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  • Title: Dust of My Wings
  • Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 306
  • Format: ebook

  • Dust of My Wings By Carrie Ann Ryan Humans aren t as alone as they choose to believe Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make up Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans to think they are alone and untouched by magic But what happens when something changes Neat freak lab tech, Lily Banner lives her life as any ordinary human She s dedicated tHumans aren t as alone as they choose to believe Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make up Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans to think they are alone and untouched by magic But what happens when something changes Neat freak lab tech, Lily Banner lives her life as any ordinary human She s dedicated to her work and loves to hang out with her friends at Dante s Circle, their local bar When she discovers a strange blue dust at work she meets a handsome stranger holding secrets and maybe her heart But after a close call with a thunderstorm, she may not be as ordinary as she thinks.Shade Griffin is a warrior angel sent to Earth to protect the supernaturals secrets One problem, he can t stop leaving dust in odd places around town Now he has to find every ounce of his dust and keep the presence of the supernatural a secret But after a close encounter with a sexy lab tech and a lightning quick connection, his millennia old loyalties may shift and he could lose than just his wings in the chaos.Warning Contains a sexy angel with a choice to make and a green eyed lab tech who dreams of a dark winged stranger Oh yeah, and a shocking spark that s sure to leave them begging for .
    Carrie Ann Ryan
    Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Talon Pack, and Gallagher Brothers series, which have sold over 2.0 million books worldwide She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn t stopped since Carrie Ann has written over fifty novels and novellas with in the works When she s not writing about bearded tattooed men or alpha wolves that need to find their mates, she s reading as much as she can and exploring the world of baking and gourmet cooking.

    Dust of My Wings By Carrie Ann Ryan


    I enjoyed the plot and the characters of Dust of My Wings but it lost a star for not having been copyedited vile and vial are NOT interchangeable and that s just one of the most egregious examples I have come to terms with the fact that books are going to have a typo or two in them if bestsellers have them then midlist books will as well Fine But Dust of My Wings didn t seem to have been professionally edited at all and it kept throwing me out of the story I wanted to be immersed in this world o [...]

    Krystal Shannan
    Fantastic introduction to new paranormal series by Carrie Ann Ryan The angel, Shade, is in trouble The secret that supernatural beings exist is in danger of being exposed and it s all his fault or is it Passionate romance and action packed intrigue will keep the pages turning My only complaint was that I wanted it to be longer as usual, Ryan has left us begging for the sequel Prepare to become a Carrie Ann Ryan addict

    Slow start, but I still thought the story was ok I ll probably read Ambrose s story Found some typos in the Kindle version angles for angels, rouge for rogue, etc , so this book needs polish.

    Take one incredibly gorgeous angel, stir in one human woman with expressive emerald green eyes and curves to die for and you have the recipe for a very hot explosion Shade was a very old angel with honey colored skin, long blue and black hair, well built muscles all over his body and midnight black wings edged with deep blue Lily was an average looking 27 year old lab technician with medium length chestnut brown hair, emerald green eyes and not too skinny but not too fat body Average was how Lil [...]

    Kelly at
    This was a good 1st book in Carrie Ann Ryan s new series I really enjoyed the twist Carrie puts on the paranormal world in this book I loved the cast of characters that Carrie creates and am looking forward to books to learn about them I really want to know about Dante But I am getting ahead of myself Dust of My Wings is Lily and Shade s story Shade finds himself tasked with protecting the supernatural worlds secret Because if it was not for him a mere human would not have her hands on eviden [...]

    Really enjoyable first book in a series, can t wait to see what will happen next Full review sizzlinghotbooks 2012

    Cali Jewel
    Exciting, action packed, heart pounding emotional, dangerously sexy paranormal romance with a engaging and intriguing new world view Enjoyed every twist and turn in this exciting introduction to the awesome series, excited to read the next adventure.Shade Griffin is a hot as all get out sexy protective warrior angel in trouble for accidentally leaving his angel dust where it can fall into the hands of a human Lily Banner is a sexy, sweet, supper organized lab tech and is completely fascinated by [...]

    Julie Ramsey
    Dust Of My WingsAs an warrior angel Shade had many responsibilities Keep the secret of the paranormal community and keep other angels from spilling that secret When another angel messes up, Shade delivers punishment He receives a summons from the council to fix a problem A women has obtained a vile of dust Not just any dust and not just any women The women is a scientist, whose job it is to find out what it is and where it comes from The problem is, it comes from Shades wings He doesn t know how [...]

    First time reader of this author s work Glad it was free as would have been seriously peeved had I spent money It drives me crazy and destroys any pleasure in reading when there are really basic errors, for example vile instead of vial , one of the main characters is called both Jamie and Jaime , poor grammar and I could go on Not good As much as I enjoyed the premise of this new series which seemed to have a good blend of humour and action hence the solitary star this was totally ruined by the [...]

    Katie White
    cute,sexy, and funny great book to open the series with I am super excited to read the next Dante s Circle book Lily is absolutely adorable with all her quirks and Shade is so soft hearted but a rock at the sametime Loved this one Carrie

    9 20 15 Kindle free download.

    Dust of My Wings is Book 1 in Carrie Ann Ryan s Dante s Circle series I ve avoided this series, not because Ms Ryan isn t a superb writer she most certainly is but because I ve always just gravitated away from paranormal that didn t involve werewolves or vampires Oh My Gosh This book smacked me upside the head I don t know what I was thinking It was AMAZING Shade and Lily were phenomenal This story was filled to the brim with action and the heat rolled off the pages I still don t really have a c [...]

    This is a great introduction to a series Shade and Lily are great together Ambrose is a great best friend to Shade I look forward to read the rest of the series and see what happens with the rest of Lily s friends I am sure that Jamie and Ambrose have a future together.

    This review can also be found on my blog.Dust of My Wings had a straightforward plot Angels live among unsuspecting humans, and their existence must remain a secret at all costs When a Lily, a lab tech and a human poses a threat to that secret, the angel warrior Shade is dispatched to make sure she can t go through with her job But Shade falls in love with her Their happiness is short lived when a traitor amongst the angels threatens the peace but also targets Lily However, Lily has a secret of [...]

    I am so mad at myself I had this book sitting on my Kindle since the beginning of September and just read it now I am a huge fan of Carrie Ann Ryan and this book did not disappoint Here are some of the things I loved about it The whole concept of a circle of girlfriends who are all completely different but somehow are this amazing circle of friends is wonderful I wish I had one So often you read books and the heroine is all alone or has one or two good buddies This opened up a whole new dimensio [...]

    Tracy T.
    THE WORST WRITING EVER REALLY TERRIBLE Not so good narration either audible whispersync review OMG If it wasn t for the sex scenes I would have thought an 8th grader wrote this book I am telling you it was so bad and cheesy the SMH was constant This has to be one of the worst stories I have ever read listened to I do not understand any of these 5 star reviews at all I am SMH at that too I don t even know how to review this terrible story, other than to say DO NOT WASTE your money if you enjoy re [...]

    Eva Millien
    The first book in the Dante s Circle series is a unique world of intrigue, greed, betrayal, romance and the supernatural The story is fast paced and a quick and enjoyable read.Shade is a warrior angel that enforces angel law Lily is a lab tech that is told to analyze some blue dust When his dust falls into the hands of the humans, Shade is sent to correct the problem and protect the supernatural secret, but his mission is complicated by suspicions that all is not what it seems and he finds himse [...]

    Aine Massie
    4.5 Drops ReviewI don t know where to start with Dust of My Wings by Carrie Ann Ryan The story of Shade, angel, and Lily, human to start , has a lovely cast of characters that makes it easy to fall into the story and into their world.Dust of My Wings is the first book in the Dante s Circle series and WOW, what a start In this case, it all starts with a vile of angel dust specifically the dust from the angel Shade s raven like wings Enter Lily, OCD chemist that has said vile of dust Oh, and she k [...]

    I liked Dust of My Wings and may read the following stories in the series While there were some engaging scenes between Lily and Shade, and the gatherings at Dante s bar, the story seemed rather flat overall The whole fuss over the angelic feather dust wasn t explained especially as it was never detected via scientific methods I didn t get why the paranormal world had to be kept secret And, the introduction of brownies In Ryan s world here, there is no such thing as vampires, but many other para [...]

    Wendy Mckillip
    In a world where supernaturals exist and humans can awaken their supernatural DNA is a lot of things that are hidden and waiting to be discovered Dust of my wings is Carrie Ann s new book in the Dante circle series and she did a good job with the introduction of angels and other beings Lily and shade have great chemistry and I liked the way some of the twists leave openings for the plot to expand so much further with this series Can t wait to see what happens in Ambrose story Carrie Ann did a go [...]

    Jadaris Nunez
    1.5 stars, This is what I imagine a Hallmark channel paranormal romance would be like, cheese factor to the max, only finished it to see what happened after the lightning strike and to see where the villain s plan was going If someone who has read this series could just DM me what the other girls turn into after finding their mates that would be great, cuz that s all I want to know I might skim through the next two books since I have them.

    Carrie Ann has done it again She has managed to get me hooked on yet another series of hers I immediately fell in love with the characters Shade Lily have amazing chemistry Loved Ambrose I can t wait for the next books to come out This is a must read Loved it

    Nadine Bookaholic
    Word Count 65,000

    Great read Stayed up all night to read this book Can t wait to read the rest of this series Onto the next one.

    Cara Bristol
    A charming story with engaging, unique characters.

    2.5 StarsFound this book a bit boring.

    C.A. Szarek
    I really enjoyed this story The characters were interesting the steamy scenes were hot hot hot It was funny, too Shade is hot I really look foward to Ambrose s book Want it now

    Alyson LaBarge
    Watch for my review soon

    Fun read Premise is that all humans have a bit of the supernatural in them, although the genes are very diluted and every once in a while the genes breed true Humans and supernatural beings can interbreed A group of women are friends, they are each other s surrogate family and once a week they meet for drinks in Dante s bar, who considers the women his family and under his protection One night they are all struck by a strange lightning but no one is electrocuted and they shrug the event off.One [...]

    62pgs, DNF I really should have put it down when it irritated me on the first page I suspect I just don t get along with CAR s writing style as I ve tried and DNF at least one of her others too First, everyone who s bad evil slightly annoying is below average looking Everyone who s good is a smoking hot The h has OCD in a fairly big way Normally I m fine with reading about mental issues of whatever variety, but she is just nails an chalkboard to me between the OCD and the WHINING, oh so much whi [...]

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