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  • Title: Obsession
  • Author: Liz Bower
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  • Page: 202
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  • Obsession By Liz Bower This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B01N9DJNEX.The relationship was fake, until it got real Then it got dangerous.Jo Waters has the talent to succeed at her job All she needs is one chance to prove herself to get her dream promotion And get through a make or break client dinner to which she s been asked make that ordered to bring her boyfriend.The problem He dThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B01N9DJNEX.The relationship was fake, until it got real Then it got dangerous.Jo Waters has the talent to succeed at her job All she needs is one chance to prove herself to get her dream promotion And get through a make or break client dinner to which she s been asked make that ordered to bring her boyfriend.The problem He doesn t exist She made him up to quell any suspicion she might be a tiny bit attracted to a hot new guy in the office, which is strictly against company policy.Luckily for her, Marco, her BFF s brother a.k.a the bane of her existence agrees to act the part of her adoring significant other, which he does with toe curling, Oscar worthy skill By the time she discovers he omitted a small detail he s newly single the kisses they shared just for show have sunk their hooks way under her skin And she s spent an unforgettable night in his arms.But there s someone else who s been following Jo s every move, and his subtle threats are about to take a chilling turn that could force her to make a terrible choice to keep Marco safe Warning Contains light teasing, heavy emotions, an awkward morning after, office drama, and a stalker who likes his fear served raw.
    Liz Bower
    Over the last ten years Liz has lived in three different countries but she is a Lancashire girl at heart.She writes contemporary romance about people finding their own happily ever after The rest of her time is spent drinking too much coffee, searching for the next HEA to read or walking her dog.

    Obsession By Liz Bower


    5 star reviewObsession is a fantastic, gripping standalone novel by Liz Bower This book pulled me in and didn t let me back out until the very end This is definitely one of those books that will still have you thinking about it after you have finished it It is a relatively short read, less than 200 pages, but it s packed full of romance, suspense and plot twists that you will not see coming I could not turn the pages quick enough because I was so hooked on it I tried so hard to work out what was [...]

    5 Stars Jo Waters infatuation for her new male colleague proves to land her in a heap of trouble, she wasn t expecting Finding help from Marco her best friends brother proves to open opportunities Jo least expected Little did she know her actions would lead to an obsession getting out of hand With threats looming, can Jo save the people she loves I bought this book on impulse, and I don t regret it Liz Bower has written a book that had me hooked and engrossed from the first chapter I was so self [...]

    Angela Hayes
    5 Stars There is a fine line between love and madness Obsession Obsession is a wonderfully gripping standalone by Liz Bower I read the blurb of this book and was immediately drawn to it I HAD to read it When I opened up to the first page, I took a deep breath and hoped that it was going to be every bit as good as I thought it would be I dove right in and got swept along on an incredible journey, as Ms Bower skilfully wove her suspenseful tale She didn t let me down, this book is even better than [...]

    Jazmine Cabrera
    Obsession by Liz Bower is a fantastic read It grabbed hold of me from the beginning and didn t let me go until the end This is definitely one of those books that will have you thinking about it after you have finished it Yes, it s that good It is a relatively short read, less than 200 pages, but it s packed full of romance, suspense and awesome plot twists You don t see them coming I don t think I could have turned the pages any faster while reading it, I was sucked in bad I tried so hard to pro [...]

    Lucy Berson
    A 5 star read for Obsession by Liz Bower This book was filled with romance, mystery and suspense I absolutely loved this book Jo lives with her best friend Gabi and is working at a job that she loves She is extremely attracted to her coworker Dan, but then again, every other female in the office is also When she sticks up for Dan, during a meeting, her boss reminds her that there is an on fraternization policy To cover her own hide, she tells him she understands and that she is very happy with h [...]

    I really enjoyed obsession I haven t read anything like this before but wasn t disappointed it is a love story but with a huge mystery plot involved which just made you hooked to the storyline I really loved Jo she was abit timid but you do sometimes see the sassy side poke out of her which is great the only thing is shes not sure what she wants especially when the man she start seeing in a different light is her bestfriends brother Marco Marco is a great guy recently been cheated on so he can [...]

    Lyndsey Fairley
    Obsession by Liz Bower4 StarsObsession was the first book I ve read by Liz Bowers but it won t be my last This book had a little of everything Told in mostly first person POV of main character Jo, but a couple times we see inside the bad guys head The story was very well written and loved the way things were described in detail but wasn t over done Jo Waters works in an office and she has a slight crush on a new coworker, Dan We meet her in a meeting where she s speaking up for Dan, who s being [...]

    Joanna Reeves
    Obsession by Liz BowerI loved this book from start to finish and if I could give it another couple of stars I would, the fact its set in England is a bonus for me It s well written, descriptive but not overloaded, I just found the writing style smooth.The story centres around Jo Waters, a 24 year old independent woman working towards promotion at the travel agency in the north west of England Single through choice after her cheating boyfriend left, and sharing a house with her BFF, Gaby, life is [...]

    Moriah Venable
    Obsession is a stand alone novel by Liz Bower This is my first novel by this author.Jo Waters is a woman who is putting her life back together after ended it with a cheating boyfriend but that doesn t stop her from taking an interest in her new collegue, Dan.At a meeting, Jo has an outburst to defend Dan and to cover it up, she lies But lies have a way of piling up She needs to find a fake boyfriend and fast.Enters Marco, the older brother of Jo s roommate, Gabi With Marco having problems with h [...]

    A story about the thin line between love and crazed need, obsession.Obsession The state of being obsessed with someone or something An idea or though that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person s mind This definition was the best way to start this book off It is a thin line between love and that crazed need that leads to obsession.This was a quick fast paced read full of fast paced story lines From the very beginning of the book you are plunged into the hectic mind and love life of Jo S [...]

    Meghan Murphy
    4 StarsObsession by Liz Bowers is a suspenseful, enjoyable, quick read It is a standalone novel that has many twists and turns Ms Bowers had me completely hooked from the first page Every time I thought I had it figured out it I really didn t and I love these types of books It was well written and had a fantastic storyline that kept you guessing until the end.Jo Waters is finally happy in her life She recently had gotten out of a bad relationship and did a number on her He was a cheater and Jo v [...]

    Melissa Warrick
    Obsession by Liz Bower I give this novel 5 stars This novel is about Jo Waters, a single woman trying to do good at her job as a travel agent Jo hopes to one day advance in her career Jo is recently single after having left her cheating boyfriend Jo lives with her best friend Gabi When Dan begins work with Jo she is instantly attracted to him, along with every other woman at the agency When Dan is wrongfully accused for a mistake he didn t make Jo ends up defending Dan putting Jo in hot water wi [...]

    Jennifer Lilly
    Obsession by Liz Bower is a fun, quick read filled with suspense, romance and a touch of humor.Jo Waters has put romance on the bottom of her priority list after getting out of a bad relationship But what harm can looking cause Turns out a lot when your lustful gaze is noticeable at work Dan is the hot new guy so who can blame her Now to save her backside Jo must produce a fake boyfriend and convince her boss that he s the real deal Enter Marco her best friend s brother and Jo s arch nemesis fro [...]

    Pam Snell
    Wow Such a great book I loved this book and it definitely kept me guessing what was going to happen next Marco is just swoon worthy He is the brother of Jo s roommate Gabi and Jo has known him for quite some time now He is a great guy and close to Gabi Marco may have been immature for a while but he is trying to be mature and go after something he has wanted for quite a few years He has a good job and loves to hang around Gabi and Jo.Jo is trying to do well at her job so she can advance one day [...]

    ❤️ Miss Meli ❤️
    This is my first read by Liz Bower Obsession is a great edge of your seat read I really enjoyed it This book has it all Love, drama, suspense Romantic suspense is definitely one of my favourite genres.Jo has been trying to get her life back in control after her boyfriend cheated on her Jo has completely sworn off all men for good But, that s until her new co worker Dan joins the business But when Dan is blamed for something he isn t responsible for, Jo tries to step in and cover for Dan Doing so [...]

    Michelle Mulvey
    Jo Waters is currently working for Danver Solutions She is hoping to get promoted During a meeting people are blaming a new hire Dan for them not meeting a deadline Jo exploded in the meeting Calling out the woman who flirts with everyone and wears clothes showing off her assets The boss Alex Danver then asked Jo in a private meeting why she is defending Dan and feels so strong about it He also reminded Jo of the Non fraternization policy Jo then lied and told her boss Alex that she had a boyfri [...]

    Heather B
    Hands down, I loved this book Obsession, by Liz Bower, which is a romantic suspense This book will have you guessing until the end as the synopsis blurb tells you for this book, there s a fine line between love and madness This story focuses on Jo Waters she defends a co worker and shortly thereafter everything begins to spin out of control First she claims she has a boyfriend and needs a guy to assist her best friends suggest her brother, Marco Next threats begin to occur to those around her an [...]

    Bobbi Wagner
    Obsession by Liz Bower is a story about wanting another person so bad that it doesn t matter what that person thinks or feels This story has action, suspense and excitement This story will show you sometimes love can be a dangerous thing Jo Waters is a young woman who feels that she finally has her life back on track after ending a bad relationship Love is not high on her list of priorities, but that doesn t mean she can t look especially at a new work colleague What will happen when she loses i [...]

    Obsession by Liz Bower is a standalone and let me tell you this book was gripping and held me from the first word and to the last word This book is still with me and will be for a while While I have not really been a big fan of romance and suspense mixed together, I loved it in this book and how well the author was able to mix them with a great story line made this book what it is.Jo, finally able to get her life back after her ex cheated on her becomes very interested about her new colleague Da [...]

    Melissa Schaub
    4 Stars Obsession is the first book that I have read by Liz Bowers but I have to say that I really want to read This book is full of deception, secrets, suspense and maybe a little love Joe Waters is the quiet, reserved girl in the office and never speaks out of turn that is until her crush is accused at work of something that he did not do She speaks up for him and has no problem defending him She does not do it quietly either until her boss confronts her to remind her of the no fraternization [...]

    Book Review ObsessionAuthor Liz BowerFIVE STARSIn Obsession by Liz Bower we meet Jo Waters Jo is getting her life in order as a software analyst She is up for a promotion but she has to try to win the position since she is still new on the team Standing up for Dan at a team meeting she inadvertantly puts herself in the hot seat where her job is concerned Alex her boss has told her to be at a dinner to schmooze the prospective new clients and to bring her boyfriend However Jo doesn t have a boyfr [...]

    Good fun readObsession is the fun book by Liz Bower It keeps you guessing what Jo is going to do next There s a perfect amount of suspense and love joined into one book Jo has been friends with Gabi and Marco since they were kids Jo and Gabi live together and have the perfect friendship Gabi has a brother that has always picked on Jo and Jo always gave it right back to him Then Jo s job requires her to be attend a dinner and she told her boss that she had a boyfriend that could attend the dinner [...]

    Jackie pinhorn
    Wow I loved this book, I liked the fact this book has a few twists and turns The author has you thinking one thing but turns out it s not what you was thinking at all I was on the edge through out especially at the end Loved the characters, Jo is a lovely lady with a crush on a male work friend Dan Jo gets into a little spot by telling a lie that she has a boyfriend so that people won t find out that she has a crush on Dan Jo has a job interview and been asked out for a meal to impress her boss [...]

    Obsession is the first book I ve read from Liz Bower, and it was absolutely amazing She had me hooked within just the first chapter 5 Stars Obsession starts out with Jo Waters, she s been trying to get her life back on track After her ex boyfriend cheated on her, she s decided that men and romance aren t a priority on her list Even though she decides men aren t for her, she isn t blind She can see how off the charts sexy Dan is Dan find himself in some trouble and getting blamed for something th [...]

    Melinda G
    Jo has recently broken up with her boyfriend since he cheated on her Not only did he cheat on her but it was with multiple people Finding a new man isn t on her to do list but it never hurts to look Especially at one of her new co workers named Dan.When one of Jo s other co worker s, Amy tries to throw Dan under the bus Jo decides to stand up for him Jo finds herself in a whole bunch of trouble and decides to tell a little white lie You know how that goes though one lie leads to another then ano [...]

    Obsession is a fast paced romance that will keep you entertained Josephine or Jo as she prefers has sworn off men, after kicking her last cheating boyfriend to the curb Though she s not interested in a relationship she is just fine with looking at all the cute men around She soon develops a crush on her coworker While at work, she lies about having a boyfriend and now finds herself on the hunt for one Her best friend suggest that her brother Marco would be a great fake boyfriend Jo is not thrill [...]

    Obsession by Liz Bower 4 Stars A standalone romantic suspense Obsess v Preoccupy or fill the mind of someone continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extentObsession n The state of being obsessed with someone or something There is a fine line between love and madness ObsessionThis is the story of Jo Waters who is a 20 something woman who is living a life well lived She lives with her best friend, has a job that will allow her to advance and she has determined that she does not need a man by [...]

    Liz Bower
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