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  • Title: The World According to Kaley
  • Author: Dian Curtis Regan
  • ISBN: 9781581960396
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The World According to Kaley By Dian Curtis Regan What do you get when you ask a very imaginative girl to write a history essay A funny, partly factual, partly personal spin on world history The World According to Kaley Filled with doodles and personal insights, this middle grade chapter book is fun to read and fun to look at Kaley s creativity runs wild on these notebook pages.
    Dian Curtis Regan
    Dian is the author of many books for young readers, ranging from picture books to novels for teenagers She graduated from the University of Colorado, her home state, and has also lived in Texas, Oklahoma, and Venezuela Presently, she lives in Kansas.

    The World According to Kaley By Dian Curtis Regan


    Taylor frederick
    it was a good nonficiton book

    Kaley Catron
    This book was cute I totally loved the fact that we shared the same name SPELLED THE SAME WAY The way Kaley wove useless facts into the actual history facts was amazing and I can totally relate to her I love that her teacher, though pushy, was always encouraging of her Totally adorable

    It was a pretty good book even though it was kinda small.

    Alice Cullen
    i thought it was funny and it entertained me i finished it quickly

    Pooja Dimba
    It was simple and interesting.

    I Learned new vocabulary

    Ashley Pasco
    Awesome book I ve read this book twice and laughed on every single page Though this book is for kids, it s just great Regan knows how to make her readers laugh You ll just fall in love with Kaley as you read the essays she s writing for her 4th grade teacher Mr Serrano They are definitely worth the read And parents this is a book you ll definitely want your kids to own You just may even find yourself in fits of laughter.

    Read the first chapter to see what my daughter s giggling about and so i kept on reading It s funny and entertaining My fav funny pages 24, 65, 79, and 82.

    Cool Kaley made History fun.It was pretty funny.

    This is so funny

    Burbank Library Children"s Department
    For those not quite ready for Dork Diaries, check out this fun read featuring an imaginative 4th grader named Kaley There s even a follow up book, Cyberpals According to Kaley 5.61 point

    This book was not really that good It was really boring But i just finished it.

    It is the funniest book I had ever read

    Kate Hastings

    Dancing Queen
    Really good but I think there should be .

    • BEST PDF "☆ The World According to Kaley" || DOWNLOAD (E-Book) ✓
      Dian Curtis Regan