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  • Title: Sky Bridge
  • Author: Laura Pritchett
  • ISBN: 9781571310545
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback

  • Sky Bridge By Laura Pritchett A supermarket clerk in a small dusty town, 22 year old Libby is full of dreams but lacks the means to pursue them When her younger sister Tess becomes pregnant, Libby convinces her not to have an abortion by promising to raise the child herself But then Tess takes off after the baby is born and Libby finds that her new role puts her dreams that much further away Her alrA supermarket clerk in a small dusty town, 22 year old Libby is full of dreams but lacks the means to pursue them When her younger sister Tess becomes pregnant, Libby convinces her not to have an abortion by promising to raise the child herself But then Tess takes off after the baby is born and Libby finds that her new role puts her dreams that much further away Her already haphazard life becomes ever chaotic The baby s father, a Christian rodeo rider, suddenly demands custody Libby loses her job, her boyfriend abandons her, and her own mother harps on how stupid she was to make that promise to Tess More than a story of a single mother overcoming obstacles, Sky Bridge is a painfully honest, complex novel that leaves readers with a fresh understanding of what it means to inhabit a world in which dreams die, and are sometimes reborn.
    Laura Pritchett
    Laura Pritchett is the author of nine books She began her writing journey with the short story collection Hell s Bottom, Colorado, which won the PEN USA Award for Fiction and the Milkweed National Fiction Prize This was followed by the novels Sky Bridge, Stars Go Blue, Red Lightning, and The Blue Hour She s the editor of three anthologies Pulse of the River, Home Land, and Going Green True Tales from Gleaners, Scavengers, and Dumpster Divers She also has two nonfiction books Great Colorado Bear Stories and Making Friends with Death A Guide to Your Impending Last Breath Her work has appeared in The New York Times, O Magazine, Salon, High Country News, The Millions, Publisher s Weekly, The Sun, Brain, Child, and many others She holds a PhD from Purdue University and teaches around the country She is also known for her environmental stewardship, particularly in regard to land preservation and river health You can find out at her website laurapritchett or makingfriendswithdeath

    Sky Bridge By Laura Pritchett


    Cathrine ☯️
    3.75 Off the back jacket A vivid modern tale of believable goodness, despite the odds against that Laura Pritchett writes with considerable skill and a fine sensitivity Kent HarufIndeed she does I had another of the author s books on my list but this was the one available at our library The subject matter and age of of the main protagonist are not my preference in reading these days but I challenged myself to give it a try It flows like a diary at times as Libby struggles with her very challengi [...]

    This is a book about LOVE what it is and what it isn t It s about sex how it can make you laugh or cry can fill you up with joy or pain And then the consequences of all of that babies, children, human beings, citizenship Sky Bridge is also about the consequences of abuse and oppression just how hard living is for some people, in this case persons on the plains of Eastern Colorado in modern times, be you legal or illegal, American or Mexican Sky Bridge is about all those things told through the r [...]

    We often drive through Lamar, Colorado, the little eastern Colorado burg where this novel is set, and I wonder who lives there and what they do In Sky Bridge, Laura Pritchett shows me, and it s a sad but rich living, full of unconventional love and real people This is not the Colorado of the travel brochures it s a place of dwindling opportunities and shrinking dreams Pritchett, though, shows that there are no small lives and that a solid community can be the savior in the worst circumstances No [...]

    I read this story after the sequel I actually preferred Tess s story to Libby s story I got frustrated with Libby s indecision and frustration with herself She seemed so vulnerable and lost I guess that s what the story is about She finds herself, finally, close to the end I guess it might be an interesting look into what life may be like for young people trying to find their way and they get stuck with life situations An easy read Set in eastern Colorado The premise of the story is a good one a [...]

    Strangely touching.

    Moving story of dysfunctional people struggling to love, live and be happy Sparse and to the point.

    Set outside Lamar, this Colorado author really captures the people and struggles of my hometown area Not since Kent Haruf have a felt like someone so understood that area of the world Her depiction of the lack of choices young people face in poverty of declining agricultural area and the white Latino relationship and politics that are in many ways 50 years behind were spot on.

    A kind of unusual coming of age or coming to adulthood novel Lovely writing and sentiments I did not love it as I have a couple of other Pritchett books but it has heart.

    I m a sucker for tense, tight writing with lots of atmosphere and a dash of self reflection Pritchett s sparse writing that delves right into the story line and yet makes you feel like you re standing there with the characters is beautiful and wrenching to read Pritchett s tale of two sisters in a small Southeastern Colorado town has so many threads and dark bits and shining moments woven into the story that not only is it beautiful, but it made me remember how complicated life usually is and ho [...]

    SLJ Reviews 2005 May Website schoollibraryjournalAdult High School This captivating first novel is the story of Libby, a 22 year old checkout clerk who has been a mother figure to her younger sister Now pregnant, 18 year old Tess wants to have an abortion, but Libby convinces her to have the baby, saying that she herself will raise the infant Within days of delivering, Tess indeed takes off to pursue her own dreams outside their small Colorado town, and Libby finds herself raising Amber while tr [...]

    This was an amazing book with some of the best characterization I ve seen in years John Gorka sings, Life is full of disappointment, yes and I am full of life This could be Libby s life he sings about.Sky Bridge is set in Eastern Colorado, and I bought it because I like to support local authors This book is literally an award winner, though, and I have to say that having read it, I can see why Gritty, romantic without being sentimental, well characterized, and gripping Laura Pritchett has a faci [...]

    Julene Bair
    Pritchett paints a heartwarming portrait of a young woman trying to do the right thing, but she doesn t gloss over the limitations and difficulties of living in a small, isolated High Plains town The characters are imperfect and surprising in their idiosyncrasies, like real people Libby, the young protagonist who has committed herself to raising her sister Tess s unwanted baby girl, has one of the dearest, most honest hearts in literature Yet even she stoops to stealing a few beers once in a whi [...]

    John Benson
    SKY BRIDGE is the prequel to RED LIGHTNING, written ten years earlier than RED LIGHTNING and shows the main characters ten years earlier Tess, the younger sister, has just had a baby, Amber, but flees her small town in the Great Plains of Colorado with her older sister, Libby to raise RED LIGHTNING was told from Tess point of view after having left for ten years as a runner of illegal aliens This is Libby s story told as she tries to figure out how to raise Amber alone and not understanding full [...]

    two 2 teenage sisters, one pregnant, the other acting as the child s mother with emphasis on the sister raising the child somewhat dreary but rather engaging story of the trials of making it work in an otherwise dysfunctional family with the mother being a former current drunk, alternating with being the good mother Well told, somewhat depressing as one slogs through all the adventures of trying to rear a child not your own, work, love and figure out what you want to really do with your life 200 [...]

    This book was pretty well written and interesting However, of course, there were some problems that I saw with it First off, it took a little bit of time to get the plot rolling For awhile it was just sitting around, and waiting for something extreme to happen Second, there were some extraneously graphic scenes that I felt didn t need to be in the book They seemed very out of place But in all, the book was a fun and fast read.

    A novel of two sisters and a promise that is kept by the elder one to raise the younger sisters child Libby struggles to raise baby Amber amidst poverty, dysfunction and a lack of opportunity in Southwestern Colorado Libby seeks love, permanence and a future for both her and the child as circumstances hit her like the dust from the land she loves Lyrical, poetic in nature with a cerebral message about love and grace.

    Written by the sister of the Brinks twins that my son Tommy hung out with in high school and camped out with on their ranch in Bellvue on Bingham Hill She is a wonderful writer and her description of the setting made me feel that I was reading of home I did not realize that I knew her family until finishing this book and reading her bio where she thanks her mother, Rose Brinks.I was delighted by the discovery of just who she was Her other book, Hell s Bottom Colorado is also a great read.

    I adored this novel The writing is beautiful, the quiet story pulled me back to it each time I set it aside to sleep or work, and I found myself reading and slowly, wanting to stay Such vivid characters I feel like I spent a week in their world, invisible, listening to them and watching them I feel like I could get in the car and go find them I will read this author again.

    Sky Bridge is now on my list of all time favorites Every few pages, I came across a passage I wanted to mark as truth Truth about family, relationships, emotion and the human spirit I aspire to write like this

    Libby is a bagger in the supermarket She has promised to care for her sister s baby so that the sister does not have an abortion Set in the Plains east of the Rockies in Colorado

    Carol Feldman
    Easy to read, lovable characters, what s not to like

    Lisa Wellington
    Loved the Colorado setting and the Mexican imigrant bit of the story Good depth of character I am a new fan of Laura Pritchett.

    I enjoyed the character Libby and the way she reflects on her life and the people around her really takes time to see them as they really are

    Premise sounded good like something that I could get into but I just couldn t Got about 1 3 through and decided enough was enough Let me know if anyone else gets through it.

    Jennifer Alm
    Enjoyed this novel by a Colorado author It brought back alot of interesting memories from the landscape of my childhood Southeastern Colorado Its all about love and making it in life.

    This story sucked me in and I didn t want to put it down until I finished the last page Excellent writing.

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