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  • Title: Strange Tales
  • Author: Peter Bagge Paul Pope Molly Crabapple John Leavitt Junko Mizuno Dash Shaw James Kochalka Johnny Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780785128021
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback

  • Strange Tales By Peter Bagge Paul Pope Molly Crabapple John Leavitt Junko Mizuno Dash Shaw James Kochalka Johnny Ryan Marvel is proud to present this hotly anticipated anthology schowcasing its greatest characters re imagined by the best, most exciting cartoonists working in independent comics today Featuring the long awaited Peter Bagge Incorrigible Hulk COLLECTING Strange Tales 1 3, The Megalomaniacal Spider Man, All Select Comics 70th Anniversary Special
    Peter Bagge Paul Pope Molly Crabapple John Leavitt Junko Mizuno Dash Shaw James Kochalka Johnny Ryan
    Peter Bagge was born on December 11th, 1957, and raised in Peekskill, New York, about 40 miles north of New York City While enrolled in the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1977, Bagge discovered underground comics, and the work of R Crumb in particular turned what had initially been only a vague interest in cartooning into a passion.In the early 80s Bagge co published three issues of COMICAL FUNNIES 1980 81 , a New York based comic tabloid which saw the debut of Bagge s dysfunctional suburban family, The Bradleys Bagge broke into R Crumb s legendary magazine, WEIRDO, and Bagge took over as managing editor of that magazine from 1983 to 1986.Bagge started his own comic book series, NEAT STUFF, for Fantagraphics Books, producing 15 issues from 1985 to 89 Buddy Bradley, the Bradleys alienated and pessimistic teenage son, emerged as Neat Stuff s most engaging and fully realized character In 1990, NEAT STUFF evolved into a new title, HATE, which exclusively followed the foibles of the semi autobiographical Buddy Bradley Hate became the voice of the twenty nothing slackers as well as being hailed by critics for its brilliant characterization in its complete chronicle of the 1990s HATE and Buddy Bradley continue to appear in print, albeit less frequently, under the title HATE ANNUAL.Since 1999, Bagge has worked on many other comic related projects, including writing an all ages comic book for DC called YEAH drawn by Gilbert Hernandez as well as the short lived humor series SWEATSHOP, also for DC He also wrote and drew a one shot satire of Spider Man for Marvel, and has done the same with Marvel s The Hulk, though the later title has yet to be scheduled for release Other projects include a 2 year stint writing and drawing a weekly comic strip about Bat Boy for THE WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, and a series of illustrated essays for the now defunct website Suck, which led to his becoming a current regular features contributor to the political and social commentary magazine REASON.Most recently, Bagge has been working on a 6 part mini series for Dark Horse called APOCALYPSE NERD, which should be complete in 2007.Bagge s exaggerated and distinctively in your face illustration style has also appeared on many record and CD covers, and in magazines as far ranging as HUSTLER, MAD and the OXFORD AMERICAN He s also had a hand in several animation projects, most notably the online Rock Roll Dad cartoon series he co created with Dana Gould for Icebox.Peter Bagge has lived in Seattle since 1984 He resides with his wife Joanne, and daughter Hannah, and three darned cats.

    Strange Tales By Peter Bagge Paul Pope Molly Crabapple John Leavitt Junko Mizuno Dash Shaw James Kochalka Johnny Ryan


    As a child, my primary exposure to comics came from the Marvel stockpile with a sprinkling of DC, Archie, and Richie Rich Being an Air Force brat living overseas for many of my prime being brainwashed by comics years, I had access to The Stars and Stripes bookstore on base, and not much else It was only as a teenager that I became aware of such things as independent and or underground comics For years, I was forced to make mine Marvel Now, that s not a bad thing I really enjoyed Thor, Conan, and [...]

    Jan Philipzig
    I like many of these creators and I am sure they can use the paycheck from Marvel Disney , but I don t get the impression that they have many interesting things to say about Marvel superheroes Kochalka s hilarious Hulk shorts were the only contributions that really worked for me especially the one that has him taking on the rain that falls from the sky his most epic battle yet

    Nicolo Yu
    This is a great anthology featuring the best creators from independent and alternative comics It is a hardcover collection that is sure to have a story or two that would entertain even the most discriminating comics connoisseur I am very pleased that this book has rare Marvel work from my favorite non mainstream favorites like Paul Pope, Stan Sakai and Becky Cloonan It is also a good primer for sampling the work of other independent and alternative stalwarts as they handle and skewer familiar Ma [...]

    Sam Quixote
    The book takes the same premise as DC s Bizarro books where well known comic book heroes appear silly and go on daffy adventures It s the comic book equivalent of going on vacation So with that in mind I was looking for a good time, some jokes, some light entertainment And most of the book is just this I enjoyed James Kochalka s Hulk scripts where he has Hulk fight Rain yes the weather and write a diary Jason s Spiderman is insecure that he hasn t ever been in a bar fight and so goes out to a ba [...]

    Strange Tales mixes classic Marvel characters with indie artists and the results are strange yet it works, for the most part Paul Pope Batman 100 , Molly Crabapple, Jhonen Vasquez and Jeffrey Brown Incredible Change Bots, Bighead are only some of the artists and writers brought together for this project.In turn, they focus their unique perspectives on Dr Strange, The Punisher, Iron Man, Spider man, the Hulk and other Marvel mainstays More often than not, the results are comedy gold like the Perr [...]

    Good stories by Pope, Mizuno, Cloonan, and Sakai, but not really enough to warrant paying the HC price There is a kind of disappointing snobbery in how a lot of the creators approach the material, and some weird obsession with how superheroes eat.

    Amanda [Novel Addiction]
    This was awful Why is this even a thing that exists.

    I liked most stories I heard of this book because Jhonen Vasquez contributed a comic to this book, so that is how I heard of it, because Jhonen is AWESOME His comic was really cool, and so as many other comics in this book So, four stars.

    Jon Hewelt
    The Short of It A mixed bag, wherein the good is REALLY good and the bad is just so so.I reread this collection every now and again, and always for the same artists Jason and Peter Bagge As a matter of fact, they are the reason why I heard of Strange Tales in the first place I was idly searching my library s card catalog, trying to find books of theirs I d yet to read, and I found this Not normally a Marvel comic reader, I decided to check it out anyway Strange Tales is a bevvy of spoofs, parodi [...]

    Maurice Funken
    Various independent comic book artists get their hands on the most popular Marvel characters in this anthology book While usual superhero comics tend to be repetitive narrations these short stories are daring and fresh Mostly hit than miss

    Funny but uneven Some of the strips didn t make any sense to me at all but I also don t have an encyclopedic knowledge of D list Marvel characters, so maybe that s it.

    Reprints Strange Tales Limited Series 1 3, Startling Stories The Megalomaniacal Spider Man, and All Select Comics June 2002 November 2009 There is a lot of strangeness in the world, and Earth 616 is no exception A world full of heroes has a world full of oddity and be it a neurotic Spider Man or a stressed Hulk, the world can always get stranger.Featuring art and writing from multiple artists and authors, Strange Tales is a different take on the Marvel Universe with humor The collection features [...]

    Patrick Hudson
    Way back in the late 90s when Marvel was in the middle of one of its many corporate crises, my eye was caught by a little black and white digest sized book at the comics shop called Coober Skeber Marvel Benefit Issue It had a spot with the word Free on the cover, but I remember paying a pound.It s about 150 pages of black white pages where of alternative cartoonists have a go at the Marvel characters They range from straight out spoofs to artistic interpretations, many of which are surprisingly [...]

    The title is accurate, anyhow Some amusing and ironic parts, especially the Spider Man and Hulk stories at the end, and some of the MODOk centric stuff was interesting, but most of the pieces here were mediocre or pointlessly weird, and the art didn t usually make up for the lack of narrative or coherent comment Does that make me a failed appreciateur of postmodernism Am I just too ignorant and ill read in the comic arts to understand Or was there simply not enough Wolverine for my crass mass ma [...]

    Collection of Marvel hero parodies by alternate and underground cartoonists, reads a lot like Mad or Not Brand Ecch except that usually the real characters are used, rather than parody versions Some of it is very good and amusing, notably Bagge s caustic takes on Spider Man and the Hulk, and Tony Millionaire s loopy Iron Man story which I liked better than most of Millionaire s original work I ve read and most of Iron man s straight adventures I ve read, for that matter , but in many instances [...]

    Russell Grant
    Not as satisfying as the Bizarro books by DC, but still some good fun and well worth a look.

    A fun collection of indie comics creators taking classic Marvel characters for a spin Your enjoyment of each segment will probably align with your affinity for the creators Some highlights Paul Pope has a fun, luscious looking Inhumans gag Nick Bertozzi conjures an ogling Watcher, Johnny Ryan has the Punisher tackle bad grades and James Kolchalka shares the simple joys of the Hulk But many of the pieces are forgettable, and Peter Bagge weighs down the finale with a talky double take on the neuro [...]

    Una raccolta molto disomogenea, rivolta soprattutto ai Marvel fan.Forse proprio per questo che un po mi ha delusa storie brevissime, non sempre di facile comprensione, spesso dedicate a personaggi meno mainstream dell universo Marvel.In ogni caso, tra i tanti autori ho apprezzato in particolare Jason, James Kochalka, Johnny Ryan, Jhonen Vasquez, Jonathan Jay Lee, Becky Cloonan e Peter Bagge.

    This is just pure fun Indie comics creators take on Marvel characters, with great results Paul Pope s Inhumans are gorgeous, Jhonen Vasquez delivers a funny nasty MODOK story, and Peter Bagge says some interesting things about the Hulk and Spider Man There s a lot of Hulk in here, probably because he s so fun to draw I d read a whole series of Jim Rugg s Brother Voodoo or his Computer Commandos, with their insane 70s energy.

    Great fun true believers It is what you would expect from a collection of the most successful of the underground writers and artists of today, all showcasing their hilarious takes on the Marvel universe But how can you know what to expect from these funny and strange pioneers It is essentially many of the big names who do non superhero comics all doing short superhero comics Awesome

    Daniel Russo
    This felt like one of those parody issues of What If than it did like the classic, trippy excursions into the unknown of the Strange Tales series A bunch of alt comic folks take on the Marvel canon, and the result is a mixed bag that had me smiling at times, but all too often wondering why mature audiences material seems pitched at 14 year olds who want to feel grown up.

    Edmund Davis-Quinn
    Good fun and very silly.Some of the stories work much better than others to me.Superhero comics is a genre open for satire The first story with the Inhumans and the dog is one of the most clever in the whole thing.The longer hulk and spiderman stories at the end just got weird to me.But I do hope Marvel keeps doing this It s a great showcase And DC tries it too.

    Think comix meets mainstream marvel It s a collection of goofy superhero stories, and it s pretty hit or miss The highlight for me was Nicolas Gurewitch s comics A bigger marvel fan would probably enjoy it .

    most of the pieces here are 2 4 pages and really great Tony Millionaire s Iron Man story and James Michalka s Hulk stories are standouts, but most of the book is a lot of fun A few duds, but mostly awesome.

    Christian McKay
    Not nearly as gripping as its sequel, which I m so happy I read first Otherwise I never would have read it Did that make sense A mostly mediocre lineup with a few standouts, the best of which was by the ever elusive Jhonen Vasquez.

    The Watcher a peeping Tom, watching She Hulk getting undressed Peter Parker presented with 2 different mental illnesses, the Hulk doing yoga to keep his equilibrium it s like a bunch of inside jokes for comic book geeks I loved it

    Indie comics folks doing superhero comics that are often worse than regular superhero comics There are a few gems, like Dash Shaw s Dr Strange.

    This was not nearly as good as it should have been Although some of it is quite good, and it is certainly nice to see the variety of art styles presented, a lot of it is surprisingly humorless.

    Like a lot of anthologies, a mixed bag A few really great and or inventive pieces, but two full length stories from Peter Bagge is about one and a half than I can tolerate in one sitting.

    Agustin Guerrero
    A diverse offering with something for everyone, though you might find that there s not enough to your liking to warrant a purchase.

    • BEST KINDLE "✓ Strange Tales" || UNLIMITED (AZW) ✓
      Peter Bagge Paul Pope Molly Crabapple John Leavitt Junko Mizuno Dash Shaw James Kochalka Johnny Ryan