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  • Title: The Brutal Heart
  • Author: Gail Bowen
  • ISBN: 9780771016875
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Brutal Heart By Gail Bowen The bestselling Gail Bowen returns with a gripping story of marriage, politics, sex, and murder.With a general election just weeks away, Joanne Kilbourn is following the campaign of Ginny Monaghan, a woman who has her eyes set on the leadership of the federal Conservative Party and whose success depends, not so much on the election day poll, but on the outcome of a custodyThe bestselling Gail Bowen returns with a gripping story of marriage, politics, sex, and murder.With a general election just weeks away, Joanne Kilbourn is following the campaign of Ginny Monaghan, a woman who has her eyes set on the leadership of the federal Conservative Party and whose success depends, not so much on the election day poll, but on the outcome of a custody battle she s fighting with her ex Joanne thinks this is perfect material for a TV program she s putting together on women and party politics Happy to be back in the political fray that used to be her life during her first marriage, Joanne is soon also glad of the distraction it provides A local call girl has been murdered a woman whose regular clientele included several of Regina s most prominent lawyers, including until he met Joanne her own husband, Zach Shreve.Her new marriage creaking under the strain of this revelation, Joanne throws herself into her project and into finding out why the dead woman had started to threaten her clients with blackmail, an investigation that leads to the truth and to death.In The Brutal Heart, Bowen expertly mixes the ingredients of marriage, family, politics, and murder into a constantly surprising and compulsively readable story.
    Gail Bowen
    Gail Dianne Bowen n e Bartholomew is a Canadian playwright and writer of mystery novels Born in Toronto, Ontario, Bowen was educated at the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo and the University of Saskatchewan She subsequently taught English in Saskatchewan, and is currently a professor of English at First Nations University of Canada Bowen s mystery novels feature Joanne Kilbourn, a widowed mother, political analyst and university professor who finds herself occasionally involved in criminal investigations in various parts of Saskatchewan Many have been adapted as Canadian television movies by Shaftesbury Films.Series Joanne Kilbourn MysteryAwards Arthur Ellis Award Best Novel 1995 A Colder Kind of Death

    The Brutal Heart By Gail Bowen


    Craig M
    A prostitute, used by some prominent men in Regina, is murdered Zach is aware of her The political life of Ginny Monaghan is involved, and Joanne works closely with her.This is one of the older Kilbourne books, and I just wanted to read it so that I was up to date I need not have bothered In my opinion, this series has lost it The marriage of Zach and Joanna is just not an interesting relationship, and it really feels like a fairy tale marriage It is hard to ignore and get involved in the rest o [...]

    After 61 pages, I am abandoning this book I was seeking an undemanding read, and it is certainly not as grim as some other mystery series, but it also features a narrator whose voice grated on me right from the start and characters I did not really care about very much There was also a sex scene right in the first chapter, which is a bit fast, and I do have to say that first person narrated sex scenes are pretty much always cringe worthy At least third person has some measure of distance from th [...]

    I gave it four stars based solely on what I would term the epilogue Definitely wanted Francesca involvement and less Keith, I just find him creepy Definitely a good involving read, definitely too much politics Lots of people seemed very cold, emotionless, depthless maybe, IM not sure of the right words I hate the effing spellchecker on this thing, I wish I could turn it off so it just picks the letters I type and not try to make any inferences on word choices Samsung hello, fix it The bad guy w [...]

    11th book in series Joanne Kilbourn heroine Politician, teacher, wife, mother Joanne is married now and even tho I like this series, this book was a bit sickening sweet for me as the author was a bit over the top re their love life husband is confied to a wheel chair The murder of a prostitute a political campaign of a woman running for prime minister the involvement of her husband with the prostitute the battle over custody of their children a lot going on The mystery was good, and I ll read th [...]

    I enjoyed this installment than the last one I think reading them back to back has created some difficulties the author tends to use the same words and phrases over and over, which has become a little irritating and tired.I wasn t sure about the relationship between Joanne and Zach at first, but they are growing on me as a couple and I like that the author isn t afraid to show a real relationship, difficult times and all.

    A quick read Although I figured out who committed the murder fairly early, I continued to read because the information about Canada s federal elections was new to me was also curious about the changes in the lives of her children as they tackle single parenthood, new careers and growing up Having read all of the books in this series, I m pretty invested in Joanne and some of the other characters Not so much Zach.

    This mystery was most interesting to me for its coverage of a Canadian federal election, and the techniques candidates use to manipulate the media and present a positive image I was suspicious of who the murderer was early on, but enjoyed the Saskatchewan setting and the continuing story of Joanne Kilbourn s family, although they do seem a little too perfect.

    Zach tells Joanne that a prostitute, recently found murdered, was someone whose services he d paid for before they met many of the lawyers that Zack knew were also clients of hers Ginny Jason Brodnitz and their twins Chloe and Em election campaigning Sean Barton, made junior partner in Zach s firm found guilty of 2 counts of murder and assault on Joanne

    Yet again I am going to say that these books are good Well written Don t like most of the main characters and the author does a 180 turn with some of her character s personalities I figured out the murderer in the first 50 pages That said, it entertains.

    One of my least favorite of the series Too simplistic and contrived Disappointing after Bowen s earlier books.

    Hella Comat
    Nice to see the Canadian political background as a setting Hard to join into the Joanne Kilbourn series with this book, though It seems the assumption is made that you have read previous books.

    Arlene Richards
    I like the Globe and Mail review Political mystery that slips along with grace and style.

    Maureen Ulrich
    I love Gail s books Once again she has combined a great mystery with believable characters and complex social issues.

    In my opinion, this is one of the best books by Bowen Even though I guessed early on who the bad guy was I was in anxious suspense to get to the end of the book and see he would be dealt with.

    Leah Fitzgerald
    I hadn t read a Gail Bowen in ages and it was nice to delve into this in the middle of the Canadian elections felt very apropos.

    Good addition to the series.

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