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  • Title: Indiana Jones and the Interior World
  • Author: Rob MacGregor
  • ISBN: 9780553299663
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback

  • Indiana Jones and the Interior World By Rob MacGregor Indy discovers a hidden realm in this exciting new adventure penned by the author of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade In the last volume in the series, The Unicorn s Legacy, Indy cast the unicorn s horn through a portal he believed led to a hidden world, accidentally causing an imbalance which now places both worlds in danger of complete destruction.
    Rob MacGregor
    Rob MacGregor is author of 19 novels, 14 non fiction books, and has teamed with George Lucas and Peter Benchley He is a winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award for mystery writing, and has been on the New York Times best seller s list He writes both adult and young adult mysteries, adventure, and science fiction fantasy He s best known for his seven Indiana Jones novels He co authored The Fog with Bruce Gernon, and with his wife, Trish, co authored three books on synchronicity His latest book is Aliens in the Backyard UFO Encounters, Abductions, and Synchronicity In his spare time, Rob teaches yoga and meditation.

    Indiana Jones and the Interior World By Rob MacGregor


    Indiana Jones and the Interior World might just be the worst book I have ever read At the very least it is a strong contender To begin with, Rob MacGregor betrays the character of Indiana Jones His Indiana is not just healthily skeptical, he s idiotic Imagine if Dana Scully had continued as a total unbeliever past the first season of X Files Well that is Indiana Jones in the Interior World No matter how much evidence he is presented with, not matter how many mythical creatures he bumps into, no [...]

    Benjamin Thomas
    In this sixth Indiana Jones prequel series novel, Indy travels to Easter Island with Marcus Brody where a mystery connects the whispering moai statues there to the eerie ghost ship of Chilo Island This leads Indy to a secret interior world, rud for centuries in the concept of a hollow Earth and leads to just the sort of adventure one would want from an Indiana Jones novel In the previous novel, Unicorn horn, Indy had accidentally caused an imbalance between the two worlds when he disposed of a d [...]

    Kiril Valchev
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    What does Easter Island, a pirate ghost shop, native Americans, unicorns, and the hollow earth have in common The author tried to cram them all into this book Ouch.

    Paolo Calabrò
    Too weird for me.

    This book is just odd I never imagined Indiana Jones having such a very bizarre adventure This novel takes place inside of the Earth Basically Jones gets kidnapped by a crew on a ghost ship and is then transported to a world underneath our world It s almost like Jules Vern s Journey To The Center of The Earth I really liked this novel since ever other book Rob MacGregor wrote ties in with this final Indiana Jones adventure It explains why the eagle is Indy s spirit animal.Honestly it s just an i [...]

    Mistydawn Thrash
    I hardly ever seem to like a book that is a spin off from a classic movie I went into this book assuming I ll be disappointed I was right.This book had so many story lines, different places, different angles and not a single one of them seemed to wrap up Easter Island, South America, interior world, exterior world was all a mish mash of story ideas that could have maybe made a good story one at a time but really got lost and confusing in this book The characters were not well developed and never [...]

    Rob MacGregor s final Indiana Jones book proves to be his weakest When it comes to Final books in a series, often than not, it s a chance for the author to bring together all the various plot threads laced throughout the novels and reveal the series central thesis And to that point I m not sure what this novel was trying to say Interior World at no point feels like an Indiana Jones story, with the interior world itself feeling half baked and the story s near constant dream state taking away the [...]

    Indiana Jones and the Interior World is a bit hard for me to score I m not a big fan of the films, but other reviewers have said that this book betrays the spirit of the Spielberg Lucas epics I actually found the story to be quite good, and I liked that Mr MacGregor did not resort to gobs of profanity and or graphically violent sequences, as some other Indiana Jones books have had Still, I get the feeling that this is not Indy as his fans have come to know him If you just read the books, like me [...]

    Scot Eaton
    Finally at the end of this series This book started off with a great premise You know those 5 disconnected books you just read Well guess what They re all connected I was pretty excited after the first third of the book But then it didn t go anywhere It abandoned the Indiana Jones adventure formula for a rather generic fantasy that just didn t seem to fit It was as jarring as the aliens at the end of The Crystal Skull For a book that showed so much promise, I think I might have to call it the wo [...]

    Half way through this 12 book series and the final one by Rob MacGregor and we re starting to see some diminishing returns, with a plot that alternates between too familiar and too murky But MacGregor does have a good handle on the character, and he puts Indy in some very evocative settings, from Easter Island to the South American jungle.

    Now I remember this one When I first read this book as a young man, it confused the daylights out of me I d be willing to explore the hollow earth theory, but doing it through almost dimensional shifts is a little out there Sometimes the story felt choppy and hard to follow All in all, it was a fun read though.

    Charles Millhouse
    You know I ve liked all of the Indiana jones books from Rob MacGregor up to this point, but he Interior World was a mess It started out well enough, but became a mess soon after For his final book I was looking for something a bit adventurous, but instead I got a boring story with no purpose Too bad

    A friend introduced me to this series when I lived in Fayetteville, NC The local Walden Books ahd a section they called Men s Adventure books and these were shelved there I enjoyed the seris up until this one, then sort of lost interest because the story just did not captivate me at all.

    The book started out interesting but ended in a hurry The reading was interesting and fairly easy.

    Linda Beauchamp
    I couldn t quite buy into the other world wasn t convincing enough.

    I love Indy, but this one was a barn burner that s for sure.


    Cathrine Bonham
    Not the best book in the series To get into all of the problems I had with it would spoil to much of plot I will just say Temple of doom yea well this book isn t even that good.

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