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  • Title: Down the Highway (The Life of Bob Dylan)
  • Author: Howard Sounes
  • ISBN: 9780552999298
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback

  • Down the Highway (The Life of Bob Dylan) By Howard Sounes Bob Dylan stands out with Elvis Presley and The Beatles in a triumvirate of popular music artists of unparalleled achievements, influence and public fascination He changed popular music in the 1960s, and helped define that decade with songs Blowin in the Wind and Like a Rolling Stone Yet he resisted those who attempted to define him An aratist of indomitable energyBob Dylan stands out with Elvis Presley and The Beatles in a triumvirate of popular music artists of unparalleled achievements, influence and public fascination He changed popular music in the 1960s, and helped define that decade with songs Blowin in the Wind and Like a Rolling Stone Yet he resisted those who attempted to define him An aratist of indomitable energy and single mindedness, he went on to create new work on albums such as BLOOD ON THE TRACKS and TIME OUT OF MIND which rivals his past glory.He has outlasted all his contemporaries, selling than 56 million records over forty years In 2001, the year of his sixtieth birthday, Bob Dylan is as relevant to a young audience as to those who grew up with his musicWN THE HIGHWAY celebrates the grandeur of Dylan s artistic achievement and reveals the complete life story of the reclusive, mercurial and eccentric man who has been an enigma for so long This major new biography is based on a mountain of research conducted over three years, including interviews with than 250 people in Dylan s life lovers, friends, relatives, former employees and music stars Many interviewees are key people who have not spoken before Author Howard Sounes has also had access to previously unseen documentary evidence In this magnificent and authoritative account he takes the reader to the heart of Dylan s life and work.
    Howard Sounes
    Biographer of extraordinary personalities including the murderers Fred and Rosemary West Fred Rose , poet Charles Bukowski Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life and the singer songwriters Bob Dylan Down the Highway and Lou Reed Notes from the Velvet Underground Visit howardsounes

    Down the Highway (The Life of Bob Dylan) By Howard Sounes


    Clif Hostetler
    This is a big book so it seems not much can be missing from it The range of information contained in this book includes Dylan s second marriage and love child, his illness, his finances, court cases, his various residences, relationships, family, and idiosyncratic behavior that ranged being a loner to sexually promiscuous, sensitive to indifferent And of course his professional career of composing songs, writing lyrics and performance are also thoroughly covered by the book.The book contains num [...]

    James Lundy
    I enjoyed reading Down the Highway not because it is a well written book it isn t and not because Howard Sounes has any insights into the music of Bob Dylan he doesn t I enjoyed the book because this is the first biography of the man that gives the reader a feel for what it s like being Bob Dylan on a day to day, year to year basis The three years of research that went into the biography focused on digging the dirt on Dylan rather than Clinton Heylin s much better executed book Behind the Shade [...]

    This is possibly my all time favorite Dylan bio.It s gossipy and deliciously so how many children by how many different women do you think Bob has Why did Bob Dylan start his own publishing company Dwarf Music in January of 1966 and how did he come to name it Dwarf How many roads must a man walk down before he finds out what price you have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice After reading this you ll find yourself unable to declare in regards to Bob Dylan nothing was reveal [...]

    The writer did a great job covering the beginning of Bob s life and fame, but at about the mid 70 s he started losing his touch or the book just got annoying Yes, there s a lot of information, lots of I was with Bob so many years, so I will comment about this stuff, but it lacks feeling Where s Dylan the Joker where s the poetry Howard Sounes describes the many loves of Bob without any feelings sometimes I felt as if I was reading a big guest book of Dylan s lovelife, just names and dates, no wh [...]

    This book is for you if you care about the tabloid biography, if you care, for instance, about the women Dylan has bedded than the actual life events and experiences that inspired the artistic output of a master songwriter You probably should pass on this book if you value the accuracy of little details like the ACTUAL setlist to his seminal Newport Dylan goes electric show Sure he did play Mr Tambourine Man but isn t it important that he came back onstage and played It s All Over Now Baby Bl [...]

    This was a pretty good biography on Dylan and the first one I read on our 20th century bard While the bio by Heylin is detailed overall, there are some interesting stories in here about Dylan when he was growing up that did not appear in Behind the Shades Sounes is also a lot less arrogant than Heylin but Heylin is undoubtedly a better biographer even though I wish he would stop being so subjective in his analysis of Bob s albums This is a good place to start if you want to find about Bob s lif [...]

    Michele bookloverforever
    After reading this, I feel very sorry for Mr.Dylan He may be blessed with talent and money property but it does not seem to have brought him happiness He appears to be a very private person The author does not appear to have interviewed either Mr Dylan or his immediate family and is on the outside looking into a very complicated individual But then, great artists are usually complicated The respect this author has for Mr Dylan s music is profound and that comes through loud and clear Just as the [...]

    Santiago González
    Things have changedNunca hab a le do una biograf a, esta me cay de regalo de una amiga intermitente, y no pude decirle que no S hab a le do autobiograf as una de Pinti cuando todav a sus chistes me causaban gracia, la Verdad Tropical de Caetano Veloso y justamente la geniales Cr nicas 1 del propio Dylan.Es raro el g nero biogr fico Es un texto del que se sabe c mo termina, y est claro que si un escritor elige retratar a alguien es porque en el fondo hay cierta admiraci n, no Es complicada la imp [...]

    When I saw this book on the bookstore I didn t really know why but I knew I had to buy this book, it was some kind of an instinct, I guess At that time the only thing I knew about Bob Dylan was he had writtenKnocking on Heaven s door But now, after finishing this book I feel like I know everything about this great man artist.I thought the story was brilliant I am amazed by how the author could write all of this information without contacting Bob Dylan himself but, damn, he had access to a lot of [...]

    Esta biograf a del reciente Nobel llega hasta principios de los 2000 No tiene ni mucho menos la profundidad de la de Robert Shelton, pero mete de lleno al lector en la vida privada de Dylan Y la verdad es que el de Duluth no sale muy bien parado mentiroso, infantil, oportunista, politoxic mano, taca o, fr o, promiscuo, inseguro, manipulador, exc ntrico, grosero En fin, un dechado de virtudes Este libro sirve para conocer a todas sus novias, ligues y esposas, su costoso divorcio de Sara, su perio [...]

    of the three biographies of Dylan, it s the best I ve read.

    Dewayne Stark
    Yesterday I was helping my daughter move and in the new place there was a Dylan LP Cover already on the wall I am two months older than Bod Dylan so I share his music and in the book their is a discussion about a coffee house on Broadway in Santa Monica where I grew up and the juke box has Sahoboom by the Cords on it which was my favorite song in junior high, there are several reference to James Dean and Rebel without a cause which was filmed at Samohi the high school in Santa Monica.

    Cortney Cassidy
    i don t know why i read the biography of bob dylan or named my goldfish bob dylan or used this book cover as a reference to paint bob dylan s portrait onto a stool

    Es neatceros, kad p d jo reizi k du gr matu las ju ilg k par m nesi un vai visp r k dreiz man dz v t ir noticis, bet ar o Hovarda Sounsa biogr fiju Uz autostr des Bobs Dilans t san ca Autors ir ieguld jis milz gu darbu, apkopodams visda d kajos izdevumos atrodam s dokument l s liec bas par m zi a Boba Dilana dz vi, bet, pirmk rt, pats m kslinieks taj nav ticis iesaist ts, un, otrk rt, gr mata vair k piem rota akad miskiem m r iem nek ierindas las t jam, jo rezult t ir tapis hronolo isks, ne sevi [...]

    Eric Smith
    I recommend this book to the serious Dylan fan In Down the Highway The Life of Bob Dylan, Howard Sounes manages to capture Bob Dylan s poetic and musical genius, from an unknown singer imitating Woodie Guthrie to multimillionaire recluse while leaving one wondering who the man is Even with all the research, one gets the feeling of standing outside looking in Perhaps we have to chalk that up to the nature of a subject who strove from the early sixties on to obfuscate his background and motivation [...]

    Dave Schwensen
    This was meant to be the definitive biography of Bob Dylan to mark his 60th birthday in 2001 In the years since, as he hit his 70th year and beyond, it still stands as an extremely well researched and insightful look at a man who has done his best to remain mysterious and elusive as a celebrity, while keeping his private life shrouded in almost total secrecy For than half a century Dylan s songs have been listened to, shared, studied and analyzed as if they were micro insights into the thoughts [...]

    Perry Whitford
    Down the Highway distinguishes itself from the hundredweight of Dylan biographies available on the market.This is because Sounes somehow managed to get the greatest number of first hand accounts from childhood friends, early lovers, allies and enemies from his formative years in Hibbing, Dinkeytown and Greenwich Village, at the same time doing the exhaustive births deaths and marriages paper chase which helped him to uncover some long held secrets about his private life.His biggest journalistic [...]

    Sounes is a journalist turned biographer who writes serviceable prose and provides a balanced, if not insightful, survey of Dylan s personal and professional lives He boasts some new discoveries, marriage and birth date information for wives and children, that don t add to whatever understanding the reader may have of Dylan from his work and the half century of media coverage he has garnered Dylan is aloof and intensely private Sounes conducted a number of interviews but none with Dylan himself [...]

    I really liked Sounes s bio of Bukowski and I have been a big Dylan follower since I was a teenager, so reading this one was a given I enjoyed the newer information about Dylan s personal life and the details that come out in his interviews with many like 250 of people who knew Dylan or at least obsessed about his every move for 40 years.This book is not flawlessly written by any means At times it is self important and the writing style itself seemed to me to be far inferior to Sounes s effort w [...]

    A poorly written but fairly informative Bob book Sounes was able to round up interviews with a bunch of people who ve never gone on record before including one Bruce Dorfman, who married my dad s first wife shortly after the period described in this book , but he fails to offer much substance, just fact after fact Towards the end of the book you can tell Sounes is just describing Dylan shows he himself attended as though those moments are somehow significant moments in Dylan s life There are, ho [...]

    The author of this admits that he got a lot of information from other sources and admits that Bob Dylan himself was not willing to comment but of course he wouldn t However when reading the accounts of Dylan s life it seems like the author was present I laugh out loud at some of the interesting comments Dylan has made to press One specific comment that is in the book is a response Dylan had to a reporter during an interview from Playboy in the 60s the reporter asked Dylan what his songs are abou [...]

    There shouldn t be Dylan s tale has been so frequently told, his works so extensively analysed, his associates so exhaustively interviewed, that even a life as carefully cloaked as his must surely have few further secrets to yield in pop terms, only the Beatles can boast a comparable list of biography and criticism But while the Fabs story ended 20 or 30 years ago, Dylan s continues to ramble on Just last month, he picked up his first Oscar for Things Have Changed , the bleak hymn of disillusion [...]

    Ted Newell
    I think Sounes stopped admiring Dylan somewhere about page 450 A great corrective to Dylan s own Chronicles if anyone thought Chronicles told the straight goods Sara took a lot of c p after 1972 I d be guessing The songs after Time Out of Mind 1997 put anything older in the shade, compel listening, but I just think womanizer when I listen to the 60s and 70s stuff except for the Basement Tapes 1967 Well, who knows what relation to reality any of this reflection has the movie I m Not There with it [...]

    Duncan M Simpson
    One of a number of good biographies of Dylan, this one is recent and up to date To find a new angle on Dylan though is difficult, especially as the man himself continues to be an enigma Sounes digs into the past and comes up with a personal angle on Dylan than most biographers, by interviewing those who have shared Dylan s life on the road and who remain willing to speak Many of them are disaffected Their comments give the book a scurrilous flavour, despite Sounes efforts to avoid dishing dirt [...]

    Bo Olsen
    I remember getting my mom to drive me to the TV Radio repair store to get his first album, that s where we got all our 45 s and albums I ve always been astounded by his lyrics that just flow from his brain, his interpretation of what was going on outside his window, allowing you to see what was happening in a different light What this book did was open your eyes to see what was going on while you were enjoying the music through each time period and how and why Bob Dylan s life changed and moved [...]

    Howard Sounes is a clunky writer with very little to say about Dylan s music, and nothing to offer by way of analysis or fresh perspectives He is, however, a relentless schlepper of facts, and alone among Dylan biographers he had the gumption to track down and confront William Zantzinger, the sleazeball target of Dylan s scathing protest song The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll I leave you to discover the very amusing result Clinton Heylin s book is still the one to beat, but Sounes does advanc [...]

    A very good biography of Bob Dylan, revealing little known aspects of the life of this enigmatic genius including his second marriage to his back up singer, Carolyn Dennis, and the birth of his sixth child, Gabrielle Desiree Dennis Dylan, and his ownership of a coffee shop in Santa Monica This biography does a good job of balancing the reader s desire to know some intimate details of the man s life without going into yucky expose type digging I especially like the chapters on his later years, th [...]

    While Bob Dylan is one of my favorite artists I had never read any books about him except for the one he wrote chronicles I found this book really informative with lots of info about specific albums and songs It also had some really good info about other periods of his life besides the 60 s It s worth noting that Bob was never interviewed by this author Instead he got all of his info from previouus Dylan interviews and first hand interviews with many people directly involved in his life Overall [...]

    Craig Werner
    Probably the best biography of Dylan which is both real praise and a commentary on the state of Dylan biography Sounes does a nice job boiling down the known story, mixes in a few new details, and brings the story up to 2011 the first edition was published a decade or so ago But in comparison with Jonathan Gould s Beatles bio or Dave Marsh s books on Springsteen, Down the Highway s kind of pedestrian Bob Spitz s Dylan bio has detail about some key moments, but the tone is so irritating, I ll st [...]

    William Schram
    A fascinating account of the life of Bob Dylan It covers his youth as Robert Allen Zimmerman, his name change, his early fame, all that stuff up to 2001 It is slightly out of date due to that, since as of this post, I believe he is still alive So he is 15 years older and whatnot I certainly hope things have turned out for him with his record sales and all of that, but meh.The book does cover a lot of the gossipy details of his life, but it also covers his craft and how he is inspired to write th [...]

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