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  • Title: The MacGregors: Alan & Grant
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373483891
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • The MacGregors: Alan & Grant By Nora Roberts Multi New York Times bestseller Nora Roberts has enchanted and delighted millions with her captivating stories And the powerful, passionate MacGregor clan is one of her most beloved and enduring creations Around the globe, readers have taken Daniel and his bull headed, love resistant brood to their heartsd demanded .Creative, compelling and unconventional ShelMulti New York Times bestseller Nora Roberts has enchanted and delighted millions with her captivating stories And the powerful, passionate MacGregor clan is one of her most beloved and enduring creations Around the globe, readers have taken Daniel and his bull headed, love resistant brood to their heartsd demanded .Creative, compelling and unconventional Shelby Campbell is nothing like any woman ambitious Senator Alan MacGregor has ever knownd he s determined to explore All the Possibilities.Grant Campbell is a loner, withdrawn from the world until enchanting Genvi ve Grandeau brings light back into his life and agree to share One Man s Art.
    Nora Roberts
    Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

    The MacGregors: Alan & Grant By Nora Roberts


    Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    The MacGregors, Alan Grant by Nora Roberts is made up of two separate stories, All The Possibilities and One Man s Art, both originally published in 1985 In both stories, we have the Campbell siblings, Shelby and Grant They are the children of the late Senator Robert Campbell who was assassinated fifteen years prior, right in front of his children Both children have lasting scars from witnessing such a horrible loss and deal with it in different ways Also, both children have grown up to be artis [...]

    Kathy Davie
    Third and fourth in the MacGregor romance series revolving around the MacGregor family and their friends These two stories are contemporary and revolve around art.This series is a mess chronologically and has a number of stories combined into single books, so you may want to explore my list of the MacGregor family saga.Series chronologically All the Possibilities, 5One Man s Art, 6Third and fourth in the MacGregor romance series revolving around the MacGregor family and their friends These two s [...]

    Super read I loved the characters This has great personalities, emotions, humor, family, swells and calm seas, and great HEAs I loved both stories in this book and am looking forward to reading in this series some again Well written, descriptive, creative and pulls you in just to see what happens next Totally Enjoy

    The MacGregors again An excellent family Alan is funny, and persistent and domineering in some ways but sneaky about it Shelby is an interesting woman, but I seriously question her sanity when she tries to reject Alan and when she tries to push him away I know she was devastated when her father was killed but he did not have to be in the political arena for him to die Anyone could be killed walking across the street, or be shot in a gang war They could be mugged or carjacked, or killed just beca [...]

    Carolyn Eaton
    Alan and Shelby are my most favorite MacGregor characters Shelby s free spirit and Alan s Senatorial demeanor draw you in with their opposites attract Her resistance, his persistance and the push pull of their fight against love at first sightm.

    shelbyalan 1st story i read another book in this series, and decided id continue on with this one.i just hate how the guys careers r so boring.a lot of authors write about lawyers or something like that and it just doesnt interest me at allever,im just glad i can halfway get into this after having to have slam nora s treasures book shelby decided not2 mention that the personable young man had had 6 pairs of hands all very active what her descriptions of ppl just confuses me sumtimes like he had [...]

    This book is a combination of two stories, the story of Alan MacGregor and Grant Campbell, as each overcomes difficulties and obstacles to obtain that one special love.In Alan s love story entitled All the Possibilities, we focus on Shelby Campbell, a carefree creative spirit who owns a pottery shop and sells her own creations There s an instant attraction between Alan and Shelby who meet at a party Alan is a famous senator who is expected to be in the running for the presidency, while Shelby is [...]

    Bonnie Staughton
    When two young siblings see their beloved father, a politician running for President of the US, gunned down before their eyes, it affects their adult lives in different ways One refuses to date aspiring politicians and the other lives in a lighthouse and seeks to be ALONE It takes two persistent people to break through these limitations and show these wounded adults what their futures hold I really enjoyed this book in the MacGregor series and recommend it, even if it is the only book in the ser [...]

    Marika Chunyk
    I finally finished this book I am determined to finish series that I have started, and this is one of Nora Roberts earlier series that she wrote The MacGregors are a clan that each have love problems I enjoyed the second story better with Grant and the Artist he falls in love with I will read the next two in the series.

    Very good but kind of predictable

    Mindy Cossins
    two Nice romance stories

    Kitta Pálsdóttir
    Ekki alveg a gera sig essar s gur

    Christi Snow
    All the Possibilities Story Overview Creative, compelling, unconventional Shelby Campbell was unlike any woman Senator Alan MacGregor had ever known The cynical politician found himself falling in love with the spirited beauty, though she kept him at arm s length But Alan was determined and nothing was going to keep him from getting what he wanted not even the centuries old feud between the MacGregors and Campbells.My Rating B My Review I really enjoyed the story of this MacGregor book This book [...]

    Edan Marie Esquibel
    I am really unhappy that I wasn t able to finish this book sooner than laterbecause reality hated me so much it punched me with reality related things to do image error For onewell, for people like me who are hopeless romantic and such i guess you can relate, I mean, you re reading this review and all, it s a good read with a nice story line2 story lines, actually Well, okay, I must admit it adheres much to the traditional structure of love storiesbut then again, who am I to complain Heck, I enj [...]

    As I continue reading the MacGregor clan series, I can t seem to hold high expectations It seems like these first few were written in the early NR days and definitely are a bit reflective of the times they were written in 1980s But some of the cultural phrasing aside, book 3 and 4 were much easier and enjoyable to read First, there s the story of Senator Alan MacGregor, the oldest son in the MacGregor family, and his pursuit of potter Shelby Campbell, the daughter of an assassinated senator I fo [...]

    Becky Adams
    yep.gonna love it.

    Anne Holly
    It took me a long time to read this, because I just wasn t into the first story and kept wandering away Overall, it was ok, but, like most of the old NR re packaged for fresh marketing, they were dated, facile, and not all that interesting.The first story, All the Possibilities 1985 , was marred by a serious issue of bulldozing and consent While the hero, Alan, was toted as a liberal, modern man, he sure strong armed his way through this book, with gem dialogue like this Shelby There s the matte [...]

    All the Possibilities Alan, the oldest of the MacGregor children, is the serious one He is a US Senator in his mid thirties and his hoping to run for President eventually However, he has yet to meet anyone he wants to make his wife Shelby is a potter, who owns a small store in Georgetown More importantly she is the daughter of Senator Robert Campbell and grew up in the Washington political scene, so she knows all the political ropes She couldn t be perfect for a Senator s wife Alan finds his wa [...]

    In All the Possibilities, Washington, D.C socialite Shelby Campbell meets Senator Alan MacGregor and the attraction is immediate and powerful Unfortunately, Shelby is determined to avoid romantic involvement with any public figure, a resolve that stems from her witnessing her politician father s assassination A man in the spotlight, especially a man in politics, is too vulnerable, and she can t risk losing someone she loves again Her determination is no match for Alan s, though, as the handsome [...]

    Julie theriault
    couldn t get into the story but the beginning was good

    Brenda Margriet
    Read these previously Still enjoyed them, but obviously older style books.In Alan s book, the oldest son of Daniel falls in love with the daughter of an assassinated presidential hopeful he died years before He has to break down her resistance to his being a politician who ends up President off the page later on Shelby is a pottery artist in her own right, and a fun character Liked Alan s patient persistence, although he does come across as a bit a boneheaded There is one scene in particular whe [...]

    Again, I loved the stories, however the redundancy is getting to be a little much.Overall, here it is in all the stories, one of the people that Daniel has tried to match make meets their potential mate They both are strong willed and do not want love, and will not bend They both have to have each other because it s like the world stops when they touch one anothermind blowing sex, and then one of them decides they do not want to be tied down, but the other is head over heels in love, but afraid [...]

    I loved this book in the series All the PossibilitiesI enjoyed this book and loved Shelby and Alan Shelby is an eccentric artist who watched her father get assassinated on the campaign trail, and vowed that she wouldn t become involved with politicians, but Alan MacGregor has other plans They fall in love quickly but Shelby struggles with Alan s profession I enjoyed this story and found myself laughing out loud when Daniel and Shelby met Cannot wait to continue in the series.One Man s ArtThis wa [...]

    Love this classic book from Nora Roberts.

    I am not going to review every Nora Roberts book that I have read in the past because she is quite prolific and it would get redundant and I honestly cannot remember all the plots I think someone finds someone else attractive but at least one cannot admit it so there is sexual tension, then lots of sex, and then they live happily ever after Sometimes there is some magic , a family legacy, or a mystery Certainly not great works of literature however still 100% better than the grapes of wrath I th [...]

    Mailis Viiand
    All the Possibilities The words are right pretty enough and the romantic idea for it all also good, but it didn t reach me in any level at all, maybe im used to something real and not at this level of sappinesse gentle waves crashing to sandy beach used as analog for lovemaking does not tingle my toes i have no doubt that Roberts has a good dictionary to accompany her through writing these booksd the flow of words seems to come through some sort of fanciful dreams of perfect lovei think this bo [...]

    Another Nora Roberts book I couldn t help myself You know Nora Roberts definitely has a pattern She portrays strong female characters not really looking for love and when they find it there is a struggle The loves have some sort of conflicts that they have to work out and then they do and are into each others arms I ll have to commend her on her description of the foreplay It s apparent that kissing is very important to her Her books go into great detail on the foreplay, which is probably what d [...]

    Shannon C.
    3.5 stars Great summer readingI really like this light hearted, laugh out loud series Great characters Endearing and hard to put down I ve read most of the books in this series and enjoyed them all Not realizing it was part of a series, I started with MagGregor Brides the one with the MacGregor acting as matchmaker for his grandaughters It was hiliarous I was hooked My favs in the series are the later books with three generations of MacGregors and the matchmaking, meddlesome grandfather I actual [...]

    Let me state first foremost I AM a Nora Roberts fan I am a MacGregors Fan this book was a 2 in 1 book where previously the books All The Possiblities One Mans Art were combined into the title above.You will won t to SKIP THIS BOOK because of the second story which I found Unreadable unenjoyable whatsoever quite disappointed for a NR read.I do NOT recommend One Man s Art as worthwhile.However, ALL THE POSSIBLITIES is a wonderful contemporary romance following along in the MacGregor household wher [...]

    Of course, it was basic Nora Roberts, and a continuation of the MacGregor family saga where the patriarch, Daniel, is the ultimate matchmaker, blaming everything on his long suffering wife, Anna she misses her grandchildren, she wants grandchildren, etc and I love that she s actually a brilliant surgeon , and matching everyone he can, even people outside his immediate family circle.This one matches Alan the oldest son I can t remember any with Shelby Campbell And then also finds a match for She [...]

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