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  • Title: The Kingdom
  • Author: Jennifer M. Barry
  • ISBN: 9781937273491
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Kingdom By Jennifer M. Barry Trapped on Earth since the fall of Lucifer, Prince Rioghan has left thousands of broken hearts in his wake, and he wants Lily s to be the next His father, the High King of Fairies, expects Rioghan to behave like the royal he is, but the challenge Lily presents is too inviting Accustomed to living in her famous mother s shadow, Lily guards her heart behind a prickly exterTrapped on Earth since the fall of Lucifer, Prince Rioghan has left thousands of broken hearts in his wake, and he wants Lily s to be the next His father, the High King of Fairies, expects Rioghan to behave like the royal he is, but the challenge Lily presents is too inviting Accustomed to living in her famous mother s shadow, Lily guards her heart behind a prickly exterior The harder she resists, the faster he falls, until she becomes the very center of his existence.When Rioghan chooses love over the power of the throne, he infuriates his father and upsets the age old balance between good and evil A battle is coming a fight to the death for true love, honor, and The Kingdom.
    Jennifer M. Barry
    Jennifer Barry started her entertainment career on a stage but ended up behind a keyboard The writer s life is much better suited to her introverted nature, but she uses her opera training at karaoke on occasion She lives in Nashville with her hilarious Irish husband, Liam, who s found moderate Internet fame among Jen s Facebook friends and blog followers Jen wrote her first book at age twelve, and has cringed over it every day since To date, she s completed novels than she could ever count and has published four The first two, The Kingdom and The Morning Star, were inspired by her husband s homeland and feature Irish mythology, a bit of her opera background, and some forbidden love Side Effects, the third, is a love letter to teens suffering from mental illness and learning disabilities while navigating the hell that is high school The fourth, Going Under The Oracles of St Ambrose, is a teen paranormal mystery set in her hometown of Nashville Jen intended the books to be an homage to some of her favorite authors from childhood Meg Cabot, Carolyn Keene, and Lois Duncan Jen spends her days working as a freelance marketing copywriter and ghostwriter, a job she does from her couch in Nashville Her greatest fears are fake sweetener and small talk Among the many loves of her life, she chooses Liam, her family, her furbabies, and craft beer above all.

    The Kingdom By Jennifer M. Barry


    I love it when an author mixes their own imagination and creativity with existing legends and history Nothing draws me into a story quite like that Jennifer McBay Barry weaves a lovely tale of friendship, adventure, and love here in The Kingdom, set in beautiful Ireland, a country steeped in magic and history,.Rioghan and his father were angels barred from heaven, doomed to wander the earth for all of eternity with no way home For thousands of years, Rioghan passed through time with no real mean [...]

    A combination of mythology, The Bible, and an international love story that transcends time WOW Good book by a first time author I d love to see it become a book series It d also make a good fantasy for movie or television.

    Gathering my thoughts, I must say I expected a little from this book Ms Barry has written better prose, and I m afraid again that some editing would have been needed before putting this one the market Spelling errors, dropped words, and errors in tense throw me out of the action, and anger me Yes, perhaps I am a bit obsessive about these things, but when I pay good money for a product, I d like for it to be a good product A good editor should know the difference between the verbs lie and lay I [...]

    MissHavoc Cry Havoc! Reviews
    Well, this wasn t what I was expecting, though that turned out OK in the end I was hoping for a paranormal romance with high Fae influence and lots of action and maybe even some unrequited love.I m not really sure why I thought that that s what The Kingdom was about.What I did get was a great love story with just a bit of Fae and folklore in the beginning There was just enough magic to keep me totally engrossed, and I finished reading it in one sitting The ending however, well that s where all o [...]

    A wonderfully written story with so much to enjoy romance, intrigue, mythology, and best of all, the hauntingly lovely setting of Ireland Jen Barry intertwines ancient mythology with the modern day in an effortless way and just makes you want to keep reading Some passages literally sent shivers down my spine, they were so beautiful I ve visited Ireland before and Jen s words took me right back to the rolling green hills.The character of Rioghan had me hooked from the very first page, we truly fe [...]

    Kathie (katmom)
    Read it fasten read it slow savor The Kingdom Rioghant what I pictured a Fairy Prince to bebut then he was His boredom was nearly palpable, until he met LilyShe certainly keeps him on his toes, and he needed that I love the way Jennifer explains fairieswhere they came from feels like it could be true There were a couple of twists and turns that caught me by surprise That was great I ve become quite fond of these charactersNow, I really want there to be another book in the seriesSoon, please

    Sandi Layne
    A sprightly adventure of fantasy and romance Barry writes a book that will keep you turning the pages, eager to reach the surprising conclusion And it IS surprising I daren t give anything away, here, but her spin on some popular mythology had me thinking, No way She WENT THERE And indeed she did I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the sequel

    Interesting read Loved the storylineLily and Rioghan are an adorable couple Tir Na Nogch an enchanting place And the backdrop of Ireland so beautiful, so lush and magical Add in fairieswho could ask for

    I loved the imagery of Ireland and the mythical magic of the love story combined with the fun This is the perfect book to read while on a plane or travelling, even sitting by a pool somewhere An easy and delightful read, I can t wait for Book 2

    What a fantastic book from a talented author The storyline is great with a few twists and revelations that had me gasping The way the author has woven both the real and mythical world is just brilliant I can t wait for book 2

    here is my reviewpeaseexchange 2011 02 the

    This book just wasn t for me I ll post my review after bookclub.Our first bookclub pick for the year was The Kingdom by Jennifer McBay Barry It was touted to me as YA I try not to be a YA snob, but I know that I am It s my job to be, so I was hesitant from the start since I had never heard of this book or the author I heard it had to do with Ireland which always sucks me in, so I had hope Alas, it just wasn t meant to be for me I think there was promise in the premise Until I had to lead bookclu [...]

    Rioghan has been existing on earth for thousands of years, using his God like looks to seduce a different woman every night, and leaving a trail of broken hearts along the way He refuses to be what his father wants so does not live the life of the Prince he was born to be When he meets Lily the daughter of a world class opera singer everything changes Her prickly attitude and lack of interest in him, intrigues him making Rioghan pursue her all the Before long the pair fall hopelessly in love an [...]

    David Kirk
    The Kingdom, by Jennifer M Barry, is a magical love tale set in the beautiful scenery of Ireland Characters and relationships are vividly developed within a mythological setting making this an exceptional story Just enough historical elements are brought into the story to give it a realistic ground The writing is superb In my view, the book excels in two areas First, the author s knowledge of Irish mythology is impressive Such comes out in the story Second, the good evil clash reminds me of cert [...]

    Allison Blanchard
    The Kingdom has made it to the top as one of my favorite young adult romances Jennifer Barry brilliantly builds and grows the relationship between Rioghan and Lily With paranormal elements and old Irish legends, Ms Barry explores the romantic relationship of one immortal and one mortal I loved being in Rioghan s mind and watching him fall hopelessly and desperately in love I am already counting down to the release of the sequel to this brillant novel, The Morning Star Every young woman who loves [...]

    I just gulped down The Kingdom What a great story Trust me, I m not a YA reader, I m, a historical fiction and contemporary literature junkie, but barry s books are an absolute delight to read I loved the characters in it, the humor and the mix of mythology, history and contemporary romance Great, great job

    Barbara Black
    Fast paced and hated to get to the end if this book The author is just as delightful as the book Must read.

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