seltsames M nnchen bittet ihr Hilfe bei der unm glichen Aufgabe an Als Lohn will es das erste Kind Aus Verzweiflung verspricht sie es ihm Aber als die Zeit zur bergabe da ist, will die M llerstochter ihr Wort nicht halten Das M nnchen schl gt einen Handel vor Wenn sie seinen Namen err t, k nne sie ihr Kind behalten
    Jacob Grimm
    Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm, German philologist, jurist and mythologist, was born at Hanau, in Hesse Kassel or Hesse Cassel He is best known as the discoverer of Grimm s Law, the author of the monumental German Dictionary, his Deutsche Mythologie and popularly, with his brother Wilhelm, as one of the Brothers Grimm, as the editor of Grimm s Fairy Tales From.

    Rumpelstilzchen By Jacob Grimm


    Carlos De Eguiluz
    Otra peque a joya de los maravillosos hermanos Grimm Una criatura viviente es m s preciosa para m que los mayores tesoros de este mundo.

    Nandakishore Varma
    This one was creepy I did not like the protagonist at all, because she became the queen through a lie As regards her promise to Rumpelstiltskin, I was pissed off with her for not keeping her promise but did not want the dwarf to take away the baby, too.There was only a vague suggestion what he was going to do with the child I assumed that he wanted to eat it but going by the fairy tradition in Europe, maybe he wanted to raise it as a changeling.There was a panel of Rumpelstiltskin dancing which [...]

    I don t which one of the two I should call stupid maybe both

    ❆ Crystal ❆
    5 stars

    One of those tales you read over and over through the years in many different versions, yet the true essence of the tale remains

    I don t get it why do people insist reading this horrible stories to the children Probably it is just a habit they were read to them and they do the ritual all over without really caring for the values they are teaching.This story teaches how you have to be stupid and accept any deal It teaches how cheating is good as long as you can invent a noble escape clause It teaches how stealing is desirable if one feels it is necessary Somehow people think all these are bad when they are on the losing si [...]

    I always feel so sorry for the talented dwarf

    Laura Noto
    Summary Rumpelstiltskin, the Classics Illustrated Junior version, is a graphic novel written for students in 4th to 8th grade It is a fairly accurate version of the fairy tale It begins with a poor miller who has a beautiful daughter The miller wants to get his daughter a better life so he decides to talk to the king When he is refused entry into the castle because he isn t important enough, he lies and says that his daughter can spin straw into gold Once the king finds this information out he c [...]

    This is such a classic well known story This was a story that I heard through out my childhood so much, I mean who wasn t heard this story of the little goblin, that stamps his foot through the floor Reading this story again, brought back so many memories of my childhood Now I must say that I didn t remember the ending being as violent as this book states I would recommend this book to be read by all Like I stated earlier its a classic.

    A man seeks a better life for his daughter and lies to the king stating that she can turn straw to gold The woman does this with the help of a Rumpelstiltskin after promising her firstborn son When the time comes to to deliver the promise, she has to discover the creatures name in three days of the child will be lost Clear themes of making promises, cutting deals and lying More subtle is the concept that women did not have the same power as men but indeed had some form of power Not able to given [...]

    Hoy tomo vino,y ma ana cerveza,despu s al ni o sin falta traer n.Nunca, se rompan o no la cabeza,el nombre Rumpelstiltskin adivinar n Me encant esta historia porque habla de Rumpelstiltskin, porque yo veo Once Upon a Time y quer a conocer la historia de este personaje.Y que cosa que en esta historia Rumpel quer a robar el primog nito de la hija del molinero, y en la serie hasta donde va la cosa, Hades robar el hijo de Rumpel con Bella si no hace lo que l quierela hija del molinero es Regina aka [...]

    Lör K.
    The classic, well known story of Rumplestiltskin Who wasn t heard of the bratty little goblin, stamping his foot through the floor This was a story that was in my childhood a lot, and something that s quite nostalgic forme Reading this in its original form now, much older, was somewhat a treat I got to revisit my childhood, but also take a mature look at the story and moral the Brothers Grimm were telling us This was a beauty to read, and I doubt it ll leave me for a long, long time.

    Laura V.
    Raro, pero despu s de leer cosas sanguinarias en los otros cuentos, realmente esperaba que algo malo le pasara a la molinerita Le salieron bien todas El enano cumpli con lo que le prometi No es justo Exijo un final sangriento decente

    My favorite line Then, in his rage, he seized his left foot in both hands and tore himself in two.

    Desde ni a, este cuento de los hermanos Grimm me ha fascinado Rumpelstiltskin generaba y actualmente a n lo hace en mi una sensaci n perturbadora pero tambi n de curiosidad, sin embargo, hasta el momento nunca hab a le do el original Ahora que lo acabo de terminar debo mencionar que entre las dos versiones casi no hay variaciones manteni ndose la esencia El final vendr a a ser una de esas diferencias, el cual es m s violento respecto a la versi n que le.

    Kristin Fisher
    A king is greedy and wants straw turned into gold, so he locks his daughter in a room to spin the straw The girl is not able to spin the straw into gold until a little man comes around and helps her out However, the little man does not do this to be nice, he wants something in return Great illustrations Students can learn that greediness is not a good trait to have.

    Kevin Hull
    It should be noted that the Brothers Grimm didn t pen many original stories, if any Instead they collected folk tales and rewrote them with a Germanic slant As such this is not among the best, though it still is an interesting read And it did provide the basis for the coolest character on the show Once Upon A Time, so that s gotta count for something.

    Kate Sanders
    This book is like the ordinary tale of rumpelstiltskin I liked this book because it was simple and could be read to children Young children might also find this book humorous when the queen tries guessing his name.

    Sam Dawson
    The poor miller s daughter wanted nothing than to escape her life and become a rich queen She gave a little man everything she had to please the king with golden straw until she had nothing else to give What will she give up to become the queen Does she become queen

    Felicia H
    This version seems odd to me I didn t like it although it had the same premises I just think the choice of words maybe wasn t the best Just seemed dark and mean spirited book Not the best version of this story for me.

    Karim Elmenshawy
    Today I bake, tomorrow brew,The next I ll have the young queen s child.Ha Glad am I that no one knewThat Rumpelstiltskin I am styled.

    It s a retold story of the folk tale of the original Rumpelstiltskin

    Allanah Duggan
    That ended violently then I remembered.

    Rumplestiltskin is a classic fairytale and teaches a moral.

    This edition was okay The drawings were cool The added detail of how shrewd the miller s daughter is didn t get expanded on So, meh.

    I kept imagining Rumpelstiltskin the way he is in Once Upon A Time.

    A very poor miller is ordered to appear before the king to give a gift of honor to the royal family, but the miller had nothing to offer so he panicked and said that he could give his daughter who could spin straw into gold The king took the miller s daughter and locked her in a room and threatened her to make the straw into gold or else her father would die The daughter didn t know how to turn straw into gold and began to cry A small man heard her cries and told her that he would help her out i [...]

    Kate Ballan
    I read this book tons of times as a child and it is one that still interests me today In the story of Rumpelstiltskin, a poor miller offers his daughter to the King by lying and saying she can turn straw into gold When the King puts her to the test, she obviously can not do it and she is left crying in a room full of straw A little man comes in and offers her a deal if she gives him her necklace, he will turn the room into straw He follows through and the next day the young woman is put to the t [...]

    Taylor Ray
    This was my first time reading Rumpelstiltskin although growing up reading children s books all the time I really enjoyed this book It was about a little girl who was forced into doing labor for the king but was unable to do it herself, so the little man helped her out, but took her necklace and her ring as payments to himself for doing the labor for her On the last day, the kind gave her one last challenge and then he would make her Queen She had nothing left to give them little man that had be [...]

    Oksanna Scheidt
    Greed is a funny thing in this world It can consume your life away until you realize that everything you wanted or felt that you needed doesn t really matter It can put you into sticky situations that seem unfixable and send your life into distress Rumbelstiltskin does just that The king is so greedy for gold that Eloise needs to find any excuse to make him happy She makes promises she can t keep and does things that she s to proud to admit that are wrong By the end of the story she s faced with [...]

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