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  • Title: Burial
  • Author: Neil Cross
  • ISBN: 9781416526162
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback

  • Burial By Neil Cross How do you live with your guiltiest secret And what do you do when it comes back to haunt you, threatening to destroy everything Neil Cross s Burial explores this stark predicament.
    Neil Cross
    Neil was born in Bristol in 1969 He lived in Edinburgh, Brighton, Leeds and London before settling down He is the author of several novels including Always the Sun, Burial and Captured as well as the bestselling memoir Heartland He was lead scriptwriter for the acclaimed series 6 and series 7 of the BBC spy drama series Spooks and is the creator of the forthcoming BBC crime thriller Luther, which is scheduled to appear on BBC1 in 2010, starring Idris Elba Following the British publication of Captured in January 2010, he is working on his next novel and continues to write for the screen He lives in New Zealand with his wife and two sons.

    Burial By Neil Cross


    Secrets are just that, only when you know they are about to be revealed, you will do all you can to stop them from destroying you and those close to you Nathan knows exactly how this feels as he made a mistake years ago and kept it hidden, but Nathan s world is about to be turned upside down and there isn t a thing he can do to stop it Burial by Neil Cross was an enjoyable read, but It wasn t as good as I imagined it was going to be Yes, it had the mystery and suspense, but I simply felt it was [...]

    I m not quite sure how I feel about this book I liked it, for the most part, but there s just something missing from it that keeps it from getting any than 3 stars It s well written and it kept me interested in how the story would end Plus, there is a revelation towards the end from one of the characters about what happened with the dead girl Elise that I found rather unique However, other than that, there isn t a whole lot original about the plot and the actions of the protagonist, Nathan, in [...]

    Lou Robinson
    As with all the Neil Cross I ve read so far, I couldn t put this book down A punchy story, distasteful main characters and plenty of suspense Great stuff.

    This is not the type of book I usually pick up, and after coming across the rather odd line Nathan looked at the receiver as if it was firm and warm and damp, like a semi erect penis p 74 , I wasn t sure I d be able to let myself like it But I couldn t put it down I just kept wanting to read and Now that I ve finished it, I have to say that for all the oddness and general creepiness of the plot, I really enjoyed the story.One of the things that made the story so compelling was the evenness of [...]

    This story was so thrilling I actually felt my heart speed up at times, which is unusual for me.It starts in the present day when two men meet up and discuss a situation that had occurred 10 years previously which entailed them burying the body of a young girl.It then jumps to that time and the story starts to unfold.Nathan our hero is in a job he hates, living with a girl he is about to dump, when he is invited to a party at his bosses house and takes the girlfriend as a way of easing her out o [...]

    Chad Eagleton
    When I started Burial after I got home from work, I thought had a made a bad choice on that night s reading selection The opening is almost all dialogue and the prose is typical, all tough guy crime novel terse I sighed, thinking it was going to read like a lengthy screen treatment.I was wrong.After the knock on the Nathan s door, Cross takes us back to the beginning of the psychological hell and shows us the writing chops that make Luther one of the best shows on television the prose style beco [...]

    Burial begins like the opening suspense sequence of any number of hit TV crime shows before the theme song starts playing a mysterious acquaintance arrives on a rainy evening at the doorstep of protagonist Nathan s English home Nathan is frozen in fear and, according to stranger, there s something odd and twisted about the photos he has hanging in his front room.What follows is an account of memory flashbacks to the moment Nathan and Bob the mysterious acquaintance first met College a time for e [...]

    Neil Cross really knows how to put together a story More importantly, in BURIAL, his second crime fiction novel, he s absolutely not afraid to write a very morally ambiguous central character When Nathan meets up with journalist Bob again at a drug fuelled party at his bosses house, he did something incredibly stupid He was young and restless but just maybe he wasn t the one that killed a young girl that night Maybe she wasn t actually killed but just died in very wrong circumstances He certainl [...]

    Karen San Diego
    Burial by Neil Cross is a perfect example of a wayward crime novel This surpasses all cliches and expected events and characters and conclusions This is a work of a courageous author who hopes to break barriers about this genre It s not one you ll instantly like, I cannot guarantee that but it s one which instantly takes your interest It s a very dark and depressing novel that surpasses several known moral codes.It s great Synopsis Nathan is at the end of his rope His career is falling apart and [...]

    Vergraben ist ein Buch, auf das ich zum einen wegen dem Cover aufmerksam wurde Ich finde, das Cover sehr eindringlich und mir war sofort klar, dass ich dieses Buch einfach lesen m chte Zum anderen wurde der Thriller von Neil Cross geschrieben, der ebenfalls der Verfasser von Luther Die Drohung ist Das Buch habe ich zwar noch nicht gelesen, es wurde mir aber schon empfohlen, so dass ich auch neugierig auf den Autor war Gleich vorne weg m chte ich sagen, dass ich nach der Lekt re beschlossen habe, [...]

    George Kelly
    Burial is a crime thriller cum horror written by the man behind the hit TV series, Luther.The story kicks off when Nathan, an employee of a famous radio DJ, attends his boss s house party From there, everything goes wrong First he argues with his girlfriend in front of everyone, making a fool of himself Then, drunkenly, he swings for his boss And finally, he meets a girl and decides to drive out to a forest with her alongside another guy he met at the party Bob and have sex with her Bob also has [...]

    Nathan und Bob lernen auf einer Party die junge Emily kennen V llig zugedr hnt und betrunken fahren sie mit ihr in einen kleinen Wald, um ein bisschen Spa zu haben Doch dort stirbt das junge M dchen, Nathan und Bob beschlie en, dar ber Stillschweigen zu wahren erst Jahre sp ter scheint die Vergangenheit die beiden einzuholen Es geht in diesem Buch gar nicht so sehr darum, einen M rder zu finden oder Ermittlungen zu f hren Es ist eher ein Psychodrama, eine Charakterstudie was hat Nathan veranlass [...]

    Ian Mapp
    One of the best thrillers that I have read in a long time A genuine page turner of simple pleasures.Starts off with Nathan working for some crappy washed up DJ who kind of reminded me of DLT, but that may have been thre recent news stories He goes along to a party at the DJ house, meets an ex student friend Bob who is dicking around with a Oujia Board In a bid to escape Nathan s girlfriend, Bob, Nathan and a 19 year old girl, escape off in a car Things develop and the girl is loose with her affe [...]

    Raina Joseph
    My first time at his place, I walked around the room trying to feel a little at home I glance through the endearing family photos and souvenirs, bearing stories I looked forward to learning but was not a part of My eyes settled on a tall bookshelf, and my heart beat a little faster in anticipation It was packed to the brim with books His dad was an avid crime fiction reader I remembered that then, staring at the countless crime fiction novels loosely organised on the shelves A dozen romance and [...]

    Nathan und Bob kennen sich nur fl chtig und trotzdem ist ihrer beider Leben untrennbar miteinander verbunden Bei einer Party starb ein junges M dchen und die Beiden vergruben gemeinsam ihre Leiche in einem Wald Nun, zehn Jahre sp ter, soll der Wald abgeholzt werden und einem neuen Wohngebiet Platz machen Und die Geister der Vergangenheit stehen wieder auf Geister im w rtlichen Sinn, denn der unheimliche Bob besch ftigt sich mit dem Erforschen von Geistererscheinungen.Neil Cross schreibt neben Ro [...]

    Maya Panika
    It s certainly a page turner A claustrophobic thriller about a death that literally haunts a young and relatively innocent young man and his hideous friend, a PhD student and paranormal investigator Nathan, the protagonist, deals with what s happened and makes a life despite everything in fact, he makes a rather good life, a life that, if the death had never happened, would not have come about Can he deal with the implications of that knowledge I could see how the paranormal shades would come to [...]

    My first encounter with this author, and hopefully not my last Burial tells the story of the devastation caused following the disappearance of a young woman, both to the family and to those involved in the disappearance Nathan is stuck in a dull job and a dull relationship He goes to a party and bumps into Bob, a man he met once, long ago The drugsd and drink are flowing freely at the party and, angered because his girlfriend is flirting with someone else, Nathan and Bob drive off with Elise, a [...]

    Craig Sisterson
    Burial contains thematic echoes of Cross previous work bleak yet menacing settings, flawed characters forced into emotional and psychological maelstroms, and occasional literary flourishes Nathan, the protagonist, is no murderer But he is a drunken, coked up witness to the sudden death of 19 year old Elise, who expires while entangled with Nathan s strange friend, Bob Panicked, the pair hastily bury Elise in the woods, and for years don t speak Then, one day, Bob arrives on Nathan s doorstep, co [...]

    This book captured my attention right from the start and had me hooked right to the end as the premise of the book was intriguing Nathan has not been able to forget the one mistake that he made earlier in his life As much as he tries to forget, years go by and then one day his demons come knocking Bob, an acquaintance from years earlier, was there with him on the tragic night a young girl disappeared and he has just showed up at his front door.The author gives us clear insight of Nathan We not o [...]

    A masterful thriller from the lead writer of BBC s Spooks MI5 in USA I won t say too much about the plot because it really needs to be encountered without spoilers.An ordinary man is caught up into a nightmare situation when a young woman dies in his and another man s company The other chap talks him into burying the body He is haunted by the secret as the years pass and then he learns that the woods are to be developed for housing.Just about to be published in UK in Jan 2009 4.5 stars for sure. [...]

    Not the most plausible story I have read, and a predictable ending, but a good 4 hour book.


    I picked this up on the basis of the excellent job Cross did with the John Luther novel and TV series , which was one of the few books I would genuinely class as unputdownable This wasn t.

    Barry Bridges
    Great book Hooked me and held me until the end.

    Helen Powel
    2,5 starsI am a total fan of detective John Luther tv series by novelist and screenwriter Neil Cross and of course I would be interested in his novels So Burial is the first I read and I really wanted to like this book It certainly was not badly written The idea of how a regular person can get coerced into doing the unthinkable under influence of alcohol and cocaine and then has to live with oneself is interesting Mr Cross succeeded in describing what that will do to you But the point was I did [...]

    This isn t normally my kind of reading material, but my uncle leant it to me so I read it out of politness Truth be told, I enjoyed it for the most part, albeit in the disgusting way you enjoy ten chicken mcnuggets at 1am but feel terrible about yourself immediately afterwards.It s horribly written Cross affects a terse, short sentence style, in an attempt to manufacture some cock swinging tension This bothered me at first, until I learned to ignore it occasionally, though, Cross takes the whole [...]

    CJ Bowen
    Picked this up because I have enjoyed several episodes on MI 5 Spooks , which Cross writes for, and heard good things about the Luther tv series, which he created.Good enough writing with the exception of a repeated lewd detail , occasionally startlingly good, but very grotesque plot Nathan comes across as the tortured victim of circumstance, when in reality he is the victim of his own cowardice The resolution leaves much to be desired, like justice and righteousness Moral never bury just one pe [...]

    Robert Fenske
    The story follows Nathan, an average man, after he and acquaintance accidentally commit murder The story tracks his guilt through the years and what he thinks may be redemption Cross does a fantastic job of making Nathan ambiguous one page you may sympathize for him and then detest him the next Small subplots presented early in the novel come back in full force that make this a thrilling page turner.

    Златко Андоновски
    Quite a fun read Well, insomuch as a death coverup story written by Neil Cross can be considered fun and I mean that in the best possible way Not much in the way of memorable characters, but you probably won t care, as it s a real page turner There are some clever bits here and there hint you ll feel smart later on if you notice some of the names early on and I found the sporadic horrory bits very creepy.

    Cindy Hartley
    This book had great potential to be a nail biter Terrific storyline about a man who marries the sister of the woman he and a friend murdered and buried years before Now the body is possibly about to be found because of construction in the area Will he be found out The author did well with the storyline but I believe it fizzled a bit I did not shut the book thinking this was a great storyjust okay.

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