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  • Title: The Disappeared
  • Author: Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • ISBN: 9780451458889
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Disappeared By Kristine Kathryn Rusch His name Miles Flint His occupation Retrieval Artist His job Hunt down the Disappeared outlaws on the run, wanted for crimes against alien cultures The catch Flint isn t working on the side of the law.In a universe where humans and aliens have formed a loose government called the Earth Alliance, treaties guarantee that humans are subject to alien laws when on alienHis name Miles Flint His occupation Retrieval Artist His job Hunt down the Disappeared outlaws on the run, wanted for crimes against alien cultures The catch Flint isn t working on the side of the law.In a universe where humans and aliens have formed a loose government called the Earth Alliance, treaties guarantee that humans are subject to alien laws when on alien soil But alien laws often make no sense, and the punishments vary from loss of life to loss of a first born child Now three cases have collided a stolen spaceyacht filled with dead bodies, two kidnapped human children, and a human woman on the run, trying to Disappear to avoid alien prosecution Flint must enforce the law giving the children to aliens, solving the murders, and arresting the woman for trying to save her own life But how is a man supposed to enforce laws that are unjust How can he sacrifice innocents to a system he s not sure he believes in How can Miles Flint do the right thing in a universe where the right thing is very, very wrong This Endeavor Award winning novel is Flint s first adventure, the story that turns him from a police detective in the Armstrong Dome on the Moon into a Retrieval Artist Rusch has created an entertaining blend of mystery and sf, a solid police drama that asks hard questions about what justice between cultures, and even species, really is Booklist It feels like a popular TV series crossed with a Spielberg film engaging Locus The Disappeared is a very readable, very thought provoking novel that lives up to every expectation we have of Rusch and her considerable talents Buy and enjoy Analog
    Kristine Kathryn Rusch
    Kristine Kathryn Rusch is an award winning mystery, romance, science fiction, and fantasy writer She has written many novels under various names, including Kristine Grayson for romance, and Kris Nelscott for mystery Her novels have made the bestseller lists even in London and have been published in 14 countries and 13 different languages.Her awards range from the Ellery Queen Readers Choice Award to the John W Campbell Award In the past year, she has been nominated for the Hugo, the Shamus, and the Anthony Award She is the only person in the history of the science fiction field to have won a Hugo award for editing and a Hugo award for fiction In addition, she s written a number of nonfiction articles over the years, with her latest being the book A Freelancer s Survival Guide.She has also published as Sandy Schofield collaborations with husband Dean Wesley Smith Kristine Grayson romancesKathryn Wesley collaborations with husband Dean Wesley Smith Kris Nelscott mysteriesKris Rusch historical fictionKris DeLake romances

    The Disappeared By Kristine Kathryn Rusch


    Dirk Grobbelaar
    He was amazed that something so beautiful could be so dangerous.This book was just a total pleasure to read The premise here is quite simple in order to co exist with the Alien cultures in the galaxy, and for commercial and political gain, humanity has to adhere to the laws and regulations laid down by the different Alien civilizations Inter species crimes are judged by a multi cultural tribunal, and if guilt against a human is determined, a warrant is issued This whole setup is bad news for hum [...]

    Mathew Walls
    Interesting concept, but approached all wrong I like the idea of a story about fugitives on the run from interstellar law, with the problems of members of one species being convicted under the laws of another, but for some reason the author decided to make the protagonists of this book law enforcement officers who do everything in their power to not enforce the law, which is incredibly irritating.Also, the featured fugitives are all really dumb There re the ones who ve been sentenced to have the [...]

    Snarktastic Sonja
    I enjoyed this book I really did It was a very intriguing world and a very intriguing story It is not quite dystopian, true sci fi I mean there ARE aliens The characters are very well drawn I am, however, unlikely to continue the series It just hits too close to home for me The government that is supposed to be protecting its citizens is way too busy protecting its own behind to care about its citizens Yep This is why I won t continue If that doesn t bother you and you would like a good sci fi [...]

    The story of how Miles Flint becomes a Retrieval Artist I d say but I think half the fun of this book is the slow reveal of the world, governed by an intercultural law that allows aliens to enact punishments on humans for transgressions of their laws Loved the world building, the characters, and the many shades of grey and I don t just mean the Moon dust in the plot.

    Does anyone remember that episode of Star Trek The Next Generation where the young Mr Crusher faces a horrible punishment for breaking a fence The idea behind that episode forms part of the background for this seasons.The Disappeared is sci fi C.S.I with a twist Inter galactic treaties have led to a simple rule You commit a crime on a planet, you face that planet s punishment, even if it means handing over your baby because you stepped on something It s this premise that makes the book scary and [...]

    Maggie K
    A fast paced space mystery that lays the groundwork for a series Flint has just made detective on the moon, a long time dream But if this week is an example of the kind of cases he is going to get, he already regrets the goal 3 cases seem to overlap in that they involve turning humans over to alien races for punishment Enforcing laws that do not seem moral makes Flint dig deep, hoping for a loophole Instead he finds all sorts of graft People who have paid good money to disappear from their alien [...]

    It started off very entertaining with just the right amount of mystery I liked the police procedural aspect with the two cops The alternating POVs kept it speeding along It did seem kind of weird that all of the aliens had the same or very similar laws about how people had to pay for what for their crimes Except the Wygnin made the criminals children pay by kidnapping them and trying to turn them Wygnin Which worked if they were young enough and they could be happy members of Wygnin society, as [...]

    This is the prequel to Rusch s 2000 story, The Retrieval Artist As that was and is one of my favorite novellas of all time, I was eagerly anticipating this book, and not disappointed in the least.Miles Flint is a first year detective on the Moon Sector Police, with his tough experienced partner, Noelle DeRicci Both are smart and somewhat on the fringe of the agency, and thus tend to pick up the cases others don t really want As the book opens they are given a case in the Port, a mysterious vesse [...]

    Micah Sisk
    Having just read The Retrieval Artist, the novella that began this series, and having previously read two of Rusch s standalone Retrieval Artist novels, I ve decided to start going through this series in order of publication.The Disappeared steps back in time and follows the events that led Miles Flint into becoming a Retrieval Artist a private investigator dedicated to finding those who have disappeared, humans usually who have changed their identities and gone into hiding because of conviction [...]

    Interesting idea but the execution was not so great.The basic premise is quite interesting In the future, humanity has reached the stars and discovered other intelligent races Part of the price of doing business with these other races is that humans must abide and be accountable under the laws of the race who controlled where the crime occurred So, CEO of an interstellar corporation commits sacrilege on an alien world The penalty is death of their first born, under the laws of the owners of that [...]

    I do not want to live in the world Rusch has created in this series It is too hard for me to read about aliens taking human babies children as compensation punishment justice and humans allowing this to happen Enough with the babies already My heart just can t take it In fact, I had to skip to the end to make sure I found out what happened before I would willingly continue reading.Good story and descriptions but I think I will pass on the rest of the series.

    3.5 stars.

    Ben Goodridge
    Hard science fiction meets hard boiled crime drama.

    Lis Carey
    Miles Flint and Noelle DeRicci, police detectives in Armstrong Dome on the Moon, have a problem.They ve been assigned to investigate first one, then two, then three ships arrived at the Moon under peculiar circumstances These are quickly shown to be related to humans convicted of crimes against against alien laws, who have chosen to disappear rather than face their sentences.The first contains three bodies, eviscerated in a Disty revenge killing.The second carries five Wygnin and two human child [...]

    I burned through this book pretty quickly, which I found surprising given its than lack luster cover Additionally, I had purchased her Black Queen and Black King series half a dozen years ago but haven t had a chance to read it yet All signs pointed towards it being something that I would pick up from the library but not get around to reading it.I can only be thankful for this magical thing that I have discovered called paid leave For four days vacation time I got about 10 days of sitting on my [...]

    I was hoping to enjoy this one much than I did It had some potential, but to my eye it bogged down in ideology.The prose was workmanlike not stupid, certainly not glowing It got the job done, and that s about it The story reminded me somewhat of the old Sector General books here we are with several different alien species, and we re going to have fun describing them physically and talking about how differently they think and how hard it is to get along with them, but not really in a very deep w [...]

    Vanessa Grant
    I loved this book I thought I d become jaded about reading Sci Fi, but Kristine Kathryn Rusch changed my mind with The Disappeared, first in the Retrieval Artist series When I spotted this book a few days ago on a promotion and saw it was the first book in Rusch s Retrieval Artist series, I bought the eBook and started reading right away Some years ago I d enjoyed audio versions of one of Rusch s Retrieval Artist short stories, and was eager to read the first book Wow Rusch is a skilled, highly [...]

    This was like an old fashioned detective story set on the moon There was no character or relationship development to speak of, and the writing wasequate I m never impressed by 3rd person omniscient narrators, popping in and out of characters heads The plot was just interesting enough to keep me reading without any particular concern for the characters involved.What I did find intriguing was this exploration of one possible cultural conflict with alien cultures The premise of the novel was that w [...]

    Dawn Albright
    Emotionally gripping and well written This is a police procedural in a world where the police are obligated to honor alien legal systems that seem unethical to our society I initially wasn t so keen on the world building, because I thought it was odd that so many alien races would end up with legal systems so similar to ours in procedure but so alien in terms of the rules It s like the aliens were simultaneously too alien and not alien enough But then I read the headlines in the newspapers and t [...]

    Sarah Anne
    Soooo I totally feel bad about not loving this book It looked so promising My issues were the multiple POV and the multiple storylines It drove me crazy and it jarred the book enough that I just couldn t get into it The aliens were really cool, along with their totally bizarre laws I mean, we ll take your first born child away from you because you built on land that we sold you How screwed up is that The aliens that were brought into the story were very unique and I can see where there s room fo [...]

    DNF at 75% The only interesting aspect of this book is the ways different alien cultures deal with justice And it s barely touched upon For a book with several people struggling against alien justice, it s pretty boring and not particularly well written.

    10hrs 12mns

    I have no defense against a book about interstellar law, human rights, morality vs law, ethics, police procedurals, due process, etc.This book and series is my crack.

    3.5 stars

    I ve been on a serious science fiction binge of late because reality, but I ve been determined not to fall into a genre rut The Disappeared is the first in The Retrieval Artist series has just made that determination waver This story was addictive and I mean in that way that not only is it a page turner but also I felt a bit resentful when I had to put it down and do other things I literally woke up with my tablet in my hand because my body finally got its way in the middle of the night and slee [...]

    A detective story is not very entertaining when there is no mystery That is the number one rule to learn from this, I think.Second thing to learn is that I don t care about a character s emotions just because you tell me to Show, don t tell.A major plot point in this story is aliens coming to take away human children as payment for the crimes of the parents We are told over and over how horrible it is for the parents to lose their children, and how awful it will be for the poor kids to live with [...]

    David Fox
    Having devoured Rusch s Diving Universe series, I decided to try the Retrieval Artist series while I wait for the next diving novel The retrieval artist series certainly has plenty of suspense, and the characters with the possible exception of Miles are imperfect in interesting ways However, so far, after four and a half novels, I m not finding the world building as satisfying as I did with the Diving Series.In my favorite novel about the collision of alien legal systems, Frank Hebert s Dosadi E [...]

    The premise of this book is very interesting What if we meet aliens and they have extremely different conceptions of justice than we do The three cases at the heart of this novel are all designed to put at odds something that we might consider to be universal justice and then create a plausible reason for denying that justice if looked at from a literally alien point of view This is really a five star sci fi idea and was quite enjoyable to read about The characters in this book are interesting, [...]

    Rather disappointing because I feel like this is a setting that should have been really interesting Humanity meets aliens, and the way the relationship works is that each has to abide by the other s cultural rules while they re on their soil, no matter how bizarre to our physiology or cultural norms But the cultural differences weren t actually very different one of the alien races just practices vengeance killings, which many human cultures accept, too, just not our particular one The setting o [...]

    This book was a bit of a roller coaster The beginning had a bunch of disconnected vignettes, which went on rather longer than I had patience for Once I struggled through that, I was pretty into the middle of the story there are some fascinating aliens, who are interestingly alien, and mystery And then at the end, the protagonist made some baffling to me choices, and completely lost my interest view spoiler I didn t think there was a whole lot of moral ambiguity about handing over most of those p [...]

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