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  • Title: From the City, from the Plough.
  • Author: Alexander Baron
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  • From the City, from the Plough. By Alexander Baron From the City, From the Plough
    Alexander Baron
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Alexander Baron 4 December 1917 6 December 1999 was a British author and screenwriter He is best known for his highly acclaimed novel about D Day entitled From the City from the Plough 1948 and his London novel The Lowlife 1963 His father was Barnet Bernstein, a Polish Jewish immigrant to Britain who settled in the East End of London in 1908 and later worked as a furrier Alexander Baron was born in Maidenhead and raised in the Hackney district of London He attended Hackney Downs School During the 1930s, with his schoolfriend Ted Willis, Baron was a leading activist and organiser of the Labour League of Youth at that time aligned with the Communist Party , campaigning against the fascists in the streets of the East End Baron became increasingly disillusioned with far left politics as he spoke to International Brigade fighters returning from the Spanish Civil War, and finally broke with the communists after the Hitler Stalin Pact of August 1939.Baron served in the Pioneer Corps of the British Army during World War II, experiencing fierce fighting in the Italian campaign, Normandy and in Northern France and Belgium As a sapper, he was among the first Allied troops to be landed in Sicily, Italy and on D Day He used his wartime experiences as the basis for his three best selling war novels After the war he became assistant editor of Tribune before publishing his first novel From the City from the Plough 1948 At this time, at the behest of his publisher Jonathan Cape, he also changed his name from Bernstein to Baron.Baron s personal papers are held in the archives of the University of Reading His wartime letters and unpublished memoirs were used by the historian Sean Longden for his book To the Victor the Spoils, a social history of the British Army between D Day and VE Day 3 Baron has also been the subject of essays by Iain Sinclair and Ken Worpole.As well as continuing to write novels, in the 1950s Baron wrote screenplays for Hollywood, and by the 1960s he had become a regular writer on BBC s Play for Today, for drama serials like Poldark and A Horseman Riding By, and BBC classic adaptions including Jane Eyre, Sense And Sensibility, and Oliver Twist.

    From the City, from the Plough. By Alexander Baron


    This is a forgotten war novel with a rather naff title Published in 1948, it sold over a million copies and was hailed as a masterpiece on both sides of the Atlantic It is the story of the 5th battalion, the Wessex regiment based on the actual 5th Wiltshire regiment , which took men from rural Somerset and the east end of London hence the title The novel follows the men of the fifth from the waiting and preparation for D Day, across the channel and into France, culminating in the taking of a hil [...]

    Huw Rhys
    If you ve read From Here to Eternity 1951 or seen the later film version seen The Longest Day 1962 , Band of Brothers 2001 or Saving Private Ryan 1998 or read the other books by Stephen Ambrose, Cornelius Ryan and a host of others, then some of the content of this book will at least be familiar to you in a historical context It has strong elements of Platoon , Hamburger Hill and many other late 20th century works depicting man at war What may surprise you when reading this book is that it actual [...]

    Kate Yates
    Essential reading for anyone wanting an insight into WWII soldiering This is a fictional account of the lives of soldiers in the lead up to the D Day landings and subsequent battles based on personal experiences of the author.

    This out of print masterpiece is one of the best average soldier novels I ve ever read.Alexander Baron served as an infantryman in World War II, and his book chronicles a division that was made up of men from London and Manchester, combined with farm boys from Wessex About two thirds of the novel takes place in their training camp sitting above the Atlantic, as the unit prepares for D Day There we get to know many of the men Charlie, the wily London veteran who seems to desert the army but then [...]

    Razvan Banciu
    A hard and rough book, about war, loyalty and friendship Some parts look like a true documentary, mere facts and numbers, with questions than answers Interesting, many english people have died for the sake of Europe, and their descendants show us the brexit

    A brilliant book written in 1948 and truly captures the brutality of the Normandy landings His writing is wonderfully descriptive and the characters are so well drawn that its impossible not to be moved by the subsequent events This book should be better known

    wonderful read great insight into the common soldier.

    Alexander Gardiner
    A terrible title, but a beautifully observed, very human tale of men going off to war Alexander Baron s first published novel deserves to be called a classic of World War Two fiction.

    Derek Collett
    This is a superlative World War Two novel Its originality lies in the fact that it was written by a ordinary soldier, not an officer Most of the best World War Two set novels that I have read were authored by officers I m thinking here in particular of Evelyn Waugh s superb Sword of Honour trilogy, but also of the likes of The Small Back Room, written in 1943 by Major Nigel Balchin Interestingly, Baron would almost certainly have been made an officer had he not been a Communist that sort of thin [...]

    I enjoyed this book and it has much to recommend it 3.5 seems a fair rating An unsentimental account of events before and after D Day seen through the lives of ordinary soldiers, written in 1948, by an ordinary soldier It takes a while to get to the action whilst the reader gets to know the characters in the regiment Much of it is fact, based on real events and people Anyone interested in the tragedy of war should read this.

    Gabi Coatsworth
    First published in 1948, when the memories were fresh, by a Jewish soldier, this is a wonderful novel, and thinly disguised memoir of life in the British Army in the days leading up to D Day One of the very few written in this period from the point of view of a regular soldier, rather than an officer or historian A well educated soldier, to be sure, and the observational skills of this author are such that he can draw portraits and landscapes with great vividness and intensity The farmers and ci [...]

    Amy Westgarth
    I was really looking forward to reading this as it had great reviews However, in the end I couldn t really buy into it I think knowing it was a fictional account, although based on reality, stuck in my head The storylines were interlinked, but didn t really seem to go anywhere.

    Loved this The writing is quiet and unsentimental, the characters ring true, their fears, camaraderie, and pining for lost loves and mothers all have a real humanity that makes each life lost seem all the terrible and callous Really brought the lives of these soldiers home.

    Mervyn S Whyte
    Hard hitting, fast moving, true to life

    A powerful and unglamorous look at a soldiers life in the build up to D Day and the early weeks after the invasion.

    James Murphy
    Alexander Baron s novel From the City, From the Plough is a very powerful look at soldiers in wartime, whether in a training camp in England or a battlefield in France The focus is on the officers, NCOs, and enlisted men of the Fifth Battalion, the Wessex Regiment as they train and, ultimately, fight Baron resists the use of sentimentality in his story he writes about men putting up with the spit and polish of camp life as well as the horrors and terror of combat If you re looking for a powerful [...]

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