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  • Title: The Other Side of Dark
  • Author: Joan Lowery Nixon
  • ISBN: 9780440966388
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Other Side of Dark By Joan Lowery Nixon Stacy wakes up in a room that s not hers, in a body she doesn t recognize, to discover she s been in a coma for four years Her mother is dead murdered and Stacy, recovering from a gunshot wound, is the only eyewitness to her mother s murder.She can recall only a shadowy face, so far But the killer is not about to let her reveal his identity
    Joan Lowery Nixon
    Author of than one hundred books, Joan Lowery Nixon is the only writer to have won four Edgar Allan Poe Awards for Juvenile Mysteries and been nominated several other times from the Mystery Writers of America Creating contemporary teenage characters who have both a personal problem and a mystery to solve, Nixon captured the attention of legions of teenage readers since the publication of her first YA novel than twenty years ago In addition to mystery suspense novels, she wrote nonfiction and fiction for children and middle graders, as well as several short stories Nixon was the first person to write novels for teens about the orphan trains of the nineteenth century She followed those with historical novels about Ellis Island and, recently for younger readers, Colonial Williamsburg Joan Lowery Nixon died on June 28, 2003 a great loss for all of us.

    The Other Side of Dark By Joan Lowery Nixon


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    No one should have to go through what Stacy McAdams went through Her life was turned upside when she was shot and went into a coma when she was 13 When she woke up she was 17 and her family had changed so much without her Her sister was married and pregnant, her dad had many jobs to keep up with the hospital bills, and her mom was murdered The person who killed Stacy s mom is the same person who put her into a coma Stacy was the only witness and must now find the murderer before the murderer fin [...]

    I am about 1 3 into listening to this book and am fascinated by how bad it is If I were reading it, this would be one I simply could not finish, but the reader does a good job despite the content.A girl wakes up from a 4 year coma and tries to remember who shot her OK, that could be a fine plot for a teen novel However, the way characters respond to her make no sense Her best friend from age 13 seems surprised that coma girl knows nothing about makeup, even though it seems as though she probably [...]

    This book was horrible from the beginning After waking up from a coma like state and learning her mom was killed becomes so hateful it got tiring quickly Really who wakes up and decides to hunt and possibly kill their mother s murderer The main character, Stacy is immature but maybe that can be blamed on being in a coma for four years I could go on but I will just say this is not one of Joan Lowery Nixon s best book.

    Dichotomy Girl
    This holds the dubious honor of being the first of my retro rereads, where my memory of it, far surpassed the reality of it I think this would have been a far better book if it had just explored the hardship of waking up as a 13 year old in a 17 year old body view spoiler And can I just say that the romance with Jeff was creepy in the extreme It s bad enough that he s 23 and she is physically 17, but when you take into consideration that she is mentally 13, it s just ooshy hide spoiler

    Arianna Gonzalez
    Waking up from a 4 year coma, shot at 13 and waking finally at the age of 17 Action, mystery, and suspense Looking for that type of book, well than this is for you hands down In my opinion I loved this book A seventeen year old girl named Stacey finally wakes up from a coma after being shot at the age of thirteen She questions if it s really her, because obviously shes been unconscious for so long that she questioned if it really was her, in a different body A 17 year old realistically but still [...]

    In this book, Stacy McAdams, just woke up from a 4 year coma She was shot in the thigh by her mother s murderer and she can t remember his face, and she doesn t believe that the 17 year old girl s body that she is in is hers, she believes that she is still a 13 year old girl whose mother is still alive.This one reporter, Brandi Mayer tries to figure out the whole scoop on Stacy and her mother s murderer She tries everything to get the murderer s name and description out of Stacy but fortunately [...]

    Hhhhhhhh Well that was fun The idea sounded cool, but I didn t like the book I guess it wasn t AWFUL But the main character was super annoying Like, I get that she s supposed to be a 13 year old in the body of a 17 year old, but she acted like she was 8 And everyone else was either just as annoying or a lame stereotype or plain dumb or just meh Seriously though like, honestly She literally view spoiler meets this guy who might be best friends with the dude that murdered her mom and shot her into [...]

    I read this book for the first time in 1990 91 when I was about 10 years old I had just moved to a new school for the second time in 6 months and was slow to make friends The one girl that had befriended me in class suggested this to me, and while I had never read anything of this genre, I was eager to solidify the friendship.I LOVED IT Since the first time I read through this book I was hooked on books that got my heart racing I left behind all of my Sleepover Friends , and Babysitters Club boo [...]

    What a rollercoaster ride I mean, if it s a rollercoaster that has no twists and turns and is fairly straightforward.This book was not as great as I remember it being when I read it in 7th grade Basically Stacy s mom was murdered and Stacy was shot leaving her in a semi coma She wakes up 4 years later and is basically a 13 year old trapped in the body of a smoking hot 17 year old eyeroll She s desperately trying to remember who killed her mother and honestly, you think the story is clearly going [...]

    Desiree Roe
    Stacy wakes up in a room that s not hers, in a body she doesn t recognize, to discover she s been in a coma for four years Her mother is dead murdered and Stacy, recovering from a gunshot wound, is the only eyewitness to her mother s murder Stacy re meets not only her friends but her family as well Stacy is reluctant to move on with her life at first, she only wants to go back and be thirteen again Forced into a life she feels isn t her own Stacy is both curious and fearful of what she might fin [...]

    Danielle Bucholtz
    The Other Side of Dark is about a girl named Stacy, who was shot by an unknown suspect when she was thirteen She fell into a coma and woke up four years later She is now seventeen and feels as though she is not in her own body Aside from getting used to the changes to her body as well as everything else around her, she must help the police She must help them by remembering who it was that shot her and her mother, who died at the scene In my opinion, this book had a lot of twists and turns that k [...]

    I m trying to read up a bunch of the books I have just taking up space This was a fairly decent young adult mystery I found the romantic angle a little hard to buy into and had figured out the real identify of one of the major figures fairly early on Although I love a lot of young adult books and think they are excellent reads for adults, I would probably leave this one for upper junior high aged girls.

    I can honestly say this is the worse book I have ever read I did not like writing, the main character, I WILL NOT NOT EAT GREEN EGGS AND HAM SAM I AM I read this when I was 13 or 14 No one should read this pile of shit.

    Loved it the suspense was amazing Definetely a page turner

    I d say 3 1 2 stars It was good totally not what I expected this girl wakes up after being in a coma for four years Everything s changed and her mom has been murdered That s part of why she s in a coma Mind blown

    Vinayak Naicker
    Good for people who are new to book world Story is not how I love to read For coma story lovers.

    Amelia H
    I really enjoyed reading this book

    3.5 stars Classic, chilling JLN with a surprising twist at the end.

    Danielle Schutte
    I really liked this one Kept my attention through out the book.

    Tatyana Rhea
    What would you do if you thought you woke up in someone elses body This mystery written by Joan Lowery Nixon was a very good book I enjoyed this book very much SPOILER ALERT In the beginning of this book a young girl named Stacy wakes up from a coma in which shes been in for 4 years She believes she is in someone elses body because she has developed in the coma, but she still thinks shes 13 years old Her family then comes and explains everything to her She got shot at after her mom was shot and [...]

    Haviland Coen
    In the book The Other Side of Dark by Joan Lowery Nixon the main character, Stacy, had just woken up from her coma that she had been in for four years Stacy had been placed in this coma by a bullets hitting he and having an odd reaction The person who had shot her, had killed one of the most important things to her, her mother With no mom and no understanding how to act like an regular seventeen year old Stacy s sister is now pregnant with her husband who she has no recognition of and her best f [...]

    I read this for a 7th grade book club I am facilitating It should make for some interesting conversation.

    Allison Sirovy
    Kaylie had this older book on her bookshelf and said I should read it It was kind of cheesy, but it was published in 1986 so that explains it.

    The Other Side of DarkBy Joan Lowery Nixon185pp 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036Random House CHildren s Books 6.50ISBN 0 440 96638 8 I am Stacy McAdams I m only thriteen years old, and I m in the wrong body 17 year old Stacy wakes up in an unfamiliar room and a body that isn t hers At least, it wasn t hers the last time she was awake She d been in a coma for four years after getting shot in her backyard when she was thirteen She remembers seeing her mother dead on the ground before the suspect [...]

    Joan Lowery Nixon s plethora of awards were for youths but she didn t churn out fluff Far beyond creating a mystery and worthwhile coming of age commentary The Other Side Of Dark , 1986, makes readers think Uncomfortable stretches of imagination in obscure, seldom trodden circumstances and yet based upon enough reality that we decide we ought to plan how to react, lest such a thing occur She was mistress of little touches that lent dire possibilities credence If a writer s chief task is to give [...]

    It kept me interested just barely enough that I wanted to finish it, but I believe my exact words, or word, as I closed this after finishing was gross as in a cheesy kind of gross Obviously, since this is written for young adults, you d expect that this might possibly be written with juvenile intelligence in mind I LOVED the mysteries I read by Joan Lowry Nixon when I was in junior high despite the fact that they all followed a similar formula, such as a female lead with a special guy friend int [...]

    I read this one on accident I thought it was the other The Other Side of Dark which was on my TBR list What a happy accident this was It was sooooo cheesily awful it became good again.It was pure 80s it doesn t make any sense, it s after school special preachy and the best word to describe it is cheesy.Stacy wakes up from a 4 year coma in perfect shape She apparently was in a fugue state where she could eat and exercise but not be conscious I want this coma She is also the only one who can ident [...]

    Elysse Phelps
    This book was great I loved the whole book Joan Lowery Nixon kept me on the edge of my chair the whole time I never new what was going to happen next I really couldn t put the book down Every time I thought one thing was going to happen something completely different popped up The suspense and action was exactly what every great mystery book needs It was a quick read and I really enjoyed it I would definitely recommend this to others.

    This book was painful to read And I don t say that about many books.I admit it probably deserves a 2 star rating, but I couldn t bring myself to give it to it because it was so disappointing You see, I came to this book expecting a heartwarming story about a girl gradually assimilating herself into society again and learning to cope with what happened to her Which I admit was my fault, as I didn t do any research on Nixon and didn t know she wrote mysteries This was a mystery, and a bad one at t [...]

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