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  • Title: All Is Well
  • Author: Gerald N. Lund
  • ISBN: 9781590387276
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback

  • All Is Well By Gerald N. Lund All Is Well, the powerful and moving ninth volume of the series The Work and the Glory, brings to a close the Restoration era portion of this epic story It follows the fictional Steed family from June 1846 to October 1847 as they participate in some of the most pivotal and dramatically charged events in Church history, including the migration of the Saints from the banksAll Is Well, the powerful and moving ninth volume of the series The Work and the Glory, brings to a close the Restoration era portion of this epic story It follows the fictional Steed family from June 1846 to October 1847 as they participate in some of the most pivotal and dramatically charged events in Church history, including the migration of the Saints from the banks of the Missouri River to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.As this volume opens, the Steeds have been scattered and the family is only split up further as the story unfolds Will and Alice s voyage aboard the Brooklyn nears its end as the ship approaches the California shore Peter and Kathryn continue their journey westward in the Donner Reed party In Nauvoo, Melissa and Carl find their situation growing increasingly dangerous and their marriage and strained Other Steed family members are temporarily encamped at the Missouri River, where the Saints will set up winter quarters When the United States government, at war with Mexico, calls for five hundred Mormon volunteers to form a battalion, some of the Steeds march with that battalion in its history making trek across the continents Meanwhile, other family members become part of the pioneer companies that, at last, establish in the West a place of refuge for the Saints.As with the previous books in the series, this volume is populated with a host of interesting characters, both fictional and historical And even though throughout most of the story the Steeds are separated from one another, hope remains that somehow all of them will be reunited, and with the rest of the Saints they will make the chorus swell All is well All is well
    Gerald N. Lund
    Gerald N Lund received his B.A and M.S degrees in sociology from Brigham Young University He served for thirty five years in the Church Educational System, and he served as a member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy from 2002 to 2008 He is a prolific and bestselling author of both fiction and nonfiction and is best known for his historical novels, including The Work and the Glory series, Fire of the Covenant, The Kingdom and the Crown series, and The Undaunted He and his late wife, Lynn, are the parents of seven children.

    All Is Well By Gerald N. Lund


    Not my favorite of the series, but still an epic tale This story has Steeds all over the place as they make their way to the Great Salt Lake valley I felt like there were too many things going on, so we didn t get to spend enough time with anyone Although the events of the Donner Reed tragedy were fascinating, I think eliminating them from the story might have tightened things up a bit The writing is still over the top much of the time, but I still LOVE this story, and I love this Steed family I [...]

    I was told this was the most boring one of the series I found this final volume be as good as many other volumes int he series and a fitting end to it I still wanted when it was over Despite being raised in and being an active member for the majority of my life, i came to find out there was so much that i didn t know or didn t have correct in my understanding I recommend this series to any church member or person wanting to know about what the LDS faith is about Fantastic series.

    Lizzie Jones
    This was a good ending to the series Though this book didn t keep my attention as well as the other books, it had a great resolution and I learned a lot about the trek west I read these books as a way to review some church history, and I ended up learning a ton that I didn t know These give a way to understand some of the context to the stories we grew up hearing, and helps to connect events to the timeline It is helpful to understand how difficult things were for the early Saints because it sho [...]

    Nola Redd
    Well, I finally made it through the last book in the nine volume series The fact that I questioned whether I had read this particular book previously should indicate how memorable it was on the first go round That said, my biggest sticking point was not remembering the particulars of the Donner party I did recall the presence of the Saints at Sutters Mill just before the gold rush.Once again, Lund produced a historical novel that entertained the reader even as it enlightened them Unlike previous [...]

    Michelle Christensen
    This was a very long book I didn t finish it when it was first published I think the reason I finished it now is because I was already caught up in the story and given my pending trip to Winter Quarters, I am eager for the history.This is a great history book, and parts of it actually read like a history book than the other books The scope was huge, which severely limited character development The book includes, in fairly great detail, nearly all the major westward movements related to the Morm [...]

    The five star rating on this series is based on the historical content and the research the author did to portray events His writing wasn t my favorite Poor character development for one.ey all had the same personalities eventually But I enjoyed reading the history between the lines Loved the scriptures referenced The story brought the restoration of the church to life in my mind.

    Megan Bodily
    This book was amazing It had sad parts, spiritual parts, and happy parts that i laughed out loud at I would HIGHLY suggest it.

    The United States of America is the country founded by seekers of freedom from oppressive governments But did you know the Mormon Church, born on April 6th, 1830 in New York State, was forced with violence from New York, to Ohio, to Missouri, to Illinois, and ultimately west across the plains and over the Rocky Mountains because of their beliefs The governor of Missouri actually issued an official declaration that all Mormons were to be driven from the state or exterminated It has always been ir [...]

    Generally upbeat even with the Donner party, this was really just a very long epilogue to the rest of the series This one is history than story, since most of the conflict in the family was resolved by the end of book 8 and this book exists just to get everyone to Utah I found my eyes glazing over as the enormous Steed clan drifted here and there, not really doing anything important There s no character development, very little plot, and just a lot of movement I m glad I read this series, but I [...]

    I found myself skipping around a lot in this book to follow a storyline It was annoying that everyone had to surprise others on their reunions In a way I it was a relief to have an ending to the whole saga but an amazing series My ancestors lived through some of these experiences.

    Laura Hightower
    Too long and drawn out Took forever to wade though and lost my attention having to come back to the book, that didn t happen with the other volumes Good info but could have cut a lot rambling narrative out Finally finished the series

    This is the last book in the series I have truly loved them You learn to love the characters I will miss them.

    This book series changed my life I started reading it on maternity leave after having my first child It was amazing and I will always love the Steed family

    Bevan. J. 5
    The Work And The Glory All is well by Gerald N Lund is the 9th and final book in the series Work and the Glory The Mormon Pioneers have been forced from their home in Nauvoo to find safety from religious persecution and begin their long trek west in 1846 in search of the promised land The Steed family have been split up during the trek west The Mormon faithful begin the long trek west in 1846 searching for their promised land The trek proves miraculous, challenging and costly than ever imagined [...]

    What an excellent finish This story was tied up very well, as much as I wanted MORE of his skillful works of art.

    Sarah Law
    I just finished the ninth and last book of this series, called All is Well Overall, the series is pretty good They re long books but fast and easy to read Pros I learned a whole lot of stuff about church history The author is also kind enough to tell you at the end of each chapter which parts were true and which parts were fictional Cons The writing is fair at best, with a lot of repetition, especially in the first few books of the series It s like in Harry Potter 3 when J K Rowling would try an [...]

    Wow, I finished the series Yay for me.Book 9 starts in June of 1846 and goes until mid October of 1847 It s a really long book for such a short amount of time, and really nothing signifacant except for, oh, everyone arriving in the Salt Lake Valley I guess that s pretty significant In this book, the rest of the Donner tragedy unfolds The Saints from the Brooklyn landed in San Fransisco Bay, work for a time, and head to the Salt Lake Valley Brigham Young went with a vanguard company on ahead to f [...]

    5400 pages and one year later, I finished the entire series I just liked this one It was interesting and ended reasonably well, but I think I was ready to be done I was a little surprised by which parts of the Pioneers trek west Elder Lund decided to emphasize and which parts he chose not to include at all Surprisingly, I even felt there could have should have been a 10th book to include those portions of Church History, but I guess for the Steed family purposes, his story was done This one drag [...]

    In this final volume of the World and the Glory series, the Steed Family is separated as they are all trying to make their way West One couple travels by boat around South America to California One couple travels with the ill fated Donner Party One family remains in Nauvoo, because they are a part member family and the husband does not believe it necessary to leave The remainder of the Steed clan are traveling with the large company of Saints, but even they will be split up from time to time to [...]

    Although this last book in the series only received 3 stars from me I am so glad I read it and finished the series out At times I felt like stories were drawn out just for extra page time, rather for informative value And as in the prior books, I was expecting those frequent moments were I had to put the book down just to savor and dwell on what I just read but instead I kind of felt like I was mulling through this one just to finish it And that could be my fault for trying to read all the whole [...]

    Rumor has it that book 9 is the end of this series, but In not so sure of that Geralds ability to write and continue a series may well extend right up to my living room This book is a great read but Im glad the series is over At the end it seemed like these books were coming out faster than I could read them.This entire series is wonderful It takes a fictional family and places them in the middle of the story of the Mormons the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and moves them through t [...]

    This was a good book It was interesting to read about the donnor party and the saints that traveled by sea, and such It was also fun to find that one of my own ancestors was a character in the book thomas grover Good book I liked the part that talked about 1 Peter, and the relationships between men and women.Comment on the Work and the Glory Series This series was really very good Some books were better then others But overall I loved learning history, enjoying the author s writing, and most of [...]

    Connie Shirley
    This book was almost torture for me to read I started out liking the series however, by the 7th book I was really sick of the fictional characters In fact, I don t think I ever liked them They are too predicatble and just annoying I mostly couldn t stand the characters of the mother and Nathan I did enjoy the historical aspects of the books, but the characters really ruined it for me I got tired of hearing about who was standing near whom, who belonged to whose family, and every time something h [...]

    I was somewhat resistant to the idea of reading these books I didn t take the time to really see what they were all about, I just assumed that since they seemed so trendy at the time, they would probably be light reading or even corny I was SO wrong and I m SO glad that I realized that if my mom was enjoying them so much and recommending them to me, they must be worthwhile.This series, along with the Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes, about the United States , made me fall in love with histor [...]

    I can t believe that I just read all 9 volumes of the Work and Glory series again I read each volume originally as they were published This time I read them one after another over the last 3 months I paid attention to the historical part of the books and tended to read quickly when the book was concentrating on the non historical Steed family I really enjoyed the footnotes and the parts of the books that made real the daily lives of these incredible people Like so many others, I have ancestors [...]

    The Work and the Glory Series Nine Volumes was not only entertaining but eye openning for me As a follower of Christ, I had no real idea what the Latter Day Saints were put through in the early 1800s Everyone must come to their own conclusions regarding personal faith through study and prayer Having completed the series, I still have questions regarding this dispensation of the Gospel, but I do know this every American, Christian or not, should gain an understanding of what these people where pu [...]

    I finished the series In some ways I will miss the characters and knowing where their fictional lives led In others, I m so relieved this is over This book was so all over the place for me Jumping every where trying to follow so many stories, that was confusing right there In audio, it was much worse And I get that they were showing so many different paths to UT, and how different one group can be that did not have the Lord behind it But did we have to focus SO much on the Reed and Donner groups [...]

    I read all of these books in the 7th grade and I loved them so much, I remember some nights when I would start to pray for the characters before realizing that they were made up The writing isn t great of course, but the fun thing about them was how much church history I learned They are an easy read, easy enough that they were about the perfect level for me when I was a 7th grader I think they are a perfect read for a teenager, because I didn t mind the writing then, there was some adventure, s [...]

    Dan Ward
    As good as the other stories in the series were this book felt like a push By splitting the Steed family up to cover every single aspect of the Mormon migration including the very minor Brooklyn and very insignifcant Donner party the main story of the Pioneer migration is cheapened All the sudden people go from being in winter quarters to being in wyoming No details of trail life are there By trying to do everything Lund ends up accomplishing less than he could of if had focused on the main even [...]

    This book took me nearly a month to read It was SO long I enjoyed it, but there is only so much I can read about a wagon ride across the prairie Don t get me wrong, I know it was hard I also know it was probably ridiculously boring I would have enjoyed the book if it did the prairie bit for about half of the book and then talked about the settlement of the Salt Lake Valley I didn t cry at the end of this one, which is saying a lot because I cried in most of the others I was just ready to be fi [...]

    • [AZW] ☆ All Is Well | by ✓ Gerald N. Lund
      Gerald N. Lund