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  • Title: Fudge-a-Mania
  • Author: Judy Blume
  • ISBN: 9780425193822
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback

  • Fudge-a-Mania By Judy Blume Fudge is back and driving his brother Peter crazy, as usual This five year old human hurricane is trouble than ever His latest plan is to marry Peter s sworn enemy, Sheila Tubman how disgusting.But Peter s problems are about to get worse His parents have decided to share a summer house with the Tubmans And Peter will be stuck with Fudge and Sheila the Cootie QuFudge is back and driving his brother Peter crazy, as usual This five year old human hurricane is trouble than ever His latest plan is to marry Peter s sworn enemy, Sheila Tubman how disgusting.But Peter s problems are about to get worse His parents have decided to share a summer house with the Tubmans And Peter will be stuck with Fudge and Sheila the Cootie Queen for three whole weeks It s going to be an unforgettable and hilarious trip for both families, filled with old friends and new ones, plenty of surprises and lots of laughs It may not be the vacation of Peter s dreams But as millions of Judy Blume fans know, it won t be dull Because with Fudge around, anything can happen and does
    Judy Blume
    Judy Blume spent her childhood in Elizabeth, New Jersey, making up stories inside her head She has spent her adult years in many places doing the same thing, only now she writes her stories down on paper Adults as well as children will recognize such Blume titles as Are You There God It s Me, Margaret Blubber Just as Long as We re Together and the five book series about the irrepressible Fudge She has also written three novels for adults, Summer Sisters Smart Women and Wifey, all of them New York Times bestsellers More than 80 million copies of her books have been sold, and her work has been translated into thirty one languages She receives thousands of letters a year from readers of all ages who share their feelings and concerns with her.Judy received a B.S in education from New York University in 1961, which named her a Distinguished Alumna in 1996, the same year the American Library Association honored her with the Margaret A Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement Other recognitions include the Library of Congress Living Legends Award and the 2004 National Book Foundation s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.She is the founder and trustee of The Kids Fund, a charitable and educational foundation She serves on the boards of the Author s Guild the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators the Key West Literary Seminar and the National Coalition Against Censorship.Judy is a longtime advocate of intellectual freedom Finding herself at the center of an organized book banning campaign in the 1980 s she began to reach out to other writers, as well as teachers and librarians, who were under fire Since then, she has worked tirelessly with the National Coalition Against Censorship to protect the freedom to read She is the editor of Places I Never Meant To Be, Original Stories by Censored Writers.Judy has completed a series of four chapter books The Pain the Great One illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist James Stevenson She has co written and produced a film adaptation of her book Tiger Eyes, and is currently writing a new novel.Judy and her husband George Cooper live on islands up and down the east coast They have three grown children and one grandchild.

    Fudge-a-Mania By Judy Blume


    This is the 4th book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy I found out about this book from an highly recommendation by Gregsamson who is also a character out of Kafka s The Transmetomographicationer That buch is about a bug that is a man Eww I m telling you I would not wanna wake up a bug First thing is where would I poop Second thing is feelers are creepy Anyway, thisbuch continues on after Frudgo drops the ring into the lava of Mountain Doom and from there goes on a vacation to Maine with his fami [...]

    Pradnya K.
    Guess what, Pete my brother, Fudge, said I m getting married tomorrow I looked up from my baseball cards Isn t this kind of sudden I asked, since Fudge is only five, No, he said Well who s the lucky bride Sheila Tubman, Fudge said.I hit the floor, pretending to have fainted dead away I did a good job of it because Fudge started shaking me and shouting, Get up, Pete Loved it so much and laughed so hard Judy Blume knows how to make us do both Since I skipped two in the Fudge series, Toothsie was a [...]

    3.5 stars.Read this series AGES ago as a kid and I looooved Fudge Re read this one on my lunch break today it is that short and yes, I m a fast reader and yup, still good I forever laugh at the She thinks Uncle Feathers is a my uncle Why would she think that Because you never specified he was a bird exchange Oh this book, still holds up to the test of time.

    Yumi Learner
    A month ago I read Fudge a Mania in English without using a dictionary The book is my American friend s recommendation She suggested to me that the author s books are good for me to read It was very true She has written a bunch of books for children Even thought I read the only one, it was very interesting, and I really enjoyed it.It s bit difficult for mature English learners to find some interesting books for children in English I d love to recommend the author s books for mature learners.Whil [...]

    Nate N
    Very funny Think about going on a vacation with your worst enemy on top of that sleeping in the same house for 2 whole weeks and a total 14 days that is exactly what pete thinks So you want to find what happen pick up the book and I bet you will not want to put this book down ever and I mean ever.

    I sort of missed the Judy Bloom craze during my early years, and I am tired of missing out in these reminiscing conversations So I will slowly catch up This book was randomly left in a cottage in Canadian Cottage Country, so I snatched it up I like the perspective and wholesome antics Next Are You There, God

    So many memories.

    Cassandra Ball
    After reading this book I was rather disappointed I assume that in the eyes of a 3rd or 4th grader it might be humorous and entertaining However, to me it was just too dramatic and the story was so packed together and I felt like the characters never really has any time to develop It was about a young boy and the summer trip that his family decides to go on They travel up to Maine and share a house with their next door neighbors who have daughter that is the main character s enemy All of the act [...]

    Jose Reyes
    In my option the book Fudge a maina was a very interesting book I think the pranks that fudge pulls on his brother Peter are super funny When Peter finds out that they are living next to his enemy sheila Tubman he refuses to go up Also in Maine peter finds his true love a librarian named Judy I wold recommend this book to people who like humorous stories I think Judy Blume did a very good job of telling the reader what s going on The reason that I gave this book a five star rating is because I t [...]

    Judy Blume was my favorite author when I was a kid

    In this book Fudge A Mania I like many things I liked how the author changed how she spelled words differently to show that someone had something in their mouth or some the difference in age and how a baby doesn t pronounce their words as good That was able to put a good image in my head of what the situation was like I really like how she put problems in this book of a real life family vacation I was able to relate to a lot of Peter s problem s because they happen in my own family vacation I li [...]

    Iman Foster
    I liked that the Hatchers stayed with the tubmans it made things funny Ilike when Fudge and Sheila dug up the yard for a rock garden, and when Peter saw it he was like what happened it was funny I did not like that in the book peter swallowed a fly that was disgusting Something I learned is that just because someone says something dosn t make it true.

    Judy Blume keeps the laughter coming with this book Fudge makes a new friend while Peter struggles with what feels like the loss of a friend This did seem to be the weakest of the Fudge books It was however a perfect set up for the last book in the series.

    ♫ gabi ♫
    aweee the nostalgia of child hood

    Another great read with my 8 yo There were some adult hidden jokes that really cracked me up.

    It was honestly worse than last time

    Brings back great memories.

    Laisha Contreras
    I liked this book It s very interesting and funny.

    This is the 3rd book of Judy Blume s moderately famous series of Fudge Frankly I read about the series by the time I was ravaging through my Wimpy Kid box set and I took a note to read some of this series when I get a chance So, why the 3rd book Well, because when I happened to go to my usual place of book shopping my eyes got caught on this As all book has a fundge in the name, I thought What the fudge, at least I will know if others can be read or not Now lets get to the book This book is abou [...]

    Alexis Gonzalez
    I didn t really like this book as much as I love Judy Blume, I just couldn t get into this book It is part of a series, but the Fudge books just are not my favorite I chose to re read this book because I wanted to see if perhaps it would change my mind, but it didn t It is definitely a family based humor book This would be at the fourth grade reading level and I would not recommend it for a serious read a loud or study.

    This was a super quick read and cute as anything I will absolutely read this story to my boys when they get older A young boy and his family go to the lake for the summer Peter ends up in a house on the lake with a girl from his class who he hates and who he thought was at a cabin on the lake but not in the same house A super quick read and a fun book.

    Ashley Castillo
    This book is called Fudge A Mania I think this is a great book I think this is a great book because it is funny For example his little five year old brother is funny and bad And it is written by New Yorks time best selling author Judy Blume And his little brother is a little trouble maker So this is my opinion on this story.

    Peter and his family spend three weeks in Maine with Sheila Tubman s family There was an awful lot of arguing and name calling among the children in this book I know that happens in real life, but it got on my nerves I think Judy Blume sometimes relies on that sort of humor too much.Despite the title, this is definitely Peter s story He gets his first crush on a girl and so on.

    Five year old Fudge is already planning his marriage He wants to marry Sheila Tubman who lives in his building Fudge s older brother, Peter,hates the idea He and Sheila are enemies Since Fudge is only five there s a lot of things he doesn t know,so he s always asking questions.

    Lola Jeanne
    Love this book because Fudge s family always tries to do something relaxing but fudge always creates chaos I think that Judy Blume is a great author If you read this book I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did

    I really like this book because it is very funny My most favorite character is Fudge because he is very funny and I would love to have a brother like him I will recommend this book to people that like very funny books.

    Nurul Hikmah S.
    Entah kenapa sejak buku kedua garis besarnya selalu tentang liburan Kali ini keluarga Fudge liburan ke Maine Dan yuhu Fudge ingin memperistri Sheila Tubman Padahal umurnya masih lima tahun, dasar Fudge

    Great way to end the Fudge series would be awesome if Judy Blume wanted to write a new chapter in the lives of the Hatcher family and the Tubmans.

    Heba Al Anzi
    Definitely making my kids read these one day Brings back so many memories from my childhood

    Andrew Smith
    Spoiler ALERTI liked the book a lot because it was funny how they lost the rings for Buzzysenior and grandmas wedding, but then they found them the rings.

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