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  • Title: Stormqueen!
  • Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • ISBN: 9780879973810
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback

  • Stormqueen! By Marion Zimmer Bradley The great epic of Darkover did not begin with the Terrans arrival For in those years, the power of the matrix was first learned and misused in a power struggle that could have made Darkover a duplicate of Terra Reissue.
    Marion Zimmer Bradley
    Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series, often with a feminist outlook.Bradley s first published novel length work was Falcons of Narabedla, first published in the May 1957 issue of Other Worlds When she was a child, Bradley stated that she enjoyed reading adventure fantasy authors such as Henry Kuttner, Edmond Hamilton, and Leigh Brackett, especially when they wrote about the glint of strange suns on worlds that never were and never would be Her first novel and much of her subsequent work show their influence strongly.Early in her career, writing as Morgan Ives, Miriam Gardner, John Dexter, and Lee Chapman, Marion Zimmer Bradley produced several works outside the speculative fiction genre, including some gay and lesbian pulp fiction novels For example, I Am a Lesbian was published in 1962 Though relatively tame by today s standards, they were considered pornographic when published, and for a long time she refused to disclose the titles she wrote under these pseudonyms.Her 1958 story The Planet Savers introduced the planet of Darkover, which became the setting of a popular series by Bradley and other authors The Darkover milieu may be considered as either fantasy with science fiction overtones or as science fiction with fantasy overtones, as Darkover is a lost earth colony where psi powers developed to an unusual degree Bradley wrote many Darkover novels by herself, but in her later years collaborated with other authors for publication her literary collaborators have continued the series since her death.Bradley took an active role in science fiction and fantasy fandom, promoting interaction with professional authors and publishers and making several important contributions to the subculture.For many years, Bradley actively encouraged Darkover fan fiction and reprinted some of it in commercial Darkover anthologies, continuing to encourage submissions from unpublished authors, but this ended after a dispute with a fan over an unpublished Darkover novel of Bradley s that had similarities to some of the fan s stories As a result, the novel remained unpublished, and Bradley demanded the cessation of all Darkover fan fiction.Bradley was also the editor of the long running Sword and Sorceress anthology series, which encouraged submissions of fantasy stories featuring original and non traditional heroines from young and upcoming authors Although she particularly encouraged young female authors, she was not averse to including male authors in her anthologies Mercedes Lackey was just one of many authors who first appeared in the anthologies She also maintained a large family of writers at her home in Berkeley Ms Bradley was editing the final Sword and Sorceress manuscript up until the week of her death in September of 1999.Probably her most famous single novel is The Mists of Avalon A retelling of the Camelot legend from the point of view of Morgaine and Gwenhwyfar, it grew into a series of books like the Darkover series, the later novels are written with or by other authors and have continued to appear after Bradley s death.In 2000, she was posthumously awarded the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement In 2014, Bradley was accused of sexual abuse by her daughter, Moira Greyland, who claims that she was molested from the age of 3 to 12 Greyland also claimed that she was not the only victim and that she was one of the people who reported her father, Walter H Breen, for child molestation In response to these allegations Bradley s publisher Victor Gollancz Ltd announced that they will donate all income from the sales of Bradley s e books to the charity Save the Children From

    Stormqueen! By Marion Zimmer Bradley


    Despite the title, this book is not mostly about the Stormqueen Dorilys of Aldaran Many people talk and even agonize about her, but she has difficulty achieving to paraphrase Ashleigh Brilliant a speaking part in her own life I most strongly resent the argument of one of her tutors that we all have to learn to do things we don t like to and aren t good at This is exemplary of the bullying attitude of the whole Darkovan society The Chieri had presumably the same or even greater talents but THEY d [...]

    Stormqueen is my favorite Darkover book, despite the unfortunate punctuation in the title It s mostly because it takes place back during the glory days of Darkover, when the Towers were all standing, when laran provided light and heat and transportation and wasn t feared or hated, and when the Comyn warred for supremacy and thus provided plenty of opportunities for literary drama and tragedy I wish there had been Ages of Chaos books written, because it s my favorite time period on Darkover, but [...]

    Lugu maagiast On ju lugu maagiast, kui tegelased suudavad m tte j ul v lke suunata ja maake kaevandada ksteisega r kida ning vajadusel kinnigi hoida v i tappa Aga ei ole Kui tegemist on inimt uaretuse ja geenilabori koost l Vabandust, geenilabor on m tte j ul t tav.Tugev lugu, mis r gib nii paljudest seikadest, kuid peamiselt keerleb just nimelt sellesama t uaretuse mber kokkuleppe abielud, k verdatud kasvatuslik ajupesu, kohustused ja vastuolud Kus sarnaste geenide ristamisega on saavutatud, et [...]

    I didn t remember so much about this story I read some eons ago It was good reading it again In this book we are in age of chaos, where horrible wars are fighted using terrible weapons, made mostly using the matrix powers and laran I love how traditional are Darkover people It s true that the Towers are working against their people and this breeding program is horrible.

    It has been many ages since I last read this little gem Darkover history, tragedy, and politics draw you into a deep story that helps the reader understand the mysterious world Definitely a must read for lovers of Darkover.

    It hurts Likewhy WHY I will write a review Justt now cries in a corner I new Lys wouldn t recommend a series that doesn t hurt oh cavolo, ho lasciato passare davvero un mese E, uhm, non so ancora come commentarlo La vecchia Darkover pi mplice e meno intrigante a livello politico, ma decisamente pi affascinante a livello del sistema magico Mi sono mancati un po Regis e Dani, ma in generale, anche in questo caso i personaggi mi sono piaciuti Avrei preso a schiaffi qualcuno a volte, ma l ho trovati [...]

    Arybo ✨
    Bello bello, ma la fine veramente triste Nel senso buono, ovvero lascia il magone il primo libro dell autrice che leggo la trama abbastanza semplice, cosa che hanno notato altri lettori che gi conoscevano Darkover Mi piaciuto molto il fatto che si parlasse soprattutto di magia, pi che di guerra Quest ultima, in effetti, compare solo oltre la met del libro Sono rimasta affascinata dall idea del Potere mentale, qualcosa con cui nasci, ma che devi sempre controllare, perch in fondo solo minimamente [...]

    Shrug Same Darkover story, different setting I could write the plot out on the back of a cocktail napkin, and then MZB does her usual trick of filling up the extra 300 pages with navel lint.I have such a hard time writing Darkover reviews, because I hit the fourth sentence and there s nothing to say I read these with the hope of there being redeeming features, and then nada Boring At this point I think I m artificially inflating these by a star when there s NOT an egregious instance of sexism e [...]

    I love everything about Darkover This is a second reading and I still love them all Am reading everything on the Planet about the Planet

    Luna Magee
    Didn t really care too much about the characters.

    Good story, complex characters I like the Darkover world already, so it s no surprise that i enjoyed this book Recommended to fantasy fans.

    Cynthia Thornton
    I enjoyed this one most of the Darkover books I have read and it provided nice background to the other books I wish I had read this one first.

    Katherine Smith
    One of the better Darkover novels, in my opinion Characters were fairly distinct and pretty easy to follow Story moved along well.

    周婉蓮 차우 크리스티나 Cass
    Ah Darkover After having read eleven Darkover books, reading the next two Stormqueen and Hawkmistress in the omnibus The Ages of Chaos feels like returning home, albeit to a fantasy home This was surprising since The Ages of Chaos takes place in early Darkovan chronology, before Darkovans meet with the Terrans The previous Darkover books I read, with the exception of Darkover Landfall have the underlying theme of the clash of Darkover culture with Terran culture In The Ages of Chaos, this underl [...]

    Rereading Darkover Not the best of the series but definitely not the worst either.

    Christopher Sutch
    I was not looking forward to re reading this particular book in the _Darkover_ series my memories of it from my adolescence indicated that it strayed from the uniformly excellent work Bradley had been producing throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s I m pleased to have discovered that my memory was not reliable in part because, as a YA reader I could not appreciate this novel for what it actually was Bradley s writing, plotting, and characterization continue to improve over her earlier work an [...]

    This is exciting for me because it s one of the few Darkover books that deals completely with Darkovian culture, and doesn t deal with contrasts between Terran and Darkover peoples It s interesting to see how fully she world built, and how carefully thought out her history is The only other writer I can think of who did this as well is JRR TOlkien, a comparison I don t make lightly Ol Marion is probably now my third favorite fantasy write of all time now.Set in the Ages of Chaos, a time in Darko [...]

    Scott Wilson
    This was the second Darkover Novel I read and I really liked it Interesting characters and plot was not predictable.

    This was my first Darkover novel it is a great place to start It was what made me continue to read others within the series, but I believe I chose the wrong ones to continue with HAWKMISTRESS comes to mind I would classify these books as science fantasy considering the setting of the series is of a lost colony of Earth on the planet Darkover, who have lost their technology thus reverting themselves back to the stone age Through this plight, they have pretty much established a feudal system famil [...]

    Lisa (Harmonybites)
    I m a fan of Marion Zimmer Bradley, but my affection for her rests not on the Avalon books, which I didn t care for, but her Darkover series Darkover is a lost colony of Earth that falls back into a medieval society Ruled by a psychically gifted aristocracy, after centuries it s rediscovered by a star spanning high tech human federation, giving the series a feel of both science fiction and fantasy Most books focus on the clash between the two cultures This is one of the exceptions, set before th [...]

    2015 Review Where Stormqueen was about the breeding program, Hawkmistress was about the Hundred Kingdoms I loved them both in their own rights Both Dorilys Romilly are strong characters Dorilys is frightening wonder, and Romilly is emotionally driven Both are awesome I m eager for Thunderlord 2009 Review of Stormqueen It takes place during the Age of Chaos, when the Seven Domains of Darkover are ruled as independent, warring fiefs engaged in a psychic arms race, developing deadly weapons throu [...]

    Il Libro che mi ha introdotto alla lettura Questo libro sensazionale E stato il primo libro che ho letto di Marion Zimmer Bradley e dopo questo non sono pi riuscita a fermarmi.Ero al mare quando comprai questo libro ed stato subito a a prima vista Mai prima di allora un libro mi aveva coinvolto ed emozionato cos tanto Il modo di scrivere della Bradley semplicemente unico, in una sola parola coinvolgente si comincia a leggere e, senza rendercene conto, siamo gi arrivati alla fine La storia, molto [...]

    Interesting, intriguing A story with a clear line to it, no jumping about from scene to scene, no confusion Reading the Darkover books in the order they were written in has been a little confusing, however thankfully there are others who ve read the books before me, have written notes about the books, who help me understand and take away some of the confusion with handy maps and explanations of who s who This book did not feel like a confusing jumble as some of the other earlier Darkover books h [...]

    Ma pole kindel, kas panna sellele raamatule 3 v i 4 t rni, aga j in nelja juurde imeliste m lestuste t ttu kunagi ammu ilmselt Taanis loetud Avaloni ududest, t nu millele tekitab Marion Zimmer Bradley nimi helge ja eriliselt positiivse tunde Tormikuninganna j ttis tegelikult ebam rase rahulolematuse koos m ttega, et kas viga on j lle t lkimises Iseenesest hea s ee ja paljut otav maailm T en oliselt v tan millalgi k tte ja tutvun algusega ka raamatus oli sna ilmne, et kuskil peab olema inimkosmon [...]

    Bart Smilde
    This is the book that got me hooked on Marion Zimmer Bradley s MZB writing When I got it, saw the original artwork I thought why not, give it a go.Within a few days I finished the book and started collecting other books by her.You can easily familiarize yourself with the characters, the world they live in and their interactions with others The way magic is described and used is powerful and well done.For those unfamiliar with MZB s writing this is not a bad book to start.However, one of the bene [...]

    Vickey Foggin
    This exclamation point in the title and the half naked woman on the cover makes this look like pulp garbage To be fair, it kind of is but I had fun reading it Stormqueen Is mostly about another character who can see all probabilities but can t tell which are most likely to come to pass You mostly read about his anxiety and attempts to manage the information overload and not be crippled into inaction by the possibility of disaster But around that you read about people controlling weather and harn [...]

    Lucy Takeda
    Somewhat interesting It was pleasant to get info about characters I ve run into in other novels, like Cassandra I have psychological issues with the entire breeding program that involves half brothers marrying half sisters I understand the arranged marriages to create political connections it occurs in much of our history I am disturbed about a author that creates a world that children, babies, and women die due to a genetic line that carries certain powers I can comprehend folks who are fixated [...]

    Starting a reread of the earlier books in the Darkover series Even though Landfall is dreadful, Stormqueen is an interesting look at how their society has developed This is the heart of the Ages of Chaos, where inbreeding is rampant and so is the misuse of their psionic powers It s heartbreaking to see those powers used for war when they could be used for good However, it s a true reflection of mankind I wish MZB had written books before the Ages of Chaos so we could see how they developed their [...]

    I have mixed feelings about this one, probably in part because the Age of Chaos is full of dark happenings This book has some sexual violence squickiness that lead me to caution those for whom that would be unwanted Also, sexism, war, demeaning, and other tragedies.On the other hand, I liked many of the main characters, the gifts of laran matrix work and Allart s many possible futures were especially interesting , flying in gliders, matrix work to reinforce natural systems, and the two main roma [...]

    Much better than the previous one This one is much closer to fantasy than to SF A thousand years has passed and the space cast aways society evolved into a pseudo feudal psionic inbred society Marriages are prearranged in order to strengthen the PSI capabilities but this process leads not only to psychological but also physical issues Nicely presented tensions and consequences of being to true to your land and family Individual versus familial conflicts Characters are a bit bland but it still re [...]

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