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  • Title: The Cadaver Client
  • Author: Frank Tuttle
  • ISBN: 9781605048482
  • Page: 180
  • Format: ebook

  • The Cadaver Client By Frank Tuttle Markhat s new client is already dead and buried or is he The Markhat Files, Book 4Humans, Trolls and even the halfdead have all passed through Markhat s door than once seeking his services as a finder of missing persons and lost loves This is a first, though This time, his client is a dead man At least that s what Granny Knot claims But as long as the coin is realMarkhat s new client is already dead and buried or is he The Markhat Files, Book 4Humans, Trolls and even the halfdead have all passed through Markhat s door than once seeking his services as a finder of missing persons and lost loves This is a first, though This time, his client is a dead man At least that s what Granny Knot claims But as long as the coin is real, Markhat has no trouble working for a guilt ridden ghost.Trouble is exactly what he finds, and soon he suspects his client, ghost or not, has darker motives for finding his estranged wife than the reconciliation he claims Left with a cadaver for a client, a spook doctor for a partner, and Mama Hog as advisor on all things spiritual, Markhat must unravel a dark mystery ten years old, and do it before another grave is filled Maybe his own.Product Warnings This work of fiction involves the occult, several rather questionable uses of stuffed birds, the release of sarcasm inside a cemetery and numerous disparaging portrayals of wood elves.
    Frank Tuttle
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    The Cadaver Client By Frank Tuttle


    ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    Much lighter than the previous Markhat story There is humour, but it still has that Markhat darkness whether we re dealing with common hired thugs, vampires, ghosts or whatever else this world decides to throw at the Finder Needless to say, I liked it a lot.It s the tenth birthday of Markhat s business You get about his beginnings his first clients were family members looking for lost solders after the War, then the times changed and he got different jobs from clients who rarely got good news [...]

    What The Markhat Series Aren t No overlong, flowery, adverby descriptions no page long information dumps describing how this magic system works or the world topography from east to west no excessively snarky voice that disturbs the emotional balance, destroying both tension and compassion They do not suffer from excess oinkism in this one, two elderly ladies well, to be honest, neither are ladies in the world definition sense of the word , and a mother daughter duo play significant roles and I d [...]

    Milda Page Runner
    One of the shorter stories somewhat similar to Dead Man s Rain and just as well dealing the dead man s issue Not as gripping or emotional as the previous book but still a pleasant quick read.

    Mr. Matt
    A good, tight little book The Finder Markhat is hired by a ghost to find a man s lost wife and child And that is where a seemingly simple and straight forward job gets complicated Finishing the book I was pleasantly surprised that I didn t see the twist coming although I wasn t entirely surprised The beauty of what the author did is that the surprise wasn t heavily foreshadowed but was entirely plausible Finishing the book I immediately thought of Dune plots within plots I like these Markhat boo [...]

    LG (A Library Girl"s Familiar Diversions)
    The Cadaver Client was of what I enjoyed in The Mister Trophy and Dead Man s Rain Markhat who I realized still doesn t have a first name was, as usual, snarky, smart, and in possession of a strong sense of justice, and the mystery itself was interesting Unfortunately, some of the things I disliked about Dead Man s Rain were also present in this story.Although the first three stories in the series could be read in any order, I kind of wish that weren t the case It feels like Markhat has the same [...]

    Finally This novella opened the way the first story should have in my opinion We finally get an explanation of what exactly a finder is someone who is paid to find things, not a magical skill, just a job title and a little background on Markhat I m interested in this world and this character, but so far, the stories just aren t pulling me in, and I m not really sure why Even four stories into this world with these same characters, I don t feel like I really know any of them I haven t gotten to s [...]

    Just finished reading this for the second time, and realized I had forgotten to review it I love this world Mr Tuttle has created The characters are colorful and at times bizarre The city is dark but beautiful My only complaint is I would like to see a bit deeper into Markhat, what drives him, what s in his past And Mama Hog, what s her story As for the Cadaver Client, it is a fun mystery with a spooky twist I won t detail the plot, but rather say that this is a series that is well worth picking [...]

    I ve been finding a lot of the private eye fantasy books lately This one is a keeper The right amount of smart alec hero with a story that maintains a good pacing throughout and interesting characters I look forward to seeing in other books in the series.Frank Tuttle is an author I m glad I ve found And I love his About the Author blurbs in the books as well I like this author s sense of humor.

    More trouble, ghoulies, a cadaver and tongue in cheek humor A large sum of coin is offered Markhat for finding the dead man s wife Mama hog returns here and is a larger part of the story I love the main characters, crazy, intense and so funny Not my favorite story in the series thus far, but not a bad one by any means There is plenty of action, creepiness and laughs Worthwhile quick read for a day or two of escape.

    Book Utopia
    Probably the weakest of the 4 Markhat books to come out so far, but still enjoyable Markhat gets a quieter case to solve, which results in slower pacing and a rather anticlimactic ending, but I still love this world too much not to get immersed in the author s voice and characters.

    Cassiel Knight
    The I read about The Finder, the I love him Actually, I think it s Mr Tuttle s voice as a author I love so much There s elements of Jim Butcher Really enjoying this series funny, charming and just a bit odd In a very good way.

    Trina Lore
    I don t think this is the BEST Markhat story, but it s well over a solid 4 stars, and definitely essential to any continuity going forward I recommend this series to everyone I know who reads, and I wouldn t dream of allowing them to skip this part.

    I liked it The book makes you initially worry that may be a Harry Dresden copy cat, but the feel of the book is totally different in a good way.The book was shorter than I would have liked I think a paperback with the first 3 books has been published, so that might be the better buy.

    A pleasing, if fairly standard given the necessary adjustments for the setting hard boiled detective story The setting was very interesting and well sketched out, given that this was only a novella I will be getting all the other books in this series.

    Absolutely loved it

    Maria Schneider
    This was a great way to spend the afternoon A delightful read More review to follow.

    Another short story Despite it being marked as 4 it went right back to status quo from before 3 That was a bit disappointing, but disregarding that an okay story

    Client s initial story was so obviously full of holes I can t believe Markat wasn t careful.

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