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  • Title: The Valley of Fear
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • ISBN: 9780486445335
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Valley of Fear By Arthur Conan Doyle Look down the valley See the cloud of a hundred chimneys that overshadows it I tell you that the cloud of murder hangs thicker and lower than that over the heads of the people It is the Valley of Fear, the Valley of Death The terror is in the hearts of the people from the dusk to the dawn So declares a resident of a mining town, where a sinister secret society maint Look down the valley See the cloud of a hundred chimneys that overshadows it I tell you that the cloud of murder hangs thicker and lower than that over the heads of the people It is the Valley of Fear, the Valley of Death The terror is in the hearts of the people from the dusk to the dawn So declares a resident of a mining town, where a sinister secret society maintains its stranglehold on the community with a series of violent crimes.The Valley of Fear, the last of the four Sherlock Holmes novels, ranks among Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s best work The mystery begins with a coded warning of imminent danger, drawing the illustrious Sherlock Holmes and the faithful Dr Watson to a secluded English country home A trail of bewildering clues raincoats, dumbbells, a missing wedding ring leads to sleuthing in the finest Holmesian tradition and the gripping backstory of a cult that terrorized a valley in an American eastern state Crisp, realistic characterizations and a crackling suspenseful narrative make this novel a must read for all lovers of mystery and detection as well as Sherlock Holmes fans.
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born the third of ten siblings on 22 May 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland His father, Charles Altamont Doyle, was born in England of Irish descent, and his mother, born Mary Foley, was Irish They were married in 1855.Although he is now referred to as Conan Doyle , the origin of this compound surname if that is how he meant it to be understood is uncertain His baptism record in the registry of St Mary s Cathedral in Edinburgh gives Arthur Ignatius Conan as his Christian name, and simply Doyle as his surname It also names Michael Conan as his godfather.At the age of nine Conan Doyle was sent to the Roman Catholic Jesuit preparatory school, Hodder Place, Stonyhurst He then went on to Stonyhurst College, leaving in 1875.From 1876 to 1881 he studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh This required that he provide periodic medical assistance in the towns of Aston now a district of Birmingham and Sheffield While studying, Conan Doyle began writing short stories His first published story appeared in Chambers s Edinburgh Journal before he was 20 Following his graduation, he was employed as a ship s doctor on the SS Mayumba during a voyage to the West African coast He completed his doctorate on the subject of tabes dorsalis in 1885.In 1885 Conan Doyle married Louisa or Louise Hawkins, known as Touie She suffered from tuberculosis and died on 4 July 1906 The following year he married Jean Elizabeth Leckie, whom he had first met and fallen in love with in 1897 Due to his sense of loyalty he had maintained a purely platonic relationship with Jean while his first wife was alive Jean died in London on 27 June 1940.Conan Doyle fathered five children Two with his first wife Mary Louise 28 January 1889 12 June 1976 , and Arthur Alleyne Kingsley, known as Kingsley 15 November 1892 28 October 1918 With his second wife he had three children Denis Percy Stewart 17 March 1909 9 March 1955 , second husband in 1936 of Georgian Princess Nina Mdivani circa 1910 19 February 1987 former sister in law of Barbara Hutton Adrian Malcolm 19 November 1910 3 June 1970 and Jean Lena Annette 21 December 1912 18 November 1997.Conan Doyle was found clutching his chest in the hall of Windlesham, his house in Crowborough, East Sussex, on 7 July 1930 He had died of a heart attack at age 71 His last words were directed toward his wife You are wonderful The epitaph on his gravestone in the churchyard at Minstead in the New Forest, Hampshire, reads STEEL TRUEBLADE STRAIGHTARTHUR CONAN DOYLEKNIGHTPATRIOT, PHYSICIAN MAN OF LETTERSConan Doyle s house, Undershaw, located in Hindhead, south of London, where he had lived for a decade, had been a hotel and restaurant between 1924 and 2004 It now stands empty while conservationists and Conan Doyle fans fight to preserve it.A statue honours Conan Doyle at Crowborough Cross in Crowborough, where Conan Doyle lived for 23 years There is also a statue of Sherlock Holmes in Picardy Place, Edinburgh, close to the house where Conan Doyle was born.Series Sherlock Holmes

    The Valley of Fear By Arthur Conan Doyle


    Let s face it, Sherlock Holmes is a prig A vainglorious bombast whose every breath seems devoted, at least in part, to extolling his prodigious and ubiquitous knowledge and singular mastery over every form of argument, logical deduction or investigative strategy he s a little like that last sentence It s amazing the man can dress himself given that one arm is forever employed in the constant motion of slapping palm to his own back in congratulations for his monumental genius Now when faced this [...]

    Henry Avila
    Sherlock Holmes receives a message from the mysterious Porlock , a nom de plume, as he tells the curious Dr.Watson, in their residence, at 221 B Baker Street, in London.d, they will have to find a particular book to decipher it, but clues are given, and though a second note promised, never arrives, from the obviously very nervous man, soon they do succeedAlec MacDonald of Scotland Yard, enters the room, unexpectedly, disclosing a murder has just occurred, a Mr John Douglas, was shot in his Manor [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani
    The Valley of Fear Sherlock Holmes, 7 , Arthur Conan Doyle 1999 1378 237 9646641695 1384 19 1388 434 9789643636197

    I got tricked.Except that s probably not what you call it when you commit the hubris of presuming to know what s going on in a Sherlock Holmes story I didn t even assume, I thought I knew I was so absolutely certain I knew where that last part of the story went, that I didn t even consider other options but I was wrong I unwittingly handed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the honor of throwing my ego around like a ragdoll Well deserved, I say On the bright side, nothing keeps you hungry for a mystery like [...]

    I am inclined to think said I I should do so, Sherlock Holmes remarked impatiently.I believe that I am one of the most long suffering of mortals but I ll admit that I was annoyed at the sardonic interruption Really, Holmes, said I severely, you are a little trying at times An auspicious start to The Valley of Fear where Holmes is trolling Watson, by this point in their timeline they are already like an old married couple Looking at ranking by the number of ratings of Conan Doyle s books, includi [...]

    Dan Schwent
    Holmes and Watson investigate a murder in a country mansion, a man shot in the face with a sawn off shotgun Things quickly prove not to be as they seem But what does the murder have to do with the Valley of FearFirst off, I m not the biggest Sherlock Holmes fan and was at a loss when Valley of Fear was announced as a book in the Hard Case line While I respect Arthur Conan Doyle as one of the pioneers of detective fiction, I was never really interested in him or Holmes In my quest to read all of [...]

    K.D. Absolutely
    This is the least enjoyable compared to his earlier 3 novels The reason is that the plot is a lot thinner and there is almost nothing that Holmes and Watson do except the display their usual power of deduction Together with the two detectives, the duo go to the scene of the crime and do their usual investigation and after a day or two, are able to solve the crime The revelation in the end felt so simple and did it not really surprise me at all I also suspect that I may have been feeding my brain [...]

    So I have read all Sherlock Holmes novels I have liked them all for different reasons but Hound of the Baskerville stands out for its sheer perfection The Valley of Fear takes the two part structure of his first novel, A Study in Scarlet first part deals with the untangling of the crime mystery and the second part provides the background that leads to the crime mystery The first part was quite interesting and intriguing but the second part was a little slow and it took a little effort on my part [...]

    I am so done Doyle is cancelled I was initially very excited to dive into the Sherlock canon, because I ve enjoyed both the TV series and the movie adaptations Sherlock Holmes seemed to be a unique character, with funny, but loveable quirks, and so I knew that I had to get into the source material as well Boy, I wish I never did So far, I ve read the complete novels, and 8 short stories from His Last Bow and, except for The Hound of the Baskervilles, none were enjoyable Not even in the slightest [...]

    I was already annoyed near the start of this, because Watson and others knowing of Moriarty contradicts the earlier though it s set later story that Moriarty appears in, in which Watson and others know nothing of him I ve heard there are other continuity errors in the Sherlock stories, but those must ve escaped me The first part of this novella could exist on its own as a typical Sherlock short The surprise is a good one the reader i.e me rushes through the clue just as Sherlock s compatriots do [...]

    Classic Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle at his finest.If you ve read and enjoyed any books in the Sherlock Holmes series then read them all, they are all consistently great Sherlock Holmes must be one of the greatest literary characters ever created and the stories are so very well written.Intriguing, compelling, intelligent, exciting, page turning fun of the highest order.

    Not enough Holmes Finally found a copy of this to read and, unfortunately, it is too much like The Scarlet Thread NO ONE wants to read a book about some whackjob American with a secret mysterious past We already did that once We want to hear about HOLMES, by God That s why we are reading this book because it is a SHERLOCK HOLMES BOOK I don t care how spectacular Birdy Edwards is I don t care what became of him I want to see a classic character being classic.Surely, by the time Conan Doyle wrote [...]

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    This was my least favorite of all the Sherlock Holmes books I ve read so far The novel was published in 1915 and features two parts The first half involves the murder of a man named John Douglas at his manor house Sherlock is called in to help solve the mystery of how the murderer got away because the house was surrounded by a moat Dr Watson comes along to help out, but the solution of the case is disappointing and Sherlock wasn t given much to do The second part is an extended flashback at an A [...]

    Katie Lumsden
    Enjoyable, but not my favourite Sherlock Holmes It didn t hang together quite as well as the rest.

    Lance Greenfield
    This book contains two stories which tie up nicely towards the end The first is a classic Holmes crime and mystery which is resolved, as expected by the smug Sherlock, to the astonishment and adulation of Watson and all of the other characters involved Most avid readers of the Sherlock Holmes stories would probably unravel the puzzles before they read the conclusions of the master The twist provided by the discovery of a corpse which has been shot in the face by a shotgun is overdone these days, [...]

    Eligah Boykin jr.
    This is a fine book about raising the tone of an entire community by ridding it of its secret criminal element and thereby making it something than a Valley of Fear This novel is not as tightly written as A Study in Scarlet , nor does it move in real time with the suspenseful pace of The Hound of the Baskervilles , but it speaks to something profound about the Human Spirit in its eternal struggle for Freedom This is the novel that makes one ponder the darker implications of fighting for a bett [...]

    So far this is my least favourite of the Sherlock Holmes novels Holmes appears and solves the mystery, of course, but most of the book consists of back story in which neither Holmes nor Watson appear There is nothing at all wrong with the prose, but the narrative, while interesting enough, is hardly compelling Overall, I much prefer A Study in Scarlet and The Hound of the Baskervilles There is simply not enough Holmes in this one for my taste.

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    Over the last year I ve re read A Study in Scarlet , The Sign of Four and The Hound of the Baskervilles It s been an incredibly enjoyable experience, not least because each of the novels performed the charming trick of being much better than I remembered it I take the orthodox view that it s in the short stories where you find the true magic of Sherlock Holmes particularly The Adventures and The Memoirs , but this seems to have had the odd effect of downgrading the qualities of the novels in my [...]

    2.5 5The mystery gets solved mid book The remaining half is a huge flashback story that has shit to do with Sherlock and Watson Oh, and there s a coda type of epilogue that ties these two parts together in a very unsatisfactory way I enjoyed the first half The second Not so much Listening to it on Librivox helped me finish the book After reading all of the four Sherlock novels, I think I need some time away from Sherlock Well, not entirely, because Elementary 3.


    Seran Y.
    kinci kez bir Sherlock okuyorum Okudu um ilk kitap san r m K z l Dosya yd ve onu okudu umda ya m k k oldu u i in s k lm t m zerimde k t bir etki b rakm t Bu y zden bu kitaba biraz nyarg l ba lad m Ama ok be endim nyarg lar m n aksine gayet ak c ve g zel bir kurguya sahipti.Olay evresinde hendek olan bir kalede yani Birlstone K k nde ge iyor Kalenin sahibi Bay Douglas lm ve katil camdan atlam , hende i ge ip ka m Ceset y z tan nmayacak bir halde bulunuyor nk t fekle y z nden vurulmu K k n evresin [...]

    Larnacouerde SH
    E er o d nemlerde ya ayan bir insan olsayd m, Doyle Sherlock u ld rd nde koluna siyah bant tak p adam n kap s na dikilen ilk insanlardan biri ben olurdum Okudu um y zlerce sat r, tan d m onlarca kitap karakteri bir yana Sherlock Holmes ve John Watson bir yana nk D n gece kitab bitirmeye yak n d nd m tek ey buydu Ne mutlu Cumberbatch ve Freeman a Biz kitab okuyarak bu denli mutlu oluyorsak, onlar bu karakterlere can verirken ne hissediyordur kim bilir.Gidip The Abominable Bride b l m n tekrar izl [...]

    Am I the only one who actually liked the book s second part than the first Birdy Edwards was, at least, an interesting character, while the first part simply concentrated on Sherlock solving a case without ever taking one sentence to characterize those main protagonists It was my first and probably last Sherlock read, since Sherlock and Watson felt so poorly developed.I never understood where this love story in the second part came from, but it eventually became a little exciting than the firs [...]

    Luís C.
    We are first in Victorian England, where a gentleman has been murdered in atrocious circumstances It takes all the tenacity, the ingenuity of Sherlock to overcome this investigation, and unmasked the culprit, I challenge you to find We reply that the reader did not have all the elements in hand There were still many, and the main principal He simply had to rely on facts and not their interpretation, and other preconceptions.The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the [...]

    Natasha GJ Nanny Nakia
    Rese ado en mi blog Nanny BooksAmo a Sherlock Holmes, es una de mis man as no sanas que debo tratar pronto con un especialista Me encanta coleccionar ediciones de las obras de Doyle, aunque las tenga repetidas Cuando me enter de que Penguin estaba editando la colecci n completa de cuentos y compilando todas las novelas en un solo libro, no pude evitar enloquecer de amor y salir corriendo a comprarlo As que aqu estoy, con mi ejemplar de Sherlock Holmes, Novelas, totalmente encantada de la vida.Si [...]

    Kübra Yağmur
    Sevgili Conan Doyle okunacaklar listelerime girdi inden beri bir f rsat bulup okumak istiyor ancak bir t rl denk getiremiyordum Modern Klasikler okumas yaparken uzun zamandan beri beklenen Sherlock bulu mas n da yapm olduk Ben serinin asl nda izgi roman versiyonunda Sherlock ile tan m t m ama kitab n tad bamba kayd.

    Hola a todos y bienvenidos a la ltima rese a del a o Hoy os traigo el s ptimo libro de la saga de Sherlock Holmes.Esta es la cuarta y ltima novela que Conan Doyle escribi sobre Sherlock pero a n quedan dos libros m s con casos sueltos para saciar nuestro apetito La novela empieza con un telegrama que le llega a Sherlock de uno de los esbirros de Moriarty esto me desconcierta porque en libros anteriores, no dir ni c mo ni por qu , Sherlock logra deshacerse de su archienemigo avis ndole de que se [...]

    I usually read the short stories about Sherlock Holmes and after reading two of Doyle s novellas, I have to say I prefer his short stories I recently read A Study in Scarlet where Doyle is introduced to the reader This book follows the same format as A Study in Scarlet Holmes solves the mystery in the first half and then in part 2, we go back in time to get the rest of the story It feels like two stories I m not sure I like the formula In both books, the back story takes place in lawless America [...]

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