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  • Title: The Lucky Shopping Manual
  • Author: Andrea Linett Kim France
  • ISBN: 9781592400362
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Turtleback

  • The Lucky Shopping Manual By Andrea Linett Kim France What to wear, how to buy, where and when to spend These are the topics covered each month by the exceedingly plugged in staff of Lucky, whose circulation rocketed from 500,000 to 800,000 in just two short years For Lucky s devoted fans, and anyone devoted to dressing better and shopping smarter, The Lucky Shopping Manual will be the ber find Finally, there is a book thWhat to wear, how to buy, where and when to spend These are the topics covered each month by the exceedingly plugged in staff of Lucky, whose circulation rocketed from 500,000 to 800,000 in just two short years For Lucky s devoted fans, and anyone devoted to dressing better and shopping smarter, The Lucky Shopping Manual will be the ber find Finally, there is a book that does away with the inconsequential information in previous fashion books and presents only the most useful tips and imperative information for how to dress better for less Filled with tips that will appeal to shopaholics and disciplined bargain hunters alike, this enticing guide is packed with over 1,000 full color photos and illustrations, with a ribbon marker and flexi cover so women can take it shopping with them With great advice on every uniquely designed page, The Lucky Shopping Manual includes features such as Building a wardrobe you love, with cross referenced sections on everything from skirts, tops, dresses, pants, and suits, to shoes, bags, belts, and what looks best for your body type How to spot great finds at the local flea market or the best boutiques What to spend your money on and where you can scrimp Cool stores coast to coast to check out when you re traveling Practical tips for fabric care, shoe maintenance, and stain remedies
    Andrea Linett Kim France
    Andrea Linett Kim France Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Lucky Shopping Manual book, this is one of the most wanted Andrea Linett Kim France author readers around the world.

    The Lucky Shopping Manual By Andrea Linett Kim France


    i thought this book was informative applicable that the style guide the idea of a shopping manual kind of make the anarcho anti capitalist in me cringe, but we all need to clothe our naked forms, do we not i am no longer a mere wisp of a 20 year old, able to fit into any garment i stumble across in the local goodwill, indifferent to slings arrows which accompany whatever bizarre ensemble i cobble together i have to admit, i am really attracted to books that are like guides on how to do stuff fo [...]

    I feel like I finally have a textbook I ve needed all my life If you are one of those women who, like me, has never understood the subtleties of what shirts to wear with what pants and which shoesor what cuts or colors are flatteringor basically just how to get dressed and look like a grown upen this is the book for you And even though it was put together by a shopping magazine, I was profoundly impressed that 1 no product or brand promotions are made in the book, and 2 rather than encouraging y [...]

    I intent no snark when I say this book should be called the Lazy Shopping Manual Building and Improving Your Wardrobe Piece by Piece It is quite comprehesive and funny, but damn, like weed it does lull you into laziness All the greatest hits are there A line skirts for everyone, V necks for busty broads, classic white button down for no fail chic and of course, Bootcut jeans make the world go round What I crave from a fashion guide besides what I already know is something unexpected like, The bi [...]

    The introduction stresses that this book is meant to be AGELESS, but some of the clothes have not aged well since 2003 Lucky both the magazine and books the magazine has spawned is frequently a really weird mixture of styles, because they ll mix up classy, timeless looks with goofball casual trendy hybrids that look like something a six year old girl would cook up for her Barbie dolls Like most mainstream fashion magazines, I think there s an ongoing clash between trying to be practical and rele [...]

    I have always had a love of fashion, but struggled with defining my personal style This is the sole reason why I still pick up books on building one s wardrobe long after I stopped poring over fashion magazines The Lucky Shopping Manual does exactly what it promises It walks you through building an adult wardrobe I agree that the advice regarding the best pieces for different body types is nothing new If you re looking for a book to tell you that wearing a strappy sandal with a capri pant will m [...]

    The Lucky Shopping Manual is basically a better than best of collection of all the advice that s ever been in Lucky magazine, plus .Divided into sections by clothing style, the book is filled with illustrations demonstrating how to determine whether an item really fits you in jeans, watching for bunching fabric in the rise, no matter how well it fits elsewhere , which silhouette will achieve which goal flutter sleeves will hide sloped shoulders , pitfalls to watch out for how to match shoes to s [...]

    Fun and informative It s not going to rock your world, but it does cover the basics nicely and it serves as a good reminder of how to dress like an adult The layout is fun and pictures creatively shot As a result, it has that same guilty pleasure feeling as watching an episode of What Not to Wear or the like.It was useful to me right out of college, when I was shifting out a wardrobe that had two phases Pajamas to class or Nubile and underage trying to get into a bar I appreciated that it didn t [...]

    Irene McHugh
    The subtitle of this book is Building and Improving your Wardrobe Piece by Piece, and that is precisely how this book is organized Each chapter focuses on one piece of clothing like sweaters, jeans, skirts or jackets The illustrations are fantastic They give advice on how to pick out the right fit for your body type They show how varying a length or changing a shoe choice can make a huge difference in how your overall ensemble will appear There are also many pictures where they ll pick a piece o [...]

    At first I was quite enthuastic about this book, and it does have some very good points about creating a useful wardrobe, and the authors do point out in their introduction that you should take what they say with a pinch of salt and use your own discression, but it lost me with the shoes All the shoes are quite fancy and really nothing I d wear on a regular basis While they did suggest snuggly coats they didn t mention that a pair of waterproof hiking walking boots are an essential for winter.It [...]

    Such a neat idea, but so terribly done I just want to poach the idea wholesale and do it all over to make it right The authors focused entirely on style, cut, and fit of items, with no discussion of markers of quality seams, zippers, etc , which is very strange More of a style manual than a shopping one Bra fitting section is so bad the book should be recalled A whopping 5 on your underbust ribcage measurement to get your band size Plus having you measure around each breast from sternum outside [...]

    Though I m not a fan of spending money on magazine subscriptions, I still found Lucky s Shopping Manual a enjoyable refresher on the shopping essentials that all fashion lovers like myself and clueless shoppers should read on occasion This book, like any other book on fashion, talks about proportions not following trends unless they flatter you and so forth As Fashion is a long time love with me, I still found this book fun to read and found myself wanting to by some of the pieces they used as e [...]

    You don t really read this book, but refer to it when you re trying to figure out what to wear I resisted even looking at this book for ages, but finally borrowed it from the library, just to see what it was all about It s soooo helpful I bought it recently and plan to buy the new companion that just came out.I ve had a few hits and a lot of misses in my wardrobe over the years, and this book gives advice on how to avoid the misses with subtle changes in pieces You wouldn t think that something [...]

    This is the one book that as soon as I bought it, ALL of my close girlfriends borrowed it This completely changed the way I dress as if I had been on Tim Gunn s show without the national humiliation This is one book that I buy now as a standard for all graduating females as they enter the world The biggest asset of this book are all the Wear it now, Wear it later sections that show you step by step how to wear what you thought was a summer piece in the winter and visa versa A staple on your bedr [...]

    A great book that I often reference when giving advice on clothes It has practical, easy to understand charts that convey principles and ideas that can enhance a woman s wardrobe Even though it may be old in the fashion worlds here today, gone tomorrow trends, it still nonetheless contains timeless principles that can be applied to todays modern woman Although there are a few of the ideas I don t necessarily agree with in a conceptual sense, I do consider this book as a nice starting blueprint t [...]

    Good concepts what shapes of clothing work best with your body shape, how the line of shoes affect an outfit s look, and ways to wear the same pieces year round.I felt like some of the pieces were a little dated especially the tops , and the shoes seemed highly impractical I also prefer flats in every situation, even though I don t even top 5 take my shoe advice as you will Nice ideas with excellent case studies of different designers women, but I m glad I borrowed this book instead of owning it [...]

    This is a fairly simple pictures than words book which gives readers suggestions for dressing better There are hundreds of suggestions for how to combine outfits with appropriate accessories and how to build a wardrobe so that you have the right outfit for nearly any event This is geared to the younger reader but I enjoyed perusing the pictures and thinking of ways I could use my own wardrobe and accessories to look the way I want to This is a great book for someone just starting out in a caree [...]

    This is a great reference manual that helps you create a style as opposed to force you into a trendy box.Favorite bits They give you a list of what you should have to be minimally covered in your wardrobe and helpful dressing room tips.Negative bits No sneakers in their shoe section I feel like they had a gym and pajamas version which was the catch all for casual I think casual can still be stylish and I, personally, would like to know about those pieces.

    Keri West
    This is great for any ladies who want to build a flattering and functional wardrobe but don t know where to start How many skirts do you really need Do you know the difference between a boatneck and a crewneck Can an outfit go from serious work to playful night on the town in just two accessories My only complaints are stylisticd panties A girl can t live on 7 pairs of panties That s just sad.

    If you ve been dressing your gorgeous self long enough to know what cuts flatter your figure from tees, to jeans, to dress pants dresses , there s not much here for you.However, if you re brand spankin new to the fashion world without a clue where to start i could see a younger college student getting ready to start an office job LOVING this book , this is exactly what you need.Quick to read, beautifully laid out easy to skim, it s a cute book but not what I needed.

    Surprisingly, I like this book It s of a how to , and I appreciate that, since the women in my family aren t very fashion.worried, shall we say I like to be ecclectic, and since my body is sometimes hard to dress, I like how they just tell you this works well for this type, etc are the photos Plus there is a section in the back that mixes the styles presented in the beginning, which is wonderful.Pair this with The Sartorialist, and have fun

    This book was great a very helpful resource in putting together a wardrobe It gives sound advice on what types of clothes divided into categories look best on which body type, and it also tells you how many and what type of each item you should have for a well rounded wardrobe I wish it had provided information about selecting which colors would look best on a person, based on skin tone, hair color, and eye color.

    Trying to revise my boho shlumpy clothing style, I found this at the library and ended up reading it cover to cover I love the way it was organized, I loved all the pictures, and I loved the one wrong move advice at each chapter that points out little details to watch for so that you don t end up too girly or too country or whatever it is one wrong move and you re Rizzo from Grease Very helpful and fun to read also.

    This book was published years ago and most of the advice is just too outdated to rely on The things that are helpful are the very specific advice on what to do in the change room to make sure that clothing fits correctly and what To look for before you even get to the change room.As good as that advice is I would consider finding a up to date book which is similar in nature.

    This is just a fun little guide to building and creatively wearing your wardrobe it covers clothes and accessories of all kinds I really liked the suggested clothing accessories combos that they put together on almost every page they gave me good ideas to build from, using pieces I already have.

    A very fun and informative book to read This book is divided by the articles of clothing, and it s great for people who are always buying clothes but feel like they re always missing that one piece from their closet Lots of lovely photos and useful tips on how to find the buy the right pieces for your wardrobe and body shape, great book

    You want to know why I love this book Because fashion retards like me have PICTURES to look at.I hate someone telling me all I need is a clutch and I ll be set What the hell is a clutch A tiny purse Show me a picture Thank you Lucky Shopping Manual, your timeless suggestions have improved my wardrobe.

    Not a bad little book.The publish date is 2003, so it s a little dated but not horribly so It gives recommendations based on body shape, which I like especially bath suits I have yet to try out their recommendations out since it s still too cold out to even think about that lol I will update my review when I have tried out their recommendations.

    I think this would be helpful in the course of paring down your wardrobe as well as pointing a gal towards clothing appropriate for work environments Though this was a library lend I think I would be inclined to get this as a gift for a young professional if they wanted a how to to get started on office appropriate fashion tastefully done

    It serves as a great basic wardrobe building guide The photos show how you can style basics staples in different ways However, it is geared towards mainstream fashion so if you are looking for a specific style this isn t going to necessarily fit the bill I would recommend using it to get some styling ideas in those situations as it looks at how clothes fit the body as well.

    I have always found personal style to be important Not so important as our manners or kindness or accomplishments and what have you, but important in it s own manner The book did not teach me anything new, but it was interesting nonetheless It shared new styles and classic styles and was just a fun and quick read.

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