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  • Title: Comanche Magic
  • Author: Catherine Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780061083075
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Comanche Magic By Catherine Anderson HE WOVE A SPELL AROUND HER HEARTHandsome and powerful, with enough Comanche blood coursing through his veins to make him a little bit dangerous, Chase Wolf was used to getting what he wanted So when Chase saw Franny a golden haired angel with deep green eyes, delicate features, and the sweetest smile he set out to make her his As tempted as Franny was, she had too manyHE WOVE A SPELL AROUND HER HEARTHandsome and powerful, with enough Comanche blood coursing through his veins to make him a little bit dangerous, Chase Wolf was used to getting what he wanted So when Chase saw Franny a golden haired angel with deep green eyes, delicate features, and the sweetest smile he set out to make her his As tempted as Franny was, she had too many secrets to let someone enter her world secrets that would send any reasonable man packing But Chase was far from reasonable, and despite her desperate attempts to push him away, he would not let her past destroy their future For his Comanche heart knew that no price was too great to pay for love, happiness, and most of all, magic.
    Catherine Anderson
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information 1 romance author Adeline Catherine was born and raised in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA She always yearned to be a writer like her mother The morning that one of her professors asked if she could use samples of Catherine s creative writing on an overhead projector to teach was a dream come true In 1988, she sold her first book to Harlequin Intrigue and went on to write three before she tried her hand at a single title historical romance Nine books later, she did her first single title contemporary.Catherine married Sidney D Anderson, an industrial electrician and entrepreneur They had two sons, Sidney D Jr and John G In 2001 she and her husband purchased a central Oregon home located on a ridge with incredible mountain views and surrounded by forestland honeycombed with trails It was her dream home, a wonderland in the winter and beyond beautiful in the summer She named it Cinnamon Ridge after the huge ponderosa pines on the property, which sport bark the color of cinnamon.Sadly, Catherine lost her husband to a long term illness in 2014 She has kept Cinnamon Ridge as her primary residence but divides her time between there and her son John s farm, where she has the support of her loved ones and can enjoy his horses, cows, and raise her own chickens.Catherine loves animals and birds, both wild and domestic She presently has two Australian shepherds, six cats, and a very old canary She is very family oriented as well Her older son has lived in Japan, Australia, and now resides in New Zealand Catherine and her stateside family will celebrate Christmas on the north island with Sidney, his wife Mary, and their two sons, Liam and Jonas.

    Comanche Magic By Catherine Anderson


    My oh my oh my, have a big box of Kleenex handy when you read this tear jerker, the fourth and final installment of Catherine Anderson s wonderful Comanche series The occasional slow tears I had as I read this book soon turned to full on gushers by the time I got to the last 50 pages Wow, what an emotional read and I m utterly drained This was at times a very difficult, depressing read, but also hard to put down Come to think of it, none of the books in the series was a joyful walk in the park, [...]

    Comanche Magic was a good, well written bookbut it was also rather difficult to read at times because of the subject matter.Franny, the heroine, was forced into prostitution at the age of 13 after a series of tragedies destroyed her family She s spent nine years being degraded and used by men to the point where she feels like a non person, someone who doesn t deserve to be loved or respected.It was difficult to read because for the beginning of the book, she is still a working girl and because s [...]

    Para ser completamente sincera este no es el libro que me imagin Al menos la historia es distinta a lo que pensaba que ser a.Y con eso no quiero decir que fue mala, sino que siempre tuve el sentimiento de que algo faltaba no me pregunten que es porque la verdad no tengo idea Simplemente la historia de Chase y Franny no me conquist.Me choc un poco que la protagonista se comportara tan dif cil o sea, yo entiendo que hab a pasado por demasiadas cosas en su vida pero es que se vol la barda en serio [...]

    Although this isn t my favorite plot, this story was still entertaining and moving to me, and a decent way to wrap up a good series.Chase Wolf, son of Hunter and Loretta, has lost himself and his upbringing in the hard world of timber When he returns home to recuperate from an injury, he finds himself than once being told that he s changed, and not for the better None of it strikes home so greatly as when he terrorizes his sister s best friend, the local prostitute Franny He insults Franny and [...]

    Yolita Rb
    Una estrella porque no es el libro que me esperaba El protagonista un malo malote que a las pocas p ginas ya est entregado al amor de una chica, Franny que le ha ido muy mal en la vida y que le cuesta darle su coraz n hasta el final del libro hasta aqu Pero el final del libro no se sostiene ya que faltan muchas situaciones por resolver Parece que a la autora se le acab la inspiraci n y lo termino deprisa y corriendo y es que el final es m s la promesa de un continuar que un finalNo me ha gustado [...]

    Been mulling over how I would write a review on Comanche Magic, the final to date book in the Comanche series Chase Wolf, hunter and Loretta s son, is the main character and I have to say, he started off as a jerk, but grew on me Can t say much without spoiling things for future readers, though Franny Francine was the heroine and we first met her in Indigo Blue as Indigo s good friend Found the book very depressing Felt the author went out of her way to make the life of a prostitute better by gi [...]

    I really do love a good Catherine Anderson story For me, while I feel that her writting is simple and sometimes over the top, she never fails to pull some heart strings Comanche Magic was no exception.Franny h as a small child the measles had struck her family pretty hard, leaving her mother blind and her younger brother mentaly handicaped With a family with 8 children her father was forced to work hard and long hours just to make ends meet One day while taking a roofing job, he feel to his deat [...]

    I feel emotionally exhausted after finishing Comanche Magic I enjoyed this book but the heaviness doesn t let up A prostitute as the main character was new terrain for me I enjoyed the change of pace but Franny has quite a lot of issues to work through and her story is a sad one Chase was pretty dreamy even though I felt like he changed his tune towards Franny rather quickly don t want to spoil anything At one point I thought finally we ll see some happiness and lightheartedness but, no, we delv [...]

    SIGH what an amazing ending for this terrific series I have only the best things to say about it I adored every character , every event and every situation developed in it The author succeeded creating an amazing family, one with terrific values, the ones you want for yourself and those you love I must admit I never thought I would get to like a series about Comanches so much, I never had read anything about them before nor did I was sure what they exactly where I m ashamed to recognize it but I [...]

    Carol *Young at Heart Oldie*
    I loved this book Catherine Anderson really tugged at my heart strings with this beautiful and deeply moving story of sorrow and heartache but also compassion, understanding, love and redemption Ms Anderson always impresses me with the emotional depth of her writing and her ability to draw me into the lives of her characters and make me care deeply about them.What struck Chase was how sweet and innocent she looked, the kind who made a man want to fight mountain lions for her and win.A prostitute [...]

    This is the only series I have read by Catherine Anderson, but I did read all four books There is a patern to her heroines They are all afraid of sex due to their life experiences Fortunately the corresponding heroes are all patient In spite of the similarities witnessed mother s rape and murder, raped, attempted rape, child rape prostitution I enjoyed all of the stories, this one maybe my favorite.

    I ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of this book for ages Finally managed to find it for 20 on half Even though I m a die hard fan of Anderson s novels, I went into it braced for the worst, since the book had a couple neutral reviews.Chase Wolf, the son of Hunter and Loretta from Comanche Moon, comes home to recover from a logging accident He s outraged when he learns that his sister Indigo is good friends with the prostitute of the local saloon He falls in love with her pretty quickly, b [...]

    I am sorry to say but I was not into this book compared to the previous ones I felt that the relationship in this story forced and I wasn t that invested in their relationship There were very great parts in the novel but for the most part I skimmed them which was very hard since I am a huge fan of the series I give this book 3 5 stars I really do like Franny and Chase but I wasn t really feeling their relationship.This is an amazing series however and I do recommend people reading it

    Titis Wardhana
    Ya ampun ampe mengharu biru P Life is a gamble We re all born We all have to die All there is in between is getting the most out of life that we can Bad things happen sometimes, and I can t promise you they won t happen to us But I can tell you this God isn t up there picking people out as targets because they did something wrong.

    I m not sure how to go about writing this review.All I will say is the plot was simple but it is Catherine Anderson s writing that turned it into a story that touched me so deeply I really had no intention of conveying any of that in a review So I won t.This happened when readingalso and I chose not to review that book after reading it.I rated the 1st in this series5 star rating, and in my opinion this book was just as great Both books center around plots entirely different from one another.It i [...]

    WoWis book is a very emotional story I loved the hero Chase He wins the MOST patient hero ever Award Chase falls in love with the local prostitute She is young beautiful and sweet and during the day no one would realize she was Franny the sporting woman At first Chase is angry that she is friends with his sister He tries to warn her away from his sister and her family Butter finding out how nice she is and what forced her to go into this horrible job.he starts to get to know the REAL Franny Thei [...]

    Well written and fast paced, I had quite the task adapting to a 90 s book with its descriptions of harsher realities of the Wild West.Chase, son of Hunter and Loretta Wolf finally gets his own story Recuperating from a logging accident, he is amongst his people for the first time in years His family have made their own way in life, one so much shocking as his sister Indigo, whose bosom friend is the town prostitute, Franny.Appalled at the happenings, he insults and threatens to chase her out of [...]

    I positively adored this book.The leading man, Chase, comes back to his home town after suffering from a work related injury He comes back bitter jaded, that only intensifies when he learns that his sister is friends with Franny a prostitute at the local saloon However, he quickly learns that there s than meets the eye when it comes to Franny It becomes his personal mission to set her free, make her realize that life has so much to offer her other than misfortune, ridicule, rude men And in ret [...]

    siap siap menitikkan air mata atau hidung yang mendadak berair saat baca buku ini ceritanya lambat tapi tetep bikin gw relate banget sama kehidupan sehari hari betapa mudahnya kita melihat kesalahan orang lain dan melabelinya sebagai sesuatu yang buruk cobalah sekali sekali menempatkan diri dalam posisi mereka bantulah cari solusi bukan sebatas menghakimi tapi jangan lantas terus terusan mengasihani diri sendiri dan menganggap bahwa kita adalah korban kalo kata Hunter, Life is like a blanket you [...]

    Erika B. (SOS BOOKS)
    2.5 3 stars Whelp I ve read all of this series now I can now say that book one was by far the best in the series There was something sparkly and magical about it that the others just didn t possess I did love the series as a whole This particular book just had the most wishy washy characters and it drove me bonkers For example the main hero, Chase, would look at the girl, Franny, we are talking a glance and she would instantly think, He hates me and will never love me All from one glance in her [...]

    I was thinking about giving it two stars, because it took so long for me to finish it Nevertheless, even when I was finding the plot too ridiculous to handle, the climax was well handed The catharsis the heroine had was heartbreaking I did tear a little And as usual, Chase was the typical Anderson hero, which is a good thing, because I like how honorable and decent this writer s protagonists are For me, that s reason enough to declare this as the best one in the Comanche series Oh, and the last [...]

    ᴍɪᴄs ✖amante de los spoilers✖
    Me encant , hace tanto que un libro me atrapaba as , me qued hasta las cinco de la madrugada ley ndolo y me ten a que levantar a las 7 , hoy no DABA M S del sue o pero VALI LA PENA Ya para el final aparecieron varios problemas que daban m s para un culebr n de telenovela que otra cosa bue m s o menos as que eso y que Chase se comport de forma HORRIBLE con Franny en el principio es lo nico que le critico a la novela Porque dejando eso de lado fue una historia de amor hermosa.

    Awful, could not get past page 6

    The only Cat A book I did not fall in love with immediately.

    Tiffany's Book Blog
    The last installment in the Comanche series, Comanche Magic is the story of Indigo s brother, Chase, and Franny.We open the story with Chase returning to Wolf s landing after being absent for several years Injured and cynical from a life demanding nothing but everything from him, Chase meets Franny when she is visiting his sister, Indigo He doesn t know she s a prostitute, but when he learns the truth about her work, he savagely tells her to stay away from his sister and her family.Franny s stor [...]

    I read the entire series and all four novels are very good They create a truly magical atmosphere, especially when the reader feels alone and lonely What are these books about The essential human need to love and be loved by the family and the closest ones as well The only flaw I have noticed is the following the author treats the subtle matter of a Catholic confession rather lightly, especially in the third novel The secret of the confession can never be disclosed by a priest, no exceptions mad [...]

    Chase Wolf has injured himself at his job and is home with his parents to recuperate When he sees Franny he sets out to make her his But she isn t as innocent as she seems She s the local prostitute and the Lucky Nugget Saloon He has to adjust his thinking after learning the truth about Franny He decides to recue her from her circumstances Will his love for her be strong enough Will she welcome his effort A very good read

    Fran Alsaud
    3.5 estrellasM s de la mitad del libro se me hizo pesada de leer, sin embargo fue una buena lectura en la segunda mitad El tema central es muy sensible.

    3,5 en realidad De los cuatro libros ha sido el que menos me ha gustado La historia me ha parecido m s irreal que las otras.

    I love Catherine Anderson s writing This book was so heartfelt A tissue box was by my side often Chase s and Franny s story was lovely.

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