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  • Title: Just Desserts: The Unauthorized Biography of Martha Stewart
  • Author: Jerry Oppenheimer
  • ISBN: 9780688146894
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Just Desserts: The Unauthorized Biography of Martha Stewart By Jerry Oppenheimer Based on some four hundred exclusive, candid interviews with family members, confidantes, colleagues, and present and former friends and associates, this scrupulously researched investigative biography tells for the first time the real story of Martha Stewart s personal life, and her phenomenal rise to the top Martha Stewart Just Desserts reveals the secrets of Stewart Based on some four hundred exclusive, candid interviews with family members, confidantes, colleagues, and present and former friends and associates, this scrupulously researched investigative biography tells for the first time the real story of Martha Stewart s personal life, and her phenomenal rise to the top Martha Stewart Just Desserts reveals the secrets of Stewart s disturbing childhood, her tempestuous marriage and ugly divorce, and her Mommy Dearest relationship with her only child Oppenheimer recounts a classic Cinderella tale of the transformation of a poor Polish American girl in Nutley, New Jersey, to Glamour magazine model, to Wall Street stockbroker, to chic Connecticut caterer, to bestselling author and television star, to powerful head of a multimedia conglomerate, to belle of America s A list glitterati ball And it is all described in fascinating, juicy detail by the people who helped her and by those she stepped on along the way This is an intriguing, explosive tale that will surprise and shock even the most ardent Martha Stewart fans Whether you love Martha Stewart or loathe her, you will be amazed by the stunning revelations in this book Martha Stewart Just Desserts shatters the myth of the Perfect Martha once and for all and that s good thing.
    Jerry Oppenheimer
    Jerry Oppenheimer is an author who has written several unauthorized biographies of public figures including Hillary and Bill Clinton, Anna Wintour, Rock Hudson, Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters, Ethel Kennedy, Jerry Seinfeld and the Hilton family.Toy Monster The Big Bad World of Mattel was published on Feb 3 2009 and his latest book as of Aug 2, 2009 , will be about Bernie Madoff, titled Madoff with the Money Both published by John Wiley Sons, Inc.In addition to being a biographer he has also worked in several different capacities as a journalist, including as an investigative reporter and a producer of television news programs and documentaries.

    Just Desserts: The Unauthorized Biography of Martha Stewart By Jerry Oppenheimer


    a nice look into the ocd, detailed obssessed life of martha stewart, aka, Martha Helen Kostyra some fantastic fotos of her and her crazy daughter in the 80 s they were dating the same older man at the same time, supposedly you know, the guy who gave martha that lame investment advice.

    Okay I must confess, I never finished it I tried, I really did This book is a job I think Martha could have been Mother Theresa and this guy would have found a way to make that negative Not worth the paper it s printed on.

    I read this years ago before her financial scandal was public and found it very enlightening It was amazing to me the number of people who knew her well that were willing to go on the record with their statements and observations This shows that the lifestyle that she promotes is, after all, just an image created to make her money and the rest of us feel guilty for not having the time to make all of our napkins by hand or create elaborate centerpieces for dinner parties Don t get me wrong, I am [...]

    Julie Suzanne
    Aunt Nancy shared this with me a fun read felt gossipy and voyeuristic Stewart was portrayed as a character you just love to hate.

    I picked this up at a used bookstore, not from any feelings about Martha Stewart one way or the other, but because it s fascinating to me how someone especially a woman who comes from working class roots achieves success and power I have never watched one of her shows or read one of her books While she was teaching women how to be all la di da in the eighties and nineties, I was doing the ordinary, down to earth homemaking, cooking, baking, decorating and raising kids in my own way I never found [...]

    Read this book YEARS ago and it is a page turner for sure Oppenheimer s many sources give us a glimpse of the real, behind the scenes story of Martha s rise to the top Even after learning about this other side of Martha, fans of the Stewart empire likely won t be swayed This mogul hate her or love her is a ruthless person but that doesn t stop me from enjoying her magazines and shows Plus, she likes French Bulldogs and that s good enough for me My favorite story in this book is a tale of how K M [...]

    I don t know if I will ever finish this book, and not because it isn t interesting, but just because I have so many important books to read I love Martha Stewart for her empire of ideas, but I just don t care enough about her personal life to immerse myself in it Sigh Maybe one of these days

    WOW, this is a very well written book It was just all so fascinating, I couldn t put it down Read it in one weekend It gives insight into what makes a person like Martha tick, and how she is so driven, to the point of practically wrecking herself and everyone around her.

    She is mean and sick.

    A great read Martha Stewart s unauthorized biography brought out her real persona This book brings understanding into how our poor back ground can play a role in driving us beyond our own paradigms and in the process we can get lost our selves Coming from a poor Polish family and with an intelligent father who did not make it in life she made it her goal to succeed where her father failed Things did fall into place for her as she married into a wall street family for starters and her husband bei [...]

    Okaywe all want to know the dirt on Miss Martha the Perfect I have always been fascinated by this paragon of the home who speaks in a flat affect Nursing Notes 101 So when I found this book on a discount table, I had to have it I was not surprised to find that Martha has always been one to size people up and use them for her own gain She just does not seem to relate to people in a normal way She has always seemed in tune to her animals than humans At the end of the book I found myself feeling s [...]

    Pre prison unauthorised bio of Martha Gives a detailed glimpse into her driven, obsessive and perfectionist personality If you re looking for her feet of clay they re here Almost every page has some revelation of her less than stellar behavior I like Martha and this book did nothing to change that.She transformed herself from Martha Kostyra, grandchild of Polish immigrants to Martha Stewart, maven of WASP good taste and lifestyle.

    Incredibly interesting and not at all surprising MS is stone cold, even if only a small fraction of the info in this book is true The only thing I didn t like was the negativity toward MS for what I felt should have been non issues dressing provocatively and being flirtatious after her divorce, for example Items in the realm of normal human behaviour should have been portrayed with a far neutral lens.

    I was tremendously surprised at my reaction to this book It had the exact opposite effect of what I believe the author intended The he bad mouthed Martha, the I began to admire her She truly has made something of herself and she is now an American icon I really did not like her prior to reading this book and thought of her as a punchline to many jokes But, this author showed me there was much to admire about her.

    She s mean, that s for sure See dreadful Alexis as exhibit A of her terrible interpersonal skills The main problem I have with this, which also comes up in the Anna Wintour bio, is the idea that Martha is plagiarizing and outsourcing her way to the top Give Martha and Anna some credit They are obviously smart, creative businesswomen who simply could not stay at the top of their games for so long if they didn t have the skills and ideas to stay there.

    This was interesting Martha Stewart is one tough cookie with enough drive for several persons No wonder it was not authorized it contained some not so flattering behavior of Martha s She is presented as a control freak with no patience for mistakes and slovenly work It was entertaining reading.

    This book was fabulous Even if 50% of the content of this unauthorized bio is true, it was worth the time It painted a picture of an extremely driven and motivated woman who would pull out all the stops to succeed, regardless of the consequences or collateral damage I m a fan of Martha Stewart and have benefitted from her programs and magazines.

    Yes, it s true, I can t help but love Martha her good things But I also enjoyed this unauthorized bio on the woman who seems to do it all Interesting background on her modelling, her job on the stock exchange and getting started with her domestic empire Of course, there s lots of relationship drama thrown in for good measure.

    Martha, Martha, Martha I m thinking differently about her now that I ve read this, and I ve been an admirer for years.The book was published in 1997, so it stops short of prison ponchos and brand resurrection Nevertheless, it s thorough in its research on how she became a media personality attributes her success to devising ways to use other people s money and hard work.

    I thought it was rather interesting it depicted her as such a jerk, to everyone in her inner circle, including her husband and daughter However learning all this, was interesting I ve never been like a huge Martha fan, but reading this I feel, has definately changed my perspective on her.

    I keep going between 2 and 3 stars The juicy anecdotes started to feel the same after a while I get it Martha abuses people She always has, she always will as long as you keep enabling her Still, it was hard to put down.

    This biography s pretty firmly in the anti Martha camp.but that s clear from some of the other reviews Is it true I don t know Certainly the basics are there job history, divorce, family background But I m left with the question if she were a man, would she be perceived so negatively

    I just finished Martha Stewart Just Desserts The Unauthorized Biography by Jerry Oppenheimer I thought that this book was great it is a must read for anyone who wants to know the dirt on Martha Stewart I give it an A

    OH martha, you crazy b tchi love ya

    Janet Kahoe
    I m a Martha fan She s driven and has succeeded despite many issues Can t help but respect her.

    enjoyable probably truthful

    It was respectable as far as celebrity bios go I find her influence disturbing Why do people allow her to co opt holidays and family events

    What a fascinating book Nothing is as it seems Now I must go back and finish Martha s daughters new book

    Well written account from the 1940 s to 2000 A good history of America as well as what Martha was doing at the timee book flows nicely it was a good read Informative enlightening

    Vicious and mean spirited I don t like Martha Stewart, but I don t think it s right to skewer her like this I d like to know where this author got her sources and how reliable they are.

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