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  • Title: Happyface
  • Author: Stephen Emond
  • ISBN: 9780316041003
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Happyface By Stephen Emond Just put on a happy face Enter Happyface s journal and get a peek into the life of a shy, artistic boy who decides to reinvent himself as a happy go lucky guy after he moves to a new town See the world through his hilariously self deprecating eyes as he learns to shed his comic book loving, computer game playing ways Join him as he makes new friends, tries to hide from hJust put on a happy face Enter Happyface s journal and get a peek into the life of a shy, artistic boy who decides to reinvent himself as a happy go lucky guy after he moves to a new town See the world through his hilariously self deprecating eyes as he learns to shed his comic book loving, computer game playing ways Join him as he makes new friends, tries to hide from his past, and ultimately learns to face the world with a genuine smile With a fresh and funny combination of text and fully integrated art, Happyface is an original storytelling experience.
    Stephen Emond
    Hello, my name is Stephen Emond, or just Steve if you prefer There isn t much about that me isn t be said in this excerpt from the HAPPYFACE page on About the AuthorSteve Emond does not have any superhuman powers, neat tricks, or famous relatives, but he s a pretty cool guy who can draw He is the creator of Emo Boy, which ran for 12 issues and two collections, and the comic strip, Steverino He grew up in Connecticut, where he wrote and directed a public access sketch comedy show that only his grandmother watched.I m pretty sure my editor on the book wrote this to mimic my sometimes self deprecating manner because I don t remember writing it myself.Anyway, I m a creator, I guess you can say I focused solely on drawing in my youth, wanting to be a comics artist Not so much the kind I became, I was interested in superheroes Starting with Spiderman, which led to the New Warriors, which led me to following Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, the guys that wound up at Image I was a huge Image fan until a girlfriend turned me on to indie comics, which read like the things that went on in my head.Another thing I drew, that fed into my later love of writing, was a comic strip called STEVERINO I did STEVERINO from my senior year of highschool, and for about six years after Even after that, I returned to the strip off and on, the last stretch in 06 You can read those comics by clicking the Steverino box at the top of Stephenemond I think STEVERINO really helped me develop as both an artist and a writer The comic strip is a great way to learn writing, because every strip has a beginning, middle and end to it It s short, but you learn a lot in what s interesting and how to set up and close an idea I did twenty five page books every month, three cartoons per page, and sent them to never than thirty people I worked through a lot of my own neuroses in those years, but it was a lot of fun.Feedback for Steverino was generally positive I won a national contest, Andrew McMeels Follett College Store s STRIP SEARCH DISCOVERING TOMORROW S TOP CARTOONISTS TODAY and had my comic printed in a book of the same name I had three or four local newspaper articles and ongoing dialogues with a few syndicate editors There wasn t really any hook, though It was just me and my thoughts They liked the art, they liked the writing, they thought it was charming, but you couldn t sell it.Eventually I had the idea for EMO BOY, which was what if this emo kid had superpowers, but they were completely destructive and he was too emo to use them anyway It was a joke at first but my girlfriend at the time urged me to go on with it I did a mini comic, ashcan style 8 1 2X11 pages folded down the middle and xeroxed In it, Emo Boy joins a garage band, falls for a pretty girl, kisses her and explodes her head in a fit of emo nerves The band is ready to beat him down when he comes up with a hit emo song about the experience.I sent the comic to SLG Publishing, because honestly, who the heck else would publish it In the meantime, I had so much fun with it that I kept making the books I did four issues, without the emo powers, just as a comedy comic about an emo kid and his happy go lucky friend Maxine About eight months after I mailed the book to SLG, I got an email from Dan Vado asking if I was still looking for a publisher Indeed, I was I sent him the new issues to show how the art and writing had improved, although Dan did recommend giving him the powers back, as it lent the series a feeling of suspense, not knowing what was going to happen next.EMO BOY ran for twelve issues It started strong, but as is the case with most indie comics, sales slipped to a point that it wasn t cost effective to continue printing each issue I was left with the option to do it as a digital comic, or to do a series of graphic novels I decided to take some time off.Durin

    Happyface By Stephen Emond


    Original post at One More PageThe bright yellow cover called me the moment I entered the YA section of Fully Booked Eastwood It was bright, and the smiley made an interesting cover, and when I took a peek inside, I saw that it was a bookwith drawings But what really convinced me to buy is when I removed the half dust jacket and saw this This certainly got me very, very curious How can a book entitled Happyface have a sad face inside Happyface is the journal of a boy who has been christened Happy [...]

    Gray skies are gonna clear up, Put on a happy faceAs a self proclaimed Pollyanna, I will be the first to admit that I would want to punch you in the face if you said this to me What the hell is wrong with a little rain Huh You can t be happy if it rains Fuck you.You can have your gangnum style and complain about never ever ever ever getting back together again and umm okay, that s my extent of youth culture you guys like furbies again, right Happy face is old school teen angst There are no vampi [...]

    Aaron Vincent
    Also posted at Guy Gone Geek I cannot believe that I will also be writing that line Yay Despite being a loyal partisan of social networking sites where you can post about every single update of your life, I still do keep a journal I ve been keeping it for about 4 years now and it is still far from being halfway filled I guess that shows how rare I write on it Here s my journal next to Happyface s journal Are reviews with photos the new in thing here in Apparently, yes I feel slightly embarrassed [...]

    Tyler S.
    Happyface is a great book It is a chill and fast read It relates to my life and many ways I think other people will also relate to this book The storyline is great in this book It may seem random at times, but the book is a written in like a diary form With this gist of the entries and the text with the stories, it is a great read Tyler S

    Gussie Birney
    This book was a very depressing story about the darkness of high school and all its tragic problems I feel like it made high school almost too dark and forgot to mention some really great moments that I m sure the main character must have felt at least once in his entire four years at his school I think that even in the toughest of times you can still find some like points about it, or else the reader is just reading some depressed kids thoughts and personally that makes for not the most interes [...]

    Avery (ThePagemaster)
    I have had so much luck and enjoyment reading Stephen Emond s books I feel like he is a VERY underappreciated author He writes really good, entertaining stories with funny content that, also, have that deep, punch in the gut backstory which I, believe, is equally executed if not, better than a John Green book Plus, he does his own art for his book, and I always admire an author who puts 100%, and then some, in their work.

    Ariel Acupan
    Originally posted atPINOYPETERPAN.EVERYBODY NEEDS A HAPPYFACE SOMETIMES A review of Happyface by Stephen Emond First, I wanna say thanks to Tina for letting me borrow this great book hugz I ve read Happyface just when I needed it most It reminded me of three things 1 that everybody could start anew There s nothing wrong with wanting to move on and leave the past behind You could always put a clean slate in front of you 2 Another is putting a smile on your face could really make a big difference [...]

    Turn those frowns upside down, and remember to just keep swimming, I mean smiling I was first attracted to Happyface when I saw the bright yellow cover calling my name from the library shelf I was like a moth to a smiling, yellow flame When I opened it up to take a peak inside, I was rather surprised The journal format is nothing new when it comes to a coming of age Young Adult novel but Happyface takes this format to an entirely new level, as our main character Happyface expresses his life in b [...]

    This is the diary of Happyface, a not so happy as everyone thinks he is teenager In the beginning he s kind of quiet and awkward and spends most of his time with his sketchbook, drawing the world and his best friend Chloe who is smart, beautiful, and unobtainable Everything changes when Happyface s parents split up and he and his mom end up living in a small apartment and Happyface goes to a new school He has the chance to reinvent himself as someone else, and he starts right away grinning all t [...]

    Jeff Raymond
    This book took me, beat me to a bloody emotional pulp, and left me on the side of the road.Sometimes a book does that and it s great Sometimes the book is Happyface and it s a really terrible time.So our protagonist, known to us only as Happyface, moves with his mother away from his broken family into a different portion of the city after a family tragedy He then treats everyone around him horribly, can t grasp the social cues necessary to fix the problem, and hits rock bottom Without giving awa [...]

    Lindsay Frost
    HappyfaceHappyfaceBy Stephen EmondPublisher Little, Brown Company of Pages 320Age Rating 14 My Rating 4 StarsSynopsis Enter Happyface s journal and get a peek into the life of a shy, artistic boy who decides to reinvent himself as a happy go lucky guy after he moves to a new town See the world through his hilariously self deprecating eyes as he learns to shed his comic book loving, computer game playing ways Join him as he makes new friends, tries to hide from his past, and ultimately learns to [...]

    Natalie Cheetham
    actually my second time reading this bookd it was just as amazing as the firsteven though you know what s comingere are a lot of different elements that come together so well to make this such a great book the journal format, the doodles, etc but what i think is the strongest aspect is that the story is so real it s not a hokey love story, there are no vampires or zombies, and the protagonist is horribly, horribly flawed while not all of the readers can comprehend and connect with the exact trag [...]

    Dern sexist, perverted yellow book Perceptibly written by a male and if you check under the pages you d see this smiling book is also male.In any case, I squashed a gnat into page 131 and am leaving it there, all flat and juicy.Just another Oh woe is me book ONE LIKES ME I LL NEVER BE POPULAR BUT I WANT A GIRLFRIEND This teen aged boy cares about himself SO MUCH that it makes up for everyone else s disinterest in him But I enjoyed the art Without the art, this book would without a doubt be 1 ast [...]

    Personal Response The book overall as just a book was great and better than the previous series I read called The Black Book I believe an anti social boy becoming the well known happyface for all is amazing It proves people change for the better.Plot Summary A 15 year old boy is antisocial and has trouble communicating with others He normally sits alone at lunch, gets good grades, and writes This boy s parents are complete opposites His dad is a smart author and his mom is a party girl drunk Thi [...]

    Dominique Perry (dom the book thief)
    This was a cute read, although very predictable I didn t find anything so original I ve read this type of story plenty of times before Also, Happyface s attitude towards Gretchen near the end there was a no no Nevertheless, I didn t hate the book and it kept me entertained The artwork is cool too.

    I normally find it difficult to review my absolute favourite books so I ve been putting off this review for a while It s silly, really but I m always nervous I won t quite do the book justice or I won t be able to get across exactly why and how much I loved it.The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my favourite books of all time and when I heard somebody compare Happyface to it I knew I had to check it out While there are a number of notable differences between the two books I think you re ve [...]

    Torgny Simons
    Happyface is a book about a troubled boy He is struggling to find out who he really is His best friend is the prettiest girl in school, her name is Chloe, and he wants to ask her out but he thinks that he is too much of a nerd and he lacks a lot of confidence They met because they were neighbors and they were just friends ever since When he tries to ask her out, his family laughs out loud His mom and dad are having marital issues and his brother, Everett, knows it He seems kind of in the dark wi [...]

    What if you had the chance to start over, to be a new person would you This is exactly what happens to Happyface, he s given the opportunity to start anew and make a name for himself in a new school with new friends It doesn t come without consequence and what results is his very own journey into who he truly is And, I loved it.The new rage in story telling it seems is this journal mixed with art as is seen in books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Artsy Fartsy I m a huge fan when it s done right a [...]

    Doesn t quite make it to a 3, had to trudge through too much of it, BUT I can see some graphic novel fans taking to it as if it s a high school version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid And maybe it is, though, granted, with some serious issues interspersed in those of typical high school nerd dom The tragedy of Happyface is his real name Steve, Stephen seems to be only the separation of his parents, the loss of Chloe, the girl who was his best friend and who he wanted to be , and having to move to a cru [...]

    The cover of this book both with the smiley face and then with the sad face under the sleeve looks like it could snuggle right in on the Self Help shelf And maybe it could be I present to you Happyface A Self Help Guide For a Nerd Who Only Has One Friend, Loses Her, Has His Life Fall Apart One Day, Goes to A New School, And Desperately Wants To Make New Friends Get a Girlfriend The End.I don t really want to give anything away I made mistake of reading a ROTTEN review that completely gave away t [...]

    This is not like a normal book we are reading NO, it s not a comic book neither As a reader, we are reading someone s notebook with pictures are going along Indeed, this is another book covers theme of love A boy is recording every single moment of first with Chole and second after he moved to new town, Gretchen The boy like most of boys wants to be with girls but he is somehow very shy Comparing to Tobey in book When it happens, by Susane Colasanti The boy has much fun characteristics than Tob [...]

    Sarah Evans
    This fictional black and white illustrated diary of a painfully awkward teen boy with underlying issues is touching and well done At the start, the narrator seems like an average lonely high school sopho He s a gamer and comic book lover that also spends hours obsessing over the things his only female friend might be thinking His parents drink a bit too much and his older brother is too cool to deal with him Then an unknown tragedy strikes and he tells us he and his mom are living in a tiny apar [...]

    Well, I enjoyed the drawings The story itself could have been great, but its presentation did not draw me into the story Happyface was not Happy This book should have taken me about a day to finish, but I was just bored with it It took a week There is such a deep story going on, but it feels like it s hiding in the background Frankly, it was Just odd I didn t connect with any of the characters I guess it would be good if you don t have a lot of time to read and just want something to pick up whe [...]

    meem 1993
    usually I am not really into these kind of stories schools and teenagers and the whole popularity things p but this book was so good I thought that it would be a funny book full of warm and coazy feelings but surprisingly it was than that in fact it was into reality and sadness and deep hard troubles that the main character goes through it moves up and down and it is full of surprises where you get angry and sad at happyface but you can t help but love him or lough at his jokes sometimes and a [...]

    This wasn t a horrible book, but I wouldn t say it was a great book either The main character made everyone believe he was someone that he was not Even though I could relate to him in several ways with losing friends and someone close to you, he still annoyed me Chloe was probably one of the few people I liked somewhat, she had pain, and I could feel it Happyface didn t express his pain, he lied repeatedly, and changed into a different person Overall, this book was just okay The ending is what g [...]

    I bought this book because of its cute cover and didn t expect much from it Well, if you look for the book that gives your life meaning or philosophical stuff, I don t think this is it This book is kind of like Diary of a wimpy kid to me and there are many times I don t like this happyface guy s way of thinking Still, I find the book quite enjoyable like I m reading cartoon, novel and diary all at once It s fun to read when you just want to relax

    Nila Azizi
    Read this is the fifth grade lol I absolutely loved it and that is all.

    Taylor Morrison
    Well written with lessons that everyone should remember Happyface is a great novel about dealing with what life has given you This book should definitely be in junior highs and high schools.

    9 22Happyface is a book made of writing and drawing entries done from the point of view of a pretty awkward teen boy He had received a sketchbook from his father for Christmas and finally began using it in July after months of his father nagging him He introduces his serious father who s an established writer, his crazy mother, and his popular older brother who s only visiting for the summer He also talks about a girl named Chloe Hills who s his next door neighbor and the cute girl he s infatuat [...]

    Madison Calhoun
    I recently picked up Happyface on a whim from a secondhand bookstore I had never heard of it before, but the bright yellow cover and the drawings inside intrigued me I am so glad I found it I ve been reading a lot of darker novels recently, so today I thought I d try something lighter I mistakenly assumed that Happyface would be a solely comedic novel after all, it s about a teenager that draws himself as a walking smiley face However, I was wrong It has a lot of funny moments, but it is much de [...]

    Mask This word represents Happyface by Stephen Emond because throughout the book the main character, nicknamed Happyface , uses a figurative mask to hide his own true self from others I really enjoyed this book because a lot of the characters had simple but deep personality traits I could connect to people in my own world My favorite character was Happyface because he becomes someone that is easy to relate to At home he is shy and awkward, but when he joins a new school he leaves that version of [...]

    Autumn Sivits-Camara
    Stephen Emond s intriguing fiction novel HappyFace may be relatable for some and has been one of my favorite books so far The novel begins with Happy Face having an emotional moment with his childhood crush Chloe after she reveals that she s not interested in him This has Happy Face devastated and then leaves him to continue his depressing life online as a resident of Loser Ville He plays games on his computer, draws in his sketchbooks, doesn t do well in school and only has one friend named Mat [...]

    Breanne Seelinger
    1 This book was an assigned reading for my Young Adult Lit class I don t think I would have ever picked it up unless I was forced to, and even at the end of the book I knew I would never pick it up again It was about a young male character, who I found I could not relate to at all, and the moral of the story was clouded until the very last page Until then, there seemed to be no real point to the story 2 The plot worried me throughout a majority of the book The main character was making many bad [...]

    Caden Grove
    Reviewhappyface Stephan EdmundThis book is absolutely fantastic Happy face is a boy who is going through hardships in life and faces them by wearing a mask He has been betrayed by his own brother and best friend Then after all that his parents get a divorce Things start to change when he lives at his moms place after the divorce He make friends and treats them like family, everything is going GREAT Until one day he isn t comfortable with himself all this tension, the lies Happyface just simply i [...]

    This book is called Happyface and was written and illustrated by Stephen Emond This book is realistic fiction which is fiction but it s realistic so it has realistic things in it like what we have in the real world I would say this is also a little bit adventure because since happyface is trying to make a girl fall in love with him I chose to read this book mainly because of the cover and because of the structure This book is about a boy called Happyface who moves to a new school and falls in lo [...]

    Happyface by Stephen Emond is a light and fast paced read This book is to replicate a journal written by a boy in high school, which is why the font looks like it was written and there are pictures on every page Emond did a great job writing the book really feel like a journal, such as how things are hidden that we don t find out or understand until the end Things are confusing and weird in the beginning but they would make sense if they were written in a journal and you knew a bit about the cha [...]

    I could never put this book down It was so interesting and it always left me wanting to know of what was going to happen next The way this book is set up is phenomenal The wording is a little hard to read at first but after awhile you get use to it I also like how the main charter struggles in getting along with his mom, dad, brother, friends, school and the girl he likes Because lets face it no one really has an easy life like how some books would describe it This book also has a lot of emotio [...]

    Happy face is a book written by Stephen Edmond about the main character happy face who struggles in similar ways most high school students do He is forced to be someone he s not and fit in with the cool kids He has to hide his past before he moved so that he does not be alone again at his last school The book shows how being the different one in high school can be difficult And you are kind of forced to change yourself Like in today s world teenagers are forming cliques and excluding others.The [...]

    Happyface is one of the very, very few books I finished in one day, one of the even fewer books that I could relate to, and officially the second book that made me cry The first one was a long time ago, so long ago that I can t even remember the title Anyway it was about a boy who kind of abandoned his pet dinosaur and I read the book twice and cried both times when it wasn t even that sad If you re going to count Percy Jackson, where my eyes watered up, Happyface would be the third, but okay le [...]

    Saleena Davidson
    Happyface is a very quick read, and really really good It s supposed to be the journal of a 10th grade guy He isn t really sure why it s a journal, it was supposed to be someplace to put his artistic doodles, but then ends up being a place to unload his thoughts, worries and triumphs It occurs to me, that I never did see the main characters real name as the whole thing is in first person.but he begins calling himself happyface when he and his mother move to a new crappy apartment He is hopeful t [...]

    The book that I have read is called Happyface by Stephen Emond Happyface is about a teenager who has a lot of troubles in life And what I found shocking was Happyface is his nickname His parents divorced early on in the book His brother, Everett, died in a car crash revealed later in the book His mom and him moved Happyface s dad never called him or emailed him He makes new friends at a new school He lies about himself He has many drawings in his sketchbook while also writing in it.His mom is an [...]

    Sydnee Smith
    I read Happyface and I found this book to be a good book, but it was hard to get into, although it was a fast read Edmond went into good detail about the events that happened in the book, and created very descriptive drawings Reading this book was almost like reading a comic book or a diary That is why it wasn t one of my favorite books I have never read a book like this before Even though I liked this book, it was still hard to read at first a different kind of book I would recommend this book [...]

    I loved that the book was told with a journal entry complete with cartoons It did bother me that the main character s name was never revealed I guess it would kinda ruin the story Happyface is pretending to be happy, but beneath it, he s depressed His best friend a girl started going out with his older brother, and the brother crashed the car and died he was driving while drunk and almost killed the girl Happyface s dad divorced his mom, and they he and his mother move to a dingy apartment in th [...]

    Cassandra Miller
    I actually really enjoyed this book I pick it up at the library just because I found the cover interesting, without even realizing what it was about and I am happy I did The story was good Throughout the entire book I was expecting some stupid guy gets girl all because he changed who he was and that s all that matters but no The book really is about being true to yourself and realizing that everyone wears a mask Throughout the entire book the main character is wearing a mask, whether it is the q [...]

    At once, Happyface was the loser living in a lonely city He barely knew anyone, commonly known as Mr Comic Book But now that he had switched schools, everything had changed He had faced many challenges, including the death of his brother, Everett, but he was able to recover from what happened, and became the guy that everyone liked With his crush sitting in front of him in class, he may have been the creep drawing pictures in the corner After making new friends, he was finally able to speak up t [...]

    Sarah Valerie
    3.5 starsHappyface is a book that I think is definitely worth reading, even if some things fell a bit flat for me Why One reason, the artwork contained in this book is just so wonderful Happyface s technically Stephen s drawings alone are just really nice to look at, even though he has so many hundreds of portraits of Gretchen.Since this is a journal written in by Happyface, the main character, the story is really of drama going on in his life, such as his parents getting a divorce, moving to a [...]

    Meredith Amelotti
    There are two things that I loved about Happyface One is how fast paced the story was It seemed like I just kept turning the pages without stopping to blink Second, the information about what happened with Happyface s family and Chloe, the girl he left behind when he moved Emond delivers this information at a very slow pace, and at times you re wondering what really happened You re probably thinking I am contradicting myself, because I just said the story was fast paced The story moved quickly, [...]

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