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  • Title: Don't Cross This Line
  • Author: Michael Anderle Stephen Russell Kat Lind
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  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Don't Cross This Line By Michael Anderle Stephen Russell Kat Lind It s been three years Bethany Anne and her team have been building, trying their best to stay off the radar and not fight with those they are trying to save The emotions have boiled to the surface The is a line drawn in the sand, and some idiots just have to step across it Those that thought the cat didn t have claws are about to find out how very, very wrong they are.It s been three years Bethany Anne and her team have been building, trying their best to stay off the radar and not fight with those they are trying to save The emotions have boiled to the surface The is a line drawn in the sand, and some idiots just have to step across it Those that thought the cat didn t have claws are about to find out how very, very wrong they are Please note, as mentioned in a review, there is flagrantly foul language in these novels The main character does not have a problem with cussing, just uninspired cussing Series includes Death Becomes Her The Kurtherian Gambit 01 Queen Bitch The Kurtherian Gambit 02 Love Lost The Kurtherian Gambit 03 Bite This The Kurtherian Gambit 04 Never Forsaken The Kurtherian Gambit 05 Under My Heel The Kurtherian Gambit 06 Kneel or Die The Kurtherian Gambit 07 We Will Build The Kurtherian Gambit 08 It s Hell To Choose The Kurtherian Gambit 09 Release The Dogs of War The Kurtherian Gambit 10 Sued For Peace The Kurtherian Gambit 11 We Have Contact The Kurtherian Gambit 12 My Ride is a Bitch The Kurtherian Gambit 13 Don t Cross This Line The Kurtherian Gambit 14 Never Submit The Kurtherian Gambit 15 Jan Feb 2017 The Dark Messiah The Second Dark Ages Book 01 Michael s Return 12.25.2016 Short Stories Tied in to the Main Series include You Don t Mess with John s Cousin Frank Kurns Stories of the UnknownWorld 01 Bitch s Night Out Frank Kurns Stories of the UnknownWorld 02
    Michael Anderle Stephen Russell Kat Lind
    Michael Anderle Stephen Russell Kat Lind Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Don't Cross This Line book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Anderle Stephen Russell Kat Lind author readers around the world.

    Don't Cross This Line By Michael Anderle Stephen Russell Kat Lind


    Jane Shambler
    OMG Hang on tight BA knows how to kick ass in style and she doesn t care who it belongs too Yet again earth plots against the Etheric Empire and their Queen Bethany Anne Yet again they start to attack innocents, so Queen Bethany Anne unleashes mayhem This is blood, guts and burning flesh Also, not forgetting lots and lots of death.This book has a lot of action They are preparing to go through a gateway into another solar system while earth s leaders plot in secret As do many corporate leaders st [...]

    AwesomeGreat 14th book in the kurtherian Gambit books, good action, Incredible technology with our favorites characters and new one Thank you again, can t wait for the next one

    John Harris
    Still enjoying the series.

    Elaina Myers
    Well, they crossed the lineWhy can t people just get along Well, the power hungry, who don t care who they kill or stomp on to get it, have finally pushed Bethany Anne past the let s try to be nice and use diplomacy point So, BA and her folks, including the Yollins , take action They are quite effective Hehe Oorah Notes on the after the novel stuff I always enjoy reading them, but the Author s Wife stuff had me cracking up It was also nice to see some information on other authors working in this [...]

    2.5 starsI m not sure why I m still listening to these other than habit The characters are two dimensional and the author s politics are transparent and pretty much diametrically opposed to my own The world, the lore, and the premise is good, though It is, however, unfortunate that it takes a very long time for any movement to happen.Of note is that I don t think Emily Beresford is able to keep up with the plethora of characters I wasn t able to tell who was speaking in this installment, whereas [...]

    marion dillon
    Weber takes a back seat to Anderle.I have been a hard core honor harrington fan since I read On Basilisk station in the 90s I have waited for his new book for well over a year I got HH 19 and Dont Cross this Line, the same week I am very sad to say, I got enjoyment out of yours Weber used to be my all time favorite author, not so much any The Kurtherian Gambit books are full of action and close interpersonal relationships, and don t spend pages explaining the science, like OKAY already, weren [...]

    Aleea J. Brewer
    ALL CAUGHT UPThis has been a marathon of reading, but I just finished Book 14 I haven t the words to praise the writings of a man I will never meet but cannot imagine living without his words in my day Now to await the adventure coming once we travel thru the gate Plus the return of Michael, at last.

    Elizabeth Meadows
    WowWow That was a focused, concise completion of an era on Earth Bethany Anne s mantra to protect first and attack second has remained true through fourteen books Impressive that power did not corrupt her or her increasingly large crew We meet some new enemies and resolve conflicts with older foes So, what s in store for Book 15

    Amba Jane
    This is one of those stories that draws you in from the beginning and doesn t let you go BA she s a perfect lead character to me It s one of those story lines that leaves you sad when it s over because you are so drawn into their world Even with fantasy characters, they are down to earth and you can identify with them.

    Linda Brown
    Love ya, Michael Anderle Yes, I can see why you are doing so well on Bethany Anne, the Queen Bitch, drags you into her stories and takes you along on her fun and mayhem And, Michael, I found you after going through all T S Paul s books Oh happy day Onward and forward.

    Totally amazing It was hard to read at first since it is the first book of the series I ve read It is a great book I m going back to trad the rest of the series It is the kind of book where you cheer the good guys, groan at their bad jokes and boo the villains Plus there very thinly veiled political commentary I can t wait to start on the first book in the series Death Becomes Her.

    i just started and already it is giving me moments I don t remember when did the dog get a mate when did the team get implants that let them understand the dog what does she mean the world has been attacking them for three years when did they switch presidents I really need to know I haven t read the Frank Kurns, is that really a necessary thing now

    Denise Whelan
    Absolutely FabulousOh My God, what can I say but, WOW They finally were able to find those who would strap a little girl to a bed with explosives, all ready to blast her to kingdoms come They got what they deserved, as did Majestic 12

    Absolutely amazing Another great read Love this series, each and everyone Always snark, action, and continuation of storyline with new and unbelievable twists and turns kind of humor as a bonus D

    Liupua Andrew Sunia
    Can t do him justiceThe book is really thoughtful I m going through his peremptory write up, and this guy is simply the most selfless writer out there I can t wait for the next installment.

    So exciting.The action goes on n on, the plot thicken, asses are kicked as needed Vampires, weres, modified humans and aliens oh my What could you ask

    Ruth McLoud
    Always 5 stars One of the best series I have read I m so looking forward to the next Absolutely love his writing He draws you in and takes you on an amazing ride.

    Love these books Great series First books sucks you and then you can t get the next book fast enough You feel like you are right there part of the story

    FanfreakintasticGreat series, quick read with can t stop reading action Lots of characters with depth and something to say Highly recommend

    Hilton mather
    Lots of action Much better, less talk about shoes, boys and boobs, killing and swearing Loved the fast pace action sequences Look forward to the next one.

    Gut bustingly funny I really enjoyed this one Much better than the last one.

    Crossing the LineThis was a very good story, and I definitely enjoyed it There is a saying that applies to some of those against Bethany Anne, you can t save stupid from itself.

    The moon volume, giggles and tears.

    I ve read these in a run without stopping and I m still wanting .

    Joel Kennington
    BUY THIS BOOK I think that this series is fascinating and also very accurate in its depiction of what would happen to the world s governments if this scenario were to come true I live these books and the universe it creates BUY THIS BOOK

    Michele bookloverforever
    best read in order action packed science fiction and fantasy crossover much violence, hate, loyalty, friendship, loss, sacrifice.

    Once again dear friendsI m almost finished reading every and I mean EVERY book written in this series When did I come across them Oooooh, eight days ago Good thing I don t have a job There are typos in this one but it in no way detracts from glee, fun, explosions, love, military hardware, spaceships, aliens, enhanced humans vampires and wares to some , loyalty not tempted yet Just start with the first one and come along for the ride You won t regret it.

    Angela James
    TBQ forever I love love love this book I love this series I can t wait for Off to read the spin offs to get my next fix So addicting

    Tamara Salonich
    This series is so much fun Yes, I just can t get enough of Michaels books universe The following is just a suggestion for sometime in the future of the storyline I would like to see a female character who is tall five ten or over , wears size eleven shoes, and can t find any she likes in her size Just because that has always been the bane of my existence Although I can respect and admire all the short beautiful strong women with tiny feet in these stories, it is just difficult to identify with t [...]

    Frank Bertino
    .Bethany Ann is BackI finally able to get my Bethany Ann fix and I am eagerly awaiting the next fix The saga moves along fleshing out the characters and moves closer to the next stage into the galaxy By the way I still like the covers on the first books in the series But then I am a guy.2 10 18 I just finished reading this book and found it still fresh and the characters interesting I like the action,humor and snarkiness of the dialogue I think I ll reread the next book in the series now.

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      163 Michael Anderle Stephen Russell Kat Lind
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