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  • Title: The Emperor Jones
  • Author: Eugene O'Neill
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  • The Emperor Jones By Eugene O'Neill Widely known as the play that gave the American dramatist Eugene O Neill international acclaim, The Emperor Jones is a one act play that follows the complete disintegration of Brutus Jones This protagonist, formerly a Pullman porter in the United States, has escaped his criminal activity there by establishing himself as a ruler in the West Indies O Neill, in an experimWidely known as the play that gave the American dramatist Eugene O Neill international acclaim, The Emperor Jones is a one act play that follows the complete disintegration of Brutus Jones This protagonist, formerly a Pullman porter in the United States, has escaped his criminal activity there by establishing himself as a ruler in the West Indies O Neill, in an experiment with Expressionism, then leads Jones through a series of hallucinations in a forest when he attempts to escape his rebellious subjects This highly symbolic nocturnal expedition leads Jones to confront his racially black past, as well as his own personal destruction from a man of self confidence to a cowering shadow of his previous being O Neill s originality was as readily apparent in 1920 as it is today, for he insisted on the first racially integrated Broadway cast, particularly with an African American actor in the lead role, in the United States O Neill s amazing depiction of change and transformation in The Emperor Jones still endures.
    Eugene O'Neill
    Eugene Gladstone O Neill was an American playwright who won the 1936 Nobel Prize in Literature for the power, honesty and deep felt emotions of his dramatic works, which embody an original concept of tragedy More than any other dramatist, O Neill introduced American drama to the dramatic realism pioneered by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, and Swedish playwright August Strindberg, and was the first to use true American vernacular in his speeches His plays involve characters who inhabit the fringes of society, engaging in depraved behavior, where they struggle to maintain their hopes and aspirations but ultimately slide into disillusionment and despair O Neill wrote only one comedy Ah, Wilderness all his other plays involve some degree of tragedy and personal pessimism.

    The Emperor Jones By Eugene O'Neill


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    While I enjoyed O Neill s The Hairy Ape , this was still a great read This is the first major American play to feature an African American protagonist and star an African American actor playing the role It was fascinating to see Jone s sanity crumble as he relived his memories and struggled with his identity, and the jungle setting certainly helps to solidify the mood of darkness and mystery and fear I love how O Neill takes his characters on a mini journey all through a few scenes and great dia [...]

    Shayantani Das
    Quite fantastic.

    I didn t like it The emperor s journey flows in a monotonous rhythm, a warning of impending danger that only keeps getting louder That s it What can you expect but death What s worse Maybe having a charade of drums, ghosts, dancing witch doctors, cowering slaves, convulsive trembling and berserk hallucinations all leading to your imminent death But these sufferings, read in our day and age, thanks to horror movies and all the news, are mere trites At least, this is how it all seemed to me Simply [...]

    I read this a long time ago In college as a matter of fact I still have a copy It s an edition with other lesser known O Neil plays Come to think of it, this play to the best of my recollection might have been than a little racist Well, some other day I ll look further into all this then.

    Uh wow so this is progressive racial views for the times Gonna go with no.

    Abeer Saleh
    1936 .

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    Jori Richardson
    The Emperor Jones was the 2nd of two plays I read by Eugene O Neill, both published in 1921.This play opens with the last of the many servants and subjects of a self made emperor sneaking out from the palace and into the jungle The setting is an unknown island in the West Indies, where Brutus Jones, a black convict who fled the United States, has set himself up as an emperor with absolute power and luxury.A man named Henry Smithers appears to be 2nd in command, a sort of false friend to the empe [...]

    O Neill s Jones works on different levels, as a reality fantasy mock up and then as a metaphor for race relations and human survival instinct Or I m just messed up Brutus Jones, kills a man, goes to prison, escapes to a Caribbean island, and sets himself up as an autocratic tyrant shades of Prospero in Tempest The play follows Jones as he attempt to escape former subjects who have rebelled against him, irony or juxtaposition I liked it, made me think.

    My first O Neill play, not his best by far We read this in high school some 40 something years ago and I can still remember it It was so startling to me that I can still picture the classroom, my desk and having to read from it out loud Uncomfortable to say the least but memorable so 4 stars for that.

    David Mark
    This play is thoroughly racist The depiction of the main character, the progression of the plot, and the main themes all point to reprehensible ideas Depressing and vapid, the play offers little for audiences or readers to enjoy or engage with.

    Paul LaFontaine
    A former Pullman car porter who spent time in jail for murder sets himself up as Emporer on a Caribbean island His people rebel and he must face his demons Having had a rough ride on a few of O Neill s other plays I expected to have a similarly poor experience But this play I really enjoyed The character starts very powerfully and we ride the long curve downward with him Really enjoyed it.Recommend.

    Another literature read It wasn t something I d have chosen for myself Very interesting but not great.

    Ben Hallman
    So, yeah, I absolutely loathed this play Besides the nonstop discomfort that comes from every line spoken by Brutus Jones, the plot is too metaphorical to be enjoyed, and never crawls out of the shadow of the heavy handed message O Neill wants to impart Sure, it was a groundbreaking hit when it debuted in the 20s, but time has been unkind to this story of a fugitive monarch s backwards journey through black history, and now it leaves me embarrassed and with a sour taste in my mouth.The Emperor J [...]

    Edward Cheer
    I really like Eugene O Neill Fun fact for the day.I think the I read Eugene O Neill, the I realize how much he personally has to say about the relationship between people and how susceptible it is to change, such as in The Iceman Cometh and Desire Under the Elms But The Emperor Jones is something a little different It tells the story of a man s relationship not only to himself, but to his lineage and even to nature by extension.This is the shortest O Neill play I ve read so far, being a one ac [...]

    A strong begining by O Neill as an expresionist, with some beautifull monologues and proper silences followed by Hairy Ape .

    Ted Anastopoulo
    Don t we all save the final bullet for ourselves A true masterpiece of the American theatre That being said, the play s stage directions are incredibly racist, ironically adding to the already obvious themes of slavery and black subjugation as seen in the slave market scene The play epitomizes the notion that we are the outcome of our actions, and indeed, the Emperor s malicious treatment of the natives comes back to literally haunt him The play is in a way a metaphor for Black America blacks du [...]

    Tremendously racist by modern standards, this is, none the less, a pretty well constructed psychological play I have never read O Neill before, so I didn t really know what to expect, but the play is tight, the progress makes good sense, and there isn t too much extraneous stuff going on The only thing that s a bit problematic besides the racism is the first scene, which takes its sweet time about fulfilling its purpose That scene could be cut down without much real lose to the play as a whole B [...]

    Oh boy unfortunate relic from a different time, this profoundly racist play could have only been made so if the performers were all drenched in blackface, playing the bones and wailing about their mammies Being a product of its era, it s understandable to cut the work some slack even Shakespeare was guilty of this kind of crass appeasement , but its horrific, vaudevillean structure and atttiudes belie a playwright still struggling to find the right pitch Phonetically speaking, this solidifies O [...]

    December of Drama 2015, day 26 Was I running backwards, or as it all just a dream Slipping Away, by TanlinesSo, you know that moment where you re reading something and you think this author s trying too hard Yeah, that I m giving it two stars simply for the ambition and the experimental structure the content is pretty atrocious I m not saying that merely for the racist language that others have probably objected to, but rather for the heavy handed way it s all delivered It s a head shaker.

    A strange play, which hints at the violence of colonialism and racism while also perpetuating native stereotypes It s hard to imagine Paul Robeson as Jones, a conniving and shifty character, but when the work moves towards a magical element it becomes something else The Christmas Carol like revisiting of memories chides Jones for his evil ways, while also showing him to be brave and proud Apparently the play was praised by some in the new Negro movement I forget who who found it inspiring in it [...]

    When it comes to The Emperor Jones, I find myself on a fence On one hand Eugene O Neil gives a character who deals with his past, his latest choices and his crime in a sensory depraved environment His hallucinations are his confrontations to what he has been avoiding At places its an uncomfortable read with references to slaves, witch doctors and ghosts.Story of a self made emperor dictator who faces his fears in the end.

    Marin Tomic
    An overly confident emperor flees from his palace into the jungle because he fears a mutiny In the deep forest he is haunted by apparitions from his past and accompanied by drum beats that ultimately drive him into madnessDealing with imperialism, black white power relationships O Neill s play allows insights into the repentance of a character doomed to downfall.

    Jim Leckband
    While Emperor Jones has some great lines it seems it takes a dramatic production to give it real life The middle of the play is very expressionistic and the scenes in the jungle probably play better on the stage than in the reading which isn t a bad thing necessarily a well staged play is than just the written word.

    Another of O Neill s politically geared expressionist plays, The Emperor Jones follows the downfall of a convict turned selfmade emperor by way of his own guilty conscience Along the way, the African s tragic experience in America is portrayed in reverse, from inhumane treatment by prison guards to slave auctions and all the way back to the Congo.

    Read for American Lit classI am a huge fan of drama and of Eugene O Neil but this one just never clicked for me I trudged through it and probably would not have finished if it had not been assigned.

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