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  • Title: Consequences
  • Author: Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • ISBN: 9780451459718
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback

  • Consequences By Kristine Kathryn Rusch Retrieval Artist Miles Flint brought one of the Disappeared out of hiding, believing she would be safe But then she s murdered, plunging Flint into a mystery involving an enigmatic alien race and the fate of the entire solar system.
    Kristine Kathryn Rusch
    Kristine Kathryn Rusch is an award winning mystery, romance, science fiction, and fantasy writer She has written many novels under various names, including Kristine Grayson for romance, and Kris Nelscott for mystery Her novels have made the bestseller lists even in London and have been published in 14 countries and 13 different languages.Her awards range from the Ellery Queen Readers Choice Award to the John W Campbell Award In the past year, she has been nominated for the Hugo, the Shamus, and the Anthony Award She is the only person in the history of the science fiction field to have won a Hugo award for editing and a Hugo award for fiction In addition, she s written a number of nonfiction articles over the years, with her latest being the book A Freelancer s Survival Guide.She has also published as Sandy Schofield collaborations with husband Dean Wesley Smith Kristine Grayson romancesKathryn Wesley collaborations with husband Dean Wesley Smith Kris Nelscott mysteriesKris Rusch historical fictionKris DeLake romances

    Consequences By Kristine Kathryn Rusch


    3.5 stars again Another good sci fi mystery The pace was still weird, most of the book was one mystery, then suddenly it was something else and then it was over This is the third book in the series and I ve thought the pace was odd every time, slow up until near the end and then a sudden wrap It s not a terrible problem, it s just a bit odd The character development also isn t what I d hope Noelle is still the best character, which is great, but kind of strange for a series that s named after Mi [...]

    Ree Linker
    I would give this book 3.5 stars if I could I enjoyed it, and I look forward to the rest of the series.Liked The idea of consequences poor past decisions can be damaging even if you ve had a change of heart The fact that it was hard to tell who were the good guys and who were the bad guys The series story arc can a detective and a retrieval artist be friends What is the deal with Paloma What will happen with the political situation in Armstrong Some questions broached what is acceptable in a sta [...]

    This book, at its core, was about assumptions, I think What assumptions do we make about people and situations, even when we may think we re being open minded Things may appear to be one way, but that may only hold a shade of truth or none at all As a former journalist, I thought especially of reporting situations where everyone has different interpretations of what had happened or what kind of person the villain was It seemed impossible to ever fully know the truth people s actions and motivati [...]

    Laura de Leon
    I wish I could give 1 2 stars on the rating, because 3 stars seemed to low, 4 stars too high I did enjoy the book At times,I liked it a lot, but at other times, it was just OK.The primary characters were still interesting to me, even if many of the ones introduced in this story seemed one dimensional.Perhaps the problem was that this book took itself a little to seriously, which wasn t what I was looking for The question of what behaviour is acceptable in war, and what the implications are after [...]

    Lois Clark-Johnston
    I read this book quickly I had forgotten about DeRicci s promotion I had forgotten that this book introduced the governor general as well as Mayor Soseki I had also forgotten that this was the book where Miles first starts to kinda screw over DeRicci Miles gets on my nerves from this book until the mystery of the book Paloma in regards to him is solved.

    David Fox
    The human politics of this one seemed interesting than the previous two in the series, and I hope Rusch returns to this conflict However, this novel seemed to go off on a tangent and never come back.

    Whodunit , maybe Whatdunnit ,

    Irene Wight
    Awesome I stumbled upon her books looking on for another book I thought it looked interesting I love her books a I recommended them to my son Awesome

    The third installment of this series gives a deeper look at the web of interstellar politics and connectedness going on in the universe and it s all taking place in Armstrong City Dome on the Moon This one took me a little longer to get into because at the beginning there are points of view from characters unknown unnamed on planets never heard of and in the past I felt a bit disconnected and took in the information like one does all info dumps thinking that this is probably important to what s [...]

    Consequences is the third book in Rusch s Retrieval Artist series, a science fiction mystery series that focuses on Miles Flint, retrieval artist, and also on Noelle DeRicci, a detective in the domed city of Armstrong, which is located on the moon.Given that this is a mystery series, each book has a plot that s self contained, and they could technically be read out of order However, Consequences refers to the prior books, and I think character development and relations would be best understood i [...]

    Christine Taylor
    Like many other people who have reviewed the book, I wish I could give this book a 3.5 Out of the 3 that I have read I am reading them in order this one is my favorite Liked This book gets back to the idea of intergalactic relationships There is an element of excitement at least for me throughout the book Noelle and Miles s relationship Blurred bad guy, good guy roles The idea of humans being foreigners to EarthCould have been better Etae s back story needed to be fleshed out just a bit Now tha [...]

    Glen U
    Consequences is the best Retrieval Artist story yet, by author Kristine Kathryn Rusch This book, like all in her Retrieval Artist series, involves a person who voluntarily disappears to avoid dire consequences Where this book differs from Rusch s others is that the Disappeared is only a beginning to the main story The main plot of this story involves planetary alliances, Machivellian machinations, and a host of secondary characters that Rusch does an excellent job of developing for us as the sto [...]

    These Retrieval Artist novels are still like candy This one is not as tight as the previous two, though Although the first two books share a setting and characters, and the relationships between the characters develop, each book s plot is pretty self contained The plot of this book sort of has a resolution, but it also feels like part one of a multi book arc This book has interplanetary politics as a theme Although there are some characters who are non human, most of the interplanetary politics [...]

    Consequences is the third novel in the Retrieval Artist series and, like its predecessors, is a cross between light speculative fiction and a police procedural thriller.The plot of this novel centers around a murder investigation in the Moon colony of Armstrong and the connections between the murder and an escalating political crisis.The novel, though well written and a fast read, is at times weak in its character and future world believability This is most noticeable with the Retrieval Artist c [...]

    Book 3 of a 7 book series This book continues to show the tangled adventures of Miles Flint and Noelle DeRicci, former partner detectives When a family that Miles brought back together is killed, both he and Noelle begin investigating from their own respective sides.This book doesn t have the same science y aspect as the last one i.e no rampaging virus , but it was still really good Lots of political intrigue, with questions about what is permissible during and after wartime, and what the conseq [...]

    These books are just getting better and better.Consequences shows the of the adventures of Miles Flint and Noelle DeRicci, former partner detectives, and how what you do can haunt you long after the event is finished When a family that Miles brought back together is killed, both he and Noelle begin investigating from their own respective sides More of the politics, while the science has become background That is not a bad thing Plus questions about what is permissible during and after wartime, [...]

    Carly Kirk
    Wow So much happens in this book it s mind boggling The gist is that the government of Etea is asking to be allowed into the World Alliance, but there are many who don t want to allow them due to their world having been going through civil war for over 30 years and only having peace for the past 10 On the other hand the industries want them to be allowed in, so they can purchase the illegal body enhancements the Eteans have perfected in the art of war that allows a person to become a living weap [...]

    If I could, I d give this three and a half stars It s the fourth Retrieval Artist novel I ve read These novels are easy to read, are set in an interesting future on a domed Moon where everyone is linked to all manner of information feeds, and feature a tough but principled former detective, Miles Flint, as a retrieval artist who helps find people who have voluntarily disappeared In the universe of the novel, disappearing is sometimes necessary due to the alliance of many worlds, some of which ha [...]

    Summary Another really good story, intelligent, thought provoking, action packed, hardcore science fiction The universe this is set in, seems bizarre but so believable and the plot is intricate with multiple threads all running together Wonderful stuff.Plotline Well thought out intelligent plot Its based on many threads running in parallel and all highly related Some aspects aren t well explained but thats ok The whole makes a cracking storyPremise Bizarre aliens and cultures although most of th [...]

    Liked The interwoven plotlines with the changing POVs is done very well It would totally fail in the hands of a lesser author The mystery kept me listening It wasn t so much the whodunnit part but the why that carries the plotline Flint DeRicci s relationship is ever changing and very realistically done.Liked Less I personally would have liked to see DeRicci in this book More information about the Etae conflict would have fleshed out the backstory made everything a little tighter.Overall, a gre [...]

    I like all the components of Rusch s Retrieval Artist series detective work, alien races, intergalactic politics, an underground Disappearance network But the writing itself leaves something to be desired I think most of it comes from the pacing The first 85% of the book is long and drawn out, very little forward momentum, and then suddenly, everything comes together and all is resolved It s all very anti climactic Might give the series another chance in the future, but moving on for now.

    I love this author, I honestly do I admire her output of work 50 novels and the quality of that work I especially love this series It s a wonderful, believable world in the future merging sci fi and detective genres She seamlessly writes from various perspectives throughout each book The themes she deals with are meaty stuff.But this time around there was something missing from this story I kept expecting some kind of hook that didn t come Still a good read, just a little less than what I had co [...]

    Lucia Maria
    Not as good as the previous two Retrieval Artist books Far less investigation, too many emotional soliloquies by various characters that went on for too long The inter world meetings of various races were too long and tedious and the main premise of the book was just a little unbelievable, especially when compared to real life of the type that I read ie WWII, Holocaust etc Very disappointing after the first two books I felt like I just got half a story with a whole lot of fluff in between I have [...]

    Ryan Williams
    I ve always been a fan of Kristine Kathryn Rusch s work, I just haven t caught up with all of her books I decided to catch up with the lengthy Retrieval Artist series recently following the release of the Anniversary Day saga I love this series, and this book just pulled me right back into that world It was great to see Miles Flint again and see the world and history developed On to the next

    Highly enjoyable The future the author portrays is a fascinating backdrop for the mystery Interesting characters and situations I m liking Miles character development There are several noticeable spelling and grammar issues, at least in the Kindle version, but the story is so good I will forgive those.

    Good book again I like the main character and his ongoing transformation is good reading.Similar to the last two offerings though it feels although the author spends 75 80% of the book scene setting to smash a quick finish out Not the best balance and felt rushed toward the end.More than good enough to keep me reading the series though.

    David Macpherson
    I like the series, I like the writing, I hated the last 100 pages of this book It was a lot of things happening and i just didn t care There was politics and war and assissination and reading the last quarter was like doing homework I m not giving up on the series, but the shine if off at the moment.

    David Hoopes
    My new favorite KK Rusch Very good mystery, sci fi, cross genre Her Retrieval books ponder how different sentient creatures attempt to live with each others morals Her prose is very good I find myself wanting to sit down with a stack of her books and read them all.

    John Devenny
    Third in the Retrieval Artist series and the best so far A mystery with interesting alien races and a fascinating protagonist about whom we learn a lot This series is a must read for all fans of SF and crime.

    This book was a political thriller than a detective novel and I could tell this was the point where the series began turning that direction Since I enjoyed the later books, I didn t mind this turn A solid entry to the series, even though I read it last.

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      239 Kristine Kathryn Rusch
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