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  • Title: Fragments of Ancient Poetry
  • Author: James MacPherson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Fragments of Ancient Poetry By James MacPherson Son of the noble Fingal, Oscian, Prince of men what tears run down the cheeks of age what shades thy mighty soul
    James MacPherson
    James Macpherson Gaelic Seumas Mac a Phearsain was a Scottish writer, poet, literary collector and politician, known as the translator of the Ossian cycle of epic poems.It was in 1761 that Macpherson claimed to have found an epic on the subject of the hero Fingal, written by Ossian The name Fingal or Fionnghall means white stranger His publisher, claiming that there was no market for these works except in English, required that they be translated He published translations of it during the next few years, culminating in a collected edition The Works of Ossian, in 1765 The most famous of these poems was Fingal.The poems achieved international success Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson were great fans and were proclaimed as a Celtic equivalent of the Classical writers such as Homer Many writers were influenced by the works, including the young Walter Scott In the German speaking states Michael Denis made the first full translation in 1768, inspiring the proto nationalist poets Klopstock and Goethe, whose own German translation of a portion of Macpherson s work figures prominently in a climactic scene of The Sorrows of Young Werther 1774.The poem was as much admired in Hungary as in France and Germany Hungarian J nos Arany wrote Homer and Ossian in response, and several other Hungarian writers Bar ti Szab , Csokonai, S ndor Kisfaludy, Kazinczy, K lcsey, Ferenc Toldy, and gost Greguss, were also influenced by it.

    Fragments of Ancient Poetry By James MacPherson


    Laura Anderson
    Difficult to judge properly as the repetitive nature of the storytelling is not particularly attractive to the modern eye Prose is often beautiful and memorable, and I can see why this inspired so many writers The fragments are in a way like our Scottish poetic Edda s, and I m glad I ve read them I love the backstory and intrigue surrounding authorship as well Whether ancient folk tales or written by MacPherson, a worthy and quick read.

    Neens Bea
    Ah, Ossian Hoax or not Recent research suggests it was though, as MacPherson said Those who have doubted my veracity have paid a compliment to my genius Tru dat It s nice to have read the fragments that inspired so many, from Napoleon to Jefferson via Voltaire and Goethe Still dare I say it if you ve read one, you ve read them all They re rather samey topics cover war, love, death, burial, grief And there are lots of maidens with skin as white as snow, of course Epic, but repetitive.

    Lora Danoff
    I liked Fragments Of Ancient Poetry a lot, though it was a bit tedious at times with the constant repeating of the topics Nevertheless, I was captivated by the beautiful metaphors and expressions that were used The poems are beautifully written, full of battles and tragic love stories The book also made me want to read and learn about the Gaelic culture and history, especially Gaelic literature.

    Eh, it was ok I m glad I finally read it, so I know what all these 18th 19th Century people are always going on and on about But it was pretty tedious Every fragment is the same ah, life is so sad, I remember when a young man and woman loved each other, then he got killed by someone and she died of a broken heart Over And over And freaking over How can so many 18th Century writers have been so taken with this

    J A
    Difficult to summon the same enthusiasm that greeted these apparent poetic prose translations from the ancient Gaelic They are interesting for the extremely dense, complex debates about authenticity that surround them, and for the impact that they had on subsequent literature both in Britain and elsewhere see the Ossian fraud , but it is a struggle to enjoy them.

    BC Batcheshire
    Reads a bit like a great uncle s reminiscence of war and love Some grand imagery, of course, because the subject is steeped in epic Flow is fairly natural, and the vocabulary isn t too obstructive aside from names and relation of characters , therefore light read, not too overwhelming Good for fans of battle, epics, and romantic poetry.

    Jason Mashak
    Interesting to see how ancient poetry of the Scottish highlands was shaped in content and form For whatever reasons, it reminded me of Homer s work than of Beowulf or anything other such closer literary neighbors in both geography and time.

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      James MacPherson