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  • Title: Gifts
  • Author: Nuruddin Farah
  • ISBN: 9780140296426
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback

  • Gifts By Nuruddin Farah Gifts is a beguiling tale of a Somali family, its strong matriarch, Duniya, and its past wounds that refuse to heal As the story unfolds, Somalia is ravaged by war, drought, disease, and famine, prompting industrialized nations to offer monetary aid gifts to the so called Third World Farah weaves these threads together into a tapestry of dreams, memories, family lore,Gifts is a beguiling tale of a Somali family, its strong matriarch, Duniya, and its past wounds that refuse to heal As the story unfolds, Somalia is ravaged by war, drought, disease, and famine, prompting industrialized nations to offer monetary aid gifts to the so called Third World Farah weaves these threads together into a tapestry of dreams, memories, family lore, folktales, and journalistic accounts.
    Nuruddin Farah
    Nuruddin Farah Somali Nuuradiin Faarax, Arabic is a prominent Somali novelist He was awarded the 1998 Neustadt International Prize for Literature.

    Gifts By Nuruddin Farah


    aad baan ugu faraxsanahay in aa akhriyo kitaab uu qoray nin soomaali ah waxaan dhihi kara wa keetab iska feecan waana sheeeko ka halysaa hooyo caruur leh oo muqdisho dagan noloshooda iyo waxyba ku saabsan Lakin waxaan aad iyo aad u gaxumahay in uu dhaqamo xun xun oo dulmi ku jiro oo dumarka loola dhaqmo oo dadku caadeesteen in uu unisbeeyo deenta islaamka uu ka dhigo iny diintayno ina amartay sidaas.

    Txe Polon
    Interesante novela en la que, a mi modo de ver, el principal inconveniente es el punto de partida toda la novela est construida alrededor de una tesis la ndole del acto de donar, en el l mite entre el altruismo y el ego smo, a diferentes niveles personal, de particular a particular interestatal, de pa ses ricos a pa ses pobres , lo cual a m siempre me resulta un poco artificial, incluso inc modo Sin embargo, se lee bien y la uni n de diferentes textos a la historia principal hay que sumarle art [...]


    Grady Ormsby
    Gifts is the second book in Nuruddin Farah s Blood in the Sun trilogy In Maps, the first book, Askar moves from the tribal culture of his troubled birth to the modern, urban setting of Mogadiscio Askar s search for identity is a microcosm of Somalia s struggle to find its place in a rapidly changing world Gifts is a continuation of the search for identity The setting is once again Mogadiscio but the protagonist is Duniya, a single mother with teen aged children trying to maintain stability in a [...]

    Marilyn Shea
    This book is the second in a trilogy and I thought some of my confusion as I read had to do with not having started with the first book Then I realized that the narrative was not like the linear European American storytelling tradition but rather, included dreams, news reports, references to the Koran and to spirit animals that is like the storytelling of Africa, specifically, Somalia, where this book takes place It is mainly Duniya s story, a Somali woman who has been raised in the Islamic fai [...]

    3.5 out of 5 stars A good book that we read at university Would have never read it otherwise but it turned out to be really interesting.

    There is something captivating about Farah s narratives despite sometimes tepid plots Most of the magic is in the characters and the glimpses into a culture often misunderstood in West For most, Somalia is synonymous with war, anarchy, or famine Farah s portraits of Somali culture through everyday characters and simple story lines are both illuminating and entertaining He s a brilliant writer and the brother can get deep This story crept along with little excitement, but the characters alone kep [...]

    From an old list by Nuruddin Farah Gifts, the first novel in Nuruddin Farah s Blood in the Sun trilogy, which also includes Secrets and Maps, is the powerful tale of a Somali family and the struggles of its powerful matriarch to keep it whole Here, Nuruddin Farah delves into the ways people families, communities, countries are bound together by what they are willing to give and what they choose to receive

    Sorin Hadârcă
    The plotline is somewhat underdeveloped, only a couple of characters stand out in flesh and blood Otherwise, much thought is put into all the affair of giving and receiving gifts At times, I was thinking this could have been an excellent non fiction book Dreams, symbols, myths and the mundanity of city dwelling in Mogadishu is holding up surprisingly well.

    Leigh Koonce
    Loved it I really want to read the third in the trilogy now.

    Ruqaiya Said
    Gifts is one of those books that are absolutely devoid of plot, yet Farah manages to keep you engrossed The story takes you through the life of Duniya , who is the central character A woman who has gone through endless trials and tribulations in a very patriarchal society, only to emerge stronger every time Farah s portrayal of the Somali society is enthralling, the magic that he works into his characters can sometime overshadow the central theme of his narrative but doesn t annoy you as a reade [...]

    I liked Gifts so much than Maps although I still think my apathy toward Maps was a failing on my part, rather than Farah s It s quite a traditional sort of book, in a lot of ways it s about family and remarriage and working out your life under different circumstances, it could be an Austen novel Persuasion I would say, if you were looking for a book somewhere between Austen and Morrison, then Gifts would be a good choice.Duniya is bright, vibrant but human, totally Farah never slides her into a [...]

    Kristen Jones
    I had a hard time with this book First, the small notes at the beginning of each chapter drove me crazy Why do I need a summary of the chapter before I read it But that aside, I found the dream sequences into reality very difficult to follow It seems like you were supposed to get out of the dreams then I could decipher Also, the main character Duniya, seemed weak to me Based on what the author said about the character I felt like he was trying to make her a strong and independent woman who made [...]

    i learned from this that i can still complete reading books nice other than that, the tone and subtle pov shifts are pleasant from a writerly stance, and i was impressed with how well farah pulls off an honest female perspective the critter imagery and dreams got a little tedious, but i did enjoy the perhaps heavy handed comparison between the power relations between genders and countries or continents i hadn t read fiction that addresses modern african issues before, enjoyed the complexity perh [...]

    To my mind this blends the personal with the political in a slightly heavy handed way than the brilliant Maps But it s still really interesting stuff The whole discussion of gifts, and the power relations they imply, whether gifts of men to women or colonial nations to African nations, is complex and interesting And once again Farah has a brilliant way of depicting people feeling divided against themselves They often seem to be observing themselves acting rather than making deliberate choices A [...]

    I found the 2nd book in Farah s trilogy so much better than Secrets the 3rd and it helped me understand Secrets a bit The writing style featuring dreams and so on as precursors and warnings of future events which I first met in Secrets and which was new is also present in this book But I enjoyed the story of __ a lot Her evolution and growth, her family dynamics, etc The other main part of course is the pondering on gifts and gift giving that is woven through the whole story Who gives gifts, wh [...]

    This is by far my favorite book written by Farah I find him too wordy in general but he does discuss themes relevant to Somali history and culture and is an important writer so I purchased Gifts after trying to read Maps and failing at it I found Gifts easier to read and the theme of gifts and their meaning, especially in Duniya s opinion, were very thought provoking One of my favorite quotes from this book is To know how I am and how I have fared, you must understand why I resist all kinds of d [...]

    Given its setting Somalia in the mid 1980s Gifts is a strikingly upbeat, almost comic novel Farah is determined to present a portrait of his country and its people which contradicts many Western preconceptions about it Through the story of Duniya, a nurse and the once widowed, once divorced mother of three children, Farah depicts a country which has been hindered, not helped, by foreign aid a people whose future may lie in refusing, not accepting, gifts Farah s prose has an admirable deftness of [...]

    A love story Twice divorced Somali woman with three children falls in love with a well to do man returned from America Lots of family drama Trippy dream sequences Storytelling tricks Jinns running wild And a sex scene that includes the line He had far too many burns and scars, even for a Somali Had his mother cauterized every inexplicable complaint, thinking only that curative surgery made any sense

    I was very much looking forward to this book for a view of Somali culture, but was disappointed by the extreme passivity of the main character Her inexplicable despondency and the odd, nebulous time line, were too off putting to make this an enjoyable read.

    Mazen Alloujami

    Wonderful narrative of the trials and tribulations of the African woman This book a lasting impression on my conscience

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