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  • Title: Mama Graciela's Secret
  • Author: Mayra Calvani
  • ISBN: 9781365861536
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Mama Graciela's Secret By Mayra Calvani MamA GracIela s TENDER, CRUNCHY, SPICY bacalaItos fritos are the best in townLocal customers including stray cats come from all over the island to enjoy her secret recipe But when the Inspector discovers that MamA secretly caters to so many cats and he threatens to close her tiny restaurant, MamA must come up with a plan to save it and all of the animals she loves.
    Mayra Calvani
    Mayra Calvani writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults and has authored over a dozen books, some of which have won awards Her stories, reviews, interviews and articles have appeared on numerous publications such as The Writer, Writer s Journal, Multicultural Review, and Bloomsbury Review, among many others When she s not writing, reading, editing or reviewing, she enjoys walking her dog, traveling, and spending time with her family.

    Mama Graciela's Secret By Mayra Calvani


    Devika Ramadoss
    Mama Graciela makes the best bacalaitos fritos on her beachside restaurant No One knows the mama s secret of her recipe.There lives the stray cats with her in the restaurant She feeds the cats with care.And as days move on, the customers to her restaurant grows and so the number of cats The fate knocks the restaurant door in the name of health inspector Mama comes up with soulful plan to save the animals and her recipe.This is a story to tell the true act of love towards the animals Beautiful il [...]

    books are love
    Received in exchange for a honest review.This was fun and adorable.Mama has a big heart and it gets her in trouble with the inspector She has a restaurant that is highly popular but not just with customers who come for her bacalaitos fritos but with cats as well And Mama cannot turn away the cats So to keep from losing all she loves she finds a way to get her bacalaitos fritos to her customers and save the animals.The illustrations are adorable and tell the story in whimsical fashion The story i [...]

    It s nice to read a children s book with letters accented so neatly, giving depth to the narrator s voice Mam Graciela has a restaurant called La Bah a, and already I need to learn how to pronounce the words Meanwhile I learn of delicious bacala tos fritos and I want to taste them Sheila Fein s illustrations in this book and bright and warm, perfectly complementing the Mayra Calvani s warm, inviting story And it s not just a story about food There are cats like my children, the ones I never had [...]

    Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    What a sweet story about a woman that loved animals so much she was willing to give up her restaurant to keep the cats around Now you do have to set aside reality and common sense as an adult, but children will love this book especially if they are animal lovers The story tells of how one woman put the needs of the cats she adored ahead of her restaurant when push came to shove I think it also might teach them some character skills.The graphics depict the story well, are very colorful and will h [...]

    I do not remember the last time I read a picture book, but it was so nice to read one again Mama Graciela s Secret is a really sweet book about a sweet abuelita that does what she loves and protects what she loves.Even though the story is less than 25 pages long I actually gasped when the someone threatened to take Mama Graciela s cats Even though it is a children s book with very little prose Calvani was able to get me invested in Mama Graciela s story At the end I felt proud of her decision at [...]

    Bob Platypire
    I was given a copy of this book to be honestly reviewed The pictures in this book were really bright and colorful, keeping my two year old s attention nicely She LOVED the cats The story was sweet and made me a bit hungry haha Some of the words were a little advanced, and I m not sure young children are going to understand about the health inspector, but those could all be opportunities to learn and discuss things Older children will probably have no trouble with it at all.Cute story Bob and the [...]

    Lynda Dickson
    Mam Graciela s codfish fritters are the talk of the town They attract crowds of people, but also cats Soon Mam Graciela has too many cats and the health inspector threatens to shut down her restaurant What will Mam Graciela do Mam Graciela is a wonderful character, as is her husband Her compassion and dignity make her a role model for all readers, children and adult alike The illustrations by Sheila Fein are rich and full of detail Your kids will have fun looking at all the cats, who each have t [...]

    Danielle Urban
    Mama Graciela s Secret by Maya Calvani is a beautiful engaging story The pages are wonderfully illustrated to match every scene This is definitely a story for children and adults alike Animal lovers will love Mama Graciela and her effort to save the cats that come to her restaurant I found entertaining, sweet, and educational I received this copy from the publisher This, is my voluntary review.

    This is a perfect short read for bedtime A fun story about Mama Graciela, her bacalaitos fritos codfish fritters which everyone should eat as we here at home love to make them and her many cats The story is enthusiastic and I loved the illustrations YA NA Book Divas I requested a copy for reviewing purposes and made no guarantee of a favorable review The opinions expressed here are unbiased and my own.

    A wonderful book that children will love Mama Graciela s Secret is a great book for parents who enjoy reading to their child It will be an instant classic to any child who reads it.

    Rajalakshmi Prithviraj
    This is a story for kids and adults alike It is a short picture story that can be finished in one reading.The story revolves around a lady, her secret recipe for making fritos and her love for cats What happens in the story is something you need the book to find out The writing is simple with a rustic flavour The narrative is continuous and has no breaks Mayra s writing helps trigger imageries and wherever it is difficult to comprehend a colloquial word the illustrations help understanding.The s [...]

    Kritika Narula
    I have always maintained that I look for two elements in a children s book One, how well the book endears itself to the little readers, and two, the message that it puts across.It is indeed interesting when the two blend together nearer to the climax of the book And admittedly, children s books have the most heart warming of them This book faired well on both the aspects It follows the story of a restaurant owner who has to choose between her livelihood and her love for pets The great part of th [...]

    Chandrima Samanta
    Mam Graciela s Secret by Mayra Calvani is a fun read and I felt like a kid again Thank you for sending me the review copies.The book is of 36 pages, illustrated by Sheila Fein and published by MacLaren Cochrane It mainly focuses on kids of age group 3 7 years old but I felt like people of all age can read it.The story is about Mam Graciela s famous bacala tos fritos, which local customers enjoy from all over the island She also has a thing for cats and it s quite adorable how she pets them and t [...]

    It begins as a tale of a one woman s quest to feed those hungry souls that crossed her path be they man or beast, she saw no difference as a need was a need I applaud her open heart and the way in which she embraced ALL those in need Thing is got a little out of hand I mean, I love our four legged friends as much as the next person, but when you re talking about dozens, hundreds, and perhaps thousands of feline friends s a community than a few frequent travelers now isn t it When the man comes [...]

    Mam Graciela s Secret is a beautiful story about Mam Graciela s love for animals She has to make a decision and choose between her cats and her restaurant when the health inspector says that they re going to have to shut down her restaurant because of so many cats Mam can t get rid of her cats and she needs her restaurant also as that is the only source of income she has.I like it how she comes up with a solution that works for everyone and how her husband always supports her.The illustrations a [...]

    Mahathi Ramya
    The story is about Mama Graciela and her cats Mama can make the best bacalaitos fritos which are the best in the town She has the heart of gold and she is kind to stray cats and dogs When thousands of cats gather at her shop to enjoy fritos daily, the health officer tries to close her shop for the same reason But, Mama Graciela has to take a difficult decision to save her shop without shoeing away their cats.The story is unique and unpredictable It has good morals for the children The narration [...]

    Penelope Cole
    I enjoyed Mayra Calvani s latest picture book, Mama Graciela s Secret, illustrated colorfully by Sheila Fein It s a pleasing book on many levels At first I thought the secret in the book was Mama Graciela s special recipe for bacalaitos fritos But soon realized the book was about another passion of Mama s her love for the many cats attracted to her restaurant for her famous bacalaitos fritos Then the book became important and personal to me As a cat and dog lover, I was quite concerned about Ma [...]

    Sherry Lynn
    A charming little children s book I received a pdf copy so I can t comment on the print copy The illustrations were delightful I loved all the different cats All the different cats have different and cute personalities.Even the dogs that come around in the end are charming The pages are colorful The story is charming When Mrs G realizes that she can t keep all the cats and her restaurant she has to figure out what to do The story has kind of a surprise ending I enjoyed this children s book and r [...]

    Stephanie - Adventures Thru Wonderland
    I received a copy through Enchanted Book Promotions for review This does not affect my review I loved reading about Mama Graciela s bacala tos fritos, but than that, I wanted to see how Mama handled the Food Inspector I love how this story is told, and the illustrations are beautiful A great children s book, and one that parents can enjoy too.

    Stuart West
    Calvani s Mama Graciela s Secret is a warm, humane tale of a woman s selfless desire and sacrifice to care for cats Calvani s story is ably supported by nice, flowing art from Sheila Fein, including many lovely double page spreads A message well suited for children of all ages.

    Jessica Robbins
    For complete review check out my blog at booksaplentybookreviewss

    Donna McDine
    Often times one discovers the most delicious food in the simplest setting Once found it tends to be the place the locals and tourists go Mam Graciela s run down shack, La Bah a, is just that place With her loving touch of her secret recipe for scrumptious bacalaitos fritoas people gather from near and far Mam Graciela s cooking is not only a favorite of people but of cats as well What is Mam Graciela to do with her passion for La Bah a as well as her love for her new found large family of cats W [...]

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