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  • Title: Heal
  • Author: Piper Scott
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  • Heal By Piper Scott From the ashes of his past rises an alpha ready to take what he wants Professional Dom Cedric Langston isn t afraid to bring an omega to his knees, but he s vowed to never let one into his heart After a tragic event five years prior almost destroyed him, he can t risk getting hurt again With a prestigious career shift on the horizon, it s safer to lose himself in work tFrom the ashes of his past rises an alpha ready to take what he wants Professional Dom Cedric Langston isn t afraid to bring an omega to his knees, but he s vowed to never let one into his heart After a tragic event five years prior almost destroyed him, he can t risk getting hurt again With a prestigious career shift on the horizon, it s safer to lose himself in work than to open himself up until he runs headfirst into an omega who makes him never want to hide away again Twisted by cruel subservience at a young age, an omega exists ready to please Gabriel Lowe is free from the horrors of his past, but his heart refuses to move on He s lost his purpose, his place in life, and the man he thought would give him a family The world is a harsh place for a broken omega, and when his rehabilitation therapy fails and he returns to the only family he has left, it gets harsher He s told he will be entrusted to an alpha a professional Dom whose kindness and compassion Gabriel can t understand But when what should have been nothing than a job ignites into blistering desire, Cedric and Gabriel are faced with a choice cling to the demons of their past, or give in to what they ve found in each other a way to heal Heal is an 85,000 word BDSM omegaverse novel set following the events of Obey, Beg, and Stay It features a stunning use for a frying pan, red hot body piercings you won t see coming, and two men who overcome almost insurmountable obstacles to make a family This novel alludes to sensitive topics some readers may find difficult, including abuse, violence, and human trafficking However, a happy ending isn t only promised, it s guaranteed.
    Piper Scott
    Piper Scott is the brainchild of three romance authors who realized that while telling stories is almost guaranteed to be fun, telling them with someone else is even better We hope you enjoy yourself in our stories and remember that love always wins.

    Heal By Piper Scott


    Tanu Gill
    Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this book I ve read the first two books of this series and found them average, but this long story was well thought out and described, just the slow boil romance was enough to ensnare me.I loved Gabriel and Cedrick They were both strong but lost characters who found their own core with the help of the other, while also growing their own fledgling relationship from one born of a duty into one flourishing with love.I won t go into many details, because they need to b [...]

    4.5 Cedric and Gabriel You could think this is a regular story about a hurt sub omega and a good Dom Alpha nope not regular at all.Indoctrinated by his criminal holder s he thought he was in love with his holder he was told he was nothing good and abused and used for others pleasure He didn t and still doesn t know better he is an omega with one purpose.His brother Adrian and husband Sterling, owner of The Shepherd, are trying to help They have the best Alpha for him CedricA young strong profess [...]

    If Cedric wasn t careful, he knew that a boy like this would undo him Piece by piece, he d dismantle the carefully established boundaries Cedric had put in place and leave him flayed open like a frog on a dissection table, all of his vulnerabilities exposed.This is not an easy story to begin with With a heartbreaking opening until everything about Gabriel made me cry.Everybody should read this book and start to fight against human trafficking if you haven t.It destroyed people, destroyed family. [...]

    Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    Another excellent story in the series and this one is exactly about what the title says I LOVED that, in the end, view spoiler there is recognition that full healing is not likely and they know and understand what that means as a couple hide spoiler I do wish we d of gotten gritty with what happened to Gabriel that s the only thing that I missed Because his healing is tied to his experience and the missing year and the man who held him did not pack the punch they should have or would have if we [...]

    Heal is the fourth book in the M M Omegaverse series by Piper Scott This is an awesome addition to the series I absolutely loved it The book is full of feels I loved both Cedric and Gabriel I also liked getting to see Adrian and Sterling from the pervious book I can t wait for the next book in the series Love this series I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    Sarita Chapdelaine
    What an amazing and emotional book It is well written and pulled me right in I could not put this book down Two broken men, one from loss and one from horrific abuse Cedric and Gabriel need each other so badly but seem unable to communicate with each other They both have to get past their fear so they can be together Gabriel shows so much courage as he tries to leave behind all of the negative thoughts that were forced onto him by his abusers I loved everything about this book and I can t wait t [...]

    this was amazing i loved it so much the characters the hurt and pain the acceptance and finding of themselves it was all perfection i am so glad i got to review this one i cannot wait for the next one

    This story is intense, heartbreaking at times and so emotional Much so than the previous stories in this series Reading this takes your feelings through the wringer You hurt for Gabriel and what he s gone through He s been so mentally and physically beat down, so brainwashed, he doesn t realize that the man he thought he loved was really his pimp One who never loved him, but played his emotions to control him As you read, you keep hoping that Gabriel will allow himself to heal, that he lets the [...]

    Misty M
    This is a tough read, but in the heartbreakingly good way Gabriel is just so broken and resistant to any attempts to help him Cedric appears to be the consummate professional dom, but has his own tragic past I really love this series, and this was a great addition I just want to hold Gabriel and Cedric close and comfort them both A wonderful hurt comfort read, that is so emotional.I admire the way this was handled, showing a very difficult, tragic experience and the hard road to recovery in a ve [...]

    ~nikki the recovering book addict
    Lovely It was lovely to see Gabriel get his HEA It was heartbreaking to see him in the previous book and even for most of this book, it was painful to see how broken it was I would say his dreams are bizarre and I think the authors used it as a bit of a cop out to sort him out so that was a little disappointing because so far they ve done really well in resolving the problems of previous omegas in the books But what I do love about this book was the different dynamics Cedric embraced Won t say [...]

    P Leslie
    I ve enjoyed every single book I ve read by this author and this one was no exception My heart broke for Gabriel he s broken emotionally and physically His conflicted emotions were captured very powerfully His journey ahead is a difficult one he struggles to come to terms with his past He needs time, patience and love to heal Ceddric was patient and caring peeling back Gabriel s layers in stages He shows Gabriel what love, warmth and affection look and feel like I was enthralled with Ceddric and [...]

    it took me a while to read this one Real life got in the way ACKKK I just finished this book and i should probably wait to write a review because i am sitting her bawling my eyes out and i know i wont do this book justice I have been waiting for Gabriel for forever it seems He broke my heart when he first appeared in this story and i have been waiting for his turn to hopefully get his Happy Oh this book tore my heart out from page 1 till the very last one shoot even the epilogue left me with tea [...]

    Terry Sasada
    What an emotional journey For Gabriel to be lost in his own mind, to believe what has been drilled into his head, and the abuse he suffered, he needed a way to heal, and to discover the truth about his former way of life But is Cedric the man for the job Cedric is an alpha but knows the position of the omega, and he knows love and loss and trying to come back from heartache, and a life onced lived The book is one of self discovery for both Gabriel and Cedric, and what they learn along the way Th [...]

    Sonja Helies
    Powerful I m not much into BDSM nor do I understand very much about the ways of Alphas and Omegas but this book had me riveted My heart was breaking for Gabriel, for what he had to endure in his young life He was almost brainwashed by his first Alpha that he was not worth anything but the truth is everyone is worth love As Sir got to know him and understood what was going on in his mind he was able to help him to get his self worth back and to find the love they both needed to survive.

    So, so, so good Having read the prior books in this series, I was looking forward to Gabriel finally getting his HEA Boy was I not disappointed in this book Cedrick is just perfect for Gabriel and to watch as the grew and got stronger for each other was simply inspiring to me I must warn you that this book will definitely tug at your emotions, so have tissues at hand That said also be ready to laugh and love along side them.I received an advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily am leavi [...]

    Nicole Prado-Carr
    I think this is my second favorite of the series Adrian is my forever favorite Piper put to words some dark primitive emotions that not many thankfully have gone through It was so well written and you lost yourself in the mind of this poor young omega who just needed something he didn t know how to explain What he found was much better than he dared to dream It was a crazy emotional roller coaster that had my heart in my throat almost the entire time but was just so good it was worth it lol.

    Esther Alayeto
    I absolutely love this book This is the heartbreaking and heartwarming story of Gabriel, Adrian s brother, who was sexually and mentally abused He is such a sweet character that it broke my heart to see everything he had been through Cedric is perfect for Gabriel, to help him heal and move on Gabriel and Cedric are perfect together and end up helping and healing each other Beautiful story you don t want to miss I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    Heal by Piper Scott is the fourth book in a fantastic series Love the characters and storylines in every one of these books Can t wait to read the next Definitely a must read book in a must read series Just realized I had this wrong This is the seventh book in the Aurora series The cover art is very different on the first three books Now I need to read the first three books of the series Can t wait to read them

    Some dark subjects but love brings the lightA young Omega who has suffered unimaginable things, Gabriel is sure the way forward is to get to the Alpha who made this life for him.Cedric an Alpha who has been through the devastation of losing his one true love, not wanting to have to give himself he keeps his emotions out of any situation.Thrown together these two broken men find something in each other that calls to them, but can they overcome their pasts to face a future.

    I feel kind of bad for only giving this 2 stars b c it was well written but it s labeled bdsm and it seriously only had one mild spanking scene in it one sex scene in the over 300 pages I ve never read a less dom ey dome ever It was a sweet story, but it should have said somewhere in the synopsis that this is bdsm extra light.

    I had wondered how Gabriel s story would be written and this went well beyond my expectations Cedric was the perfect alpha to help Gabriel find his own way Their interactions were well thought and emotional This is not a all fixed now story but a story showing the steps, forwards and backwards, of the two.

    Beautiful A moving story of earned trust and acceptance Gabriel is an omega with a past full of abuse and neglect He is introduced to his alpha, Cedric, who has a past that makes him uniquely suited to understand and appreciate Gabriel s needs.

    I am happy Gabriel got his own book his views on being an omega was heart breaking I am glad he got his happy ever after though only thing that made me sad what how it jumped from him keeping an eye on his niece then the epilogue he had a kid and a half i wish we could have seen about that

    LovedI loved this story I liked how Cedric dealt with Gabriel s thought process and how he worked to change his beliefs and way of thinking How he had made him stronger and realize his self worth.This is such a great series and this book is a wonderful edition to it.

    cindy tinnell
    EnjoyableA broken soul can be fixed with love and patience I enjoyed the brothers and the way the men became friends first I will read .

    Lindsay Crook
    Good read Another good story from this series Piper Scott is great a writing Omega books I m looking forward to what is coming next.

    Colleen Cremen
    So goodThis book is about Gabriel s story I was so excited to read it And it did not disappoint Heartbreakingly good Finally Gabriel finds the love his deserves.

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