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  • Title: The Invisible Boy
  • Author: Mary Feliciani
  • ISBN: 9780973890
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Invisible Boy By Mary Feliciani Synopsis Carlo learns what it feels like to be invisible at school.Discussion questions appear at the end of the story The Invisible Boy is the second installment of the Bullying trilogy Big and Small in the Mirror was the first eBook Each eBook is also a stand alone.
    Mary Feliciani
    Mary Feliciani is a Canadian author, independent publisher and an elementary school teacher She attended UTM where she studied psychology and still lives in Mississauga, Ontario Mary s background in psychology, work with children and passionate interest in the human condition, which stems back as far as she can remember, are all evident in her writing.Author s Page on author maryfelicianiWebsite mfpublishingList of Children s books The Magic Leaf Humanitarians, Visionaries, Heroes, and YouBig and Small in the Mirror first of Bullying trilogy The Invisible Boy second of Bullying trilogy

    The Invisible Boy By Mary Feliciani


    My blog lfbooks Disclaimer I got a free copy from Author This does not affect my review in anyway Review This is a children s book that focuses on teaching one very important message It s done very well and gets the point across very clearly I liked it Some children s books, I find tend to try to teach too much So it gets a little confusing whats the message, the book is trying to get across Not in this case.The main message don t treat people as if they are invisible Can also teach a big range [...]

    This e book is a great tool for teachers and parents Children see what it feels like to have no friends at school It enables them to see things from another person s point of view The questions at the end of the story help children think of ways that they can help other children.The illustrations are fantastic This author spares no expense when it comes to the illustrations in her books.

    Luch Di Pabs
    A wonderful story about school children learning the values of inclusion, and friendship Anti bullying is at the forefront of todays topics in school and the author has done a beautiful job at addressing the issue The discussion questions included at the end of the book are great conversation pieces that you and your children can openly speak about.

    Dave 87
    This book was a great little story about how a person can feel invisible and inadequate in a social setting The moral of the story applies to children and adults alike The illustrations are wonderful as well My nephew and I enjoyed the book Thank you.

    The Invisible BoyI think that the story in this book is something that many people can relate to, even adults Many people have felt at one time or another that they didn t belong This book shows children who do feel that they belong what it feels like to be friendless.

    Mary Feliciani

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      Mary Feliciani