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  • Title: The Satin Sash
  • Author: Red Garnier
  • ISBN: 9780451228031
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Satin Sash By Red Garnier The Satin Sash
    Red Garnier
    Red Garnier is an erotic romance author whose first book released from Ellora s Cave Publishing in May 2007 to receive a Fallen Angel Recommended Read.She writes fun and sexy erotic contemporaries as well as paranormals, which can range from dark and emotionally intense, to witty and fun and sweet as cherries Whatever she s writing at the time, Red loves to sit down with her characters and let them take things from there.Red Garnier is a lover of love, laughter, and hot, steamy sex She lives with her husband the love of her life, her very own hero and is a proud mother of two.She was born to write, to say what s on her mind, and to make a few tongues wag along the way When Red is not writing, she s probably found with her face glued to a sizzling romance book.Red loves to read and to write in the many genres of romance.

    The Satin Sash By Red Garnier


    This book is all kids of stupid Also, the book description is incorect It says Grey is calm and confidant He s anything but In his inner monologues he is insecure, jealous and whines like a little bitch He invites his friend for a theesome, but in his inner monologues keeps thinking about wanting to punch the guy for touching his girlfriend When a said friend of his touches his girlfriends ass and she doesn t protest, he is brooding for days, not wanting to talk to her and barely looking at her [...]

    I presume you know what the book is about I m letting you know what I liked or disliked about it.This book was smokin hot At one point while reading outside my home couldn t say where exactly I recall thinking I should look around and make sure no one is watching me because lord only knew what expression was on my face Seriously I liked this book very much.

    Erin L
    This book held so much promise when I started It was actually pretty intriguing and enthralling for the first 50 or so pages Some good character development, I could even forgive the typical Man Who Will Never Commit and Plain Woman Who Is Not His Usual Type characters that have been a little overdone.This plotline grates because we have enough women out there who believe that this type of man will fall forever in love with her and they ll live happily every after I don t think we need to furthe [...]

    Susie Q
    If you are a fan of menage and don t mind M M interaction, you will love this book.As a lover of menage fiction, I have read a lot of thrown together plots held together weakly with sex as the only glue This is not one of those books It is steamy hot, fraught with emotion and extremely hard to put down Although not short in length, I wished it was longer, if only so I could enjoy the world these characters existed in a little longer Made me an instant fan of Red, and I have since bought every on [...]

    This has to be one of the dirtiest, sex filled, scorching hot books I have ever read Definitely not something overly deep that is going to stick with you, but of an explosive one night stand There was a decent story centered about 2 very intense best friends, Grey and Heath and Grey s girlfriend Toni The sex was consuming and fierce and every kind of sex imaginable between consenting adults There was also some major jealousy and possessiveness by Grey, a little scary, he was sort of like a time [...]

    Your woman wants me That s the opening line of The Satin Sash by Red Garnier When Grey Reynolds hears his best friend and business partner, Heath Solis, say this, his blood runs cold He and Antoina Toni Kearney have been lovers for two years And in those two years, Grey has been consumed by his strong feelings for Toni From the moment he met her, he knew that he wanted her And she has made him happier than he s ever been She soothes the darker side of him, and she enhances his life in ways he ca [...]

    Gray Heath are business partners and have known each other for years Gray has a girlfriend Toni and has a luxury apartment whilst Heath is bi sexual and lives out of several hotels depending on where he is in the world At a business dinner is where Heath first meets Toni and after dancing with her he announces to Gray that Your woman wants me and offers to be a third in their relationship.Gray struggles with this confession and decides to seek out from Toni if this is actually true Toni is at fi [...]

    This was one of those rare erotica books that made me sad when reading part of it We have 3 people that have a connection and all but one of them fight the connection they have.This books seems to be divided into parts The first quarter of the book introduces us to Grey and Toni, it pretty much sets up their relationship Then business partner Heath enters and shakes things up The shake up ends with the 3 of them in Cabo, where the next half of the book takes part Cabo is basically one big sex sc [...]

    Diana~ (Kiss Me Books)
    This book had so much promise but I guess I was let down in the end The heroine is the epitome of everything that I hate She just keeps wanting when she basically has Grey on his hands and knees Gah Seeing him hurt was just absolutely horrible And I don t even want to speak about Heath Proper review will come eventually.

    God, this was this steamiest damn thing i ve ever read The raw emotional hunger and need for each other grabs you from the start Yowza

    Amazing, amazing book I highly recommend it

    Indie Editor Nancy
    I really enjoyed this menage book, the three characters were so different from each other yet they needed one another to complete each other Grey was the wealthy good looking executive with a father who kept him from shining to his full potential Heath was a man with serious belonging issues, he was raised without a loving caring family and he is scared and feels he is undeserving of love The lady in the mix all 5 ft 4 inch Toni, is an average woman who loves her men, both of them.Toni is attrac [...]

    The book is well written with an all right plot It s not meant to be anything but an erotic romance, and doesn t pretend to be either I do have a couple issues with the book, which is why it only landed on a 3 5 star rating.Condoms The author makes a point to point out that the 3rd player in the story has been around some, and that they should use condoms in case of STD s and such Seems the author quickly forgot about the condom It was only mentioned once or twice in the book This is an erotica [...]

    Groan In between a totally unrealistic story is some pretty raunchy sex scenes, which get the blood pumping If you can forget that this would NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE that is But I guess thats why we read these books isn t it because they allow us to escape into a world of fantasy.The female lead character is a sperm hungry airhead, who lacks depth and personality, apart from being focused on where her need shag is coming from All we know is that she s a graphic designer who is touting for new [...]

    This was surprisingly depressing I really wanted to like it, and the different take on the m nage theme was interesting But, in the end, the m nage never felt like a natural end for Heath and Grey, something they wanted and which completed them I only felt that it was Antonia who truly wanted it For the men, particularly Grey, it was a bitter and fragile compromise This may be psychologically realistic, but it wasn t as fun to read as, for instance, Lora Leigh s Forbidden Pleasure.

    This book is a story about a threesome I bought the book on sale at Chapters and thought I would give it a shot But is really is not my thing The story begins with Grey and Toni who are in love and then Grey s friend and business partner, Heath comes into the mix They spend a wonderful vacation together in Mexico and Toni and Heath cannot let it go This causes conflict between Grey and Toni Grey is a well to do person and appearances of something like this relationship would be devastating to fa [...]

    Amber Brownlow
    This book started out slightly slow at the beginning, and I wasn t sure I d like it or even finish it but I decided to keep reading Boy am I happy that I did This story quickly turned into an amazing read with twist and turns, a great cast of characters and was extremely steamy This is by far one of my favorite reads of the year and one of my new all time favorites You can t go wrong with a story about two gorgeous guys who are totally different yet so much alike and complete one another and a g [...]

    It was just ok I liked the beginning of the book, plot was sexy interesting Cabo was fun sexy time But you lost me at the end I don t understand why these two beautiful, smart guys, wanted Toni soooo much, they couldn t live without her It was like all based on sex, She really had nothing else going for her The ending was very disappointing, especially with the 3 way kissing Ugh come on, I love erotic romance, but this ending just did not make me believe it could be real.

    3.5The first half of this was a tad slow and I didn t connect to the characters, the last half really picked up and I found myself having a hard time putting it down It was a pretty steamy read and by the end of the book I had connected to the characters I typically read dark erotica and this was a little different than that, of a contemporary meets erotica If you re in the mood for a book that s hot without an emotional overload I d recommend this one.

    Writing in this story could be tighter I found myself skipping over many sections because the author overcooks the romance scenes must have had too few words to satisfy the publisher Unlikely premise, but then, it is fiction Grey Richards is deeply in love with Toni They have well established relationship, until she meets his travelling business partner, Heath, and sparks fly Conflicting needs struggle with common needs between the three.

    Amy Martin
    If you like m nage trois relationships and M M scenes well you are definitely gonna like this book The sex scenes are very descriptive and scorching hot.The one thing I didn t like was the heroine Toni She couldn t make her mind, she wanted both of them almost selfish, didn t care if she broke her first companion heart Grey which made me cringe If you re looking for a good romance book this is not it but if you want dirty hot sex well it delivers.

    Mini Review Grey is so bottled up inside about this menage situation, that I find myself holding my breath and waiting for him to explode and ruin the whole thing In the end, I just finally got to know these characters and be comfortable inside their heads.Visit me at Sweet Vernal Zephyr for my long winded reviews.

    More 3.75 re read YET AGAIN 7 21 12 And re read again July 2016 read 4 16 17Solid B or maybe A I think my favorite menage romanceConsidering how often I re read hit scenes of this book, I upped it to 5 stars, because it s very possibly my favorite erotic romance or at least my go to so A 5 stars.

    Hmmm i was giving 3 stars because there are some parts deserved 5 stars and another parts seems blah The 5 stars part a fresh idea about menage relationship where one guy is reluctant about the other guy presence in the relationship This appeared as the main problem and it does worked great It brought angst and emotional rollercoasterThe 1 star part No epilogue, seriously

    So i wanna give this book a 3.5.i would give 5 stars for all the sex scenes because there are a lot of them in the bookhot scenes and some scenes are like ewwok LOL I would give it 2 stars for no character development in the book Book was hot just wished there was about the characters I would recommend it to anyone who loves erotic books

    This is one of the best m nage books I ve ever read I let it sit in my wish list for a while because it was a bit expensive but I m so glad that I purchased it now The emotion that Garnier conveys between these characters is unprecedented I felt like I knew them I am definitely going to read by this author.

    EroticaAfterDark (Lilith)
    my gratefulness goes out to La Lionne for saving me from this one.

    One star for Grey and the other for Heath Originally one star was meant for the various sex can t even call them love scenes But a star is to be deducted because I dislike Toni And, the third wheel should really be Toni.

    Gina (bibliobuff)
    Overall, it was a good, hot read, but I wasn t sold on the connection between Toni and Heath I actually felt pretty bad for Grey throughout the whole thing But the book addresses the jealousy in a menage situation well something that doesn t come up that often in other menage books.

    Lauren R.
    You will squirm reading this but wish the characters we re developed .Hot sex scenes and some of them I was like okay, that s a twist story was a bit choppy on how it flowed from one scene to another.If you want a story to get you worked up, read this one

    • [AZW] ✓ The Satin Sash | BY ☆ Red Garnier
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