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  • Title: Sunborn
  • Author: Jeffrey A. Carver
  • ISBN: 9780312864538
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Sunborn By Jeffrey A. Carver Stars are dying that s the news that greets John Bandicut and his companions They must travel to a nebula called Starmaker to discover what force threatens not just the newborn stars, but every world within a thousand light years They must journey not just into the perils of a star forming nebula, but into confrontation with a billion year old adversary of life as theyStars are dying that s the news that greets John Bandicut and his companions They must travel to a nebula called Starmaker to discover what force threatens not just the newborn stars, but every world within a thousand light years They must journey not just into the perils of a star forming nebula, but into confrontation with a billion year old adversary of life as they know it Whatever chance they have of stopping the terrifying Mindaru may be found only in the fiery heart of an intelligent sun Meanwhile, back on Triton, Julie Stone experiences her own encounter with the translator, and she too must make a life or death decision in defense of the Earth.Sunborn is Volume 4 of The Chaos Chronicles, from the Nebula nominated author of Eternity s End.
    Jeffrey A. Carver
    Jeffrey A. Carver Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sunborn book, this is one of the most wanted Jeffrey A. Carver author readers around the world.

    Sunborn By Jeffrey A. Carver


    Dirk Grobbelaar
    Very few books manage to convey a true sense of wonder these days Everybody is so caught up in characters and plot that we sometimes forget to just sit back and look at the sky Or, specifically, the stars This book is a rare beast It manages to juggle story with backdrop very efficiently In this book space, or the universe, is as vast as you could want it to be It is also magical and mythical and marvelous There are mysteries out there This is the fourth book in a series I haven t read the nove [...]

    In the mid nineties Jeffrey Carver released the first three books of a planned six book series called The Chaos Chronicles As a friend noted at the time, in telling a story that spanned the galaxy, Carver finally had a canvas big enough for his imagination Then for than 10 years no books Finally the fourth book, Sunborn has arrived It takes a while to get back into the series, and he realizes that, providing some background reminders without interfering with the present story The new plot has [...]

    If you like hard SF space opera, this book is like chicken soup A group of 4 people humanoid aliens and 2 robots have to solve the mystery of who, how and why is killing stars by exploding them, and stop them, with the help of various interdimentional aliens and n space force fields If reading the words n space bubble makes you happy, then this book is for you I really liked it It s really classical, straight forward hard SF in space , in the style of Poul Anderson or Stephen Baxter.

    Vincenzo Bacci
    I did not read the previous books of the series possibly the reason I did not like it actually I did not finish it Could not be engaged by the characters Long descriptions of almost abstract entities felt by telepathy science quite implausible

    The best in the series since the 1st one Very interesting About 3.8 stars

    David Erickson
    Sunborn, by Jeffrey A Carver, is truly a novel of epic proportions Something malevolent is killing living stars.Fresh from a solving a galactic mystery, a human, John Bandicut, three beings and two robots are enlisted in the fight by Jeeves, a sentient robot, just when they were hoping for a respite.This is a non stop ride that takes them to the Starmaker Nebula using a quick transport method called threading space aboard an n space ship that is energy than a solid There they must first discove [...]

    Zoffix Znet
    An amazing book Robots Aliens Hyper dimensional beings and menacing AIs Faster than light spaceships and spacestations that are larger on the inside and can change shape at willHow about stars Sentient stars How about flying into the core of a star to talk to it, to save it from dying A mysterious alien artifact that wants to save the Earth and a group of aliens with a human with a weird mind thing that want to save the galaxy.All that is tied in an elegant, gripping plot And it is a rare occasi [...]

    God, why does modern sci fi have to be so INTERMINABLE when you read it I only got ten or fifteen pages in before I was exhausted by interpreting all the and italics and of varying dialogues between Made up Vowel Sounds 1 and Made Up Vowel Sounds 2 People are all jazzed about hard sci fi, but I ve never really gotten into a book that bills itself as such because usually by hard sci fi they mean lacking in imaginative scope because they re way impressed with name dropping smidges of string and ch [...]

    Mark Dobrosielski
    I loved this latest book from Jeffrey Carver, and hope he continues the series There are just too many loose ends to stop here.One of the great things about this book actually the whole series of books is it gets me thinking on a cosmic scale The characters feel it, too, and their stories are believably told.The science, while fiction, is well researched and presented It can make your head spin I m a professional geek, but not an astrophysicist , but it s still entertaining.The characters are en [...]

    Benjamin Kelly
    Bandicut and company have fallen out of the frying pan and into the fire in Sunborn, Book 4 of The Chaos Chronicles This go round they actually have a choice accept the mission and possibly die or don t accept the mission and probably die As if saving worlds wasn t a big enough challenge for them, this time they ve been tasked with saving a stellar nursery, a job that will push them to the breaking point and possibly beyond Each book in this series has been better than the last and Sunborn is no [...]

    T Floyd
    I read the first 3 in the series before coming beginning this one, which may have helped me relate to the characters in a different way I had a sense of their explorations, frustrations, and desires that helped put this book into a psychological context.But this book was not really like the other books, except at a surface level of being forced against ones own personal will into the unknown This book has changed the way I think about the universe, and what it means to listen to the stars.

    Ken Rubenstein
    A captivating tripI am not much into writing reviews I tend to read enjoy The Chaos Chronicles takes one on a very different sci first trip with imagination of that universe truly different and mind opening Sunburn was the 4th book in the series and I anxiously await the next installment.

    Aaron DeMott
    I thought this book was as good as the rest in the series, and it picked back up a character that I was really hoping wouldn t be forgotten I don t want to say too much, but it ended right before an event involving said character that I ve been waiting the whole series for, can t wait for the next one

    Lee Belbin
    The diverse team of 6 under the leadership of Bandicut get to communicate with suns and save a fair swag of the galaxy from the evil empire of machines that plan the demise of organic life in the universe All in a few days work Better than previous in series but continuing over the top which I suppose is what SF is about.

    Given that he waited almost 20 years for book 4, he dod a good job He incorporated some new scientific discoveries and got the tension moving with the plot nicely I really enjoyed this and look forward to the next few books in the series But here in 2013 there ia no evidence after 5 years that he has plans for sequels which would be a shame.

    Too much hand waving buzz word science, only one character I cared about, and a plot I couldn t swallow It s written well, and moves along enough I almost enjoyed it regardless Unless you ve read the previous novels I haven t I d skip this one.

    Mark Cliff
    Loved it I can hardly wait to read the next book Loved it I can hardly wait to read the next book This book is very sci fi I could hardly put it down I look forward to the next adventure I recommend this book to sci fi lovers

    Kori Weiser
    I am waiting, rather impatiently, for book 5, which has been almost 9 years in the making.While I enjoyed the Star Rigger books immensely, I am dying to see what has happened to John Bandicut and his motley crew.Please bring us back into John s life

    Awesome Can t wait for rest.

    A very good science fiction tale from Jeffrey Carver

    Brian Allen
    Brilliant conclusion to the Chaos Chronicles, but I am left wanting Highly recommended for its concepts and characters.

    I found myself skimming over sections that was just the technical stuff Too much description But otherwise, kept up with other 3.

    Don t recall, atm, if I read this one Find out.

    good, but too much wandering adventure not mu usual cup of tea, bit will read next one

    I like it but not as good as the previous books.

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