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  • Title: Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook: Instructions, Patterns, and Advice for a New Generation of Knitters
  • Author: Debbie Stoller
  • ISBN: 9780761128182
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback

  • Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook: Instructions, Patterns, and Advice for a New Generation of Knitters By Debbie Stoller With 40 stylish patterns, this guide aims to show young knitters how to get started, how to make it fun and how to make the hip clothes they want Step by step instructions illustrate every technique.
    Debbie Stoller
    Stoller is the co founder, co owner, and editor in chief of the third wave feminist, popular culture magazine Bust magazine.

    Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook: Instructions, Patterns, and Advice for a New Generation of Knitters By Debbie Stoller


    This book opened my eyes to so many possibilities in knitting Having grown up in the 70 s with garish acrylic yarn afgans on the back of the couch of not only our home but every home I went to and every home on tv to open this book and see what people thought up Awesome It s hipster knitting at it s best because it s not Hipster SNOTTY I have made the Hot Head hat in this book several times The patterns are well written by actual knitters Debbie Stoller has a wonderful writing style Her tone is [...]

    not your grandma s knitting book this is an excellent knitting 101 primer, and i m not just a member, i m the fan club president it made a knitter out of me who else can explain stitches to you using When Harry Met Sally idiot proof instructions to get you on your way and a great reference book to keep coming back to to brush up the patterns are actually something you would make witness the very cute wristbands i knit my first week and the illustrations are very clear yay for this series i m tak [...]

    I moved into my aunt and uncle s attic seven winters ago, graduated from college but without a job No friends except my five month old cousin who was good company, but still I had never lived in Minnesota before, but I had heard that the winters were long, cold, and dark I decided to take up a hobby Given my newfound nordic surroundings, I thought knitting was just the thing.I didn t have the money to take a class, so I checked out Stitch n Bitch from the library and got some yarn and needles wi [...]

    This book is a lot hipper than I am While normally I could take or leave that kind of attitude, the book is genuinely helpful There s an earnestness in its hipness It almost reads like Take Back the KNIT This book is truly for the beginner, and targets a younger audience or one with a younger sensibility It helps you start out, select your yarn, it sits with you while you go about your business in text and charts, and flub up and talks you through some potential fixes It has all sorts of informa [...]

    When people see you knitting in public or when they come to your house they often ask you to teach them I hope that doesn t sound like bragging, but to clarify, people don t ask me to teach them to knit because I m such an amazing superlative knitter, I think it s because they realise on some level that it s actually not too difficult a skill once you pick it up I ve given some super basic knitting lessons to a looooot of people.This book is the one that I recommend to EVERYONE who wants to lear [...]

    This book has potential than it lives up to It was the first knitting book I ever bought and I relied heavily on its instructions for how to knit purl As a result I can knit, but my purl is backwards not a knit, not a purl, something peculiar but effective as far as I m concerned I ve since found better instructions on the internet I appreciate the attempt to create a guide for the younger set, but besides the scarves, there are no patterns I d care to follow Skulls on sweaters is a bit too coo [...]

    Debbie Stoller berusaha mempopulerkan kembali kerajinan merajut karena ia melihat kegiatan ini dipandang sebelah mata dan dianggap tidak cool, terlalu kewanitaan, terlalu oldies Sebagai seorang aktivis feminis ia tidak rela akan bias gender masyarakat terhadap kegiatan merajut Tulisnya, why couldn t we all women and men alike take the same kind of pride in the work our mothers had always done as we did in the work of our fathers Beberapa tahun yang lalu ia mulai dengan membentuk Stitch n Bitch S [...]

    This book was on my Currently Reading list for a whole year It definitely helped me learn to knit, but I got stuck with projects that were complicated than a basic scarf I m going to take a class to expand my skills and then pick up the book again and tackle some of the cool projects in it Bottom line is that when it comes to something like knitting, you can only learn so much from a book That being said, this is a great place to start.Update Now that I am taking a knitting class, this book has [...]

    Great resource for the beginning knitter.Between this book, youtube, and my friend JK, I am now able to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off CONSISTENTLY and with success Dudes, let the yarn bombing begin

    Well, what can I say I learned to knit from this book with perhaps a few You Tube videos where watching someone s fingers was needed so it must have been a success.Stoller s jokey, irreverent style can get a little irritating at times, but it s still much preferable to a dry old Reader s Digest How To style, because a cuss and a joke can make things stick And I ve gone from barely knowing one end of a knitting needle from another to knitting a snood you may know it better as a cowl and then a ha [...]

    This book is so fun I picked it up on a whim and bought it right away after flipping through the color photos of the projects it contains I couldn t pass up the hat with kitty ears The writing style is like listening to a good friend who wants to teach you how to knit It covers both basics knitting purling the advanced techniques cables, Kitchener stitch, etc I already knew how to knit before I bought the book, but this is going to be a handy reference to hold on to when I tackle involved proj [...]

    Kristin Jones
    I am always just missing things I was born a generation late for the women s lib movement I completely missed Brat Pack movies I was a mere 5 year old when St Elmo s Fire came out and just watched it for the first time a few weeks ago I found Stitch N Bitch ten years after its first printing But what a jewel in the desert, this treasure I found in a used book store Stitch N Bitch highlights the anti knitting sentiments of the early feminist movement, how it was looked down on as domestic drudger [...]

    Very easy and fun to read I know some people have trouble learning to knit from a book, but I found SnB to be very accessible Deb Stoller really gives you all the basic tools you need to go off and start knitting Her writing style is laid back and humorous while still being informative and I loved all of her little illustrations I was 18 when I learned how to knit, and it was nice to have a book that wasn t geared toward old ladies with old lady patterns No offense to any old ladies reading this [...]

    Joline Pruitt
    I haven t followed any of the patterns yet, but I love this book without them The author has a PhD in psychology of women and is the founder of a feminist magazine called BUST, which also happens to be very cool Along with some of her own family history, which I thoroughly enjoyed, she gives a short history of knitting Who knew that Egyptians knitted blue and white socks in 1000 A.D I also loved the American Red Cross poster from WWI asking women to Knit Your Bit because Our Boys Need Sox and ap [...]

    I was looking to learn how to knit and was recommended this book as a learning manual by both a friend and a reliable knitting store in my neighborhood And so I enthusiastically purchased it I have to say that for cold start beginners I knew how to crochet had NEVER knitted before, had never closely inspected anyone knit before , you re better off watching a video of knitwitch which is really how I learned how to cast, knit, and purl it s an amazing site It s just way too difficult to learn how [...]

    This was the first real knitting how to projects book I ever purchased I actually bought it before I had taken any knitting classes in the hope that I would be able to teach myself Ultimately, that little plan didn t work out I also attempted a pattern from this book as one of my first non supervised projects a felted bag Despite my vast lack of knowledge and expertise, the bag turned out pretty well, but I ended up donating it to Goodwill.There are a few intriguing patterns in this book, but as [...]

    Stacy Pershall
    I love this book I ve made five of the patterns in it, and they all came out beautifully The illustrations are very clear and ideal for the beginning knitter Plus, Debbie Stoller is just funny and awesome read BUST If you re just starting out and you can only buy one knitting book, buy this one Her crochet book, Happy Hooker, is great too I taught myself how to crochet in a night using only that book no web videos needed

    just sarah
    in my opinion, this is the best basic knitting book on the market the illustrations are easy to understand, the instructions are clear and the patterns are fun funky it was perfect for me when i was a newbie continues to be my reference book of choice for all the basics i forget from project to project if i could only own one knitting book, this would be the one.

    I m so inspired after visiting Hill Country Weavers in Austin hillcountryweavers main and talking with knitting buddies Kristen and Chaiti The instructions in this book are clear and I look forward to making some of the patterns but does anyone actually wear knit bikinis Ew.

    Elaine Nelson
    Slightly helpful in getting me going with knitting in particular, picked up good technique for holding yarn while working Only made one pattern, and that was a basic ribbed scarf Wouldn t mind trying some other things if I pick up my own copy.

    Pam Bugbee
    I loved the writing style of this bookry creative Being a brand new knitter a little over 2 years ago, this book has been a great go to when I ve needed to look up how to do certain techniques It s a keeper

    Melanie Hedley
    Very good info, clear instructions, and great for teaching yourself as a beginning knitter however the patterns they provide is very out dated and nothing I would actually wear

    It s a great book, and I ve finished ages ago But it is a constant reference book that I go back to all the time So it s kind of a forever browsing kind of book

    Not a good book in general The design is low budget black and white.I feel sorry for beginners who find this book, like I did before I knew better, and think this is what knitting can be The patterns are severely lacking in fashion sense, some are incredible poorly written, I learnt that the hard way A lot of the patterns look rushed and poorly made, not at all flattering The books motto is not your grandmas knitting Whatever, book Grandmas did incredible work of things we newer knitters can onl [...]

    This book is how I taught myself how to knit Her instructions are fantastic and she doesn t talk down to you She s a witty writer and the patterns are fun I still have my battered copy and suggest it to many people to get themselves one.

    mary anne gdowik
    This is a fun yet thorough book on knitting It also includes several nice patterns from knitters across the states as well as sources for supplies I would definitely recommend I am returning to knitting after several years so it is a great refresher as well.

    Vicky Nolan
    Great intro to knittingI enjoyed the connection the author shared of family, history, and knitting Her explanations of how to knit and why to do things put everything into perspective for me I feel better about my own fumbling efforts as a knitter.

    Lauren Pardon
    I used this book in combination with YouTube videos in my journey to knitting, and I am happy with the results The book is easy to follow and hilarious This bitch was in stitches Eh Knitting pun Okay, never mind Great book, though

    Good read loved the history she includes and all the great information can t wait to try some of the projects

    Best beginning technique book on knitting.

    • BEST MOBI "☆ Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook: Instructions, Patterns, and Advice for a New Generation of Knitters" || UNLIMITED (EPUB) ✓
      471 Debbie Stoller
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