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  • Title: Spaceman of Bohemia
  • Author: Jaroslav Kalfar
  • ISBN: 9781473639966
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Spaceman of Bohemia By Jaroslav Kalfar A proud nation witnesses Jakub Proch zka s ascent as he launches skyward from a state owned potato field to become the first ever spaceman of Bohemia.He thinks he has escaped terrestrial problems from his father s legacy as a brutal communist informer to his wife, Lenka, whom he loves yet no longer understands but he is wrong Alone above the earth, his only solace comA proud nation witnesses Jakub Proch zka s ascent as he launches skyward from a state owned potato field to become the first ever spaceman of Bohemia.He thinks he has escaped terrestrial problems from his father s legacy as a brutal communist informer to his wife, Lenka, whom he loves yet no longer understands but he is wrong Alone above the earth, his only solace comes in the form of a possibly hallucinatory arachnid with a penchant for existential philosophy and Nutella.Museums across the world will carry Jakub s likeness schoolchildren will repeat his name for centuries to come He came to space to tread the heavens, to grasp infinity.But first, he needs to find a way home SpacemanOfBohemia An incredible experience I can honestly say I loved every page Every sentence Spaceman of Bohemia is unforgettable a work of breathtaking scope and heart, and a reflection of humanity that s raw and strange and profound and true Lisa McInerney, author of the Bailey Prize winning The Glorious Heresies
    Jaroslav Kalfar
    Jaroslav Kalfar Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spaceman of Bohemia book, this is one of the most wanted Jaroslav Kalfar author readers around the world.

    Spaceman of Bohemia By Jaroslav Kalfar


    Adam Dalva
    I loved this novel Kalfa has created something unique here, equal parts emotional love letter to home with all that word represents and sci fi thrill ride with possibly hallucinated space spiders There aren t many books that poke at their presumed genre conventions in this way, with high literary prose mingled with outer space action and paeans to nutella Consider this representative sequence Jakub, our protagonist, a space dust researcher from the Czech Republic, is dealing with emotional traum [...]

    Existence runs on energy, a fluid movement forward, yet we never stop seeking the point of origin, the Big Bang that set us upon our inevitable course.Jakub Proch zka, the first Czech in space, is sent on a solo mission to collect dust from the mysterious Chopra cloud The long journey through the cosmos gives him plenty of time to ponder the state of his marriage His wife Lenka is getting increasingly distant during their chats One day, Lenka goes into hiding and doesn t show up for their weekly [...]

    I went through some interesting stages as I read this one I didn t really have any expectations other than a possible or rather probable literature SF hybrid, delving deeper into the introspective and lyrical areas of space Perhaps it could have been an oddball exploration, perhaps humorous.As I read, I noticed the lyrical bits and there s plenty of deep characterization and family and memory going on, which seems to be the common thread for long missions in space these days, but then something [...]

    This book wasn t at all what I thought it would be I went in expecting maybe a slightly wacky space travel tale, about the first Czech astronaut in space meeting an extraterrestrial life form while going about his mission What I got was a Kafka esque, vaguely allegorical story about the first Czech astronaut in space, with lots of rumination about politics, relationships, privacy, family, and many other topics Jakub is chosen for a mission to investigate a potentially dangerous dust cloud in spa [...]

    Rebecca Foster
    I d describe this as a cross between Everything Is Illuminated Jonathan Safran Foer and The Book of Strange New Things Michel Faber It s the story of Jakub Proch zka, a Czech astronaut who leaves his wife behind to undertake a noble research mission but soon realises he can never escape his family history or the hazards of his own mind.In April 2018, Jakub sets out in the JanHus1 space shuttle, launched to investigate cosmic dust storm Chopra Although back in Prague Jakub is seen as a national h [...]

    M lo scifi, hodn poutav , tiv , vtipn , humorn a neot el Zaslou en si kniha z sk v uzn n po sv t Ale nen to dn Hrabal nebo kvoreck i Kundera, jak jsem n kolikr t v tisku etl Je jin a taky dobr T m se, a nap e n co dal ho.

    Eric Anderson
    Jaroslav Kalfar s debut novel Spaceman of Bohemia has been compared to the extremely popular novel The Martian but Kalfar s novel is far superior I understand the comparison both novels are about lone men in space whose solitary Robinson Crusoe style adventures find them stranded on their journeys of exploration While it s enjoyable for some of the plot and scientific detail I thought The Martian mostly came across as repetitive and it s suffused with a particularly foul stench of macho bravado [...]

    I was sent this book for free from the publisher in exchange for a review Sadly this book didn t really live up to the gorgeous cover and intriguing premise for me I kept this book when it came in the post because even though I d never heard of it the fact that it was an SF novel with a Czech author and focus made me look twice Then I found out it was focused on a lone astronaut heading to investigate an ominous dust cloud and it sounded like it had a lot of potential When I started reading the [...]

    With JanHus1 lie our hopes of new sovereignty and prosperity, for we are now among the explorers of the universe We look away from our past, in which we were claimed by others, in which our language was nearly eradicated, in which Europe covered its eyes and ears as its very heart was stolen and brutalized It is not only our science and technology traveling through this vacuum it is our humanity, in the form of Jakub Proch zka, the first spaceman of Bohemia, who will carry the soul of the republ [...]

    Tomáš Fojtik
    P b h esk ho kosmonauta, kter se vydal zkoumat tajemn oblak prachu vzbudil pat i nou pozornost Nejde jen o to, e se jedn o debut, kter s velkou medi ln pozornost vydalo velk nakladatelstv , ale tak o to, e esk autor napsal knihu nejd ve v angli tin a ne se stihla p elo it do e tiny, nabrala oslavn ohlasy za hranicemi R Ego mal ho n roda bylo polecht no a proto esk uveden prov zel adekv tn humbuk.Ale v ichni c t me, e dobrou knihu je t medi ln um nesta.D j se odehr v ve velmi bl zk budoucnosti Ja [...]

    Ian Sanwald
    If you blasted Albert Camus or Franz Kafka into space with nothing than some dehydrated vittles and a brief reminder of their own mortality, I think they would be hard pressed to produce a earnestly clever work Spaceman of Bohemia is a masterpiece of discovery and loss, distance and longing, self loathing and conceit I ve described it to friends as Andy Weir s The Martian with a Masters Degree Jaroslav Kalfa s debut novel easily stands among the great literary absurdists, and I am proud to hav [...]

    A spaceman is sent to explore a weird cosmic event on a spaceship that Switzerland doesn t want any And as we learn of the spaceman s political baggage, of his miserable, dark, childhood, it becomes clear this is the last person fit to go on such a mission He knows things his government wants suppressed And a few government members obviously don t want him to return at all The point is to get this man off this Earth for good in a way this book is the mirror image of The Martian On the back of th [...]

    Tereza Pecáková
    Update, trochu v c t ch p smen tady bit LetopodzimSkv l kniha, fakt jo Snad d m brzo dohromady v c p smenek D

    I enjoy reading internationally when possible New perspectives and all that This may have been the first Czech author I ve read Not just that, it s very much a Czech or, really, Bohemian book, dating it further in time, closer to seeming eternal One might expect a Martian style scifi tale, but for me this was primarily a story of a nation in general and a city, Prague, in particular pre, during and post 1989 s political turbulence Which isn t to negate the space adventure aspect of it, of course [...]

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    Kosmonaut z ech, to pro m bylo moc p jemn ten L bily se mi odkazy na nejen eskou historii a zaj mavosti o na zemi Nav c to bylo i vtipn u to, e samotn kosmonaut Jakub Proch zka startoval se svou lod z brambo i t za Pet nem mi p i lo mile sm vn Mimozemsk pavouk Hanu , tajn uj daj c po noc ch Nutellu, to u jen zavr il Kniha je neuv iteln tiv , jazyk jednoduch a z rove schopn popsat v e do detailu Vyskytuje se zde motiv samoty a odcizen od spole nosti, trochu p ipom naj c Kafku L bilo se mi i pops [...]

    How unlikely Yet here we are I think a saw a lot of myself in these pages and it s left me in awe and a little bit horrified.This is a story about space exploration, about family, about history, love and loss and revolution and revenge and acceptance and beginnings and endings and what it means to be human in a universe that we will never understand There s also the occasional alien spider, but that s just a bonus, really.I thought this might be like Andy Weir s The Martian but instead it s a mi [...]

    Michael Cayley
    On the face of it, this is a tale of a Czech astronaut, Jakub, sent on a mission in the near future to investigate a dust cloud that has settled between Earth and Venus There are flashbacks to his troubled childhood and youth as the son of someone who worked for the secret police of the former communist regime, and to the marriage he has left behind On the mission he encounters a strange extra terrestrial.But this is a subtle multi layered novel It is also an account of emotional loss of a natio [...]

    Paul Fulcher
    Spring of 2018 On a warm April afternoon, the eyes of the Czech nation gazed from Petr n Hill as space shuttle JanHus1 launched from a state owned potato field The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra wafted the national hymn between the city s Gothic towers, accompanying the countdown until, finally, the crowd gasped as the shuttle sucked and burned its cryogenic propellant and exploded upwards, all nine million kilograms of it, give or take the eighty kilograms of its single human inhabitant.Although [...]

    What a wonderful surprise There is something in this inventive book for everyone The story weaves between Jakub as an astronaut from the Czech Republic and his quest to investigate a purple cloud of cosmic dust with the history of his father as a Communist collaborator and the repercussions on the family There is some beautiful writing here, and while I much preferred the first half of the book and the conversations or not with Hanus, it captivated my imagination and I look forward to from Jaro [...]

    Gumble's Yard
    Quirky and ambitious if uneven debut novel by a Czech born writer who emigrated to America at 15 Probably best described as a deeply original cross between early era Kundera in particular The Joke , escapist science fiction for example The Stainless Steel Rat and American modernist literary novels for example Everything Is Illuminated.With JanHus1 lie our hopes of new sovereignty and prosperity, for we are now among the explorers of the universe We look away from our past, in which we were claim [...]

    No, tak j teda nev m na to, jak je kolem toho hype, tak nic moc Je pravda, e o esk ch autorech se v NYT i WSJ b n nep e, a to nav c je t pochvaln , ale je sporn , zda se d Kalfar v bec pova ovat za esk ho autora v USA ije v t st sv ho ivota, kn ka je napsan anglicky a p eklad do e tiny nen z pera autora, ale od Veroniky Volhejnov A v m tomu, e pokud by se tohle nepod valo jako velk sp ch esk ho autora u jen to jm no s diakritikou na ob lce, kterou autor nikde jinde nepou v , tak by ta odezva byl [...]

    Jakub Prochazka, professor of astrophysics and researcher of cosmic space dust is on a mission for the nation of Bohemia A sandstorm of intergalactic cosmic dust between Earth and Venus has compromised the night sky.On a solo eight month mission aboard the space shuttle JanHus 1, Jakub will try to collect microscopic samples of dust to study and analyze for other life forms Jakub s journey is one of glory for newly democratic Bohemia as well as redemption for his father s collaboration with the [...]

    Spaceman of Bohemia is a plural book A literary sci fi historical fiction philosophical novel that is emotional, intellectual, comforting and challenging Simultaneously A truly impressive debut novel I will definitely read Jaroslav Kalfar future works Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the review copy

    Die Haselnuss der Erde f r den haarigen Begleiter im UniversumSchon das Cover und der Titel haben mir den Mund w ssrig gemacht bzw nat rlich eigentlich eher die Augen und ich wurde nicht entt uscht Den Autor des Buches werde ich mir merken ich hoffe sehr, dass da noch mehr von ihm kommt.Eine Reise ins All auf die Beine zu stellen ist schon eine Herkulesaufgabe f r sich, wenn es dann aber noch ein mehr oder weniger kleines Land betrifft, das sich noch nie in Sachen Weltraumforschung gro artig her [...]

    Talent se mu up t ned Ale na m j vkus pon kud p epl can.

    Spaceman of Bohemia, the debut novel by Czech writer Jaroslav Kalfar, is a magical narrative about solitude and longing, in which the unexpected and unexplained are beautifully intertwined Yes, it is about space, but it is also about politics, love, dreams, and the imagination Kalfar s tale of a man alone yet not alone in space is wise, humorous, and intellectually playful Kalfar s memorable debut belongs on the shelf with the best of Czech literature.

    This is a strange and unclassifiable book I think I would have enjoyed it much if it weren t for the writing style, which was too self conscious and ornate for my liking I like simple prose, but the writing here was often grandiose, littered with adjectives, adverbs and dead end metaphors Nevertheless, it had a lot of merits It begins as a sci fi The story follows Jakub Prochaska, near future Czech hero, who undertakes a solo mission to space to collect data on a giant dust cloud that has forme [...]

    I was still thinking, Hmmmm for about the first 2 3 of this book, but I ended up really, really liking it.

    Why go anywhere else We ve already done so much to the place p.228Despite how much we ve already done to the place, Jakub Proch zka is leaving Planet Earth He s the first Czech astronaut, a proud national hero, alone well, almost aboard JanHus1, the first Czech spacecraft, as it speeds toward Chopra, a mysterious purple cloud that has appeared mysteriously between the Earth and Venus Oh, all right, JanHus1 is actually a repurposed Swiss orbiter, with the flag of the Czech Republic painted over t [...]

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