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  • Title: One Week As Lovers
  • Author: Victoria Dahl
  • ISBN: 9781420104820
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback

  • One Week As Lovers By Victoria Dahl Some Pleasures, Once TastedEven after finding his betrothed in the arms of another man, Nicholas, the Viscount Lancaster, knows he must wed Propriety and the dire state of his finances decrees it At least a visit to his country estate provides relief from playing the role of loving fiance, as well as a surprising encounter with Cynthia Merrithorpe Once his childhoodSome Pleasures, Once TastedEven after finding his betrothed in the arms of another man, Nicholas, the Viscount Lancaster, knows he must wed Propriety and the dire state of his finances decrees it At least a visit to his country estate provides relief from playing the role of loving fiance, as well as a surprising encounter with Cynthia Merrithorpe Once his childhood companion, Cynthia has grown into a lovely, alluring woman one who s undertaken a daring ruse to avoid being sold into a miserable marriage Are Too Delicious To ForgetWhen Nicholas left for London to assume his new title, Cynthia was forced to put aside her girlish infatuation Now he s returned, wickedly attractive than ever And this time, Cynthia is determined to experience the pleasure she s dreamed of for so long But with a man like Nicholas, seduction is only the beginning of a sensual journey that will tempt them both to defy convention, and uncover the very heart of desire
    Victoria Dahl
    I have my mother to thank for my passion for writing My mom is an avid reader of popular fiction, and I began reading highly inappropriate books around the age of eleven, I think Thanks, Mom, for always leaving those delicious books strewn about To Tempt a Scotsman, a Golden Heart winning historical, was my first published book Here I am signing the cover A Rake s Guide to Pleasure which was excerpted at the back of Scotsman is my second.Due to my all around goofiness, my agent suggested I also try my hand at a contemporary romantic comedy Boy, is my agent smart I had a great time writing Talk Me Down, the story of a young woman who goes back to her small hometown in Colorado and causes a huge stir with her secretive career and her burgeoning relationship with the chief of police Not only did I have a great time writing it, but Tara Parsons at HQN liked it too So if you like cold weather, hot sex and dirty jokes, be sure to check out Talk Me Down out in January 2009.Speaking of cold weather, my family and I live in a beautiful ski town in Utah No, I don t ski I prefer to sit inside with a hot toddy and a good book while the snow falls It s especially beautiful to watch when from the inside I have a wonderful husband and children, and the house is kind of crowded, what with the dukes, Scotsmen, police chiefs, and naughty ladies running around, but my family is very understanding about my imaginary friends Good thing, since they refuse to leave

    One Week As Lovers By Victoria Dahl


    Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    One Week as Lovers had the serious tone that I like in historical romance, with a tortured hero, and a heroine with enough depth to make for a satisfying read My favorite aspect of this book, by far, was the hero I really loved Nick He was an incredibly sweet, loving guy, and very emotionally strong I was impressed that he was able to survive such a horrible event in his past, and to become a relatively functional adult He didn t turn into a hater or user like some men would have, given his back [...]

    One Week as Lovers really managed to surprise me First of all, I hatehatehate tortured heroes I m probably in the minority, but I don t care Horror stories about damaged men don t get my juices flowinge me Anyway, I m pretty sure that Nick Viscount Lancaster would be considered a tortured hero He has certain issues about being touched during sex, because when he was a young man he was raped by this awful monster, Richmond.We are led to believe he tried to commit suicide because of it This is whe [...]

    I LOVED this one The heroine is straightforward, independent and earthy some of her quips are priceless and shows a whimsical confidence in herself and her plans I also love that the hero s tragic past I don t want to write a spoiler review and explain is a central part of both the plot and also the romance, but is really well handled It s not dismissed in a chapter, nor overwhelming in an icky way this IS a romance after all , but handled with courage and respect Great story, well written with [...]

    Jocelyn No
    Dahl is fantastic, and though I love all her books, I love her historicals best because while they have a sense of humor, they take themselves seriously and don t shy away from darker emotions, vivid emotional and sexual scenes, and societal truths, and she does not take the easy way out re plot resolution This one is no exception I ll be rereading repeatedly.The best thing about Dahl s books is always her characterization Her prose is lovely and stripped down, no wasted words Her plot structure [...]

    Full Review LinkOne Week as Lovers is the love story between two childhood friends, Nicholas, Viscount Lancaster and Cynthia, the girl next door Cynthia has loved Nicholas forever but once the boy turned 15 his family moved to London and they haven t seen each other in ages Until Lancaster receives the news that Cynthia has died and he travels back Cynthia of course, is not dead She faked her suicide so that she could avoid getting married to the most awful man in existence Richmond is his name [...]

    This was my first Victoria Dahl book.I wasn t overly impressed I ve read better historical romances, and authors like Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn remain among my favorite authors of the genre One Week as Lovers was just a little too hum drum for me The storyline is mediocre so much is made of the fact that Nick and Cynthia grew up together, were childhood friends who drifted apart when Nick gained the title of Viscount But I didn t really feel the connection between them Dahl relied too heavily [...]

    Elis Madison
    Nick Lancaster, the impoverished viscount who helps the H h in ARGTP, has finally found himself a fortune to marry Unfortunately, the lady doesn t like him and he discovers that she does like her father s man of business Rather a lot And the worst of it is, he s going to have to put up with it Without that money, his family is going to do a rather rapid swirl down the proverbial crapper Nick s having a tough time keeping up his trademark cheerful fa ade When a letter arrives from the housekeeper [...]

    I Loved This Book Set in the Victorian era, Nick, our hero, is a charming, titled fortune hunter I d have loved the book for that already how often do we have a fortune hunter hero who discovers that the heiress he is engaged to hates him and is sleeping with another, but he cannot afford to cancel the wedding Instead, to clear his head, he travels to his remote Yorkshire estate, one he hasn t been to since he was 15 It is there he runs into our heroine, Cynthia, his childhood friend Cynthia has [...]

    I brought this book on a whim as it was selling cheaply on , I didn t expect too much from it, and just picked out out of my to read pile at random, but I am soooo pleased I did, I loved this book, I don t know if it s because I was expecting so little, or if I was in a particularly good frame of mind when I was reading it, but oh How I loved this book It wasn t until I ve come to review the book I even realised it was part of a series me being me of course ive started at number 3, but it made n [...]

    This one is definitely going into my Top 10 So Far list I admit, it s my first foray into historical romance in at least a decade I was inspired to pick it up by a review from the Book Smugglers blog, and I am so grateful MINOR SPOILERS It was beautifully written, and had a sweet and satisfying love story that, while ending with the promise of an HEA, didn t tie it up in a neat little bow They had to work for it.I ll also admit to a weakness for damaged heroes as my best friend, who s read all o [...]

    Second book I ve read by Dahl and she has yet to disappoint I love, love, loved Cynthia s sense of humor and practicality with Nick s golden boy charm mixed with a genuine heart of gold, excuse the expression And while I liked this one than A Rake s Guide to Pleasure, each was brought something different to the table Definitely recommended for those who like well written historical romances.

    Amanda Westmont
    Another good Dahl historical Dahl tends to favor sex scenes with light bondage in them and that only bothered me because of the back story the idea that previous sexual abuse caused forgave that particular fetish I guess in my mind, it wasn t nearly kinky enough to need to be explained Some dudes just dig that.

    Thios book had me laughing , crying , frustrated and it was a brilliant read, it a love story in general but tells of the darker side of life in the times and how love can over come all.a must read for historical romance fans

    Tammy Walton Grant
    4.5 stars

    Nick is definitely one of the most likable heros I ve ever read I loved the sensitive vulnerability of his character Definitely a re read.

    Wicked Incognito Now
    I love that this story wasn t solved the easy predictable way that most romance novels favor.Dahl continues to be fresh with prose that just trot along beautifully.

    This was ok her second book in this series was much , much better After reading about the hero in the second book, I was really hoping for so much The story was somewhat bland and I only finished it because I wanted a glimpse of the characters from the second book Hero and Heroine grew up together The hero has to marry an heiress and catches his finance with another man He can t break off the engagement because he needs her money Heroine fakes her death not very well either because her family s [...]

    Terrific story with wonderful emotional depth, and characters with real chemistry TW foreshadowing and actual descriptions of an evil child predator can be tough to read It s not done in a gratuitous fashion at all, but if you are sensitive to that kind of thing, know that it s an important part of the story.

    Looooved I only wished that there was an epilogue

    Marian C. Hampton
    Enjoyable sometimes, annoying othersInteresting plot twist, but story stretched belief The positive reader ratings made me buy it, but I cannot recommend author.

    Kazia Gemmill
    Strong storyline and characters Very good, intriguing read.

    Originally shared at Cloudy with a Chance of Books chanceofbooksThis book purchase was brought to you by social media Victoria Dahl tweeted a link to Daisy Harris s blog where she discussed common tropes used to up the sexy factor This book was mentioned as an excellent example of the kink as therapy trope Ding My finger was on the buy button on my nook before I even finished reading the blog And, as an added bonus, I now have a name for one of my most favorite tropes Because I absolutely love d [...]

    I don t normally write reviews for reasons Many reasons One being that, while I enjoy reading and the whole process of embracing a story, I ve never felt compelled to sit down and write out something explaining my love for it Another is that, frankly, I m too lazy.But One Week As Lovers has seemed to break me This story.This story was a huge surprise for me I ve never read Victoria Dahl and I came across this book while on a hunt for something new and different.And boy did I get it.The plot seem [...]

    Sarah Eiseman
    This book was the continuation of the story of Nicholas, the Viscount Lancaster When we meet up with him in this novel he s just found out that his fiance is having an affair with another man not the same social level as Nick, but obviously someone she s attracted to that him So when he receives word that a childhood friend has died, he packs it in and heads back to his hometown to pay his respects Little does he know that Miss Cynthia Merrithorpe has turned into quite something in the years th [...]

    Vikki Andrews
    excellent read

    I finished this book last Monday, and I think I ve decided that I liked it, but I had to overcome some reservations in order to reach that conclusion I do recommend it as an interesting and somewhat edgy romance novel that s an unusual word combination right there when was the last time edgy was associated with the romance genre , but it s fairly intense and probably wouldn t suit everyone I enjoy it when romance authors push the envelope with their characters and give them real problems to deal [...]

    Cynthia Merrithorpe has loved Nicholas, the Viscount Lancaster since they were children view spoiler After years away Nick returns home to find a resident ghost, none other than Cynthia who has faked her own death to avoid marriage to a man she despises Moving along Cyn wants Nick in her bed but he tries his best to fend her off by appealing to her sensible side but there is nothing sensible about Cynthia s feelings for Nick And Nick, he s almost married and despite there being no love between h [...]

    Brenda Margriet
    Another enjoyable read from VD Thought Nicholas or Lancaster was very complex character, with plenty of reason to be so Cynthia is of a loon, but very likable.Nicholas must wed rich to improve his family s fortunes Cynthia was being forced to marry a psycho, so she fakes her own death They were childhood friends, so when Nicholas finds out about her death he comes home to offer his sympathies They are misplaced, however, as her stepfather is simply angry she killed herself instead of marrying a [...]

    Cynthia is faced with an arranged marriage to save her family s finances She fakes her death instead Nicholas is a childhood friend who is also forced into a marriage that will save his family He knows he has to go through with it but decides to visit his country home in order to mourn his childhood friend Cynthia He soon discovers that the ghost haunting his house is Cynthia alive and well Together they come up with a few schemes in order to both escape their betrothals In the interim they beco [...]

    Great story angst, friendship, love, good mystery, great unexpected ending I would have liked to have seen of what happened in London at the very end, but the actual ending was great Hero was definitely conflicted, had a horrible adolescent experience, but still was able to reconnect with his childhood friend Heroine had nasty family and was in a very bad situation but took steps on her own to resolve her problem She was smart, funny, irreverent, and aware enough to see and accept the changes i [...]

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