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  • Title: Complicated Hearts
  • Author: Ashley Jade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 104
  • Format: ebook

  • Complicated Hearts By Ashley Jade Breslin I was in love with Asher Holden the moment I saw himd I knew nothing would ever be the same Then he hurt me He wrecked me He ruined me I spent three years putting myself together fixing what he broke.I never thought I d see him again after that day I was counting on it Little did I know life had other plansd things were going to become a lot coBreslin I was in love with Asher Holden the moment I saw himd I knew nothing would ever be the same Then he hurt me He wrecked me He ruined me I spent three years putting myself together fixing what he broke.I never thought I d see him again after that day I was counting on it Little did I know life had other plansd things were going to become a lot complicated Asher I finally know who I am I own it, I embrace itI m no longer afraid I live my life with no regrets now, because I ve learned my lesson the hard way.I thought I had it all figured out But then my past collides with my presentd things become complicated.Turns out I don t really know myself after all Landon My life was all mapped out I knew exactly what direction I was heading in I didn t have time for any roadblocks or obstacles.Then I meet her.And him Now, my heart is split right down the middle She controls the rhythm He controls the melody Complicated doesn t even begin to cover itd there s only one way this can end Warning This story is for mature readers only, due to language and sexual themes This story contains explicit content featuring m f, m m, m f m Trigger Warning This story is strange and unconventional It s everything you hate That s the only warning I can offer you.
    Ashley Jade
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    Complicated Hearts By Ashley Jade


    Jennifer Kyle
    4.25 Stars She captivates me.Frustrates me.And you, you fascinate me.Complicate me This story was told in three povs all leading up to a cliffhanger ending Next book should be very interesting to see where Breslin stands and or if this ends with menage relationship etc It ends here Because I finally realize that just because I wasn t meant to have a future with him, it doesn t mean I m not permitted to have it with someone else.

    There s an elephant in the room And it s balanced on a razor thin wire.Either way it falls, the grass gets trampled.Such is the dilemma of Asher Holden He s so young, his life going places His career well on a golden path when Gods spit on him and his life upends on itself, almost overnight His life is balanced on a thin line demarcating his heart and brain His balls are in a vice, his heart is in a grip.I d just turned 18 and officially became a man, but I didn t know who I was And it was hones [...]

    Laura- BookBistroBlog
    Complicated HearsBy Ashley Jade4.5 StarsWell my goodness, what a wicked web Ashley Jade has woven for us in this book 1 of the Complicated Hearts series Breslin is in love with Asher Holden The boy who stole her heart by standing up for her He molded her into the girlfriend of the year Till the day came when he ruined her Moving on in life, she has a steady boyfriend , she is in college, she is trying to move on But at the same time he is still in her every thought.Asher is caught up in a wicked [...]

    Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    Now Live US amzn 2shhKgx CA amzn 2rzVf3E UK amzn 2qVqCDM AU amzn 2rr3QqZUnexpected, emotional, and effing brilliant Complicated Hearts is mind blowing and unlike any other book I ve read I sat in one spot for hours and stayed up half the night because I could not put my kindle down Once again Ashley Jade has rocked my world Here s the breakdown Breslin Rae and Asher Holden have the perfect teenage romance He s the center of her world and he loves her unlike anyone else in her life However, he ha [...]

    Tanya from Get Your Book On
    5 Complicated HeartsI m not a typical fan of m m, m m f, or m f m stories, and when I first heard that Ashley Jade was writing one of these stories that possibly involves all three of these, I was concerned to say the least Not that she shouldn t write something like that, but that I might not enjoy it I shouldn t have doubted her for a second This is how the New Adult genre should be done, Ashley Jade style And honestly she has really outdone herself Including this one, I have read six of her b [...]

    Di Covey
    DUDE Complicated is the perfect title for this piece of crazy If you follow my reviews, I don t usually read NA, I actually don t read non dark all that much However, I was taken advantage of, and I loved every lick Suck Bite.M M M F If I have to warn you of that, don t read my review Period.So, I fucking love triangles If I m reading a non dark, then it s usually a triangle or angsty read I love angsty reads I love that feeling of heartbreak, yet hoping for love This book blows away all my want [...]

    Melanie (mells_view)
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh that was so totally worth all the waiting All the teasing that Ashley likes to do Ugh I m so emotional and torn up FUCK THIS WAS SO GOOD Not only was this a hot as hell, and angsty as hell new adult read it was a boundary pusher I absolutely loved the fact that even though this story made me laugh at some points, it also made me emotional and uncomfortable at times It was just so good It was unexpected, and the characters do not fit into the little boxes your mind wants to put them [...]

    Kristy /Obsessed with Romance
    So this book had me from page one Talk about being instantly invested I was hooked by chapter one, tearing up by chapter two, bawling by chapter three and in love by chapter four This book had absolutely everything I loveEVERYTHING Angst that tore at my heart, romance that made me swoon, heartbreak that had me crying and sex that made meIt s the characters, all three of them, that make this book spectacular Breslin is every girl who falls in love and every woman with a broken heart I loved her a [...]

    Lina's Reviews❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥ღೋBook Blogღೋ ❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥
    Title Complicated HeartsAuthor Ashley JadeCategory RomanceSeries or Standalone Series, book 1POV Various PoVsPlot 4Characters 4Scorching Level 4HEA Um Not tellingThings will get complicated Yowza This book is a hot mess I have read a lot of extreme, dark and risque books so nothing in this book shocked me That cannot be said for every reader though, so if you don t enjoy triangles or M M reads or complicated storylines, then this might not be for you.For those of you who love messy situations an [...]

    Wow Talk about heart breakingly complicated Complicated Hearts is, as the author repeatedly warned, nothing you would expect And to be honest, it s what makes this book so outstanding.The blurb is perfectly written, it does make sense, yet it is just the tip of the iceberg, but it gives you just what you need to know This book is all about love, true love, love that you can t deny, you can t fight, love that you must treasure because it s so preciousI got hooked to these love stories immediately [...]

    ~ Stéphanie ~ Tied up in Romance ~
    The warning of this book says it s unconventional and the statement fits with what s in the book While it s most certainly NOT everything I hated I had some issues but there are so minor that I won t even elaborate.I think all you need to know before reading Complicated Hearts is first that it s a duet so you won t have the full story right away It does end with a cliffy, one I ve seen coming so it was bearable After you need to be prepared to be fully surprised by all things happening in the bo [...]

    Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    Although I ve got Ashley Jades books on my kindle waiting to be read I decided my first read would be this one I m so happy I waited Asher was Breslins saviour He showed her what love, caring and happiness was That is until he shattered her heart completely Three years later we have Landon the school nerd who finds himself tutoring Asher As things start getting complicated can these characters move on from the past Of course they can t Ashley Jade has written this so it s gonna get very complica [...]

    ✰ D r i ✰
    3,8 stars She captivates me Frustrates me And you, you fascinate me Complicate me.

    I have no words to describe how I much I loved this book I love a taboo story so this fit the bill perfectly It is a all consuming story, that you can tell Ashley put her blood, sweet tears in Every word and every emotion Asher, Landon Breslin felt you feel with them This story isn t just about the unconventional, it s not about focusing on the black and white aspect of life It s about living in that grey area and filling it with so much color and marching to your own beat not worried about the [...]

    Xavier Neal
    Great read ifyou enjoy angst, mm romance, m f romance, complicated situations, new adult romance, and a cliffie Side Note This was my first Ashley Jade book, but you bet your ass it won t be my last It was a kick ass read from start to finish The kind that as a reader makes you fall in love with reading again and as an author makes you wanna get behind the keyboard and deliver stories to the world Everything that happened in this book was like watching a train wreck or collision in progress tha [...]

    5 Amazing Stars Complicated Hearts 3 Book 1 of 2Spoiler Free ReviewAshley F cking Jade you are a genius I cannot get over how much I truly enjoyed this book even though you popped my cherry on M M books I m going to be totally cliched and say I couldn t imagine it with anyone else Bats eyelashes Breslin Rae I feel like I totally understood her when it comes to love, I honestly feel like she was hurting and justified for her actions Ashley sure knows how to hit you in the feels regarding her upbr [...]


    Michelle Rodriguez
    Review 4.5 StarsFor those of you that have read an Ashley Jade book, you know she loves writing darker erotica Complicated Hearts is my first Ashley Jade book Put down your pitchforks okay I do know she s an exceptional writer not having read any of her books Her readers have nothing but great reviews and praise for her writing When she mentioned she was writing a New Adult novel with m f, m m, m f m book, well you know I and to beg and plead to enter her ARC review team Okay, I m exaggerating, [...]

    Tanaka K
    Okay, so I have been racking my mind on how to review this magnificent book i am serious I had no words to fully articulate all my emotions on this wonderful and explosive book I kept changing my angle on how to start because I tell you Complicated Hearts left me so discombobulated Right now I cannot even think straight because I left my mind, body, heart and soul right there with that book Everything is gone and i am only left with the shell of myself What can I say is Complicated Heart complet [...]

    Jackie *Fire and Ice Book Reviews*
    Holy f cking shit I m pretty sure Ashley Jade has put herself on the map with this one Before Complicated Hearts, I m not sure if I knew what New Adult really was This book is unique, hot, captivating, and most importantly f cking complicated I yelled, I cursed, and at one point I threw my kindle um Well Across the bed But this book had all the feels One minute I was hating the characters, and the next I loved them I ranted and raved I pulled my hair in frustration because of how stupid the char [...]

    Charlie✰ WLTB Blog ✰
    5 Big Complicate stars Fantastic read I started this book and couldn t put it down, what a story I read it in one sitting it is so good.I am not going to give away any spoilers just going to say how the book made me feel as you need to just give this book a chance and you will not be disappointed It is a flows perfectly and you can t but help fall in love with these characters they are so well developed Ashley has brought them to life, I love we get the story in different POV gives us so much in [...]

    I can t go into details with this review because I ll just end up spoiling it so I m going to be fairly vague Complicated hearts is a two book series that is centred around three main characters that are linked to each other and told in all three characters povs BreslinI didn t love Breslin if I m honest I didn t hate her either, I just didn t connect very well with her Breslin had a three year long relationship with school jock Asher Madly in love, she s not expecting the devastating blow he gi [...]

    Beneath The Covers Blog
    4.5 STARS I am going to try so hard to put into words how I m feeling but too be honest it is going to be really hard My emotions are all over the place Like I am legit confused on how I should feel.First off, I loved the multiple POVs and I truly loved each character, but man if my heart didn t break for Breslin I know, I know I m the majority here, but HOW CAN MY HEART NOT BREAK FOR HER I don t want to give anything away, so I will say the sexiness was hot The story line was different in a GOO [...]

    Melissa Crump
    Let me start by saying this is the first book I ve ever read that had some m m action Wow This book hooked me from the beginning and held on until the very last page Actually, I m still hooked and now anxiously awaiting the second book This book was truly a great book I loved the different POV s from each of the main characters You could feel the passion, desire, the anguish and the heart breaks Well done Ashley Jade I cannot wait for the next one.

    Michelle Brown
    Wow I thought Ashley was the Queen of Dark Romance Angst with this book she has cemented her place in New Adult The first thing I must say about this book is I read the entire thing in less than a day The second thing is even though this book is different than my normal genre I am in LOVE with her take on New Adult as a whole She stayed true to her angst and her ability to have my emotions range from happy, to excited, to murderous, to down right horny honestly The writing and the storyline are [...]

    Ashley Jade has totally nailed it with this book I devoured this delicious book in one sitting I loved the main characters of Asher, Breslin and Landon Once again she weaves her special magic and creates characters you care about, who have baggage and issues, health problems and are not the perfect alpha males and drop dead gorgeous girls She makes them real, builds up a picture of them which leads you to understand their behaviour I totally fell in love with the guys, one minute I was Team Ashe [...]

    Holy Hells Bells Complicated Hearts grabbed me and kept me hooked throughout 5 from me for this new one from Ashley Jade.I love a book that takes you into the hearts and souls of characters and leaves you in a tail spin of what, wait no they didn t I am not a big fan of m m but love a twisted triangle that involves m f m m m f m and have read many of these type of stories, what Ashley Jade has wrote is like nothing I have read before the storyline is outstanding and for me is one of my top reads [...]

    this was a good story Unlike other readers I got the angst between the characters It was a subtle build up gearing you for what happens in book 2.Very different take on of the love triangle.d that cliffhanger Straight onto book 2.

    5 It s Complicated StarsRead an Ashley Jade book, they said It ll be fun, they said Assholes Talk about pure torture And only because I loved absolutely EVERY SINGLE THING.Ashley Jade blew my mind Congrats, woman, that doesn t always happen You weren t gentle when you fucked me I m just returning the favor.The book starts off hot and never lets go It really doesn t Hot, steamy sex Words of love Words of hate Confusion, college, and co eds It s all here It s all amazing And I can t wait to get o [...]

    Erika PBookHavenBookBlog
    Love wants what it wants, there s no stopping it It s complicated truer words have ever been spoken Once again, the Author weaves her magic in a totally different type of story, yet as always, leaves me breathless with her consistent vivid and emotional imagery, and fantastic storytelling abilities 3 characters, each relatable, likeable, and REAL It was like watching a movie in my head filled with angst, drama, heart wrenching emotions, it s all laid out beautifully, and crafted with unbelievabl [...]

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