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  • Title: Body of Knowledge
  • Author: Bryce Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780615218557
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback

  • Body of Knowledge By Bryce Anderson An ant has two stomachs I know this because my neighbor told me and to my knowledge he never lied to me It s fascinating how a person s attitude and feelings about someone, about life in general, can change so much in such a short time Two months ago I hardly knew the meaning of the word time Another thing I learned from him how to view everything from varying objeAn ant has two stomachs I know this because my neighbor told me and to my knowledge he never lied to me It s fascinating how a person s attitude and feelings about someone, about life in general, can change so much in such a short time Two months ago I hardly knew the meaning of the word time Another thing I learned from him how to view everything from varying objective perspectives especially with respect to time If I had it to do over again, I d have been inquisitive My wife Gwen accuses me of asking too many questions, but with him, I couldn t have asked enough He knew everything Is it possible to ask someone who knows everything too many questions But I did ask a lot of questions, and there were always answers And I liked the answers They fit They were logical They placed everything in perspective and made me see the picture as a whole I thought you might find it interesting why I thought the only logical thing I could do was kill him.
    Bryce Anderson
    I was raised in Missoula, MT, which is the setting of my book Finding Reason Body of Knowledge I read for Entertainment, Education, and Enlightenment, basically in that order The best books have a blend of all three, in my opinion I think I did a pretty good job of incorporating all three into my book I absolutely love reading to my kids, thus my reviews cover a broad range of books I don t think it s fair to just throw a rating on a book and call it done, so I try to put at least one line of review on all the books I rate to justify the rating In general, my ratings are pretty high, probably because I do my homework on the book before I start reading it thus I go into the book expecting a 4 star read For the most part, I stick to fiction My memory is pretty good, and I build my writing off of it The most common question I get asked about Body of Knowledge is Is that a true story which flatters me, because I think that s what good fiction is all about I ll leave you to decide the answer on your own.

    Body of Knowledge By Bryce Anderson


    I have gone for quite some time without reviewing my own book I feel like today is a good day to do just that I originally wrote this book and printed up 30 copies single sided 8.5 x 11 for my closest friends that was in 2003 As can be expected, just about all 30 loved it But what good does that do me Of course my friends are going to say that What really matters is what people who have no vested interest in me at all will say 5 years go by I discover Lulu, where you can self publish your own bo [...]

    Whoa I picked up this book and had trouble putting it down A couple of times, I had to force myself to close the book because it was too late and I needed to stop reading even though I didn t want to have an intermission What a remarkable story My mind has not calmed since I finished the book about an hour ago I think it is safe to say that this has been my favorite book that I have read in the past year And, to put that in perspective, I try to read a book every week or two.I hope Bryce Anderso [...]

    Body of Knowledge is a great idea poorly executed A review of style and substanceStyle The book really suffers from the lack of a professional editor or publisher Numerous incorrect capitalizations and apostrophes especially in plurals are quite distracting, as are some either misspelled or misused words An experienced editor could also have taken the story to a much higher level of development beyond basic dialogue and reactions The character of Bryce serves as the vehicle through which JP s st [...]

    I came across this book from a fellow friend on GoodReads The blurb on the back of the book was intriguing and I read a few pages from a Kindle download and I wanted to find out The book tells the story of Bryce and JP who spend their evenings on JP s porch discussing everything from Dr Seuss to the existence of God and one s own mortality The book is a short easy read written in a straight forward prose that does not interfere with the reader being swept away by the intellectual ponderings of [...]

    I read this book because Bryce is a friend I mistakenly assumed it was a quasi autobiography It is notat I m aware I have probably averaged reading 1 book per year of my life That s not many books I m ashamed of that low statistic This means when I finish a book, it really kept my attention I enjoyed the way that Bryce weaved biblical references into everyday life experiences There were chapters in the book where I felt there was duplication However, I grew to like the repetitive points I finish [...]

    Every once in awhile, a book comes along that really makes you think I am definitely one for contemplation and philosophical discussion, so I very much enjoyed this book It leans toward five stars than four I don t really want to say anything about the actual plotline, because I don t want to give anything away, but suffice it to say that it is definitely worth reading It was completely not what I expected it to be, but good things rarely are

    I just finished reading this a second time, and liked it even than the first I m not sure why, but I really did Yes, I was editing as I went, so I read it slowly Perhaps reading it slowly is what made the difference I could digest it I m not sure Whatever it is that s made the difference, I ve decided to change my rating from four to five stars I was very pleasantly surprised by this book I purchased it directly from the author after not winning the Firstreads copy The description on the bac [...]

    Completely and utterly fascinating from page 1 to the the final cover Highly recommend for all readers seeking to improve their thinking skills and boost their intelligence quotient My only criticism came on page 145 in the single line that the main character utters, we must each decide on our own definition of what truth is, and where it comes from Truth is eternal and is not subjective only in that each individual gets to choose what truth they keep in their own personal body of knowledge Whet [...]

    In reading Bryce Anderson s Body of Knowledge I was trying to determine if it was an autobiography with fictional overtones, a complete work of fiction made to seem real by using the author s name and biographical background, or intended as a non fiction work At the end, I m still not certain It is an entertaining and enjoyable read as we accompany Mr Anderson as he grows to know and love his new and mysterious neighbor, JP The logical and methodical approach to determining JP s veracity regard [...]

    This book is a quick and easy read, but by no means are you done with it when you put it down It is a fantastic mix of mystery and philosophy, logic and religion Initially I had a tough time identifying with the characters, but by the end I realized that I didn t need to identify with the characters I was too busy trying to identify myself What I love about this book without giving anything away is that it makes you think, makes you question the world around you, which in my opinion are what the [...]

    This book is not what I expected at all I really enjoyed it I bought the book from the author and it was worth every penny This book brought out the intellectual side of me that I forget to use at times and it was very inspirational with humor too It really helped me to view life and time in a new light I would recommend everyone to read this book I am curious what religion the author is Either way, I loved this book.Bryce, I wanted to say, well done When you finish another book I will most defi [...]

    Jason Brown (Toastx2)
    I have no doubt that this is one of the books that will endure generations, as they say, one of the Next Great American Novels.Body of Knowledge, written by Bryce W Anderson from here referred to as BoK , has a simple and intriguing description printed on its back Initially, it was this cover text that pulled me in ____________________________ An ant has two stomachs I know this because my neighbor told me He s incredibly intelligent and we ve talked every evening on his porch for has it only be [...]

    Molly Thirkell
    Reading Body of Knowledge reminds me how the most innocuous decisions, or in this case, introductions, can make such a profound impact on ordinary lives The unfolding of this novel brings about thoughts of morality, secrets, emotion, self examination and weaves it all in an engrossing, multi layered story that is both educational and entertaining I believe this is difficult to do with dialogue, which in itself is a main character in this book But in many places, it s perfection The developing fr [...]

    Joy H.
    Bryce Anderson is a GoodReads author At his profile, he says I read for Entertainment, Education, and Enlightenment, basically in that order The best books have a blend of all three, in my opinion I think I did a pretty good job of incorporating all three into my book Below are some customers comments which I found at Bryce Anderson has penned a very entertaining, quizzical story This is the type of story that makes you think, reflect, think, smile, think, ponder This book delves into the mind o [...]

    It was destiny, predetermined, it was in someones future that they could not yet recall yet, that this book was brought to me It kept showing up all over on my recommendations, I finally marked to read and BAM email from the author Since then, I have been able to get to know the author from a distance, I have helped broaden his reader base, and I have been enlightened from a small book.This book is VERY thought provoking It is a book you won t put down Both my husband and I read it in two sittin [...]

    Bryce Anderson, wow This was one of those books that I had NO IDEA what to think of when I started it, and then after about chapter 17, I could not put it down It was full of so much suspense, and it s nothing that I thought it would be like It was an inspiring book, taking me by suprise at some points and confusing me at others It s a great read, and it makes you think, A LOT I keep scratching my head wondering if it s real or not, because I believe that it could be BOK made me want to referenc [...]

    Isabella Chen
    I enjoyed the book up till the revelation of the neighbour s identity I still enjoyed it somewhat after that, but if you don t have a religious world view, or if your religious world view differs from that of the author, suspension of disbelief after the second act is difficult I still enjoyed the story somewhat after the second act , mostly because I went to an Anglican high school and recognized why some of the points in the book integral to the plot might have been interesting to believers Bu [...]

    Mary Anne Cummingss
    I had to read this book as the author is from my hometown of Missoula Montana that also happens to be where the story takes place I really enjoyed this book I actually read it twice as I wanted to see if it was really as good as I thought the first time.It is one of those stories that make you think, not hard like hurt your brain think, but of the hummm or A HA thoughts.The story is easy to follow and a pleasant read I would recommend it for just about anyone teens included.I don t want to shar [...]

    People come into your life for a reason and then leave Not until later do you realize the impact they had in your life at that time This book demonstrates this and our willingness to take something at face value, on faith alone It s not a tear jerker, not religious, or very spiritual, but there is an underlying current of peace and contentment throughout, encouraging you to think about your own life This now has a home in my constant re reads.

    Body of Knowledge is quite an enjoyable literary work It s charming, witty, and thought provoking It is a story of faith, friendship, journeys, and self discovery Bryce Anderson is open and honest as he reveals what I m sure is very personal thoughts and ideas discovered through years of pondering His book contains light, truth, and inspiration that most literary works lack today I highly recommend it as an addition to your personal library.

    This book was recommended to me by a friend It had my attention in the forward The book starts with the author running me through the logical formulas of truth tables From the start gate I was intellectually stimulated and ready for a puzzle The story is curious, and endearing weaving pockets of wisdom into it that lead up to a discovery that should make all of us go hmmmmmm I m looking forward to his next book

    WOW What an amazing book Great job Bryce Anderson This book will stimulate your mind with deep questions of life and eternity Yet it is an easy to read, don t want to put it down book I would definitely recommend this book to everyone If you loved The Shack, you will love this book If you did not read The Shack, read this book Body of Knowledge should be on a Best Sellers list

    Jennifer Osterman
    I really enjoyed this book it is hard to discuss the plot without revealing too much of the book at once If you like Daniel Quinn, then you will like this book it s a mental journey, a thought experiment, and a discussion starter.

    This is a entertaining and thought provoking story that to me promoted spiritual discussion I also learned alot of interesting facts that to some may be common knowledge, but to me was not I am in the process of reading it a second time because it is just that good

    I was a bit underwhelmed by this book some great reviews but I found it to be contrived and rather amateurish I guess I was expecting .

    I did not receive this one as a giveaway book, though I did enter the drawing for it Once the drawing had passed, Bryce Anderson contacted me to find out if I d be interested in purchasing a copy I had recently been laid off severed was the term they used nice, huh and had to tell him that I was circling the wagons When I was rehired by the company that let me go cool, huh , I contacted him about buying a copy I told him I would when things got better, so I did.For some reason I got it in my hea [...]

    I finished reading Body of Knowledge last night It is a book that stays with you long after you finish turning the last page I m still walking around in a haze in a good way It is not a book I would have picked up if left to my own devices I received my book from the author While the writing is straight forward, and easy to understand it is a book with deep meaning There are layers of information, and emotion written into each chapter It is written in a way that made me reflect on my own life, i [...]

    I thought that this was a great read It is not difficult to read and does not take very long to get through I am a fairly slow reader, but was able to finish it in a single 6 hour session.There is some really good humor in this book, and the quotes at the beginning of each chapter are really good as well.It is hard to give a review without revealing anything, but I will give it a tryI find the character of JP to be facinating I would love to be able to spend the time with JP that the author was [...]

    I borrowed this book from a friend and then managed to ruin the copy by subjecting it to copious amounts of water, so I now own a sad, beat up book and she is soon to own a beautiful, new copy.I read 28 pages.The writing in this book is Ungood I was trying to find a positive word that also expressed how I felt I failed About twice a page I stopped to tear apart his High School level sentence structures Too many he quipped and I retorted s And if a character s going to say something reluctantly, [...]

    This book surprised me Bryce sent me a message to introduce me to his book he d looked over my list of read books and thought I might enjoy his He offered to let me buy a copy from him, and after checking the book description I decided to go for it When I first got the book I thought it would be a sort of scientific mystery It was completely different The story is narrated by the lead character, Bryce and tells of his family They live a fairly normal life and then one day they get a new neighbor [...]

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