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  • Title: Kate Cann Slipcase: Hard Cash , Shacked Up ,Speeding
  • Author: Kate Cann
  • ISBN: 9780439980517
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Kate Cann Slipcase: Hard Cash , Shacked Up ,Speeding By Kate Cann None
    Kate Cann
    When I was a child, I wanted to be a witch My first foray into writing was a series of nasty spells full of rats tails and bats wings Then, when I turned thirteen, I began keeping a lurid diary, full of adoration or loathing, depending on who I was writing about I used my later diaries for the Diving In trilogy I never thought I want to be a writer , but I loved books and writing At school, I was rubbish at just about everything but English, so I went on to Kent University where I did two degrees in English and American Literature At Kent, I fell dramatically in love with the man I m still married to We had loads of fights and adventures, but we kept coming back together He s still the person I most want to spend time with Awww My first proper job was in a publishing house, Time Life Books, as a copy editor I felt very glamorous I used to go to the huge YMCA on Tottenham Court Road at lunchtime and do aerobics classes very big in the 1980s and yes I wore legwarmers Then I d fall asleep over my desk in the afternoon When my two kids came along, I set up as a freelance copy editor and worked from home By chance I got given some teenage books to edit, and I hated the way they treated sexual relationships they were either full of gloom and doom, or were gushy, unrealistic candyfloss So I got bitten by the I can do better than this bug, and started writing I remember the first day I started to write it took me over I forgot to eat unthinkable for me and I nearly forgot to collect the kids from school About a year after that, Diving In was accepted for publication When I ran out of material from my diaries and memories, I realized my daughter and son were teenagers, and started eavesdropping on them They were extremely tolerant about this although they did sometimes demand money from me Big changes have been afoot recently My kids have left home really left home, not just gap year travelling university left home, and my old man is doing the sort of work that means he can work from home a lot of the time So we ve sold up and moved into the wilds of Wiltshire and so far I am absolutely loving it The space, the silence, seeing the stars at night in the pitch black, the owls, the trees, the walks, the great food in the local pubs everything I d started to bring nature into my books it all started with Crow Girl and now I m working on two books about a city girl who gets plunged into the wilds So the move is very much linked to and helping my writing I think the sheer beauty and power of nature and how it can get right inside you is something a lot of kids are cut off from today I still love London though the plan is to come up every couple of weeks, catch up with all my old mates, possibly do something seriously cultured like go to the theatre And I want to travel a bit , too offsetting my increased carbon footprint with an enormous compost heap I love long conversations, running, reading, gardening, walking and white wine in moderation of course and I m the first to admit I have the life of Reilly who apparently had a pretty cushy life I start the day with a run or walk with my dog, when I think about what s going to happen next in the book I m writing Then I have a huge breakfast, and get down to work I write on or if it s cold, in the spare bed with a laptop, my dog at the bottom of the bed If it s sunny, I write in the garden, on a sun lounger Tough, ay I also have this theory that you can t be truly creative for than about three or four hours a day, so in the mid afternoon, I knock off, and do my emails and stuff Told you it was cushy.

    Kate Cann Slipcase: Hard Cash , Shacked Up ,Speeding By Kate Cann


    Lisa Lavella
    they were really good my favourite was escape xx

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      Kate Cann