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  • Title: The Dragons' Demon
  • Author: Marie Harte
  • ISBN: 9781599986685
  • Page: 376
  • Format: ebook

  • The Dragons' Demon By Marie Harte A prank gone wrong throws three unlikely partners together A demon A dragon And an egg I Dream of Dragons I In the ordinary world, forces are at work which keep the balance of the universe in order Enter Eve Sinclair, a higher demon with a mission to sway those souls on the brink of Decision, to push them toward heaven or toward hell, as they are meant to go.After a pA prank gone wrong throws three unlikely partners together A demon A dragon And an egg I Dream of Dragons I In the ordinary world, forces are at work which keep the balance of the universe in order Enter Eve Sinclair, a higher demon with a mission to sway those souls on the brink of Decision, to push them toward heaven or toward hell, as they are meant to go.After a prank played by her brothers, Eve finds herself holding the proverbial bag, accused of stealing a precious dragon egg Worse, it s a royal egg, as she learns from Ranton, the furious commander of the dragon legion.Not a creature to have on one s bad side, Ranton shifts between his human and dragon forms, keeping Eve off balance and off her game Normally a master at manipulating males, Eve finds that Ranton is than a match for her as is his brother, the new dragon king In their arms, she s mere putty.And soon they re not only molding her desires, but her heart.Warning Warning, this title contains the following explicit sex, graphic language, menage a troi, and steamy dragon love.
    Marie Harte
    Caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Marie Harte has over 100 books published with constantly on the way She s a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, she s constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after Visit marieharte and fall in love.

    The Dragons' Demon By Marie Harte


    Marta Cox
    Well here s an unusual pairing , Demons and Dragons Not what most authors give us but something completely different and yet it works This is fairly short and well to be frank filled with lots of sex but if you are in the mood for a very erotic story then this author certainly delivers Ms Harte has a way with words that transports the reader straight into the story I really liked the playful Demon brothers and even Eves father was written as a character that felt than one dimensional I think th [...]

    ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    Dragons, angels and demons, oh my Eve Sinclair is a demon with an important job She and her brothers give that little push to allow an ambivalent human determine their afterlife fate Do they go to heaven or hell It s up to the human When Eve s prankster brothers go a bit too far with a joke on her, Eve is taken by the Dragons Dragon lovers, this is a story for you Ranton is a high ranking dragon and he is pissed Some demon stole his mother s egg and he wants it back When he finds Eve holding the [...]

    Ivy Deluca
    Eve s a demon who finds out her brothers pulled a prank that could have long term repercussions if she doesn t fix it STAT So she rushes off to collect the dragon egg they stole, only to find Ranton, the leader of the dragon legion And the egg It s a little weird, but eventually pervy romance happens.The Good, The Bad and Everything In BetweenThe Good It s short novella length , written well and it s an interesting setup for a verse Plenty of sinfully smutty sex of the MF and MFM variety.The Bad [...]

    The Dragons Demon is a quick, highly erotic read.Caught up in a practical joke Eve Sinclair s, demon, world collides with Ranton, dragon prince and warrior The sex is instant and explosive but the sexual tension just continues to build What do they say, men think of sex every 30 seconds, these dragons and demons surely beat that timetable If you are looking for a pure dragon erotica romance, The Dragons Demon is the book for you.I received this ARC copy of The Dragons Demon from Samhain Publishi [...]

    Missy Jane
    Unfortunately the typos continued into this, the third story I read, in the anthology Other than that distraction, it was a good story very different and interesting.

    When Eve s brothers pull a joke on her, it has major consequences Eve is a demon and finds herself in the line of fire literally Her brothers stole a dragon egg and made it appear the angels did it Eve sets off to rescue the said egg and try to return it so no one is the wiser Unfortunately, Raton, commander of the dragons finds her with it and takes her back to his lair to get some much needed answers to his questions Eve finds the egg and immediately has a connection to it It talks to her She [...]

    Ruckasaurus Rex
    This is the first story that I have read by Marie Harte, but I like her style I received an advance reader copy through Netgalley This book definitely falls into the erotica genre, but it does have a story and a world built for it, so it is than just the hot and heavy bow chicka bow wow I will be tracking future stories within this series as this was the perfect length for reading before bedtime or on short trips With multiple races operating outside the human realm, this series touches on reli [...]

    I didn t realize this was a menage until it was too late to stop It s actually The Dragons Demon, not The Dragon s Demon.I guess I should say something about the story, since this is supposed to be a review and all.It was fast Everything happened quickly and while that s usually just dandy, it felt slightly forced There wasn t any development It was just like This is what is happening, nobody cares how you feel about it The sex scenes were yummy I ve been tearing through my Marie Harte collectio [...]

    Eva Millien
    Eve has been left holding the royal dragon egg Because of her brothers prank she has to answer to Ranton the furious commander of the dragon legion in this exciting paranormal romance.The reader can t help but get pulled into the fireworks as Ranton and the future King keep Eve off balance because they are than a match for her in fact, she s mere putty in their hands with some sizzling chemistry and scorching sex scenes but wait demons and dragons don t usually intermingle which adds a bit of t [...]

    Jess F. (From Me to You ... Book Reviews)
    3.5 out of 5 stars Eve s Evie brothers prank her by stealing a royal dragon egg, thereby sending her into the path of Ranton the commander of the dragon legion who plans to punish her for her part in the egg s capture However, when hearts get involved and the truth is delayed in telling will Eve be able to accept her new fate This erotic quick read keeps you entertained while wishing for I found the plot to be a quirky but fun read and an interesting lead up for this new series Read of this re [...]

    Meh I think I like the overall idea behind the book but the book in itself doesn t do anything for me The sex was hot and sexy but the rest isn t even worth mentioning It seems extremely undeveloped and the characters really show it They are one dimensional and extremely irritating I really disliked Ranton s personality He was possessive bordering on obnoxious and abusive Jentaron seemed like a nice guy but I felt their situation kind of weird Like let s have sex but it s a one time deal because [...]

    When her brothers pull a prank on her, in an effort to teach her a lesson Eve Sinclair finds herself on a dragon hunt but not any dragon hunt, a royal dragon egg hunt.When captured by Ranton, the furious commander of the dragon legion Eve finds herself willing to do almost anything to protect her brothers even subcome to her burning desire.Ok, so I totally love dragon shifters And in this one, they were no less edible This was a very quick, very imaginative, very erotic read I have to say the me [...]

    Who would have thought Dragons and Demons go together I certainly didn t, but the chemistry between the ones in this story is off the charts Eve goes out to return a royal dragon egg that her brothers stole She wasn t expecting to feel what she did when she picked up the egg Inside is the future King Jentaron Caught with the egg, the Royal Prince Ranton wants to punish her But, his idea of punishment changes when he senses the connection Eve has with the egg.Eve is not a submissive woman demon o [...]

    The Dragon s Demon is an entertaining quick read, it s amusing and really erotic.Eve Sinclair is left to clear up her brothers mess again after they took a dragon egg for a prank, now Eve has to find a way to retrieve the precious egg and put it back safely before it hatches.Ranton, a commander of the dragon legion and someone you really shouldn t mess with, finds Eve and informs her that it s a royal egg and he s not happy at all.The story gets interesting then when Ranton is left with the egg [...]

    About time I did a review One of my very favourite books about dragons and demons Includes some of the hawtest sex scenes as well as menage.Eve, daughter of a Fallen Angel, now Demon Lord Asael, is tricked by her brothers into saving a royal dragon egg General Ranton, dragon prince finds Eve holding the egg and decides to take her back to dragon territory to interrogate her and also to find out who stole the egg.Along the way Ranton decides to keep her and the young dragon king also wants to kee [...]

    Back to demons Another one that I just found fun to read Eve Sinclair is a demon who helps sway souls toward Hell When her brothers play a prank on her and she unexpectedly finds herself in the clutches of the very pissed off Dragon Commander, Eve tried to fight off her attraction to him while being swayed by the protective feelings she has toward the Royal Dragon Egg Hot dragon demon loving commences.

    I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This was a hot hot hot story I do mean it literally because hey what is a dragon shifter book without demons and angels I would have never thought to mix those together but surprisingly the author pulled it off I would have liked a lot details into the world but I loved the steam.

    Linda Levy
    A good fun read with prank playing brothers getting their sister into BIG trouble with the dragons.The fact Eve is a demon and can take care of herself is what makes this such a good read.Loved all the characters we meet and hope this series keeps being written.Cannot wait for the next book.

    Pam Sweigert
    I just finish this for the I don t know how manyest time The third book in this trilogy has finally been released and I can t wait to read it, but I have to catch up This is definitely a guilty pleasure kind of book although I never feel guilty

    Nichole ~Bookaholic~
    I really like this series and this is the book that sold me on it Love Ranton and Evie and wish it were a bit longer But short fun smexy readn t wait for James book and Jentarons.

    A fast read with great characters, very steamy love scenes, and an introduction to a new world of demons, dragons, and angels Sexy, funny, and a must read

    Laura Beth
    just no and cannot tell you why without spoilers.

    MFM with dragons and demons a bit of a disappointment for me, probably enjoyable if you re an avid het reader.

    Lexi Ander
    3.5 stars

    I liked the concept, but I wish the story had been longer developed.

    a light read but I find myself coming back to it regularly I don t know what about it makes it so enjoyable to read but I love it every time

    Carolyn F.
    Short story 89 pages Not my cup of tea That s all I have to say.

    Ethereal Foes series Book 1

    • [EPUB] ↠ Unlimited ✓ The Dragons' Demon : by Marie Harte õ
      Marie Harte