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  • Title: Scuffy the Tugboat
  • Author: Gertrude Crampton
  • ISBN: 9780307105479
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Scuffy the Tugboat By Gertrude Crampton Meant for bigger things, Scuffy the Tugboat sets off to explore the world But on his daring adventure Scuffy realizes that home is where he d rather be, sailing in his bathtub For over 50 years, parents and children have cherished this classic Little Golden Book.
    Gertrude Crampton
    Gertrude Crampton Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Scuffy the Tugboat book, this is one of the most wanted Gertrude Crampton author readers around the world.

    Scuffy the Tugboat By Gertrude Crampton


    Dreams and aspirations We all have them Some of us shoot for the moon so that we may reach the stars but most of the time we re left grasping at straws before our feet even leave the ground Then there are the ambitious folks like Scuffy, who jump a few feet only to be beaten back to the earth by the gods The plight of the has been remains one of popular culture s main sources of entertainment The greater the giant, the longer their reign, and the harder they fall, the better The only way to esc [...]

    Matt Cunningham
    A nautical classic on par with the saga of Horatio Hornblower or the seagoing adventures of Ishmael The reader is instantly transported to the 1940 s world of Scuffy the tugboat in a quest I think we all share the search for self worth, validation, and confidence in a shifting and patronizing society Without spoiling the story, Scuffy triumphs and banishes his twisted demons, while still not going so far beyond the pale that he is unable to reconcile with The Man With The Polkadot Tie and his na [...]

    I didn t recall Scuffy The Tugboat My parents had it with mine and my brothers youngest literature for thirty five years I believe this is mine, further to being in pristine shape I seldom marked even my name It is the adorable tugboat, Scuffy, looking like he has eyes and eyebrows, that is familiar to me My cover and pages curve to form the smooth, flowing shape of the tugboat a Golden Shape Book that stands out uniquely and attractively My copy is dated 1972, my birth year Tobor Gergely and Ge [...]

    Scuffy the Tugboat is among the ten best selling hardcover children s books in English It was published by Little Golden Books in 1946 and features the marvelous art of Tibor Gergely.Scuffy is a little red tugboat in a toy shop A boy, Nicky, buys him, takes him home, and plays with him in the bathtub The boat is glad to have a playmate and to finally be in the water, but he yearns for bigger things Nicky promises Scuffy a trip to the brook the next day, so he can really see what it feels like to [...]

    John Yelverton
    Fun little children s book It s pretty much a requirement to read little Golden Books to your children.

    I love Scuffy.

    Loved this little book as a child Brought back lots of good memories.

    I remember reading this book with my Grandmother on Friday nights when I would have a sleepover at her house This is a great book about a little tugboat who thinks he is meant for bigger and better things than just a bathtub When he gets his chance to go to those bigger and better places he takes it, but soon finds out that sometimes you are meant to be where you are no matter how much you think you want a change I loved this book when I was a child and I love it now as a parent This is a cute, [...]

    I remember reading this as a kid and now am rereading it to my daughter Follows the story of Scuffy who wants to see the world and has large goals He discovers the world is far too big and dangerous and chooses to stay with his owners in a comfortable bathtub where he is safe.

    Sarah Sammis
    One of my favorite Little Golden Books

    This was the first book I read all the way through by myself when I was learning to read I still remember how great I felt when I finally got to the last page

    Classic, and brings up nice memories, but has a somewhat disturbing message Be happy where you are the world is big and scary

    Scuffy is a little rowboat who feels destined to do bigger things He wants to see the world and travel Like many of us he doesn t know what he has until it s gone Sometimes we spend our whole lives searching for something we already had Scuffy can relate to that I found this story to be pretty sweet, a little drawn out but sweet Not in anyway was the ending realistic, but with most children s books they always find a way to add a little magic.

    Marty Nicholas
    Came across Scruffy and was delighted A treasure from my childhood and not a disappointment when I read it to my grandson Both the story and illustrations are an understated bit of perfect.

    Barbara Donnelly
    Scuffy the Tugboat was one of the Little Books I read as a child Imagine my surprise when I went to Mary Manse College in Toledo, Ohio, and she was one of the professors Loved the book

    What a cute story.

    Inspired take on a prodigal s tale

    Pavithra Shrisheya
    I like scuffys adventure And adventures are fun.

    Orion Kopf
    Beautifully illustrated and a cute story.

    Enjoyed this as a child.

    The illustrations are beautiful but I m not sure if I like the message I got the feeling that Scuffy s lesson was to know his place in the tub and not aspire to something bigger swimming in the ocean Why

    This is one of those books that my son seems to like, but I m not a fan of At all I read it to him when requested, and I try to like it at least half as much as he does, but I just can t do it Scuffy is a toy tugboat who is not content to spend his days on a toyshelf or in a bathtub His owners sense this somehow, place him in a stream one day, and whoosh, off he goes on a journey We follow Scuffy as the stream gets wider and wider, deeper and deeper, faster and faster Scuffy manages to float thr [...]

    Christina Taylor
    Scuffy the Tugboat is a tale of appreciation in which a red painted tugboat has the adventure of his life and learns to value the life he has rather than yearning for bigger things When Scuffy expresses displeasure with his toy store existence, the shop owner suggests that perhaps he would be happier if he went sailing This benevolent shop owner takes Scuffy home and places him in a bath tub to sail Convinced that he is meant for even bigger things, Scuffy is still not happy, so the shop owner t [...]

    Wayne Walker
    Scuffy is a red toy tugboat with a blue smokestack who doesn t like sitting in a toy shop So the man with the polka dot tie who owns the store takes Scuffy home where his little boy sails him in the bathtub But Scuffy doesn t like being limited to a bathtub either So the man and the boy take Scuffy to a brook, and Scuffy sails away, down the brook to the river, past villages and cities, all the way to the sea What will happen to the little tugboat Will Scuffy ever make it back home This Little G [...]

    Kory Bootsma
    Scuffy the tugboat is a lonely toy at the toy store who dreams of achieving bigger things Taken home by a young boy, Scuffy finds himself setting sail in the local stream Scuffy sings his happy toot as he travels along, exploring the landscape and meeting new animals Yet as darkness falls, Scuffy becomes afraid and finds himself in other challenges that he must overcome Yet the minute the story takes a dark turn, Scuffy wakes up and the reader realizes that it s just a dream This book is delight [...]

    Jayetta Carter-mcfarlin
    I would use this book across all elementary grade levels to examine writing styles This book is also good for teaching reading comprehension skills like predicting, imaging, monitoring, and summarizing I would use the book to introduce a social studies lesson emphasing how the boat travels to different places The book also mentions the weather conditions and the jobs the people are doing in those places Since the little boy s toy boat begins its travel down a brook which emptied into a river, wh [...]

    Synopsis Meant for bigger things, Scuffy the Tugboat sets off to explore the world But on his daring adventure Scuffy realizes that home is where he d rather be, sailing in his bathtub For over 50 years, parents and children have cherished this classic Little Golden Book My Review Munchkin saw this cover on the back of another golden book and wanted to read it Unfortunately, this one didn t capture Munchkin s attention the way we expected The story was a little long and a overly descriptive for [...]

    I bought this book for the artwork That is not to say that the story is bad it isn t bad it s just that the artwork is better.Scuffy, the toy tugboat, thought he was too big for the toy shelf, so the toy store owner brought him home Then Scuffy thought he was too big for the bathtub, so the toy store owner and his son took Scuffy to the brook But it was Spring and the brook was in high spirits And high spirited brooks lead to rivers, and rivers lead to the sea And toy tugboats are far too small [...]

    This is a classic little golden book, that I have not read in a very long time It has been around for ages and I remember when it was read to me during story time in elementary school When I saw this on the rack I did not think I would enjoy it, surprise I really did This little tugboat thinks that he is made for much larger things and sets out for an adventure He soon realizes that the life that he had was not so bad This is a great book to introduce the little one to the little golden books.

    This was one of my favorite books as a child, and I found it at the used bookstore, so of course I had to buy it for the memories In retrospect, I have no idea why I liked it so much I think it was because of the pictures I particularly liked the picture of the people putting up sandbags in the flood and because in the end Scuffy discovers the perfect life for him.Can t wait to read it to my own child some day In fact, maybe I ll try to track down a second copy, knowing how rough kids are on boo [...]

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      Gertrude Crampton