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  • Title: Selected Essays
  • Author: John Berger Geoff Dyer
  • ISBN: 9780375713187
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback

  • Selected Essays By John Berger Geoff Dyer The writing career of John Berger poet, storyteller, playwright, and essayist has yielded some of the most original and compelling examinations of art and life of the past half century In this essential volume, Geoff Dyer has brought together a rich selection of many of Berger s seminal essays Berger s insights make it impossible to look at a painting, watch a film, or eThe writing career of John Berger poet, storyteller, playwright, and essayist has yielded some of the most original and compelling examinations of art and life of the past half century In this essential volume, Geoff Dyer has brought together a rich selection of many of Berger s seminal essays Berger s insights make it impossible to look at a painting, watch a film, or even visit a zoo in quite the same way again The vast range of subjects he addresses, the lean beauty of his prose, and the keenness of his anger against injustice move us to view the world with a new lens of awareness Whether he is discussing the singleminded intensity of Picasso s Guernica, the parallel violence and alienation in the art of Francis Bacon and Walt Disney, or the enigmatic silence of his own mother, what binds these pieces throughout is the depth and fury of Berger s passion, challenging us to participate, to protest, and above all, to see.
    John Berger Geoff Dyer
    John Peter Berger was an English art critic, novelist, painter and author His novel G won the 1972 Booker Prize, and his essay on art criticism Ways of Seeing, written as an accompaniment to a BBC series, is often used as a college text.Later he was self exiled to continental Europe, living between the french Alps in summer and the suburbs of Paris in winter Since then, his production has increased considerably, including a variety of genres, from novel to social essay, or poetry One of the most common themes that appears on his books is the dialectics established between modernity and memory and loss, Another of his most remarkable works has been the trilogy titled Into Their Labours, that includes the books Pig Earth 1979 , Once In Europa 1983 Lilac And Flag 1990 With those books, Berger makes a meditation about the way of the peasant, that changes one poverty for another in the city This theme is also observed in his novel King, but there he focuses in the rural diaspora and the bitter side of the urban way of life.

    Selected Essays By John Berger Geoff Dyer


    M. Sarki
    msarki.tumblr post 151483Near the end of this massive collection of selected essays I was confronted with the words of John Berger s dying mother telling him that nothing matters in this world but love, real love And the story of her death suddenly became remarkable to me Berger had previously written that his mother never told him much of anything throughout her long life of ninety three years, but instead taught him by example through her cooking, shopping, or simple household chores But then, [...]

    David M
    Glamour is the happiness of other people s envy I came across this definition from Berger years ago I was about to move from Wisconsin to San Francisco, and tried to always keep it in the back of my mind to help navigate my passage If this pithy formula were his only accomplishment Berger would still be a great writer in my eyes.Not quite like any other I know In the variety of his interests, his moral, political, and spiritual commitments he reminds me a bit of Simone Weil or Walter Benjamin Bu [...]

    Jee Koh
    It is astonishing to me how consistent John Berger was in over 30 years of art criticism His judgment of an artist could become developed and refined, elaborated, but the underlying sense of the artist s purpose and value remained the same This consistency of seeing came from a coherent philosophy of art criticism As Berger puts it in his Introduction to Permanent Red, which is also aptly the introductory essay of this Selected Essays edited by Geoff Dyer, the art critic must first answer the [...]

    Time and time again I find myself moved by Berger s meditations on art Great art in itself, his writing has the power to reveal the invisible essence of an artist s work that quality which transforms a painting or a sculpture from just an object into a kind of living being He has taught me how to be with art, to speak to it and to listen, making meaning together Artists I ve simply ignored like Degas and Hals become transfigured in his writing and I see their work with new eyes Other favorites o [...]

    THE BEST WORDS ABOUT ART ever a revelation to someone who had been looking at art all her life and didn t know why she loved Modigliani but really not quite ever Renoir accessible, elegant and warm demanding, critical, political this is the friend who makes going to the museum an encounter with the history of desire and power, whose love for what art is not only informs you but changes who you are when you are with art.

    I only got through the early essays of this book before having to return it, but will check it out again to read some of the later work Berger is an excellent writer The earlier newspaper column style essays are quite digestible, fun to pick up and put down for short intervals His commentary on Romanticism and Cubisim in particular were new perspectives for me Cubism always seemed one note to me Berger opened my eyes to its importance in art history and seeing Insightful art criticism Will have [...]

    Gints Dreimanis
    I have only seen the base of the mountain, yet it is magnificent To be revisited when I am older and smarter.

    Cynthia Davidson
    A deep thinker, who turned me on to Caravaggio, whose paintings I had never seen till now.He s a loner, yet he s loyal He s a resister, yet he s engaged with life at a deeper level than the hit run types of today Living so long in France, he s also gained insight into his own British cultureHope to get into his novels.

    I m sorry, but it got a bit bored and aborted my read A lot of things that were mentioned in the book did not interest me, but I m sure he will have entertained those who enjoyed the subjects he discussed at length.

    There s a lot here some of it to my taste than others But the best parts are utterly fantastic, and the progression of the book over decades, from politically infused art criticism to pastoral thoughts on mortality, amasses its own kind of weight.

    a wonderfully succinct yet thorough collection of essays on modern artists the historical context expertly complements his analysis of varying movements as they relate to each artist I admire john berger.

    JB selectively recaps an artist s biography or process in two to three pages then writes a single surprising and mind quieting insight you ve never heard before And you re glad.

    R L Swihart
    Kept my attention Lots of interesting topics.

    Worth it just for the article on shoveling shit out of his compost toilet I ve even argued that this essay encapsulates Berger s entire aesthetic.

    Art and politics what a wonderful combo And nobody writes about it better than John Berger.

    This was one of the 2003 RUSA Notable Books winners For the complete list, go to ala ala mgrps divs rus

    excellent collection of his best essays the man can definitely write about art.

    This man is wonderful He changed my life.

    Sara Willis
    Buy this book now Or steal it Or borrow it Don t just read it, eat it and let it grow inside you.

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